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thecursor's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 520 posts (671 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 111 Pathfinder Society characters. 7 aliases.


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Well my Undine rogue will be happy

Robert G. McCreary wrote:

At present, a character's deity is primarily flavor/story - the same as for their family, home town, and even home world to an extent. As the game matures and we have more content, there will likely be more opportunity to create some deity-specific rules and mechanics.

And I look forward to that day...the day when my holy Solarion Priest of Sarenrae uses the power of the Dawnflower to smite those that worship at the foot of the Pain God's dark throne.

Based on how Starfinder Devs talk about aliens, I don't think there will be any generic aliens


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I agree with the designers, by the way, the robot looks like someone weaponized a macbook.


Four new playable races and space liches.

Go on...

My Stellar Aligned Human Solarion Priest in power armor is about save all of your souls for the Sun Goddess Sarenrae....and then burn the foul unbelievers. Blessed is the Sunlight!

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Dan Tharp wrote:
Ford Prefect wrote:
I assume because towels are universal there will be no need for conversion.
If you're a hoopy'll just somehow know the conversion.

And Thus Erik Mona created the universe...This made a lot of people very unhappy and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

Lemartes wrote:

So shark repellent was the old Batman TV show. Were exploding dolphins on there too?

Believe it or not...yes, they did that.

I just realized that we've been talking about the Inner Sea for years but this is the first splat book set in the actual ocean!

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
If you have a hard time reaching over your screen then your GM throne or dias isn't high enough.

I have slavishly loyal minions of darkness to do that for me. They serve me...utterly. I am both loved and feared as the hand of the Twenty Sided God! Know me, for I am darkness and suffering, I am the servant of the fates and the maker of both heroes and villains. I am the giver of life and the bringer of doom, look upon me and tremble!

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So basically:
LG Red Dragon
CE Gold Dragon
CG Green Dragon

Archmage Variel wrote:
Are those creatures the Swarm? They look a bit like shirren so I was thinking they might be the Swarm.

They look too "Roboty" to be the Swarm.

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Seriously, Starfinder is what would happen if Guardians and Farscape had a baby and then rolled stats for said baby.

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We have achieved full GoTG, repeat, Full GoTG!

I approve of the artwork if only because it kind of looks like the T-800 is calling in an airstrike.

The Masked Ferret wrote:
thecursor wrote:

Let's wait for there to BE a core before asking if there will be a Core Campaign. Also, the reason Core games are hard to organize is because the average player doesn't like Core, not because they didn't get in on the ground floor.

I have met a number of people who would play core, if there was more interest and the games could be found.

The main complaint I have head about core, aside from lack of games, is that where core was offered, it was treated as some sort of challenge for elite players, and the games were deliberately run with the challenges increased by the GMs.

That doesn't sound PFS legal, honestly.

The Masked Ferret wrote:

GM's are required to run the encounter as written. However, the way that modules and encounters are written, there is often a great deal that is not explicitly specified which can change a combat encounter greatly. For that matter, initiative alone can make a difference. So can critical hits or saving throws.

The same encounter, with the same rules, can change greatly based on how the GM runs it. Does the GM decide that the monsters are smart enough to attack the person in cloth rather than the one with all the heavy metal? How does the creatures special attacks work? Table variation can come into play, as well.

And GMs are human. Sometimes they can make mistakes.

Respectfully, everything you just described sounds like table variance and there is zero chance that Core rules can stop that. A monster knowing to hit a healer is a GM choice and not a Core rules choice. Table variance is a fact of PFS life, even in Core games.

The Masked Ferret wrote:

Shadrayl of the Mountain wrote:
PFS Core is kind of lame, anyway, IMO. Any time it's been offered at a PFS game day, I decline. So, I think thecursor kind of has it right, they're harder to find because most people don't want to play it. If I want to play a simpler game with less options, I'll just go play 5e, since it's a way better game than core PFRPG anyway.
The concept has always intrigued me, personally. At this point, Core is now a Challenge mode, not a general introductory level of strength. The game is not really simpler - to meet the more difficult challenges, you need to play or build better. Or you can have fun and play from 1 book. Then start to grow your collection when you are ready.

Honestly, the ugly truth? I'm betting that the reason there isn't a huge demand for Core PFS has nothing to do with challenge or even limiting options, it has to do with the fact that the average PFS player buys upwards of two hundred bucks a year on hardcovers, splat books, and merch. Why would I want to play a game mode that forces me to keep most of that stuff at home?

