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Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Mosaic wrote:
Love that you are experimenting with smaller cut outs.
Please tell us what you all think about that!

My trouble with the smaller cut-outs is that I've played with too many gamers with cats, small children, or a tendency to just bump into the coffee table and scatter all the tiny little pieces just enough that it takes away from game play to get them back where they were.

The worst case of this is the card with the eight sled dogs running abreast down the edge. Obviously they're meant to be cut out and used as eight separate sled dog chits, but if they'd just been rotated 90 degrees, they could have just been used as a team of sled dogs pre-assembled, either by cutting the strip out or just laying another scenery card over the section with the horses and oxen.

There's also a trouble where the dog sled is set up stradling two squares, but the sled dogs are placed in a single square. It makes the grid lines mis-align. A fair bit of this is going on with the horses and carts too.

That said, there are some real gems in this set. I'll be using the card with the rowboat constantly and the two-card set with the small ship almost as often.

I like the chariots a lot. My only trouble is that I wish the three smallest chariots could have had the extra strip of lawn behind them instead of before them. That would have made it easier to just drop them down behind an existing team of mounts, such as from the Caravan pack, and left more room for fighting behind them.

I'm also very pleased to see the Red Carriage from the Varian and Radovan stories making an appearance. Very pretty artwork on that.

I'd agree, with some simple arrangement they could have removed "more" of the cutting. Like the sled dogs not being in "formation" (generally in two rows facing the same way). They should have matched the basic animals to carts so each was already paired up if you wanted to cut less... But still leave the grid line spacing so they stay mix-n-match.

These would almost work better as die-cut, close to the shapes, like the Beastiary tokens on heavier backing, without the background at all. It would make them "stand off" the board more too. Of course, they don't have the "up front" budget of that other company to do that for one-off sets.. Setup would cost Paizo all their margin pretty quickly.

I like the new "gimmick" of having the map pack match the city fold out map.

Is there any chance in going back to some of the older flips/packs and making matching counterparts or extensions. Maybe basements or sewers matching the towns, etc. Things like the Tournament or Wizard's tower could use matching flip maps. Some of the other flip maps could use better matched map pack call-outs so they have the same backgrounds when placed, like woodlands and haunted woodlands camps. The other thing I'd like to see would be better map matching. So paths from different maps match up, forest paths match mountains or plains, flip-sides are contiguous side-by-side (so we can buy two!), etc.

great products... I have 3-4 of the flip maps and packs, all the other gamers I hang out with think they're cool.

how does this work with the common deals for 3 topping pizzas now? Rolling the same die twice really isn't the best option.. too much room for cheating. How do you get a random mix of meat vs. veggie? What happens when folks don't like certain items? I suppose a sharpie would help in that case.

Really, the pack has promise, but needs a bit more planning. Ordering pizza really needs one of the more complex sets to fully grasp the complexity. pan vs. tossed; meat vs. veggie; square vs. round

after searching through all the sets, there are only a handful of backpacks or bags. You'd think with all the weapons (and snarky comments in 2/3 of the reviews) they would have tossed in something to carry all this swag.

They should have a whole deck of holding. Item bags, boxes, crates, trunks, etc. Maybe even a few pack animals and carts. Don't forget to leave a few "generic" critters for really big and/or small scales. Like ants, snails, worms that can be small or fantastically huge.

aaron infante-levy wrote:

Didn't know where else to post this, but I have a question pertaining to all the map packs.

Does anyone know a way to convert a map pack into a flip-mat type map? I'm thinking there must be a printer who can do some type of segmented lamination with the individual map cards?

I just purchased this set and the Tournament set. These will be great to build generic campaigns with ... I agree that the lack of "fantasy/horror" elements is a plus.

Two things I'd like to see so far:

Could the map cards be printed on both sides? In the case of the Farmstead, it would be nice to have some backs with generic "yard" or "path" for between buildings.

The other product I'd like to see would be generic item tokens to go with the maps. Something like in the DnD starter kit with little pieces to add an extra room or door. I'd also like to see generic item blocks (chests, boxes, carts, rocks, stumps, critters, etc) that can represent movable treasures or items to find. For example in a farmstead set it would be nice to have some chickens, horses, carts, farm tools, etc... generic things that might go with the item token card sets.

Anyway, I like them and will be getting other sets.