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Patchen Mortimer


Baltimore, MD


Copywriter & DJ

About DJ Patch

Patchen Mortimer is a writer, senior copywriter, and DJ from Baltimore, MD.

He can be heard on air most Tuesdays, 9–11 PM, at 88.1 WMUC-FM College Park or online at

He can be found on Tumblr at his blog, The Daily Bestiary.

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Hardcover Freelance Credits
Lost Omens Character Guide

Softcover Freelance Credits
"Ecology of the Naga" Pathfinder Adventure Path #118
"Bestiary – Galluvix" Pathfinder Adventure Path #128
"Cheating Death" Pathfinder Adventure Path #129
"Ecology of the Sinspawn" Pathfinder Adventure Path #134
"Into the Void" Pathfinder Adventure Path #141

Zine Credits
"The Blue Lantern Spirit" Wayfinder #14

Patchen's other works include the article "Tolkien and Modernism" in the journal Tolkien Studies, the short story "Rules for Beach Patrons" in Lynx Eye, a children's book, The Penny and the Pushke, written for The Associated in Baltimore, and text for the Maryland 9/11 Memorial.