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Who are your castaways?

Serpent's Skull

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Now up to level 2 and ready to venture further into the depths of the Island, my all-human group consists of:

-Malachious Valeros, Lv2 'Two Handed' Fighter
Proffessional adventurer and sword for hire.

-Kren Croshaw, Lv2 Alchemist
An explorer from Cheliax, seeks new samples and puzzles to solve.

-Tavor, Lv2 Summoner
Mwangi Colonist with a pet extra-planar Tricerotops called 'Oscar'.
(real name unpronounceable...)

-Jensen Daimond, Lv2 Oracle
Seeks the mysteries of 'Life' energy in the lands he travels through.

My group started last week, and the group I'm running the adventure for consists of:

Miro, the irritating halfling ranger who was sent on an errand with "Precious Cargo" just to get him away from home.

Zelijka, the half-orc, half-Mwangi druid with a "miniature" (medium sized) T.Rex companion.

Ruven, a half-elf rogue escaping from a bandit group in Varisia and hiring onto the Jenivere's crew looking for adventure.

Lint, a half-elf elemental (fire) sorcerer along for the ride from the Shackles.


"Gunner", a half-elf barbarian pirate who sheathes his swords in his shoulders while attempting to climb cliffs, because he can.

Just had our first session tonight. It is pretty much everyone's first time playing any sort of tabletop RPG.

I'm impressed at everyone's willingness to come together and make up great backstories and everyone had a great time.

Cast of Characters:

Seldlon of the Vial - LN Elf Alchemist. Researcher and bomb lover. Tends to find complex solutions to simple problems. Boarded in Magnimar.

Deirdre MacRaith - NG Half Elf Druid. Never fit in or felt at home anywhere. Left Varisia on the first boat out to a new place. Hopes of one day finding her elven mother and bringing the murderer of her father to justice. She has a pet tiger named Balor.

Olondir Onyxbeard - CG Dwarven Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager). The sole survivor of his clan after an attack by drow. He left with a few gallons of ale and 10 bars of soap for Sargava in hopes of finding himself and one day hopes to avenge his fallen comrades.

Piper (Pippenweed?) - LN Halfling Bard (savage skald). Poor guy left his halfling village to the big city of Riddleport. Got stuck working at a pub where he was always abused and made fun of. Inspired by an adventurer named Tomas and the comics of Grognak the Barbarian, he set off for Sargava for treasure, glory and adventure. Digs nature and smokes fleyleaf "for musical inspiration." He likes slings.

Next week, we will be getting another player. She will be playing a human witch but she hasn't sent me a name or backstory or anything just yet.

They just visited the wreck of the Jenivere and set up camp.Too bad the late afternoon rains and the transportation of so much food to their camp attracted 4 hungry dire rats.


We just began Serpent's Skull last night, and I get to play, rather than GM!!!

Our cast of characters, thus far:

Meekra, Elven Rogue.

Foggerton Brasshammer, Dwarf Ranger (Guide Variant)

Elian Falconsflight, Half-Elf Bard

Ginnie Weasely, Halfling Witch

Metaphor Sadface, Gnome Illusionist

So far, we've made friends with everyone we shipwrecked with, have acquired pets, treasure, and sent ghosts away, and in general rock the casbah hard.

My group consists almost entirely of Barbarians. Boy am I lucky.

Phaetor - Half Elf Wizard
Cherhan - Half Elf Barbarian
Grulsh - Half Elf Barbarian
Raeyodan - Half Elf Barbarian/Druid
Ropopo - Half Elf Barbarian/Rogue

May the Gods help us.

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32, 2012 Top 4

InsideOwt wrote:

My group consists almost entirely of Barbarians. Boy am I lucky.

Phaetor - Half Elf Wizard
Cherhan - Half Elf Barbarian
Grulsh - Half Elf Barbarian
Raeyodan - Half Elf Barbarian/Druid
Ropopo - Half Elf Barbarian/Rogue

May the Gods help us.

LOL! And they're all half-elves! At least they chose appropriate sounding names. ;-)

InsideOwt wrote:

My group consists almost entirely of Barbarians. Boy am I lucky.

Phaetor - Half Elf Wizard
Cherhan - Half Elf Barbarian
Grulsh - Half Elf Barbarian
Raeyodan - Half Elf Barbarian/Druid
Ropopo - Half Elf Barbarian/Rogue

May the Gods help us.

Wow. You've just given me such an Eighties direct-to-video, starring professional wrestlers, bad fantasy movie flashback.

You must find a way to work Jack Palance into your game.

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Tom Qadim wrote:
InsideOwt wrote:

My group consists almost entirely of Barbarians. Boy am I lucky.

Phaetor - Half Elf Wizard
Cherhan - Half Elf Barbarian
Grulsh - Half Elf Barbarian
Raeyodan - Half Elf Barbarian/Druid
Ropopo - Half Elf Barbarian/Rogue

May the Gods help us.

LOL! And they're all half-elves! At least they chose appropriate sounding names. ;-)

What more could a girl ask for?