Let's wait for there to BE a core before asking if there will be a Core Campaign. Also, the reason Core games are hard to organize is because the average player doesn't like Core, not because they didn't get in on the ground floor.

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I'll be honest, after reading her bio, I've already found the woman I'm modeling her after HINT: It's Dina from Superstore.

Set wrote:
Cole Deschain wrote:
Set wrote:
And all the Vesk are probably hanging out at the fight club bar, wrassling and stuff...
Gator wrasslin' done right.

Sometimes you wrassle the gator, sometimes the gator wrassles you.

Vesk girls know what they want.


Isabelle Lee wrote:

I'm hoping for heritor knight, unsurprisingly. (I don't think stargazer will - or should - be legalized.)

In any case, I look forward to running this scenario one day. ^_^

Yeah, Stargazer is a bit of a weird one.


John Compton wrote:

Although we do have to plan out scenarios quite far in advance, we had an opening in the schedule between PaizoCon and Gen Con. After reviewing some of our story possibilities, we found one of the prestige classes that we could weave into that narrative pretty nicely while also telling a fun story with memorable encounters.

Long story short, there's one of the scenarios coming out before Gen Con.

Hot diggity damn! *fingers crossed for Runeguard*.


Graham Wilson wrote:
I'm willing to bet the current boons were already set before Paths of the Righteous came out. Unless one of the remaining scenarios this season is just right for one of those classes then my guess is they will be appearing with the new season.

Ah, I get it now. Well I look forward to playing those scenarios because Brewkeeper alone could be tons of fun but they also held back the Heritor Knight, Stargazer, and the Runeguard! Each of those are worth the kind of focus a scenario might bring.


Paths of the Righteous was an awesome book but some of the best Prestige Classes were held back to appear as rewards on Chronicle sheets.

Am I crazy or have those not yet landed? I could swear I saw someone mention that the Runeguard was on a boon.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Dyldor wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Apparently showing the extra arms is fine, but using them for any practical purpose is taboo.

I wonder what the logic is, could it be because they're reserved for procreation? ╰╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ノノ
Or like Italians, they need the extra hands for speech.

As an Italian, I can confirm that we ALSO use our hands for mating.


Have: Undine
Want: Aasimar

Leon Gilham wrote:

AbadarCorp Customer Service

It is a absolute outrage that you keep refusing to accept my dilithium crystals as a form of payment for your goods and services! I have repeatedly tried to contact a manager on the issue but I keep being escorted out of the premises! Outrage!

Sir, once again...those aren't dilithium crystals, they're just rocks.

ulgulanoth wrote:
I'm pretty sure it is MechaPharasma who judges dead computers and programs

MechaPharasma? Robert Smith of the Cure must hear of this!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hear me out: Ghost Computer.

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khadgar567 wrote:
Sorry mate but can you roll me a fort save and common sense save cuz you are probably under effects of some unknown spell but be my guest on how to convert starlady kitty pryde to starfinder if you want

"A simple, I didn't like this joke would've sufficed."

13 people marked this as a favorite.

Paizo is really upping their ad game by pushing out an entire movie just to advertise a new game setting!

They kept getting the race names wrong and obviously they wrote the script before finalizing the iconic characters so Navasi is a dude now. There's a lot of great archetypes in the film but now word if they're gonna make those SFS legal.

I did enjoy how they set up the next campaign all though the Sovereign don't seem like a very satisfying end boss.

John Napier 698 wrote:

Oooh! A spacefaring Kaiju?


A few more:

A Short and Violent End-The Swarm Conflict was long and horrific but the Pact Worlds survived and, against all odds, endured. Unfortunately, the shadow of that conflict remains: across hundreds of worlds, the weapons used in the Swarm Wars sit broken and forgotten. Now one of those weapons, a fearsome war droid, has awoken to begin murdering as many shireen as it can find...

Killer App- The Order of the Sparrow is a violent, fanatical order of Asmodeus priests who are dedicated bringing down the representative government of the Pact Worlds. To this end, they have placed a horrific new brainwashing program with in the Pact World holonet...unless the team can stop them, that is.

Man's Inhumanity to Inhumanity- ManFirst is a political party, a hate group, and now the proud owners of Holonet Channel Twenty where they spew hateful, anti-Alien propaganda twenty four hours a day. This wouldn't be so bad if ManFirst wasn't actively trying to push every non-human off Absalom station using a tactic known as "Blocking", where human gangs start pushing non-humans out of their neighborhoods. It's not normally something the Starfinders worry about until someone bombs a Dataphile server farm...then it becomes a society problem.

