#4-09: Blakros red form-prompt Matrimony [Tier 3-4] (Gameday 6) - GM Rutseg (Inactive)

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Combat map
Pariot Island map

Influenced NPCs
Nigel Aldain: 4 points (fully influenced)
Hamaria Blakros: 3 points (fully influenced) Weakness: fears an attack to the wedding
Alexander Bedard: 2 points (fully influenced, angry, -4 to influence checks) Weakness: in love with Michaella
Tancred Desimire: 3 points (fully influenced) Weakness: Paracountess Zarta Dralneen or his brother Aglorn Desimire, a member of Aspis Consortium killed by Pathfinders.
Jeon Raeng-Woo: 2 points (fully influenced) Weakness: drinks
Commander Rubaani Shafar: 2 points (fully influenced) Weakness: battles and heroics

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I am proposing you a new PFS scenario in Normal Campaign for the Gameday 6 (Gameday's are online events, you do not need to register anywhere, just answer the recruitment as usual). This will be table 200 of the event.

The chosen adventure will be #4-09: Blackros Matrimony. "The eldest daughter of the prominent Blakros family is set to wed an influential Hellknight, and the Pathfinder Society is invited to the festivities. Dressed for a wedding befitting royalty, a team of Pathfinders attend the ceremony on behalf of the Decemvirate, but will their presence ultimately strengthen the Society's relationship with the influential Blakroses, or will events at the wedding bring the already tenuous alliance to a breaking point?"

Written by Thurston Hillman.

What I will be expecting?
Character builds: Whatever fitting PFS rules. You can propose up to two characters suited for a lower and a higher tier (for example a level 4 and a level 6).
Posting frequency: 1 time per day (once every two days if things get fuzzy)
Playing style: Relaxed but effective pace with capacity to RP (I want fluid combats with characters that have paid a minimum observance to a background and make an effort for party interaction). I have preference for players that make an effort to perform their characters, rather than just stat beasts. That said, I like the strategy layer of combat, and will help you out if you have difficulties with the rules on that sense.
Timespan: The game will take around 2 months to complete, depending on players responsiveness.
Party size: 5-6 players
Pregens: I will accept pregens, but will give priority to other characters.
GMing style: I make passive rolls, as Perception, Initiative or Saves. GM bots may happen, but more usually I skip the player turn and give you an extra round of actions for when you are able to post.
Mapping tools: You are expected to have access to view (and preferably edit) Google Slides maps.
Player responsiveness: I expect you to have initiative as a player, pushing the game to explore and interact, not just reacting to the GM initiative rolling and direct questions for what is next.

Just provide a couple ideas of possible characters you would like to play with (class, race and level are enough). I will check your previous gaming experience and take into account party balance when selecting who is going in.

People who has GMed me (past or present) will have priority. Do not be shy if you have little or no PbP experience. PFS Scenarios are a good place to start.

The game will start at second session Gameday 6 kick-off, 6th of October, if we have a complete party by then.

Be aware this is a known scenario for being a completely diplomatic mission. Skill oriented characters have plenty of potential to enjoy this one. If you are combat oriented without no NPC interaction or knowledge skills, this might get boring for you. Expect tones of NPC RP interaction.

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Haven't played PFS for a bit, but am GMing for GD 6, so might as well get in a table of player credit as well. I haven't played or run this one, so I will sign up.

I can bring Khouri, a warpriest of Abadar at level 4 or Herman (bard, detective) at level 7, depending on which tier the rest of the group falls in.

Thanks for opening a new table!

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Hi GM Rutseg,

My only character in tier is Antonella, a relatively high charisma Champion of Irori (PC level 7).

I am interested in your game, but am not sure Antonella will be finished with her current game by October 6.

Perhaps you would consider me as an alternative if you end up running high tier?

PS: Hi, GM DrEvil! Antonella accompanied Vasily to Bloodcove sometime back.


Here are my two applicants:
• Lower tier applicant: Barachûrg, 2nd level Skald
• Higher tier applicant: Gruugdúrz, 6th level Bloodrager


(a.k.a. Juraan)

*peeks in*

Just wanted to say that GM Rutseg is a great GM and whoever is selected for this game should have a grand time :)

*scurries away*

I will submit a character for either range. It will be a pregen, but I'll go with either tier. I can bring someone to balance party if need be.

Thanks Mar... Lady Ladile :)

DoctorEvil, Xunal, Deekan, nice to see you around and having the opportunity to share another table with you!

Antonella, we can wait some extra days. When do you expect to be ready?

I would love to join this game if it goes low tier. I will probably have a few characters available but it depends who finishes their Part 1 Gameday scenarios in time. If nothing else, I will bring my nagaji druid (naga aspirant) who will definitely be available by then.

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The GM is very good and it’s a motivated, experienced group. I’d guess we’d be done in 5 weeks.

I haven’t run or read Blakros Matrimony and definitely would like to play, but if this doesn’t fit your timetable or you want to run low tier, I’m sure we’ll get to game another time :)

Agreed on the GM!

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Antonella Schiavo wrote:

Hi GM Rutseg,

PS: Hi, GM DrEvil! Antonella accompanied Vasily to Bloodcove sometime back.

Always nice to see a familiar face. I have run games with GM Rutseg before as well, and can recommend. Look forward to working with you again!

It would be to pressing for the Gameday deadline Antonella, if we wait 5 weeks. I expect to start the game by the weekend.

With Tundran and Deekan we might go with a party of 4 in the low tier.

Let's wait a couple more days to see if someone else wants to join.

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I am interested in joining this game and have neither previously played or GMed this scenario.

I have a 3rd level Bard if we go low tier or a 7th level Paladin if we go high tier.

Silver Crusade

No worries! :)

Have a great game!

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I would love to play. I have several 3rd level ( a dwarf cleric, a elf wizard conjurer, and half elf Ranger) and one 4th level Paladin that would be usable in low tier. I don't have any high tier characters. I would have to play a pregen, seelah or kyra.

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If you're looking for high tier, Warpac is interested.

Ok, it seems we are going lower tier [3-4] and standard as we have 6 players for it:
- DrEvil
- Xunal
- Deekan
- Tundran
- Big Joe
- Wydroe

The discussion thread is up, please register there as soon as possible with a level 3, 4 or 5 character or a level 4 pregen.

I will get a profile created tonite for my character. I will post after I do. Just out of curiosity, what is everyone else bringing?

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