Just started this one today! Since I've only got three players, I rolled up a GMPC to hopefully even the odds a little. So we have:

Calliope -- The GMPC. Cleric of Gozreh, was helping transport halfling slaves out of Chelliax via the Bellflower network, but they left to become pirates in the Shackles.

Kilroy -- Gnome Archivist Bard, came aboard in the Shackles, has a scholarly interest in the Mwangi Expanse, has proved surprisingly useful in lecturing monsters.

Valentina (Val) and Benedict (Ben) -- Brother and sister bounty-hunting team (she's a sniper rogue and he's a fighter) who were bringing Jask in on behalf of the Sargavan government.

So far they have made friends with everyone but Ishirou (and even he's indifferent), warmed up enough to Jask to take his manacles off and after a couple of days even gave him back most of his stuff, and got Sasha her baby dinosaur. (They also killed the other baby dinosaurs in the nest for meat. And the mommy dinosaur. And a snake and the bats I threw at them. Okay, I don't think they actually ate the bats, but they probably would have tried.) They also explored the Jenivere and two of the other ships, though sadly not the interesting ones.

I'm hoping to get them to the Brine Demon next session.

After the original castaways died in a TPK, a new group arrived on Smuggler's Shiv after coming through a magic portal from one of the ruined castles outside Absalom.

Melkesideck - NG Dwarf Rogue
Riandur Ryodan - CG Elf Evoker
Jason - NG Cleric of Iomedae
Edward McGinty-Armstrong - LE Half-orc Zen Archer Monk
(Name redacted as it's a pun on the F word) - LG Dwarf Fighter

Gelik and Aerys are the only survivors of the Jenivere. Jask was captured by the vegepygmies and died from disease after being fed their fungus, Sasha was eaten by dimorphodons, and Ishirou was beheaded by Narak Voad the wererat.

Biichama wrote:

Just started this one today! Since I've only got three players, I rolled up a GMPC to hopefully even the odds a little. So we have:

Calliope -- The GMPC. Cleric of Gozreh, was helping transport halfling slaves out of Chelliax via the Bellflower network, but they left to become pirates in the Shackles.

Kilroy -- Gnome Archivist Bard, came aboard in the Shackles, has a scholarly interest in the Mwangi Expanse, has proved surprisingly useful in lecturing monsters.

Valentina (Val) and Benedict (Ben) -- Brother and sister bounty-hunting team (she's a sniper rogue and he's a fighter) who were bringing Jask in on behalf of the Sargavan government.

So far they have made friends with everyone but Ishirou (and even he's indifferent), warmed up enough to Jask to take his manacles off and after a couple of days even gave him back most of his stuff, and got Sasha her baby dinosaur. (They also killed the other baby dinosaurs in the nest for meat. And the mommy dinosaur. And a snake and the bats I threw at them. Okay, I don't think they actually ate the bats, but they probably would have tried.) They also explored the Jenivere and two of the other ships, though sadly not the interesting ones.

I'm hoping to get them to the Brine Demon next session.

Nice group. My party did eat the bats...they are barbarians after all.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Pawns Subscriber

I am actually running two groups (What did I get myself into!) Here is the first group. I will post the second group later:

Jig-wren-doh, Gnome Cleric of Gozreh
Crusher, Half-Orc Barbarian
Jaqen, Human Rogue
Jasper, Human Sorcerer
Traine dan Tocan, Human Ranger of Gozreh

Liberty's Edge

- Irina "the scarlet" Oyeghirn, female Halfling Jinx Arcane Sorceress (sister to Berod Oyeghirn, the Black Raven of Freedom) : a few feet of cute and air-headed bimbo, loyally though cowardly served by her raven familiar Liberty who should soon become more intelligent than his mistress (not a hard feat by far)

- Andree, female Half-Elf Inquisitor of Milani (though she claims to follow Aroden), somewhat tempted by a dip in Rogue : trigger-happy, hater of capitalism/imperialism and the Establishment in all its shapes, paranoid verging on psycho. Her being born and raised in Galt is no excuse

- Narok and Natok, twin male Half-Orcs "Diplomats" (ie Barbarian/Fighters with the Amplified Rage feat), born and raised in an Orc tribe and destined to fight the Lizard Who Will Eat The Moon. In the meantime, they revel in all things Orcish (killing, drinking, breaking things, picking fights, getting "close" to the female PCs)

- Whatshername, female Half-Elf Ranger with the Archery style, en route to become the unwilling but de facto leader/face of the party

- Forgothisname, male Half-Elf Druid/Monk who just loves collecting bits and pieces of interesting flora and fauna (especially of the venomous/poisonous sort)

Together, they are the Half-pack

Liberty's Edge

Stormrazor2000 wrote:
Tom Qadim wrote:

Just curious to see the PC party combinations other DMs are working with.

Here's our group:

Klem - CN Male Human Barbarian
Corvinna - CN Female Human Witch (And her Raven Familiar Corvex)
Death Blossom (yes really ;) ) - CG Female Human Rogue
Sanjian - LG Male Human Monk
Erethon - CG Male Elf Ranger
Jonas - CN Male Human Necro-Sorcerer

You forgot

Wallaby - Goodish Gnome Tinker Cleric
Jonny Dingo - CG Human Monk/Fight

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

My group consists of:
Pick - mwangi human bard (sandman) boarded in Bloodcove. He's searching for his lost parents and such.