The Best Barbecue in the Universe- Grummy Gruel is the pioneer of Half-Orc cuisine and he's well known for having the best barbecue recipes in the universe. Sadly, Grummy's gone where all good gunfighters go but his famous recipe book lives on and literally everyone, from the Absalom government to the High Stewards want to get their hands on it. The question is...why?

Actually it's a massive sleeping monster that's been covered in a layer of ice and debris after floating around for two millenia know...

The truth is that it just LOOKS like a comet. When the PCs get on the surface, they'll discover something horrifying.

Tom Kalbfus wrote:
That is a small gas giant if it is 30,000 miles wide, I don't think it would be accurate to describe it as a comet.

I'm well aware it's very large, I picked that size deliberately.

Here are a few more:

Empty Hand- The team has been hired by the Stewards of Verces to go deep cover at Empty Hand 205, an annual cage fighting tournament on the Vesk homeworld. It seems a gang of vicious criminals has been trying rig the results. To make matters worse, the promotion's women's champion, Alva Kresh, might be a no show because of some mysterious personal issue...

The Baines Job- Ellacrine Baines is the wealthy and powerful CEO of Primelock Security, the most powerful private military contractor in all of Pact World space. He's so confident of his company's security protocols that he's hired a team of freelancers to break into his office and steal a red rubber ball. It's easy money...assuming you can get past the twenty foot door made of hypersteel, the deadly automated defenses, the high functioning AI security system, the killer security droids, and the highly trained private army of computer hackers, deadly operatives, and psychotic mercenaries. Other than that, piece of cake.

The Nameless Sword- The Nameless Brothers are some of the greatest heroes in Pact World Space. This small group of Solarions have dedicated their lives to justice, charity, and the service of others. But they yearn for one thing: To know the name of their Order. It seems the Gap has claimed all knowledge of the Order's founding, including it's original name. Luckily, the Nameless Brothers have discovered that their unknown founder wrote the true name of their order on the hilt of his sword and buried it in the Order's very first meeting hall. If the team can go into deep space and come back with the sword, the Order will pay them handsomely...assuming they survive.

Finger of Asmodeus- It's 30,000 miles wide, it's traveling at 45 miles per second, and it's headed straight for an occupied planet. It's called the Finger of Asmodeus and it's a massive comet that has already claimed millions of lives and left wreckage in it's wake. Now it's a race against time as the Stewards of Verces and the Starfinder Society try to evacuate a planet of 500 million people before a massive comet destroys their world.

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Jason Mosher wrote:
thecursor wrote:
The point is: Alien Archive entries need to double as both a bestiary as well as an Advanced Race Guide because it's very much a Science Fiction/Fantasy trope that there's a huge diverse universe out there.
Thank you for getting this thread back on track. Good Lord.

Yeeah, I recognize that if we went down the Star Trek rabbit hole...that would be all we talked about forever and ever.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

So a discussion board about a fictional character's bio has devolved into a rather pointed discussion about neuro diversity and homosexuality.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Joseph Yerger wrote:
thecursor wrote:

ENT was a prequel and ended the streak...technically, however:

ENT Orions were villains in NuTrek Galia and at least one unnamed Orion were in Starfleet streak possibly?
If we stretch a little bit, then remember in the Chris Pine new Kirk timeline he was with an Orion girl who was Uhura's roommate and a fellow Starfleet cadet...

That's literally what I was referring to. Galia was the name of that character.

Fardragon wrote:
In it's roll as a "stuff to kill" book though, it needs to cover non-sentients and robots.

Hopefully. Some thing mindless to murderize should come up at some point.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The point is: Alien Archive entries need to double as both a bestiary as well as an Advanced Race Guide because it's very much a Science Fiction/Fantasy trope that there's a huge diverse universe out there.

Ashanderai wrote:
What about the Andorians in Enterprise? I thought I remembered those recurring characters being antagonistic at first and then, over the course of the show, warming up to the crew. Plus, we know that the Andorians eventually join the Federation. So, it could count.

Eh kind of, though prior to Enterprise, the fans only saw that the Andorians were strongly on the side of the Federation. If anything, it just reestablishes the streak for TOS, which ENT was a prequel of, although not really because we never actually had an Andorian crew member.

