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Are those... pistols I see in several of these previews? Mayhaps Long John be making his arrival in the Second Edition soon?

So my Unarmed Strike does not count, but if I were to put on a gauntlet, it would?

EDIT: If it helps, I'm trying to make the Shredder.

If I have a Fighter with Monk Dedication to get Dragon Stance, can I utilize Dragon Stance with Dueling Parry?

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Alignment is only a problem when people put the cart in front of the horse, metaphorically. Your RP defines the alignment, not the other way around. Just because I'm LG, for example, doesn't mean I'm not down for some serious hoodrat activities. I think there was a picture floating around that was able to make a convincing argument that Batman is every alignment.

Payton Smith wrote:


Super excited to play through these myself!

Lali-ho! I can't wait to dwarf it up come the first!

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Which class, in your opinion, makes the best archer?

I... I finally have a campaign to play Alice. Gravewalker witch. I never thought this day would come.

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They're as intelligent as the plot/backstory requires. I know that's not a great answer :\ But for all intents and purposes they're as intelligent as Salem, as Nall, as Crookshanks, as... you get the point.

I say this be good, and what's good is proper, an what's proper is now mine. Thank ye.

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It also makes me really sad that this makes a dwarf cleric one of the worst choices now. Which is supposed to be like... THE cleric.

Well... carcasses do smell awful. But they don't smell AS bad as you'd think. A tannery still smells far worse, for example.

RAW, yes it does. It also allows Weapon Focus (unarmed strike) to functionally turn into Weapon Focus (monk weapon group)

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Dave Justus wrote:
Of course any good boy scout would avoid a spontaneous casting class. Their motto is "Be Prepared" after all.

For what?

For the death of the King!

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Iomadae. Because Lawful Good is the Best Good(tm)


But in all seriousness, probably Sarenrae. I would consider the rose in one hand, scimitar in the other the best metaphor for Good is Not Nice, and she gives evil the chance to repent, when practical.

You mean like real world boy scout, or like Superman/Steve Rogers boyscout?

Ol' Long John's just the ships cook. A gentleman o' fortune, ifn I were pressed to say.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
I mean, the big issue is that AMF is called out in the rulebook explicitly as a rare spell, so this should not be a common effect to find, and having it wreck everybody's day thus is appropriate.

It doesn't really wreck anyones day per se. It just makes the fight take 8 million years (hyperbole). The fighter is less dangerous when the magic is turned off... which feels extremely counter-intuitive.

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It took me a minute to figure out, but I think I finally got my biggest (personal) reason why I don't like that essentially all of a martial's damage is tied up in his (magic) weapon. It makes my Hollow Knight concept invalid.

To backtrack a bit, I have a few characters that I keep in my campaigns as a sort of recurring thing. They're basically a corrupted kind of einherjar - they can't exactly die, if they do so, they go back to their plane to await being called again. There's a restoration period they have to go, but that's not really important. There are a few of them, Hollow Knight, Silent Knight, Shadow Knight, etc. They all have auras of X on their armor. The Hollow Knight has an anti-magic field centered on his armor. If I were to use this character in 2e, the front liners would be swinging 1d12+str at each other... for 10/12 levels worth of hit points.

I mean... Xykon exists and he literally redefined what my internal thought of what a lich was. So there's some points towards sorcerer.

(Also, it doesn't have to stash spellbooks near it's phylactery. It's a sorc, it just spells).

Yqatuba wrote:
Do you mean the item turns you the opposite sex?

Yup. Sigh... good times. Much curse. I once placed a chessboard instead of our gaming mat because we were in a "wizards" tower. I had a key of the safe squares. There was one right path and the entire tower had a blanket curse of "Cast Blindness if anyone tries to detect magic".

I enjoy the rules in place for rolling stats, if we're being honest. But I add one caveat - you roll down the line.

Okay. I read the tl;dr, and I really, honestly tried to follow. But I have no coffee - whyyy is it impossible for Incredible difficulty? Is it a DC that a PC cannot reach?

*EDIT: You meant to calculate the DC. Gotcha. I feel less dumb now, something clicked.

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So I was playtesting a Fighter alongside my buddy's barbarian... and it was my observation that it felt kind of weak. I was a fighter in fullplate and was more accurate than the barb and dealing extremely similar damage (I was a dwarf, barb was human). That... kind of bothered me and then I came to the forums where I discover that, allegedly, every class was intended to have more or less similar numbers.

Was anyone in PF1 upset that the barbarian outdamaged fighters? I always figured that came with the territory - a fighter has more AC, and the barb deals more raw damage and hopes the other thing stops moving first. So I look around and I do some thinking (as well as finding out that my playtest data was wrong - I thought a large weapon increased the damage die, which it apparently does not). Would it break anything too badly if rage gave another weapon die? It would be strong at level 1 - but so is everything else. Honestly my bard should die if I fail to notice a orc barbarian hiding in a tree with a greataxe above me.