Sir thomas   Human ranger boarded in quint. This players story makes me shake my head so I'm going to basically ignore it and hope he is joking.

Bren Thornpicker    Halfling oracle of life.   Scholar trait, boarded in cheliax. Wants to learn about ancient ruins and make money, possibly be a pathfinder, though he worships pharasma and has some weird idea about uniting the philosophies of life and death or something, may be going for a necromancer concept or a mystic thug with sorcerer. Kind of out there...

Makoa Shadowtusk  half-Orc ninja. Boarded in illzmagorti. He mentioned being in a situation similar to Ishirou, so the two may get along or hate each other being very similar in concept, also being tian helps (as he's half tian human as well as Orc). Has also expressed interest at being a red mantis assassin at one point which could make book 2 interesting.

Vargus, an ulfen human who worships torag, he has yet to make his character but is looking at either paladin or fighter.

Martzig Verstasis, a gnome cleric of Serenrea who boarded in kintargo. He is on a sacred pilgrimage of some undecided nature.

We also have 1 or 2 possible other players, but I'm not holding my breath. 1 will be an elf ranger almost guaranteed, the other will probably be a cleric. Neither will be in the game long or more than a few times as 1 is going into the military, and the other is his wife (my sister).

Liberty's Edge

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The black raven wrote:

- Andree, female Half-Elf Inquisitor of Milani (though she claims to follow Aroden), somewhat tempted by a dip in Rogue : trigger-happy, hater of capitalism/imperialism and the Establishment in all its shapes, paranoid verging on psycho. Her being born and raised in Galt is no excuse

WHAT ? What do you mean "Paranoid Bordering on Psycho" ????

I KNEW I could not trust you. You're just like all the others. I HATE YOU NOWWWW !!!!

Besides you could not trust that

. He was out to get us from the start. And he admitted being a heretic by fleeing whan I kindly offered him to surrender. I say, We should have executed him while he was our captive.

And Hey ! I did not spend one night in the tent with two drunken half-orcs. I am a woman of principles !

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Besides ...


Han Shot First ! So whay Can't I ?

You are just mean to me ! I Hate you now !

Dark Archive

Starting this adventure path next Friday, trying to do some of the boat RP stuff via emails (our group uses a "10 Things Other Party Members Would Know About Your Character" questionnaire to speed things up a bit too.

At any rate, our current party members are:

Summer - Human Female Zen Archer Monk, she hails from Windsong Abbey.

Nino - Human Male Druid Mystic (based off Treatmonks Druid Handbook, he has no animal companion and focuses on spell-casting.

Morgrym Stouthammer - Dwarven sword and board combat style ranger (gmpc)

Unnamed Gnome Oracle of the Heavens with the Warden of Nature alternate Trait and haunted (by fey spirits trying to get her to return to the first world).

Unnamed Dwarven Bard (outcast who can't grow a beard (or shaves it each day, the player hasn't decided), shunned for his lack of facial hair, he spends more time affiliating with non-dwarves.

I'm the GM for our group. They are comprised of the following PCs using hero points and 25 point buy.

Yamas - Human Mawangi Druid and his monkey animal companion. First time player.
Jax - Half Orc Barbarian.
Isa - Mawangi Wild Elf Rogue.

They made good class choices for such a small party. We were hoping for 4 or 5 players but two folks couldn't commit. :(

The group just hit level 2 last night. I need to be careful on XP so they don't level uber-fast. They have been fairly direct in their approach so far, not going for sideline issues, and their XP is on track.

If they were obsessive about every possible encounter, they could easily move up too rapidly. XP is a major concern for me with only 3 PCs in this adventure. They can handle the encounters. One player is very creative so that helps. One is a powergamer so that helps. The new guy is new, so he is doing things a seasoned player wouldn't think of. (no preconceived notions) That helps too. :)


They were smart and spent some time befriending the NPCs, even though Yamas is paranoid in the extreme. They have Gelik, Sasha, and Jask accompanying them with hopeful morale. The other two NPCs became annoyed and set off on their own.

Groggie wrote:

... and 25 point buy.

Make that 20 point buy....

Dark Archive

Clan Stoneheart of Varisia's Janderhoff (all dwarves):

Thirsk Stoneheart - Cleric of Torag
Dogun Stoneheart - Cave Druid & Son of Thirsk
Irving "Rockbrow" Stoneheart - Barbarian, Nephew of Thirsk, Cousin of Dogun
Wenvil "Slowbleed" Stoneheart - Rogue Poisoner, Nephew of Thirsk, Cousin of Dogun, Brother of Irving

Finished our second session last night. Dwarves stuck on a hot island can be prickly at best.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The Castaways

Arames: Human Fighter, Archer, Qadiran, Boarded in Cheliax, young man seeking fortune and fame.
Istuion Mithrennon : Elf Evoker(Divination & Illusion), bat familiar
Eden Midnight: Human(Taldane) Transmuter, from Riddleport, Boarded in Magnimar, Relic Hunter, Parrot(Raven) Familiar
Navya: Human Rogue(Poisoner) from the Shackles, Escaping her old life
Juliet: Gnome "Haunted" Oracle of Life, From Sandpoint.

