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62 – technically mature


Victoria, BC, Canada


English, español (pero no es muy bien)

About Xunal

Currently on an RPG hiatus to focus on university studies

I enjoy playing Pathfinder.
Live, and on-line.
And meeting many cool people in the process.

I'm a relative newcomer to the Pathfinder RPG.
Although I have been playing it for a few years now.
I started playing with AD&D back in the distant mists of time.
Then I fell out of the RPG hobby for many years, because of shift work.

My brother got me to try Pathfinder a few years ago to keep me busy while looking for work.
I'm glad he did. Very therapeutic for me. Affordable too.

I have an overabundance of aliases.
Most are inactive for one reason for another.
Two (to date) actually died fighting.
My favourite core race is the half-orc (just because).

Pathfinder Preferences:

My Favoured Classes (and favoured archetypes, if any):
• Sorcerer: Crossblooded, despite the penalties
• Bard: especially Flame Dancer or Dervish Dancer
• Bloodrager
• Skald
• Magus (Eldritch Scion in particular)

I am partial to Charisma-based spell casters.
Partly because there's no dependence on a spell book which can get destroyed or stolen.
But mostly because it's easier for me, as a player, to keep track of.
I avoid low stats on point buy characters, even if it means not having a high key stat for a class.

Preferred Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gives me more leeway, morally, when deciding courses of action and doing things MY way (damn it!).
Seriously, though, it just fits my style as a player better than most alignments.
I enjoy finding novel ways to get things done.
It's also fun being a loose cannon sometimes.

That being said, I don't consider Chaotic Neutral to be "Chaotic Stupid".
But I do consider it to be a matter of the Individual (PC) first and foremost.

Races (in order of preference):
• Half-Orcs - Very versatile with their alternate racial traits.
• Half-Elves - The best race for multi-classing
• Humans - Versatile and skillful
• Gnomes - Small, but inherently magical, good as bards and sorcerers
• Halflings - good as sorcerers, arcanists, rogues (of course), and even slayers.
• Sometimes for a change of pace: Ifrit, Tiefling, Nagaji, Dhampir, Wayang or Ragebred Skinwalkers. Just because.