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What are your thoughts on a drow cleric of Eilistraee (chaotic good)?

That would be interesting! I'd be very interested to see such a character, and the possibilities for role-playing a drow on the surface world would be almost limitless!

Hello, I would be very much interested in participating on this one - lately I have been drawn to support characters and, apart from Planescape, FR has always been my setting of choice for D&D.

With that being said, I would like to inquire if the Cloistered Cleric or Dual Cursed Oracle would fit your campaign motif.


An oracle of any type certainly would - with the understanding that healing may be a big part of what you need to attend to. The Inquisitor/Paladin who is already with the group can also handle some of the load, but he is taking an archetype which takes away his mercies, thus limiting his long-term healing ability.

I would really think twice about the cloistered cleric, given the reduction in spells per day and the elimination of a domain. With that said, a good enough concept would certainly deserve consideration!

I am actually mainly interested in playing a support character at the moment, so healing would certainly be one of my main focus.

Question is, I have pondered already some about this character, and envision him mechanically as not only a healer/buffer/debuffer character, but as far as roleplay goes, something of a counsellor/advisor for the group - hence the Cloistered cleric and its avalanche of Knowledges :D

Would it be too much to ask how well rounded the group is in terms of Knowledges (since there is a full support bard up my sleeve also rearing its ugly, or should I say, charismatic head)?

And yes, losing one spell per level is just... As painful as it sounds...

This is my take on a chaotic good drow. As Pathfinder does not have the sword domain (at least it doesn't show up in Hero Labs) I substituted War in its stead. I have not actually thought about gear and such. The only thing I'm certain about is that she will be wearing a big, floppy hat.

I've not come across the Sword domain before, and the only thing I found close is the fan-created Blade domain.

I'm actually curious if such exists and where.

As long as we do not have a Drizzt or Jarlaxe clone...something inherently ridiculous about either of those as a level 3, and in my opinion does not fit with this campaign. Not that I have final say.

I think a drow could certainly make for some interesting interactions with the elves in the group...potentially n explosive situation.

I'll just throw Aldiran alias into the mix - feel free to take a look at the basic crunch and let me know.

I will add some fluff later on :D

@ Aldiran - I'm not even sure what a peri-blooded Aasimar (emberkin) is! Just to make things easier, acceptable races are, of course the core ones, Aasimar, tieflings, and the elemental genasi - ifrits, oreads, sylphs, undines.

Otherwise, pretty good!

locke that is a variant of aasimar that gets the slightly diff ability adjustments. From the ARG. In general I do not find them any more or less powerful than other aasimar.

HERE is a link

I see it in the d20pfsrd, but it's definitely not in the ARG, at least not the copy I'm looking at right now - must be 3rd party content? I love the d20pfsrd, but man, it mixes core products and 3rd party in an unholy manner.

huh I thought for sure it was ARG. I stand corrected!

They are also in the Player Companion book "Blood of Angels".

ooo I bet it is from the player companion Blood of Angels

@ Ssin Lubella - looks good, with the understanding that it may change at any time. I had forgotten how many powers the drow had; and looking at my ARG, drow are worth more "race points" than a standard elf. Even if I'm strict with applying rules for light and its effects on you, you're still innately more powerful than the other characters....must ponder this further.

Yep, it is from Blood of Angels :D

Now I am only pondering if you guys actually need someone more martially inclined...

I did take the liberty of sticking my nose into the other characters of the campaign, and I guess my knowledges are not off since everything except maybe Planes and Religion are pretty well covered, but as said before I would envision Aldiran also as an advisor so I may add her some more Knowledge, and perhaps a self buff if there is much fighting going on ;)

Pages of self knowledge may do the trick there.

There is a bard NPC who is closely aligned with the group (the Ranger Hezar, in particular) so there isn't, at present, any real dearth in knowledges.

Looking at the example race breakdown in the ARG, an Aasimar is 15 RP, while a normal(ie non Noble Drow) is 14.

Also, bear in mind that Light Blindness is a rather strong drawback, especially in this game, where we might make use of light descriptor spells vs our undead enemies.

I would thus strongly suggest taking the Surface Infiltrator alternate feature, which grants you low-light vision, but looses darkvision and light blindness.

I have Arcana, Nature and Religion covered, though only Arcana is high.

True, but we don't have an Aasimar in the group, and most of the time, it's not blindness she'd have to deal with, but rather just the "dazzled" condition, which is merely a -1 to hit and perception. I'm on the fence about the issue.

DM Locke wrote:

@ Aldiran - I'm not even sure what a peri-blooded Aasimar (emberkin) is! Just to make things easier, acceptable races are, of course the core ones, Aasimar, tieflings, and the elemental genasi - ifrits, oreads, sylphs, undines.

Otherwise, pretty good!

My point was if, based on race points(RP) only, an Aasimar is acceptable, then a Drow at 1 point less, should be acceptable as well.

Of course, there might be other reasons you don't want to allow a Drow, but RP wise, it should be allowed.

