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I can cook up something else, if need be.

Another concept I've always wanted to explore in the Realms is the Shadow Weave, and I really like the idea of a non-evil practitioner thereof. Beyond being thematically awesome (Shadow Gambit, anyone?), it's such an underexplored (other than the Aeron Morieth novels) area of Realmslore, and I think there's a lot of potential for expansion.

It's unfortunate the power has to come from Shar, but I don't feel like that inherently makes it evil. The character I envision is either human or gnome, and serves either Leira or Tymora. I'd presume the human would be Nimbrese and the gnome Lantanese, though that's certainly negotiable for ease of fitting into plot.

Just to have something in writing, though, I'll stat out the gnome for you:

Widderquick Rhadamanth:
CG gnome wizard (Shadowcaster) 3
Arcane School: Illusion (Shadow)
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 13
Traits(2): dim seer, shadow caster
Feats(2): Spell Focus(Illusion), Effortless Trickery
Alternate Racial Traits: Academician, Darkvision, Gift of Tongues

Also really into the idea of playing a Harper agent. There really needs to be no game effect to this; I just love the organization and the roleplaying opportunities, and who better to keep quiet about his secret organization (especially in a place as distrustful of outsiders meddling into their affairs as Tethyr) than an illusionist?

Sorry, had a busy weekend.

Since the adventure seems to be in Tethyr, I was thinking the character would come from Calimshan rather than Anauroch (like the previous ifrit sorcerer). So I'm not sure whether being related would fit. Although I suppose I could change things and be down here looking for her.

Some questions:
Do you allow the Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype? It's a Golarion archetype from Inner Sea, so it might not fit the FR world, although I don't see anything that is too setting specific (aside from the Varisian Tattoo which could be reskinned into something more appropriate)? I like that it gets rid of the 9th level bloodline power (which, if I go Primal, is related to summons, which I don't care for with regards to this character).

I'd use the alternate racial traits: Efreeti Magic, Wildfire Heart.

Trait-wise, I'm looking at Focused Mind, and either Prince/Princess which might require some specific ties to something in the storyline, although there are plenty of nobles and the like in Calimshan, or Elemental Pupil. Both come from Golarion's Qadira book, but Qadira and Calimshan seem to go hand-in-hand.

@ Dark Netwerk - I do like the idea a lot - there are a lot of calishites involved in Tethys's politics! And sure, tattooed sorcerer is fine. Most Golarion stuff should trnasition with ease to the realms. Looking forward to seeing him/her!

Terry's Fluff:

Terry was a rather unremarkable halfling all throughout his childhood. He belonged to a large family of halflings residing in Zazesspur, living unobtrusively near the open temple of Shaundakul on a hill overlooking the city proper. The Listantabulous family was poor, but happy, living out their lives from one party and family gathering to the next, only seeking to find happiness in the discovery of ever-new recipes for food and drink.

Terry was among the younger generation of his family, and loved them dearly. When he came of age to begin to work and help support them financially, he took up a position as a sweeper at the local temple where his family had adopted the religion. Terry always felt most comfortable in wide-open spaces, and the structure and design of Shaundakul's temple, with its vaulted ceilings and corridors open to the sky, appealed to him. He always felt safest when the open sky was over his head, which set him apart from the rest of his family, who, like most halflings, dwelt in modest homes under the topsoil. For five years Terry kept the stone floors free of all the dreaded dust bunnies and dirt devils that continually assaulted the open entryway.

One evening, Terry was performing his duties as a sweeper when the rest of the priests and acolytes of Shaundakul were already in their private rooms, having retired for the evening. Terry likes to whistle, and fancied himself a minor songwriter, despite having no talent at musical instruments himself. As he swept back and forth across the temple floor, whistling a tune he had just invented, a mysterious shape darkened the doorway beyond. Under the welcoming brazier that burned brightly above the main entryway, the figure's face was shrouded in darkness. On heavy boots, the figure strode into the temple. Terry scuttled out of the newcomer's way as he always had done - being a sweeper teaches one humility - but the figure stopped in its tracks not fifteen feet away from where Terry was unobtrusively sweeping a corner free of dust. The cowl turned toward Terry, and when Terry felt eyes on him, he looked up to find the figure towering directly over him. Terry hadn't heard the figure's approaching footsteps, and dropped his broom in surprise. That was the last thing he remembered before blacking out.

The following morning, the priests of the Rider of the Winds arose from their sleep to go to their morning rituals, to find Terry unconscious and lying on the sacrificial altar. There was no sign of the figure from the previous night, and when Terry was roused, he discovered scars like lightning bolts crisscrossing his forearms, already healed. The priests asked what had happened, and without thinking, Terry replied in Auran, the language of air elementals.

Terry was immediately sent to the most senior priest of the temple, who determined that Terry had been chosen as an Oracle of the faith. The sacred symbols that his scars formed, his sudden mastery of the complicated Auran tongue, and the magical knowledge that Terry suddenly possessed all pointed to this.

Terry spent more time among the priests, exploring what had been done to him, but no sign could be found of the mysterious stranger who had visited Terry. In the end, the priests threw their hands up and proclaimed that for some unknowable reason, Shaundakul had chosen Terry as His divine agent. After Terry was given the requisite knowledge on how best to spread Shaundakul's word in this dangerous world, giving him armor and weapons, and training him in their use, the Priests released him into the world, hoping to raise worship for their minor deity.