Nitpicky perhaps but good point.

Ashanderai wrote:
thecursor wrote:
So then, Owen, the previous statements on Archive are true and this will be a kind of Advanced Race Guide/Bestiary hybrid? Because that actually makes a lot of sense when you consider the whole "Star Trek" phenomenon: The race you fight in one series is a future crew member in another (Literally happens three times in a row on Star Trek).
Okay, so Klingons and Borg I get, but I am at a loss for the third one? Is it the Ferengi or Cardassians? I'm not sure that those would count as crew, would they? Ferengi would thanks to Nog, but can you really say that they were fought against? Also, I'm not really sure Garrak would count as crew. Actually, I guess he would since he was technically helping on the bridge for some of the fighting against the Dominion.

Garrak does count since he fought in the Dominion War as what can only be described as a civilian intelligence operative. Furthermore, while it was in an alternate timeline, we have seen one Cardassian in uniform. Generally this all fits into Roddenberry's original vision of Star Trek (diplomacy turning enemies to friends).

The Streak Goes:

TOS Klingon enemies, TNG Worf
TNG Ferengi/Cardassian enemies, DS9 Nog and Garrak (Now is the time to point out how the Borg and the Cardassians were the only non crappy villains that came out of early TNG...I mean, my god, does anybody remember the Pakled? *shudder* Lame.)
DS9 Borg enemies , VOY 7 of 9 (And if you wanna get technical, the Maquis colonists were foes in DS9 and made up half the crew in VOY)
ENT was a prequel and ended the streak...technically, however:
ENT Orions were villains in NuTrek Galia and at least one unnamed Orion were in Starfleet streak possibly?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

So then, Owen, the previous statements on Archive are true and this will be a kind of Advanced Race Guide/Bestiary hybrid? Because that actually makes a lot of sense when you consider the whole "Star Trek" phenomenon: The race you fight in one series is a future crew member in another (Literally happens three times in a row on Star Trek).

Bluenose wrote:
Although if your species isn't the top predator, making the gender that's most important for reproduction easier to see has some significant disadvantages. So in this case, females aren't heavily involved in reproduction, instead they wander through any territory that suits them laying unfertilised eggs in suitable locations. Brightly coloured females are more noticeable when doing that, and the males know where to go to fertilise them. Plainer females don't reproduce as often, hence selection encourages brighter colours in females. Territorial and sedentary males bring up the young in their territory, females largely ignore them.

Hmmmm....this makes a lot more sense actually.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ashanderai wrote:
Matthew Shelton wrote:

I wonder why aren't the male Vesk the gender that has the natural colorings, similar to how the males of some species like peafowl, mallards, guppies, and mandrills are more brightly colored to stand out and 'impress' the females. So that a male Vesk may 'strut his stuff' or even exaggerate his colorings as a show of intimidation against other male Vesk or to show off in front of the ladies, even if these behaviors don't impress non-Vesk or even make sense.

Having this flipped around makes the race feel more anthropocentric, and less alien.

I would argue the contrary; having them be more like animals on earth makes them seem less alien to me. Being alien means that they do not have to conform to what you might expect.

Okay, so let's tell a biological story:

Once upon a time, on the Vesk homeworld, there were these terribly clever lizards, the species that becomes the Vesk. They're fast and smart and strong but their eyes are terrible, they see movement and color and that's about it. Now normally this isn't much of a problem but the lizards live separately with males in one social group and females in another social group with their kids. The males are really territorial and they protect what's theirs from rival troops of males. But wait, how do you determine who is the mother of your child/potential mate and who is an interloper drinking from the streams around your land. All of those bright stripes instantly told these rival lizards that the person currently foraging for food was a female who might help you pass on some genes if you're nice to them. Bright colors got a fast pass to come and go as they pleased. Now millions of years later, the eyes have improved and the social structure has changed but lady reptiles with bright, sexy skin is still very much something that Vesk males really, really like. Some "less bright" females now use skin creams to shine up their scales.

This is an example but just one of many possible ways evolution could work this out.

Davor Firetusk wrote:
Mini-derail. This book would be the perfect chance to spend a modest amount of page count fixing Bardic Masterpieces.

You could literally make that case about ANY book.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
dharkus wrote:
though if they did need to land they could have extending legs to not crush the guns
Ships that large don't land. They either dock into a orbital station or crash into the planet.

For example: Here's the USS Enterprise D, a classic capital ship, "landing"

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