True, but RP's are only a part of my deliberation process; how I feel about the character, in toto, will be the final deciding factor here. And drow feel more powerful to me than Aasimar, or the genasi, or a tiefling.

Still, I've not made any decisions yet, so if any interested parties are reading, please continue to submit ideas. In fact, a single player can submit multiple ideas, if they so choose.

MG, I think we're still waiting for you to finish up your scene in the gameplay thread so we can move things along...?

I am interested in submitting a martial cleric, and moving toward the holy vindicator prestige class. Is there a list of favored weapons for the FR deities somewhere?

I'm not aware of any resources on the web which detail the favoured weapons of the FR Gods, circa 1357 DR. If you want to choose a few Gods that interest you thematically, then I'll find out what their favoured weapons are. Note: two Gods of the Realms have two favoured weapons:

Tyr: longsword and warhammer;
Helm: bastard sword and heavy mace.

Favored Weapons of the deities Locke mentioned as popular in Tethyr:

Torm: Greatsword
Ilmater: Unarmed Strike
Lathander: Light or Heavy Mace
Tymora: Shuriken

For your consideration, I throw a martially inclined, albeit capable healer, into the mix - I would say most of the crunch is done, needing to buy a couple of last pieces of gear.

Apart from that, am wanting to have some feedback regarding the build in itself.

Details in alias, backstory is in the making ;)

If there is a problem with the drow being over powered, we could remove some power (drop a trait or feat, remove the heavy armour boon (I'm actually good with this as Eilestraee is something of a nudist), or something else). I'd love to play her, as I think I have a good concept for the back story and an idea on how to roleplay, but I'll start thinking about another character concept.

Ssin, how do you have 3 feats?

I have not a clue. That's just weird. I'm using Hero Labs and just copypasta'ed the statblock.

i am just a lowly player, but I am most interested in interesting characters.

I would want to see personalities developed. My question to ssin would be, how will a drow interact with two elves and a human that idolizes the elves?

I think that with our ranger, pally/inquis, magus, and pure fighter, (along with our temporary NPC allies) our front line isn't too lacking. DM may disagree at his discretion, but anyone applying probably doesn't have to be a melee combat machine.

Oh, also don't think it was mentioned, but we lost an ifrit sorceress a while back too, so all the arcane work has fallen to our magus (what there's been, anyway.)

good point belgrin, also note that I am a skirmisher, so will never have spells

@Hezar, I do not hold grudges. It is against my religion, literally. So I'm fine with the party you described.

I follow a rather obscure goddess. I love her dearly and she should be better known, but her followers seem to wind up being slaughtered a lot. Araiel and Landon Crane are the two people who might know who she is.

As for being drow. If we meet on the surface, you will not know that, at least initially. I have a very handy trick for appearing to be a normal, surface elf, albeit one wearing a wide brimmed floppy hat.

The real question is how the party will react when you find out. I am very good, if somewhat mercurial. But my people do have a well deserved reputation for deceit and treachery. The non-elves likely do not know what drow are. We are not often found in Tethyr.

As for the elves, how they react is up to them. Will they go into a killing frenzy when they discover my true identity or will they react somewhat less violently? Ironically, my disguise will block any discovery of my true alignment, so your paladin/inquisitor, if he checks, will have an erroneous initial reading on me.

@ Hagrin - interesting take on a cleric! I'm assuming she's a follower of Tymora, given the choice of domains. The 18 str and 14 wis are interesting design decisions; I know there's a school of thought out there which feels that clerics can get by with a minimal investment in wis, opting to cast spells which don't require a save....I don;t know how I feel about that, but both characters you've put forward are very interesting!

@ Ssin - forgive me, but what sort of disguise would the character be using to hide the fact that she is a drow?

@ everyone just a couple of notes: first, please, try to restrict yourself to core materials at this point. If you're using non-core feats, spells, etc (and non-core includes Golarion-specific stuff) then please include a source so I know where to look up the power/feat/spell or whatever.

Secondly, my friend Belgrin is correct; this group was seven members when it started, including a sorcerer. She died early on, and thus the group has only one arcane caster. Adding a new arcane caster is something I am open to as well; if submitting one, please, no summoners. Thanks!

Aaaahhhh DM Locke, you keep throwing more info to the mix :D

Ok, pondering Arcane options while I flesh out my other concepts, but having arcane will probably gimp the divine healing part (unless I go with my bard) - am I correct? ;)

Out of the top of my hat - Arcane will be most definitely a Conjurer. Is there an issue with summoned creatures hopping about?

there are already a lot of npcs around, i would frown on a lot of summons

but i am just a player

I have the spell 'Ancestral Regression'. It lasts 24 hours, obscures true alignment and eliminates the sunlight penalty. It also reduces dark vision to low light vision. It is listed in the ARG.