Barbarian as of right now seems to not hit enough and when it does the damage dealt... is just unremarkable. Thoughts?

My favored cursed item is a girdle/ ring/ headband/ odd stick/ etc of opposite sex. Somehow, despite all odds, only one particularly PC of mine (like the guy sitting at the table, not his character) picks every one of them up and puts them all on. To be fair he's been getting decreasingly less irritated and more and more "yeah... I deserved that" about the whole thing.

We're going on like 8 times now.

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blahpers wrote:
Now imagine they're goblins. : D

I was unsure who to imagine as a goblin, so I imagined every sentient being in my head as one. I was not disappointed.

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I've always found the reasons why Paladins exist is the reason why legions of good guys don't summon mass Angels, whereas cultists summon mass demons. The nether planes bring themselves to "do it themselves" while the upper planes empower mortals.

Or Aragorn's RPing just kinda made the DM impressed, and he said roll me a d20... and he rolled a natty.

Definitely meant to write Lawful Neutral.

What about say... drinking the poison?

Dave Justus wrote:

One concept of 'Lawful' for a society is expressed by the phrase 'Rule of Law'. One pillar of this concept is that everyone is accountable to the law, even the government 'I am the Law' is not a lawful sentiment. Another is that the laws are just, clear, known and apply to everyone equally. A third is that the processes of law are accessible understandable by the people (no secret police, star chambers etc.) Finally, Rule of Law requires justice be delivered by competent, ethical and independent justices.

I don't think that's inherently true. Otherwise Cheliax wouldn't be a Lawful Evil society. Laws most certainly do not have to be just - Cheliax has a mind boggling amount of fine print and "it was public record, you could have found your house was scheduled to be demolished if at any point you went to the courthouse"

I would actually argue that a True Neutral society would not have rule of law the way you explained it either - the burden of knowing the laws would be entirely on the people. They wouldn't go out of their way to make sure the laws are easily understood, but they also wouldn't make the needlessly convoluted. It would probably have very harsh punishments because morality would have no place in their courts. The man who stole food from a starving family would be punished just the same as the man who stole food to FEED his starving family.

Everyone being equal under the law has a few IRL assumptions that would not particularly work in a fantasy world, for example, freedom of religion. Even if my homebrew country wasn't a theocracy, devil worshipping would probably strip more than a few people of any legal "rights" as we would presume them to have.

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Hearing there's a mechanical buff to bravery is fantastic. Fighter McBrave cannot be shaken??? Come at me Frightful Presence!

Okay good, thank you all. I want him to be Lawful Evil, but a fairly great guy. I just wanted to make sure that the whole "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" still pans out. He takes no pleasure in anything he's doing - and wishes it wasn't necessary, but he feels it is.

And MrCharisma you basically hit the guy on the head - he worships a goddess that is essentially a goddess of justice and magic - and the faith's biggest sin is allowing evil through inaction. The thought of standing by and doing nothing nauseates this guy. His adopted daughter is a paladin, and his greatest wish is for a world where people like him aren't necessary (though he finds his own wish idealistic and best, and naive at worst).


He also, in some twisted thinking, feels that murdering the children isn't only practical, but the MORAL thing to do. In his logic, he slays them while they are still pure as opposed to waiting until revenge has lead them down the same devil dealing path as their parents. By killing them, he's saving their souls. Whether or not that's actually true is irrelevant- he believes it with every fiber of his being.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Long John wrote:
With a name like Zon-Kuthon, was there any hope for him in the first place?
How well do you think Dou-Bral would have fared? That's the name he went by before becoming Evil.

Poor guy didn't have a chance. It's the hyphen that did it.

With a name like Zon-Kuthon, was there any hope for him in the first place?

Have a question about an alignment for an NPC I'm making. In the setting, he's a "Judge" wherein they are empowered to have full authority over being judge, jury, and if need be, executioner. As judges are appointed by the King personally, their word IS the law. Guy loves his country and is fiercely dedicated to protecting it against the denizens of the lower planes. However he ONLY shows a "respect for life, and concern for the dignity of sentient beings" if they are his countrymen. He DOES "make personal sacrifice to help others" if they are his countrymen, or anyone at all against the legions of hell.

However, he has no qualms of killing any one deemed heretical, and will kill children of heretics if he feels they are old enough to understand that his country murdered their parents - as they "will grow up to be an enemy of the Queen", even if they had done nothing wrong of yet. His guiding philosophy is he is willing to damn himself if it means no one else has to, and there are some things that the Queen is better off not knowing.

