#4-09: Blakros red form-prompt Matrimony [Tier 3-4] (Gameday 6) - GM Rutseg (Inactive)

Game Master Balacertar


Combat map
Pariot Island map

Influenced NPCs
Nigel Aldain: 4 points (fully influenced)
Hamaria Blakros: 3 points (fully influenced) Weakness: fears an attack to the wedding
Alexander Bedard: 2 points (fully influenced, angry, -4 to influence checks) Weakness: in love with Michaella
Tancred Desimire: 3 points (fully influenced) Weakness: Paracountess Zarta Dralneen or his brother Aglorn Desimire, a member of Aspis Consortium killed by Pathfinders.
Jeon Raeng-Woo: 2 points (fully influenced) Weakness: drinks
Commander Rubaani Shafar: 2 points (fully influenced) Weakness: battles and heroics

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