Pathfinder Adventure Path #118: Siege of Stone (Ironfang Invasion 4 of 6) (PFRPG)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #118: Siege of Stone (Ironfang Invasion 4 of 6) (PFRPG)
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Evil Shines in the Dark

The secret to the Ironfang Legion's unstoppable conquest lies buried in myth and legend! To uncover their enemy's weakness, bold adventurers must confront degenerate morlocks, journey through the deadly Darklands below the world's surface, and explore an ancient dwarven vault lost to history. But a dark legacy stands in their way. Can the PCs survive the ghosts of Ironfang betrayal and return to the light of day with the key to the Legion's defeat—or will they join generations of the dead in the cold embrace of stone?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path and includes:

  • "Siege of Stone," a Pathfinder adventure for 11th-level characters, by Thurston Hillman.
  • A gazetteer exploring the ancient dwarven Sky Citadel of Kraggodan—an underground city now besieged by human forces—plus its diverse denizens and locales, by Thurston Hillman.
  • An ecology of the enigmatic nagas, serpentine masters of magic and intrigue, by Patchen Mortimer.
  • A bestiary packed with new beasts of the Darklands and beyond, by Paris Crenshaw, Crystal Frasier, Thurston Hillman, and Kalervo Oikarinen.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-940-0

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****( )

Another good solid entry

****( )

AP # 118, "Siege of Stone," is a good solid continuation of what may be the best Paizo Adventure Path in recent memory. Taking a slight change of tact, this leg of the campaign takes players out of the wilderness frontier and plunges them deep into the Darklands, possibly creating a bit of a 'fish out of water' element for your player characters. Needless to say, the underground setting in "Siege of Stone" is chock full of adventure set-pieces hearkening back to old-school tunnel crawls and dungeon runs. A copy of Paizo's 'Monster Codex' might be useful when running this part of the story, since several of the fixed encounters in this part of the campaign are lifted from that book, but full stat blocks are provided, so not having a copy of the Codex shouldn't be a deal-breaker. About two-thirds of the way in, players have a terrific roleplaying opportunity-- something which later plot elements will hinge upon-- so the hardcore roleplayers in your gaming group will have a blast with this part of the story. This roleplaying encounter is incredibly well-written, with clear objectives and outcomes, so that DM's will have no problem staging the encounter or determining the party's degrees of success/failure. Finally, the story culminates with another dungeon exploration scenario, and this time the stakes are raised so that it's an unusually high-risk, high-reward proposition. This is a really nasty scenario, offering the very real prospect of a character death or two, but it's not an automatic TPK by any means. My only major criticism of this volume, and the reason that I docked AP # 118 one star when writing this review, is that the first leg of the adventure feels like it ought to be longer, with more preplanned encounters, as if perhaps it had been trimmed a bit out of page count concerns-- but that isn't anything that can't be fixed with a little DM creativity and elbow grease! The "Heroes of the Darklands" Pathfinder Player's Companion and the "Darklands Revisited" Pathfinder Campaign Setting will probably come in handy for DM's wishing to flesh this part of the adventure out a bit. Of the first four installments in the "Ironfang Invasion" Adventure Path (# 115-118), "Siege of Stone" is definitely the one which will benefit most from a little additional DM planning and prep time. On the plus side, the gazetteer for Kraggodan, the ancient dwarven sky citadel, is really interesting, painting one of the clearest portraits yet of what dwarven civilization and daily life are like in Golarion. Four out of five stars.