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GameMastery Map Pack: Farmstead

***½( ) (based on 2 ratings)
GameMastery Map Pack: Farmstead

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Print Edition Unavailable

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The lowing of cows. The smell of fresh-baked pies cooling on the windowsill. The wind rustling through crops ready for harvest. A trip to the farm should be one of relaxation, but years of gaming have taught us different farms are no safer than dungeons, with hungry wolves, giant burrowing insects, ruthless bandits, and all matter of peril lurking just beyond the barn. In this GameMastery Map Pack, you'll have all the maps you need the next time tragedy and terror strike on the farm!

This line of gaming accessories provides simple and elegant tools for the busy Game Master. Inside, you'll find 18 beautiful 5"x8" map tiles stunningly crafted by cartographer Corey Macourek that can be combined to form a wide range of farms and rural adventure sites.

    These cards present several different farmstead elements, including:
  • Barn
  • Chicken Coop
  • Animal Corral
  • Crop Fields
  • Farmhouse
  • Haystacks
  • Well
  • Garden

Game Masters shouldn't waste their time scribbling haystacks and animal pens every time the player characters rush to the aid of beleaguered farmers. With GameMastery Map Pack: Farmstead, you'll always be ready when those cow-eating monsters come calling!

For use with the industry's most popular roleplaying or tabletop miniature campaigns, and useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal.

Good GMs can never have too many maps at their disposal, and Paizo's GameMastery Map Packs provide high-quality gridded maps for use with both RPGs and miniatures games.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-164-0

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

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Print Edition: Unavailable

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Product Reviews (2)

Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Cute but weird

***( )( )

The fields lack the characteristic furrowing of medieval agriculture (and some tiles seem to be self-contained plots, rather than furlong plowed), but the crops are mostly indistinct enough to be passable. The pumpkin patch & flowers in the tiny garden plots are questionable, but pleasant enough. Weirdly, there are a lot of detached animal pens; I would have preferred fewer of these, and more crops, so that fights could occur in the fields. If only the "countryside" set had included meadows which could be incorporated with this set. Also, some stray chickens running about wouldn't hurt.

Nice set

****( )

This is a very nice map pack. The well, farmhouse, and barn probably get used the most but I plug in almost all of these at various times. The contrast on these is excellent and the details are very nice. You can rearrange these in a variety of ways and they mix and match quite well with many of the other map packs.

We are about 1/3 the way through Burnt Offerings and I am looking forward to dropping these tiles on the players when they get to... well no spoilers here :D

The only downside I see on these products is the fact that some of them are a bit repetitive and don't mesh well. The yellow fields look a bit strange next to the green grass and feel sort of cut off at the edge. Gift Certificates
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