Actually... I may go nuts, turn the table around and aim for the infamous Mystic Theurge... Will only be able to put it up in a couple of hours though ;)

No big rush! And apologies in advance for providing a moving target, my mind is a billion different places today. A priest is still of primary importance, but an arcane caster would likely also be welcome. That would take the group back up to 7 PCs, which is still a very manageable number.

Hi DM Locke -- I'm hoping you'll give consideration to my healer, an Oracle of Ilmater. Having read up on the deities, I was struck by Ilmater, god of martyrdom, and recalled a character idea that fit well mechanically. Gabriel is an Oracle of Life and follower of Ilmater who has great compassion for the suffering of others. He gladly transfers the wounds of others onto his own body to heal them -- thus making him a perfect martyr. Fortunately, he also has a great deal of endurance and can call upon Ilmater to heal himself with greater effectiveness. I'm hoping it both fits your needs and has interesting roleplay possibilities.

Note to all: recruitment is still open. The priority here is a divine caster who doesn't mind healing and removing conditions. Secondarily, an arcane caster to replace the groups fallen sorceress. Take a look through the gameplay thread, and if it's the sort of game you'd be interested in, put a character or two forward!

Hi DM Locke,

I'm a longtime Realms fan, and I've skulked about your game a few times. I'd love to play a good old fashioned human cleric of Tyr or Helm. Sadly, this weekend and the coming week are going to be crazy busy, so I won't have any opportunity to put things together.

I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for before then, but if you still find yourself clericless seven days hence drop me a line. I'll keep an eye on the Recruitment thread too.

@ Gabriel - interesting character! Very much the martyr, and I mean that in the best possible way. What do you envision Gabriel's role being in combat? I don't imagine he'd thrive with a weapon in hand :-)

@ DM Tadpole - no worries! I really appreciate the interest. If you can spare some time, put the character together and don't worry overmuch about backstory at this point. I'm interested in seeing your guy/gal!

He'd actually do okay with a crossbow (strength penalty doesn't apply to damage), but Gabriel is not primarily a combat build. He can offer combat support via Bless, battlefield control via Obscuring Mist, and in-combat healing through Selective Channeling. For a more offensive ability, Gabriel can pick up the Command spell and start telling enemies to drop their weapons and get on the ground. Or, next level, he might ask them to hold still (Hold Person).

Thanks for responding! I ask only because there is going to be quite a lot of fighting going forward, against a variety of opposition. The previous cleric wasn't super strong offensively but was very skilled defensively, and had armour and saves good enough to hold the line against virtually any opposition. Gabriel would require a little more finesse, which is not a bad thing. If an arcane caster also gets added, the offensive workload on him would likely decrease significantly.

Dotting for interest re: the arcane caster. It's been a while since I got a chance to play a full arcane caster. Also a big fan of FR.

My initial thought was an Ifrit Sorcerer with Elemental (maybe Primal) bloodline. Of course, looking at the previous character list, I see that was pretty much the same as the previous sorcerer. I've got the concept stuck on the brain at the moment, though, so I'll keep running in that direction despite the apparent equivalence to the previous character, if that's all right.

For the role of arcane, I would like to submit Selin - she is a clearcut Conjurer and, as all Wizards, she boasts a wild array of Knowledges (which can be tailored to fit the groups' needs) with the added perk of a very decent UMD (plan for the future includes getting Craft Wand and BAM!) ;)

She is to be played mainly as summoner, taking advantage of her summoning enhancing feats, while allowing options to deal with multiple situations both from the summoned creatures as well from the spells themselves.

The crunch is in the alias so you can have a look at the character concept - minor adjustments may be needed here and there, but she is basically done (except I am not very satisfied with that floating 13 over there).

I am working on her background story - its in my head, just not yet written down.

Aaaaaand I am not yet convinced with the Avatar, that may change :D

Be aware Selin that there are many npcs already and summoning a bunch of critters might not be the best path to take. I like th eNpc's because they are flavorful and have developed connetions to the PC's, but just my two cents

As always I am not the DM, but as a player that is a concern that I have.

I understand that Hezar, and from what I have read so far the NPC participation has been an important part of the game so far. To me, such interaction sounds really amazing - actually I have enjoyed immensely the games I have participated in that allow for not only NPC interaction but also relations.

On the other hand, and I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way, as far as Arcane goes, my main desireat at the moment is playing a Conjurer - I have the feeling that I will enjoy such character immensely, so I will stick with her.

At the end of the day, we only fit a group as much as we actually want to play the character we apply with - if I twist and turn too much I may end up with something that I do not actually wish to play.

Did I actually explain that correctly? :D

Hey apply with whatever makes you happy. I just wanted you to have all the info. I just thought since I was giving my personal feedback that I would let you now how I feel about it.

IF and that is a big if I was asked, a summoner or conjurer focused on summoning would have a negative strike in my book. Mainly because it bogs down combat. DM does a great job of making sure the npcs act, and he does a good job of botting characters that have not acted quickly enough, but if he has to, on occasion, bot you AND 3 or 4 summoned critters...

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