"Hard encounters" anything but?

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They're supposed to eat up resources, but anything under the 100 xp budget doesn't seem to do much to a party. What's up with that?

What are you basing that on? A lot of groups seem to be struggling against a few goblins. Do you have a party with very high AC?

100 XP is only supposed to use resources.

It also depends on your party, depends on the opponent.

So far in my experience, characters with high AC and shields can solo most low level encounters and Kyra is also a superstar with channel.

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Matthew Downie wrote:
What are you basing that on? A lot of groups seem to be struggling against a few goblins. Do you have a party with very high AC?

With most of the monsters in the Playtest we didn't have too much trouble. Each character has close to or more than 20 HP, the exception being the sorcerer. That allows them to take a LOT more damage than they could in P1e, and as most of the monsters don't have more than 8 HP, they are typically easily beaten.

However, the boss of the first scenario wasn't actually very hard for us, the Cleric just kept healing us and his damage didn't really make it so that he could take anyone down in one swipe (1d8+3 and another +1d6 if it can catch them flatfooted). He had a +10 to hit, but our lowest AC was a 14 on the spellcaster who stayed OUT of the bosses range. The rest had ACs around 16 or 17 on average. He got a lot of one hit rounds, but normally missed his second attempt and never got a crit.

On the otherhand, with his AC of 18, and at most (as far as I could figure it) of the characters having a max of +4 or +5 to hit, the battle went on for quite a while.

Actually a long while. If his AC was slightly lower or his HP slightly lower, it would have had the same result, just shorter.

For us, the boss wasn't especially hard, but it took long enough for people to start getting bored once they had him surrounded.

So I suppose you could say we had high ACs (not quite as high as the boss, but close which caused a lot of misses on both sides).

The traps on the otherhand (DCs of 15, 17, etc) presented a huge difficulty on occasion.

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There's going to be some variation across runs, both easier and harder. If this is about level 1 in particular, I've found combat with a bunch of level 0s has the greatest chance to underperform its expected difficulty (they are easy to wipe out with AoE and several other tactics), but the encounters are still difficult in other situations.

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