They are 4th now, trying to understand the pictographs of the temple under the Cannibal Village. Navya died to the Mother last game and now Juliet and the Dryad will use the scroll to bring her back. Then it is off for some revenge.

We have reach 3rd level now and are investigating red mountain.

Tia Lee: The monk has proved very effective with his shuriken. He has just taken deadly aim.

Valden Holt the Dwarf Druid now has a tyrannasaur Animal Companion

Toomba the sorcerer has the aberrant bloodline so has just gained long limbs. Is now going to touch spells. His mage armour has been very useful. I do not think he has cast it on him self yet, monks and Animal Companions like it a lot.

Gardura, the dwarven inquisitor use a Great Axe to deverstating effect.

I'm a player in this campaign, and our group consists of the following people:

* Fadil Madeki (CG male human ranger [guide]): Fadil is of the Calderu people in Senghor and is traveling to Eleder after getting into trouble with a powerful noble in the city. This is my PC.

* Morvius Rothe (CN male human magus [bladebound]): A chelaxian minor noble from Westcrown who's looking to make his fortune in Sargava.

* Shexie Meiren (CN female human witch): A tian scholar who's traveling around the Mwangi.

Greetings all,
We've played about 8 sessions so far, and it has been much fun! Frustrating at times, but always fun!
Our group (in order of boarding the Jenivere):

  • Wulfgang von Bismark - Andoran inquisitor. Out to rid the world of 'heretics'. Apparenlty thought the jungles of Mawangi would be a good place to start.
  • Kogrok - half Orc paladin of Iomedae. Fresh out of the academy, the church sends him with escort to Eledar to offer his service.
  • Grumbul - Dwarven monk of the Sacred Mountain. Escort to Kogrok; thereby the church gets rid of two oddballs at once.
  • Erasamus - Human fire mage. From Ollo, in The Shackles. Dreadlocks...rum...what did you expect, a frost mage?
  • Roar - Human fighter. We later learned of his family in Eledar...and his thing for redheads.
  • Halima - Mawangi Elf ranger. Very outgoing and vocal. Unfraid of new environments...but there is something kinda spooky about the way her eyes give off their own light at times...
  • Malcolm - Elf...?meatsack? We hardly got to know him, having met him already stranded on the Shiv. He was killed by Ieana. Player now plays Gustav, a Sargavan agent attached to the group.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Oddly I ended up playing instead of running this. My friend's running it now (Using my books).

Our group consists of:

  • Belkyn Shroudwalker, Half-elf Cleric of Pharasma. Tries to be nuetral and honest, but tends to find himself overruled by the chaotic actions of his fellow castaways.
  • Ethan the Beautific, Chelish Bard with luxurious blonde locks. (running gag)
  • Rycke the Iron chef of Smuggler's Shiv, Ulfen Barbarian who rarely rages and is more of a defender than a brawler. Also an amazing cook using mostly snakes and various land animals. He describes cooking as his "passion".
  • Faleed the Ever-changing, Kelish Pistolero Gunslinger. A dirty ex-pirate who seems to have a knack blending in with others and bluffing his way through things.... (This is me by the way)

Been alot of fun so far...

Just started running this last week. First session went pretty good. They're still stumbling around on the Shiv, trying to follow the coastline south-southwest.

The party is as follows:

Akker Silver Claw, Shoanti Druid, with his bear companion Bellow. Favored by the Shoanti spirit ancestors by visions and a silver bear claw found in his rite of passage; the spirits are now guiding him south. Going to focus on wildshape when he gets it.
Vanua, Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain, paid her trip south as a bodyguard to the ship's "valuable cargo."
Korgoth, Shoanti Barbarian, prophet of Gorum, heading south to act as a missionary for Gorum by taking the Gorumskagat to the southern lands. He's also more metal than the rest of the group combined. Heading towards Oracle > Rage Prophet.
Hauk, Half-Orc Fighter, member of the Jenivere's crew.
Aldis Stein, Half-Elf Wizard, a city boy from Absalom who's leaving home to explore the Mwangi Expanse with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Hoping to one day join the Pathfinder Society.
Erethemos, Elven Summoner, with his imaginary friend turned Eidolon Lash, heading south as a member of the Jenivere's crew.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm GMing this in a PbP game here:
I am starting with 2 groups of 8 castaways (each a couple miles on either side of the wreck) with another guy co-GMing and running the day-to-day stuff in one of the groups while I do the mapping and graphics and run the day-to-day action for my group. We started last week so one group is at the morning of day 2 and the other is still in the evening of day 1.

I ran this with a prologue aboard Jenivere where the characters got to meet each other and had a chance to talk with the various NPCs, including the doomed ones. That was a fantastic move for a PbP game - I basically invited all the applicants to start talking with the NPCs and each other right away so I got an idea about their posting abilities and frequency right away.

