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Thanks guys, I know how to do it now :)

Grick wrote:

DM: "A magical force turns your hair pink during the battle. The creatures laugh."
PC: "Widened Fireball in the middle of the crowd."
DM: "... there's children and stuff in there..."
PC: "So, do they get a bonus on their Reflex save, or ?"

hahahaha :)

Hope not :)

Goblin will be casting fireballs and lightningbolts... they better chase them or run. Ignore won't be a smart move :)

Got it, but don't you think base DC should be higher due goblins being in the middle of a crowd of similar goblins?

Let's say my players will be envolved in a fight.

They will be watched by a crowd of goblin-like creatures that will be laughing, dancing, eating, jumping, singing... a crowd of crazy-like small goblinoids.

These small dudes will be short on HP, like 4E minions, posing no treat to the party. They're crazy, but not crazy enough to jump in the middle of the fight and die.

Problem is: among them something like 3 or 4 are spellcasters that will find funny hit players with spells.

Now, if players are smart enough maybe one of them will stop, find casters and deal with them.

But goblins don't look so different each others, so the guy who will chase them will need to make a Perception check to find them. As I'm not a bad DM these spellcasters have some items that will make possible to say who is who, like, let's say, a staff.

So... how I do this Perception check? What would be DC? Stealth (because they are in the middle of a crowd) vs Perception?

Thank you guys!


I'm gonna DM a Pathfinder game in a few days. I'm working with a friend of mine's book, as I don't own the Core Rules (will be my first PF game, I'm a seasoned 3.5 DM tho). Problem is the book will be away from me for a few days and I need to set up a challenge:

Party's way is blocked by a massive iron door. This door opens lifting up, using some mechanism on the other side, which players don't have access.

They can lift up this door using a STR checkm, I guess. There's space enoug under the door and stone floor for two of them put their hands and try pulling it.

So, how do I set STR DC for this? Based on weight? Is there any table for it? This should be handled as one player doing the check and other aiding (+2 bonus?) or both do STR checks?

Thanks in advance :)

Nicos wrote:
No item should cost half the total money of the character, but that it just a guideline not a rule



Sorry if this has been brought before or if my searching skills fail... but what's the maximum enchant per item for a level 16 starting party?

I mean, is there any guidelines for that?

Should I allow a +7 weapon? Or +6? Or +5? Or there's no limit?

Has anybody around converted 3.0 MM2 version to Pathfinder rules?

I was looking for trowing it at Hero Labs and add some class levels on it, but I'm far from my book and have no clue what were the original abilities and LA for it...

Todd Stewart wrote:
Sadly, Armun'kelisk is one of the few spots that I don't actually have tons of unpublished details sitting on my desktop for. So for the moment, there isn't anything I can readily expand upon in short order.

Thanks, Todd. I'll let Armun for a later game.

I'm running a multi edition multi system cosmology Planescape game.

On next session players will be able to choose going to a few cities who have a straight portal to Sigil.

Among them is Armun Kelisk.

I own The Great Beyond but I'm looking for a bit more depth... is there any place I could find what's in each of the seven layers of Armun Kelisk?

Paizo fluff with 4E system is pure win.

Farm is great, but this I'll probably use the most. Jungle ftw!

Fantastic! I'm going to buy this as soon as my Visa allows :)

How much is fluff how much is crunch? I'm DMing exclusively 4E at this time but have already ordered this book.

Go Shemeska, go!

All hail to hags,

my favorite monster.

I think this is the best Manual of the Planes so far, except for one thing... the subtle changes on Sigil.

AD&D and 3E put Sigil on a higher place, it always feels like the center of universe.

Now, for 4E, Sigil is a "microcosm" and "The World" feels like the Center of the Universe...

And City of Brass now is the "oldest city" and the biggest commerce hub which, IMO, makez zero sense. I suppose this reflects some of designer's love for 1E and not liking Planescape too much.

Sigil was always a place of mystery. Being the eldest city make sense... it has some hidden purpose... now why the oldest city of all creation is some Efreet place? Why Efreets have of so special?

As may other 4E fluff choices I am ignoring it at full...


trellian wrote:
How about dual-wielders? Is that still possible?

Yes, as some other guys said, rangers and tempest from MoTP.

I had the same surprise as you, like "#$*, when we get more attacks?", and then, after DMing 4E I started loving it.

All that time lost adding and subtracting bonus from high level Rangers... :)

I'm optymist.

Clark Peterson wrote:
Which would likely mean that Necro and Paizo will team up for some juicy 4E goodness.

A Xmas gift it would be.

I wish GSL revision appeals to Necro and Tome of Horrors is launched.

I would definitely buy it on preorder.

Todd Stewart wrote:

2) And yeah, I adored the arcanaloths and ultroloths too. -Alot-. But it's WotC's IP even if they have absolutely no intention of using them at all for their PoL cosmology in 4e (which is a real shame).

In fact... according to some dude who got the 4E MoTP at Enworld, "Shemeska" now is a "Raavasta", anothe race.

If they don't plan to make Loths back, that solution is less worst than trow them as lower demons...

awp832 wrote:

The succubus might be the sinking point on the above idea, a devil that is traditionally humanoid and gorgeous. I suppose I would just say throw it out the window, make them ugly and horrible, then give them some kind of alternate form/ high power illusion ability to make them seem pretty all the time.

No, thanks.

Mistake? Of course not... but I still hope Paizo does a Monster Manual / Bestiary for 4E, with tons of fluff.

4E is far better for DMing than 4E. While I rather play 3.5 if I'm asked to DM I go 4E.

So... no low res previews yet? =/

I'm more fond of 3.5 version...

Hello guys, is there any plan to create a forum view option closer to PHPBB or traditional forums?

All this white confunds me...

No previews yet?

Blinding buy is tough dudes...

I won't complain about a page for thugs also, this is very very useful and far easier for research than having another suplement.

One page, please?

Where can I read more about Goralion gods?

Haven't tested beta rules for grappling yet but, from what I've read from you guys, I'm disappointed.

DMing a small 4.0 test campaign all I can say is fourth edition rules are what I'd expect from it: easy to run.

Is this a dungeon tile?

James Jacobs wrote:
We can't use ultroloths (or Yugoloths, for that matter), though, because they're not open content.

No yugoloths... no modrons... my Pathfinder Planescape will be a desolated game,,, =/

Gene wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
What "Golarion-specific" NPCs or monsters would you guys like to see produced?
I'd probably buy a good number of Golarion goblins, I love 'em so much more than regular goblins. So cute!

I like Golarion goblins a lot too, but would buy them only if made of plastic... if minis are going to stay metal I'll buy only monsters I can't find on DDM...

James Jacobs wrote:

And I'll be pushing hard for all alphabetical. Centipedes under "C" and lions under "L" in other words.

That lv 20 Ultroloth will be at D of Daemon or Y from Yugoloth? :p

It should be the same size of DDM.


Not metal, that time has passed for me.

Monsters! Monsters! Monsters!

What's the chance of Daemons/Yugoloths go in?

I can't play without some Arcanoloths and Ultroloths... and even that creature they now call "Mezzodemon"...

Could we have more straight abilities and less "cast spells as a 7th level sorcerer"? This is one thing I like in D&D4E: not having to look at PHB everytime...

Will buy it.