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Removed a post and reply. Leave personal insults out of the conversation, please.

Whew, just got through reading/skimming the story up til now. I'm loving the quality of the game all around. I sure hope I can join your heroes in stemming this evil tide!

I got a bit stuck on the Lathanderite (Dawnbringer?) cleric's concept, so I'm scrapping it for now. I hope Matthias or Lyosh catch your fancy.

Thank you, Chris!

I'll do a formal list of applicants and characters shortly. If anyone else is interested in tossing their hat into the ring, please put forward your ideas!

As for everyone who has applied, thank you very much!

I really like Matthias a lot, and having a Helmish cleric replace a Helmish cleric adds to the continuity, and the stake that the church has in seeing the mission done.

I've created an alias with the crunch: linky ->Amestri Atezadeh.

I still need to put together the background. After doing some checking on Calimshan, I noticed that the genies and the like were captured or kicked out back in the day (-6060 DR). It turns out that there are plenty of genasi and the like in disguise that don't come forward for another 100+ years (1479 DR - when the Calim and Memnon are freed from the Calimemnon crystal), so one of the traits I chose was "Keeper of the Veil" along with Skill Points in Disguise since it makes sense that her noble family would be keeping their heritage a secret.

For equipment, do we start at the typical 3,000 gp worth? I was thinking on starting with a disguise magic item (e.g. hat) to enhance her 'human' guise.

hat of disguise is pretty cheap

@ Dark Netwerk - don't worry overmuch about what the canon says about calimshan - we're going back to the gray box days, where things were a little less buttoned down. Let's say that many BELIEVE that genies and the like were banished from calimshan .... one of the NPCs (a girl of calishite descent) actually had an encounter with a genie when she was very young....

But otherwise, she's wonderful! And yes, lets go for standard WBL for now, if you go over a bit, no biggie - I think I may have over-equipped my guys a bit, but they've earned it!

And I really appreciate that +3 Everything Bane Vorpal Composite Longbow you gave me!

Okay, maybe they're not THAT overequipped....

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Two maulaxes with improved damage, cold iron, speed, +4...nah nevermind, the gig's already up, heh.

Yep you better just admit that you have 2 vorpal maul axes. and two more dancing vorpal maul axes

I do like a well-equipped group, though I don't want to go crazy and have what I once saw called "A Monty Haul" campaign.

Liberty's Edge

The dwarven ranger I am playing is saving for a masterwork dwarven maulaxe, I was pretty stoked when I read it in the gameplay thread.

For ease of access, here are the applications which have been put forward so far....

mousestalker---->Ssin Lubella (drow cleric)
Edeldhur--->Aldiran Teldessar (human oracle)
Edeldhur--->Hagrin (human cleric)
Tazo--->Gabriel the broken (human oracle)
Edeldhur--->Selin (human wizard)
Edeldhur--->Tiriael (human bard)
Dalton the Thirsty--->Terry Listantabulous (halfling oracle)
Drake Somerset--->Slavica Moratovic (human witch)
Rotolutundro--->Matthias Valbrand (human cleric)
Forthepie--->Eldak (human cleric)
Viluki--->Nezthul (human wizard)
Rotolutundro--->Lyosh (ifrit sorcerer)
Drake Somerset--->Widderquick Rhadamanth (gnome wizard)
Dark Netwerk--->Amestri Atezadeh (ifrit sorcerer)

Thanks to everyone, and please note that submissions are still open, for a while at least!

I don't envy you for having to sort through all those submissions...though I guess it's a good problem to have!

There are worse problems in life, aye.

I'm leveling Terry up to 3 (I believe in hoping for the worst and preparing for the best...or did I get that backward?)

My HP rolls for levels 2 and 3 are:

1d8 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 + 1 = 7
1d8 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 + 1 = 8

Finished updating to level 3, which you can check out at my profile if you're interested. Nice getting access to invisibility by level 3, I wonder what mischief I could cause...

That's probably most of the applications we'll receive, then. I'll keep recruitment open until tomorrow morning, at which time I'll have some decisions to make. Many good characters here to choose from!

I've added a background for Amestri. Kinda cheesy and unoriginal by the end, but I wanted to get something down.

I stuck with a bit of the cannon. Meeting a genie, or other such thing in Calimshan is one thing, having someone with their blood in the noble houses may be another.

Still have to purchase equipment. A Hat of Disguise is certainly in order.

EDIT: I found a Cloak of Human Guise which seems to act as the Hat except only to hide the non-human parts of a half-human race (not sure if Ifrits/Genasi would be considered half-human though). Viable?

EDIT2: Looking more into FR Genasi, I'm inclined to think not, so nevermind.

Okay, so recruitment is closed! Thank you, all of you, for your submissions. Decisions to follow soon!

so excited!

And the drums roll!

no belgrin you were drinking all night, those are just in your head

Och, that explains a lot...

WOOHOO! Thrilled to be joining you guys! :D

hps: 2d8 + 4 + 10 ⇒ (6, 4) + 4 + 10 = 24 (14 1st lvl + bonuses)

Good to have you

I am guessing the applicant decision is out then, I imagine by PM.

Congratulations to the ones chosen - enjoy the Realms.

At this point, I've heard back from all who were invited to the game. I do wish to thank everyone who applied - believe me when I say it wasn't an easy decision at all. I do wish all of you the very best!

As for those who accepted their invitation - welcome! I'm pleased to be gaming with you!

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