Group 1:
Sariel - Elven Wave Mystery Oracless
Hawkler - Half-elven bow ranger
Japheth - Human Monk (well optimized for damage, crew member)
Lilianna - Gnome bardess
(NPCs - Jask, Sasha, Gelik)

They had a miserable first night and the three women, Sasha, Sariel and Lilianna just had a blow-out after Hawkler got super bossy trying to get a shelter built.

Group 2:
Cask - Dwarven Cleric of Gozreh
Tyranthius - Forlorn Elven Rogue
Kark - Half-orc barbarian (crew member)
Olo - Nature Mystery Oracle (stowaway, ex-slave)
(NPCs - Ishirou, Aerys, Sava (my co-GM's original character, a Tarzan-like halfling barbarian)

They did some good exploring but didn't do much about a shelter or food so they're going to be cold, wet and on rations right away.

20 point buy, Core and APG rules only.

After the campaign I ran dried up after the first book, I didn't think I'd ever do Serpent's Skull again. Then one of the other people in my gaming group decided they wanted to GM it and so now I get to play. Yay. I am doing my best to pretend I know nothing about anything :)

Our guys are:

-- Brother Urs of the Loyal Order of Urist, my dwarven weapons adept monk with a staff (who is rocking the whole Friar Tuck look instead of the normal monk outfit.) He was a sailor on the Jenivere. He is currently convinced the [spoiler with wings] is the Splatter Man due to his own convoluted logic. He likes punching things.
-- Kilroy, the gnome archivist bard that my husband played in the Serpent's Skull that never finished, only aged up to Old for this new one. He can and will lecture at the drop of a hat and is basically the only face we've got.
-- Sellis, an asimar Starsoul sorcerer whose reactions to most things are Mage Armor followed by Minute Meteors. It keeps working, though, so he may be onto something.
-- Bellonna, a shapeshifting ranger who I think is either human or half-elf? She's a tall one, anyway. Urs gave her one of his extra staffs so she'd have a melee weapon.
-- Onixia, an oread druid, and her pet leopard. The GM nearly killed her twice in one session, but he's a killer GM so I suppose this should be expected.

Illiana Soranna, halfling ranger. Undergrad at the Lepidstadt University. Researching for her thesis.

Jezebel the Precious, valkyrie fighter. A covetous minx. Recently hired by the Aspis Consortium to escort a large, iron-banded crate to Eledar.

Sang-Drax, half-orc/half-dragon. On the run from his evil red dragon step-father. Was drugged and put into a large, iron-banded crate bound for Eledar.


Fang Skyreach:
LG Human(Tian), Fighter

Member of an obscure clan who worship the Dragon gods Tiamat and Apsu (in a Ying and Yang dichotomy). The clan is broken into two practices of worship, one as the monastic order that seeks the focus and wisdom of dragonkind, and the barbaric warriors that use the rage and ferocity of dragonkind. s the son of the monastic order, he was predestined to join its ranks. Upon completion of his vows, he was charged with attending the Mwangi Expanse to learn of its rich history and what it could reveal for their clan. He travelled via ship with several others who passed initiation from their homeland across the globe. Travelling to several continents along the way until he disembarked at Corentyn where the ship would then sail out beyond the islands of Azlant and onward to Arcadia. In Corentyn he would seek passage on the Jenivere but lacked sufficient payment to appease the Captain so he offered his services as a mercenary and guard to a group that had cargo to send south via the Jenivere. That cargo being: Jask Derindi.

CN Human(Ulfen), Barbarian

A nomad trying to escape his family’s bloody past. His lineage is cursed with lycanthropy. In fact his father, brother and sister are actually afflicted with lycanthropy. One night in there village they turned and slaughtered most of the villagers. During the battle Kersk managed to wound his father and helped to defend what remained of the village. After this he left in fear of persecution due to his relation to his family.

Kersk is known to fight like a wild man in battle, almost as if he were a lycanthrope but the affliction has not fully manifested in his blood. So now to separate himself from the grizzly past he has become a crew member of the Jenivere.

NG Human(Varisian), Rogue

Originally from Nidel, was caught in bed with the mistress of a corrupt noble and was subsequently chased out. Stole a shortsword from the noble as he fled. It was crafted by a local smith named Lyissa, and has that name engraved on the blade, but Eli claims it is the name of the blade itself. Decided it was best to get as far away as possible to keep his hide safe, and joined the crew of the Jenivere to keep himself mobile, and eventually make new birth in Eledar.

CN Human(Kellid) Witch

Born a weakling and reviled by his father, yet his mother and brother sympathized and cared for him. However, they could not disobey the father, who tortured Revan, chained him to a post in a tent, and left him to die. His mother cared for him, but would not unchain him. FOr two years this continued until his tribe was slain by orcs, his mother murdered before him, unable to do anything. his brother was badly injured as well, but not slain. They were then salvaged by slave merchants who shipped him and his brother east to fight at the worldwound. They never made it there. Revan's brother died to his wounds near an outpost and secret center of worship for a cult of Urgathoa. Instead of raising his brother, they reduced him to nothing but a skull, and transferred his essence to Revan, giving him the powers of a witch. They then told Revan that if he worshiped Urgathoa and became powerful enough in her eyes, he could raise his brother himself. Driven slightly insane by a lifetime of terrible events, Revan headed off west with his brother's skull in tow, and at the suggestion of the cultists, meant to board a ship and explore the world, to learn the true meanings of life and death, and gain favor in Urgathoa's name. The ship he would sneak onto is non other than the Jenivere.

