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Hopefully this is not dead already :/

Here is my character concept for this game, this is a dexterity based Karpenian dancer magus (he will likely focus on combat manoeuvers, as the bladed scarf seems ideal for that).

I have written his backstory, the crunch will follow soon:

Melshanto Tamri was born and raised in a group of varisian itinerary dancers. Performing traditional varisian dances all over Golarion, they managed to earn just enough to live a simple life. A simple life however did not satisfy Melshanto, as he aspired for more. As he became an adult, he considered leaving the group, and becoming an adventurer. But he was well too aware of his own shortcoming. He did not know how to wield a weapon, nor did he know how to use armor. And while he could perform the most basic arcane spell, it was certainly not enough to ensure his survival.

Instead, he decided to move back to Varisia and settle down in Riddleport. Riddleport is never in short of entertainer and dancer, so finding work here wasn’t particularly hard. However, Melanshto also learned that very few people in Riddleport played by the rules. If he wanted to become more than a simple dancer, and gain the wealth and recognition he aspired to, he needed to step outside of the boundaries of the law. He adapted quickly and learned fast, became friend with the right persons, and stayed invisible to the eyes of others.

A few years later, Melshanto was at the head of his own institution. From what looked like a simple dance theater from the outside, he carefully planned burglaries (the merchant galley coming into the port often made very good targets), and ran his own black market, where stolen goods often reappeared.

Unfortunately for Melshanto, he could only operate so long without making a mistake. Unaware that one of his targeted victims had very strong connections with the local Sczarni family, he put himself into a very uncomfortable position. It did not take long before several sczarni thugs ambushed him and attempted to his life. Having learned how to defend himself, Melshanto survived the attack, but as he wasnt powerful enough to stand up against the Sczarni, he had to leave the city and everything he had accomplished there.

He had to start over in a new city, and traveled to Magnimar, planning to keep a low profile while the sczarni forgot about him, then starting a new ‘business’ over again. He was no longer the dancer he used to be, but the skills he learned in Riddleport allowed him to find some work with the Aspis Consortium.

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Neil Spicer wrote:

Personally, I'd suggest a Worldwound crusade AP whereby the BBEG at the end is a demon-possessed ancient wyrm...preferably a red. The campaign would have undertones of "Dragon Age" to it (obviously)...but not a simple duplication, mind you. It would just play well for those already familiar with that game.

The AP would also avoid having dragons in every adventure. But I'd spend the "capital" provided by the BBEG by demonstrating the dragon's handiwork in every adventure. That way, the PCs know from the beginning what they're up against. In fact, I'd make it a "dragon hunt" on top of the crusade. And, the PCs would very likely have to set off on that adventure already assuming they'd give their lives to defeat such evil and protect their friends and family back home.

General Outline:
** spoiler omitted **...

Mythical dragon BBEG incoming in Wrath Of The Rigtheous ? :D

Neat. Will be posting my cavalier by tomorrow :)

PbP is better for me too. I don't always have time to spend several hours in a row.

If we play WotR, I really want to play a cavalier, if we go into rappan athuk, i'll probably play something without a mount instead =p

I'm interested in a WotR. i have been GM'ing Rise of the runelord for the last 2 years, so i'll pass if you decide to go for this one :)