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DnD 4 Onine Campaign - Who is interested?


Hello everybody,

I'd like to play some DnD 4 online. I would be willing to DM as well, but at the moment I'm the DM in two online- and various table-games, which already cover a big part of my time.

I tried to get connected on the Wizards-site, too, but there seems to be by far less PBPing than here.

So: Who is generally interested in a DnD 4 game?

Who might be willing to DM?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Isn't this like going to Ford dealer and asking them to change the oil on your Chevy?

Or going to McDonalds and asking if they can make you a Whopper?

Most people I know play Pathfinder because they don't like 4th Ed.

Have you checked WotC to see if they have a pbp forum?

Sure. They have, but traffic is very low.

I have the basics of the system: PH, PH2, MM, DMG, and an adventure or two plus the Starter Kit stuff and the Dungeon Delve supplement. So, could I DM the system? I guess. I don't particularly like it, though; fnord is right, I think a lot of people turned to Pathfinder because 4E is... well, it's not great for a tabletop-style RPG.

I'd love to get into a DnD 4E game.
Right now I'm already DMing two, so I'd like to hold off volunteering to DM another, but I'm all for playing in any level game. Would be fun!

(There aren't many 4E players here, but they do exist -- personally, I like Paizo's website better than WotC's... this one seems designed for PbP games, unlike Wizard's)

@Mur: That makes already the two of us. I'd like to stay in contact, in case we get this going. Feel free to PN me if you see a possibility.

Sounds good!

I'd be willing to play in a 4E game; it's not a bad system in it's own right, and one can learn a lot from it even if the overall system is not what a lot of folks here are looking for. I have the first two player's handbooks, primal power, and heroes of the forgotten kingdoms. I'll be around, so PM me if anything comes up.

Now we are three.

So far, no one has really volunteered to DM. If it helps, we can take turns at DMing. I could dm our second adventure, because by then, one of my other DM-jobs should have ran out. I guess, we can start as soon as we are four chars and a dm.

Good luck - there have been a great many successful 4E PbPs on here in the past, so don't let anyone put you off.

DMing 4E might be a challenge for me, but not an overwhelming obstacle by any means.

I think I'd be willing to play in a 4e game, just not sure on DMing one. Right now I'm in the process of setting up a game on here that's drawing from many sources for the ruleset, so I don't want to overwhelm myself. I'm happy to join a group of players in the system, though. Like I said, I have the basics--I know how to play.

Lantern Lodge

Generally interested, very much so even. More as a player than as a GM though. I have almost all source material available to me (roomie is a 4e nut) and I'd be willing to assist a GM if needed but I'm a pretty lousy GM myself.

So, sunshadow, are you willing to DM a 4E-round? I myself could later dm an adventure, so you can also be player sometimes.

If yes, I guess we can start a real recruitment and character creation.

I would need to be a player for at least one adventure to get a feel for the rules, since I don't have a DMG, but after that, I could manage an adventure or two.

Actually, the DMG has about squat in it that DMs need to run the game. If you have the PH, you have most of the mechanics, and the MM has all the enemies. Really the only thing you might want in the DMG are the skill challenges, and that's simple enough to understand.

How accessible are the monster stats without the MM?

This site seems to have most of the ones we'd need at low levels. As for how they all work and how to build encounters, that's a little trickier, but nothing I can't explain here or that couldn't be found online with a little digging.

The easiest thing is spending a small amount of money (I think 80 $ per year) on DND Insider. They have a thing called "Compendium" there that covers all published rulebooks and magazines. There is also a marvelous character creation tool.

...If you know you'll be using it all the time, that is. For a one-off game like this, it's kind of unnecessary, honestly.

Hey guys,

recruitment is open:


I'm looking forward to see you there!

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