LG Human(Ulfen) Monk

An orphan raised in a temple dedicated to the protection of a sealed rift to another world filled with evil. Due to an unfortunate accident, the stone which was the key to this sealed rift was shattered and it's shards spread out across the Inner Sea. Each of these fragments possess strange powers and dedicate themselves only to specific people who come across them. Leros happened upon one of these shards, and being one who actually knew what they were, was bequeathed by his order to seek out the other shards and reunite them before a terrible evil is released upon the world. All he knew what that the shards looked like they went mostly to the south when they fragmented, as so Leros boarded the Jenivere in the hopes of tracking down these sacred stones.

...and the 5 NPC's, of course.


Liberty's Edge

Just ran the second session of my Fantasy Craft rendition of Smuggler's Shiv with the party having fought off the sea scorpions on the beach, figured out where they were and explored the wreck of the Jenevire.

Ravna: female human Intelligent Fencer Priest of Cayden Cailean, angling for Swashbuckler. Showy, acrobatic, permanently buzzed. Armed with a Rapier and a large tankard (buckler). Think Paladin of Freedom in 3.5 terms. Native of Andoran.

Theomund Ringstrand: male human Wise Summoner Mage. Child of merchants whose parents disappeared. Raised in Andoran and is a patriot. Seeking to make his fortune and maybe learn his parent's fate. Accompanied by an prissy Avoral (his Eidolon). Has a crush on Hope. Carries (and can use) a sword cane. Think Summoner with a bit of Bard in PF.

Hope Lanter: female human Agile Outdoorsman Soldier, aiming for Beastmaster. Daughter of Steel Falcons, on leave from the Andoran military while she deals with a family commitment. Accompanied by her war dog and falcon. Archer, and a scary one at that. Closest to a Ranger in PF terms.

Brand Truenorth: male human Nimble Rogue Burglar. Raised in Greengold, a bit naive about the world outside his home city. Looking for adventure, fortune, and glory. Has a pile of navigation and expedition gear he doesn't know how to use. Favors the mace. Closest to a Rogue in PF.

Indigo Penbryn, male Saurian Shield-bearer Lancer. Lizardfolk cavalier, mounted shield and spear fighter. Raised in Absalom by an eccentric wizard. Traveling the world following his death with his choccobo (cough) axe-beak mount, Under the Stars. Cultured accent and noble demenor, rarely uses his natural weapons. Very much the old 'native raised in Europe' schtick.

Peter Vandermeer: male human Charismatic Cleric Explorer. Think Indiana Jones if the Dr in Dr Jones was an MD. Atheist and an Int based Martial artist. He's already saved Brand from snake venom and demonstrated why sea scorpions should not crowd the good doctor. It was messy. For the bugs. Also from Andoran, we think. Doesn't really fit well into Pathfinder terms.

Yeah, Eleder's going to be... let's go with 'fun' with this party.

Silver Crusade

As a player here this is the only thread im reading in here. Our GM is running this with alot of players, all encounters and such have been adjusted to a +2 or 3 CL.

Human Tower Shield Specalist, fights with a rapier or scimitar or curved elven bladed (at -4) using his wpn finese and multiple AoO's to hold the line, he has dreams but being a dragon diciple, but his cha wont even allow him to cast cantrips.

Human Ranger, fights with duel long swords. wears studded leather.
Half Elven Druid. fights with scimitar and brass knuckles and a buckler.
Half Elven Inquisitioner. repeating crossbow and scimitar.
Halfling Cleric, scimitar and shield or throws stones.
Elven Ninja, kitana and shurekin.
Elven Cavalier of the Tomb, dreams of being an arcane knight.
+ 1 more but i cant remember what he is.

everyone has a long bow or comp long bow.

Were all 3rd, our DM is not allowing us to multiclass into any class that is not played by a PC while we are on this island. At 4th we can take something that one of our fellow castaways is, and 5th once we get off the island anyway we can be whatever we want. He hates multiclassing though so we only get half hps of the new class vs full of our main class.

We almost all follow saernrae (SP)

My group is almost finished with book 1. The PC's are:

Donavan - recently slain Aasimar paladin of Ragathiel, used longsword and shield and gauntlets. Wore splint mail, rarely got hit in combat. Died at the bottom of a 30' pit, battered by the fall, twice, blinded by the pit's occupant and facing six attacks per round. Will probably be replaced by a wizard or ranger.

Kazuya - Tiefling witch, fights with slumber hexes mostly and spells. Very powerful against most humanoid and animal encounters, very limited against vermin, undead and immune creatures. Player says the character feels too much like a one trick pony. He is considering using the retraining rules from Ultimate Campaign and switching to a Hexcrafter magus.

