Hidden Monsters creation rules ?

Monsters and Hazards

Okay maybe the title is more hyping than it really is x).

So today i got bored and decided to read the "hazards" part of the bestiary. There i found out the table to design hazards.
First i didn't mind anything interesting or worth noting until i saw Hazards got AC and really close attack bonuses to those of monsters of the same level.

And comparing to monsters of same level, it appears that it's almost the same thing. There are some variations of course but it might get from Monsters having HP and Hazards not but it's always in 1-2 range.

Do you think Paizo did this on purpose or monsters might have totally differents stats ? And do you think you could build up monsters following Hazards rules until we get the full version ?

That's been my plan tbh. A lot of the vanilla monsters are very boring to run.

Yeah that's what i feel too about RPG like Pathfinder or D&D 5. This "monster tier" as i like to call it really bother me with its concept of : you are level 5 never think you are going against a balor it's way too high level to defeat it. Or i can't do a goblin theme campaign past level 3.

That's why i loved d&d 5 with easy, fast and comprehensible rules to create a monster and make me feel i could create something. And with starfinder, i was delighted to see how they brilliantly handle that (even if my group is not into the pew pew lasers thing), it was even better than d&d 5e : i could create a level 20 goblins with relevant stats just on the fly with like 2 minutes for me to do it before murderhobos enter my hous kill it and take all his stuff.

I know it's just a playtest but i think it would have been great if they released the rules to create monsters, i mean they did it for hazards and it seems it's exactly the same and it's so frustrating as i am the kind of GM who can't just come up with stats on the fly.

Pathfinder was a great game but in terms of letting people create their own content, it can really be impossible like me who spend 3 hours to design a young green dragon for my campaign. Don't get me wrong, some just manage to do that but for less experienced people it is just daunting and poorly eplain.

I got a lot of hope when the playtest was first announced and for the most part, i was very pleased. For the players, i think it's a great game : more character customisation, you don't have that much of bonuses coming from 42 effects, the 3 modes of play are well designed. But for the GM part i think (for now) it's more restrictive that it should be and really hard to come up with something good and balanced.

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