So... thoughts?

Tezmick wrote:
Long John wrote:

Mass props for the surveys. Although I would hazard a guess that everyone who throws up the massive wall of negativity on the boards aren't willing to sit through the survey. Only the people who WANT this to really succeed would invest the time. As an aside... Make Dragons Great Again*!

*(By making lesser dragonkin such as wyverns or drakes for them to use as mooks, thereby allowing a dragon encounter have numbers to help combat the action economy advantage players historically have over big solo dragons).

In all fairness I’ve been fairly negative towards the playtest I’ve done every survey that has been put out, I don’t doubt there are some who didn’t do them but there are plenty of people who haven’t enjoyed the playtest who simply want to share their experiences and concern, it’s a playtest people aren’t obligated to like it, in fact if people dislike it they should make themselves heard so Paizo knows why they’re unhappy, I could be wrong but your post feels like you’re saying enjoy what’s in front of you or don’t speak.

Not saying that at all :) Expressing discontent (In a constructive manner) is how we all get new content. I just feel that there's enough non-constructive criticism and a few of us need to just give a few atta' boys every now and then. Deadmanwalking's threads are some of my favorite, and he(?) pokes plenty of holes in the math of the system. Which just makes the game better.

What I was trying to say was that I feel that the people who would have responded the most negatively to the survey have already dipped out of the playtest, which in my head would naturally skew surveys to being relatively positive.

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Mass props for the surveys. Although I would hazard a guess that everyone who throws up the massive wall of negativity on the boards aren't willing to sit through the survey. Only the people who WANT this to really succeed would invest the time. As an aside... Make Dragons Great Again*!

*(By making lesser dragonkin such as wyverns or drakes for them to use as mooks, thereby allowing a dragon encounter have numbers to help combat the action economy advantage players historically have over big solo dragons).

Salutations. I come before you because like many fans of fantasy, dwarves are... Nordic and follow Nordic gods, for whatever reason. Made me think, however, I've never really thought about the differences between say, Paladins of Odin, Heimdall, and Tyr (NG, LG, and LN). Any thoughts from the board? What sort of Paladin Codes would the three have?

Archimedes Mavranos wrote:
Jason S wrote:
Archimedes Mavranos wrote:
SOLUTION: Frightened should give the target a penalty on attack roles. This would fit the flavor of demoralize, and allow it to almost ALWAYS provide a tangible benefit for a non-spellcaster.


You’re gripped by fear and struggle to control your nerves. The frightened condition always includes a value. You take a conditional penalty equal to this value to your checks and saving throws. Unless specified otherwise, at the end of each of your turns, the value of
your frightened condition decreases by 1.

It affects all checks, including attacks.

I didn't think "checks" were attacks. Anyone have evidence to support this?

There's also a post floating around from Mark that clarifies it as such. Armor Class is a special kind of DC, and attack rolls and saving throws are checks.

Pixie, Catfolk, Nothing Else Matters

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I just really like the thought of Trained, Expert, Master and Legendary being more than just vague "the DM sets things you can and cannot do" especially with regards to weapons and armor.

Again, even if they don't adopt something like this to make weapons stand out - it sounds like something I would 100% adopt in my homebrew games. (I also have a sort of staff that I give out to PCs that's a sort of tattoo, that I totally didn't crib from Suikoden)

Oh... :\ That's somewhat disappointing, but I'll reserve full judgement until I see it.

Dotting. And what news are you talking about, Marshmallow? Even if it's not official, I might adopt this idea - I'm loving these.

Dotting. I'm going to use this.

This confuses me.

Aaaand forgive my rapid fire posts, but for CR 5 it swings back to what I believe you intended.

Assuming that one +2 was put into Con, bringing our heroes up to 18 Con, a Level 5 PC's average hit points is 70.666(repeating).

The average crit of a combat CR 5 is 29.

So... if it rolls hot, or targets a squishier character (for example, that elf sorc who maxed out con would have 6+(3*5)+(6*5)=51 HP) Seems pretty.

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Back. SO I averaged out the critical damage for the strongest attack on every combat CR1 monster in the playtest bestiary. If the monster had a conditional bonus (for example, the wolf getting extra damage on a flank) I averaged the damage between a regular strike and this "empowered" one. I averaged the hit points of the level 1 PC as if they had 16 Con (Note this does not take into consideration that say, elf really has a racial HP of 5 due to a racial penalty, and cannot actually have 16 con).

The average health of a level 1 PC with 16 Con is... 19 even.
The average damage of a critical Strike of a CR 1 creature is... 11.

I haven't gone further yet, but your proposal would effectively made any critical strike (at least on a CR 1, I'll be doing CR 5 next) a risk for an insta-kill.

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