Varon - human Beastmorph Vivisectionist alchemist, fights with claw, claw, bite, and Alchemist's Fire. Usually first into combat, positively brutal to big bads, especially with a flanking buddy. Gets hit a lot, though.

Varathiel - human Druid with a dimorpadon animal companion. Uses his 'bird' effectively, while fighting up close.

Xelana: Female 1/2ling Bard/Rogue
Davos: Male Human Fighter
Aileanna: Female Elf Magus
Twitch Tinkerfoot: Male 1/2ling Inquisitor/Ranger
Imani: Female Mwangi Oracle of Life
Trianna: Female Elf Sorceress

Currently two of the party are having a hard time making our games, so we'll be adding two new members, until the two can iron out their schedule, and then we'll be playing with 8!

I'm playing SS in a pbp here, closing to two years long and to end of first module (yes we took our time).

Some player (and the relative PC) disappeared along the way an were replaced into the current party, which is going to Red Mountain just now.

Iolana Zerengo: LN female human (varisian) magus 4 (my pc)

Mugambi: NG male human (mwuangi) dual cursed oracle (life mistery) 4

Gatherine 'Taboofox' Deepheavy: NG female dwarf gunslinger (pistolero) 4

Garborn Herwonkir: TN male human (taldan) druid (pack lord) 2 wizard (arcane crafter) 2

Syndlara Sil'Parim: CG female elf fighter 1 bard (dervish dancer) 3

Truk'tosh: LN male half orc Brawler of the Sacred Mountain 2 Wild Stalker Skirmisher 2 

Liberty's Edge

They're actually well into book 4 now, but here's the lineup from my game:

LG Aasimar Paladin of Abadar; a man of few words by nature, though capable of great eloquence when it it called for, he boarded the Jenivere in Port Peril, of all places, and even after more than a year together his companions know little about his past. Nevertheless, he has proven both an unfailingly loyal friend and a holy terror on the battlefield.

CG Dwarf Rogue; originally a human from the streets of Port Peril, Davek exchanged what little money he had for passage on the Jenivere in order to escape to people he'd crossed in earning it. Despite his sketchy past and larcenous habits, Davek is fiercely loyal to those who have earned his trust and friendship, as he demonstrated when he died in battle with a rampaging tyrannosaurus that beset the party's camp deep in the Screaming Jungle. Reincarnated as a dwarf, Davek's long-term memory has become somewhat muddled, and he now styles himself "Davek Hammerhand" and clings to a quixotic delusion of racial heritage and pride.

N Tiefling Alchemist; a scholar of dubious origins who boarded the Jenivere in Bloodcove, the man who calls himself Mox frequently makes his companions more than a little bit uncomfortable. The Tiefling looks like a grotesque amalgamation of beast and man, never seems to sleep, has a habit of collecting grisly "samples" from slain monsters, and performs unnatural flesh-warping experiments on his own body. To make matters worse, he's given to strange, unintelligible mutterings and half-joking pretensions of megalomania, and labors under the strange delusion that most every unexpected event in his life is tied to some manner of family curse that he refuses to elaborate on. Nevertheless, after more than a year of traveling together he has never been anything but a reliable comrade, and his bombs, elixirs, and ingenious magical devices have helped the party out of more than a few tight spots.

Aside from those three, Nkechi, an NPC cleric of Gozreh from book 2, has rounded out the group since they took him on as a guide in their expedition to the heart of the Mwangi Expanse.

A couple other (PC) castaways never made it off of Smuggler's Shiv, because their players dropped out of the game:

Keetook: A kobold with a gun who stowed away on the Jenivere, but who found his fragile constitution ill-suited to the rigors of surviving on the Shiv

Mirelda: An elven witch and adherent of the Green Faith who boarded the Jenivere in Magnimar but didn't survive long after the shipwreck.

Got this AP started a few weeks back as the DM. Now on our 5th session.
Lots of close calls and people in negative hitpoints.

Diseases and poisons are running rampant through the party and a whole lot of stat damage to be healed.

My party

Zisto - Varisian Human ranger (switchhitter Bow and Greatsword)
Mug Ruith - Native Human Druid (weather domain)
D'Mokotjo - Human Barbarian native (Greatsword powerhouse/beatstick
Colt Harrison - Chelish Human Archeologist bard
??? - Half Elf rogue (forgot the name as the player is only present occasionally and I don't keep copies of their sheets)

So far my players seem to be enjoying themselves even with me upping the difficulty considerably. We use a 20-point buy and there is a pretty high amount of optimisation going around.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Just started running SS for a Skype group right now we have:

Lucifer, an Aasimar Paladin (sword and shield)
Sarina, LE human Tattooed Sorcereress bound and determined to make Lucifer fall
Aleksei, human Gunslinger, kind of a sociopath.
Roswell, half-elf Magus with a rivalry with Aleksei
Leona, the stowaway gnoll Bard

Vanara druid(ape shaman)
Inquisitor of Lamashtu
magus archaeologist type

And two slots yet to be filled - one is probably something between (bloodrager, bard(archaeologist), sorcerer or arcanist.

Other is as of yet undefined.

Just finished our first session on Smuggler's Shiv the other day.

Michael "Dufrane" Dewitt: Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)
Ixava: Female Human Swashbuckler
Eligy: Male Human Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)
Saurkos: Male Half-Orc Druid (Saurian Shaman)

Just finished our first session today.

Alazar Razor - Human Poison Slayer
Isnadyl - Human Wind Shaman
Zeke Crowe - Shabti Juju Oracle
Chordata - Wereshark (Gillman) Sword Saint Samurai Sailor
Leona - Human Sniper Rogue

Human - Hunter 3 w/ Giant Mantis pet
Gripili - Gunslinger 1/Marksman 2
Goblin - Alchemist 3
Elf - Arcanist 3

Having just wrapped our first session, may I introduce the latest contestants in the Smuggler's Shiv lottery:

- Talib al'Kaltheer - a human (Kellish) illusionist and wannabe scholar / author
- Adeleise - a human (Chellish) druid and her bear, Misha, recently having fled Cheliax
- Palantriel Calthal - a half-elven oracle of the mysteries of life and death, afflicted by a terrible wasting disease. Looking for the Ekujae and a meaningful death.
- Tamarie - a half-elven ranger and courier for the Aspis.
- Samu - a Zenj barbarian, escaped slave of the Bekyat and stowaway on the Jennivere who helped the mate save the passengers.

Both Talib (the illusionist) and Misha (the bear) have nearly been killed by falls while scaling cliffs, the ranger Tamarie has been suspended from 2 different snare traps, and the barbarian Samu has had bad luck fighting giant crustaceans, but so far everyone is healthy and they're investigating the island and working well with the other castaways.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well we started up tonight and here are our stranded heroes.

The McFinnegen brothers who are merchants/guards for the shipping lanes

Shamus - Human Fighter planning to go into gunslinger eventually; the oldest brother
Marco - Human Arcanist; the middle child
Nelson - Human Fighter (Archer); the oldest of the two young McFinnegen twins
Francis - Human Cleric of Gozreh; the youngest of the two McFinnegen twins

also joining the brothers

Zord - Goblin Ranger who comes from a small goblin tribe in the Mwangi Expanse and left for reasons he has yet to reveal
Pown - Halfling Barbarian who is an escaped slave from Cheliax who stowed away on the Jenivere to escape slavery.

Hi-jinks are ensuing and it is already looking like an interesting campaign as the brothers are constantly bickering with their worship of various dieties often being the focal point of the bickering making their fellow castaways a bit nervous of looking towards them for leadership.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We started the campaign tonight with great expectations!

The characters are:

Fulgora - Female Dwarf Druid of Gozreh
Andezi - Male Varisian Archaeologist (bard)
Grachius - Male Chelaxian Druid of the Green Faith (with a female bear companion named Bella)
Gaius - Male Chelaxian Rogue (an atheist who believes he is destined for great things)

Liberty's Edge

Pendagast wrote:

This time around we are playing an all dwarf party!

Ive always wanted to do this!

We're pretty similar . . .

Athelstan "Twice-Dropped" - Male dwarf skald 2
Chester A. Arthur - Female dwarf cleric of Keltheald 2
Gleep - Gelatinous cube 2 (previously Thornton Poer - Male halfling sorcerer (ghoul) 2)
Notmerlen Wyvernmane - Male dwarf slayer 2

Dark Archive Vendor - Fantasiapelit Tampere

At long last, it is time for our little group to start Serpent's Skull. Some of the characters were decided over 5 years ago.

Ser Dorian Croshaw II, LN male human cavalier (strategist/standard bearer)
Chelish noble from lesser mariner family, Dorian is traveling to Sargava in a search of gold and fortune. Strict military man, Dorian is typical chelish in the manner that he believes to be better than most people, but keeps his feet to the ground and mind open.

Arhys Martis, LN male human ranger (skirmisher)
Martis family as served the Croshaws for years, as bodyguards and first mates. When Croshaw family fell from grace, Martis's started to groom young Dorian to raise the house back to glory. And with Dorian they sent Arhys, to be his minder and body guard.

Ametrine, CG female elf barbarian (urban barbarian)
Elf from the north with harsh history, including slavery and prison. Now works as a agent for Desna's church in Kyonin, and was sent to map Mwangi and find long lost temples. Going to multiclass multiple times.

No healers or magic users until later, but we'll manage. I hope.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

About to start SfSS on Saturday - finally :)

Two of the three characters are as-yet unnamed, but otherwise completed.

Bloodrager (undead bloodline) - human female (Erutaki)
Sorcerer (celestial bloodline) - aasimar female (azata line)
"Suri" Bard (archaeologist archetype) - human female (will probably multiclass as ranger)

I've given them a 25 point buy as there isn't a lot of healing in the party, and there are only three of them. I'll see how they go and if necessary plant a "wand of cure light wounds" or something.

Looking forward to it...

Liberty's Edge

From this last page of this thread:

Popularity of classes
Popularity of races

And an application of that data to death likelihood

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