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thecursor's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 472 posts (571 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 125 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Davor Firetusk wrote:
Mini-derail. This book would be the perfect chance to spend a modest amount of page count fixing Bardic Masterpieces.

You could literally make that case about ANY book.

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
dharkus wrote:
though if they did need to land they could have extending legs to not crush the guns
Ships that large don't land. They either dock into a orbital station or crash into the planet.

For example: Here's the USS Enterprise D, a classic capital ship, "landing"

Voss wrote:
There isn't any reason to build capital ships with a 'soft underbelly.' It's actually a terrible design flaw in a space born ship, you'd want (and have no reason not to) protect it with the same armor and weapon arcs as anywhere else.

Capital ships are also unlikely to "land" and there for can actually put a large number of guns and defenses on the bottom.

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Fardragon wrote:
Mk III Drone: you can have it in any colour as long as it's not black.

How much do you wanna bet the Shireen really tried to take special "single color" orders but then they get on the factory floor and all of those color options and then their compound eyes get really big...

kaid wrote:
Pet rust monsters on a spaceship are a bad idea? who knew.

"No! Bad Fifi! That's the life support system!"

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Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
My problem is with the fact that presumablely space combat would take place in three dimensions. There appears to be no consideration for attacking from above or below. Space combat in two dimensions feels like it loses something important.

They apparently do have rules for that.

Also..."If you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts, just repeat to yourself it's just a show, I should really just relax."

Mark Seifter wrote:

This is correct. It happened last GenCon. However, I believe the ship exploding and killing him had been in error, since it had only taken enough damage to disable it, not blow it up. Nonetheless, it's much more epic for him to be the first death of Starfinder, and it stood at the table!

Well if I had the chance to be the first dead PC of an entire game system I would take it. His name hangs upon the memorial wall of spacefarers everywhere. He's actually our Venture Captain here in Baton Rouge.

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I am happy to say that I have met the man who had the first ever Starfinder death in the playtest.

It was during a space battle, he charged a much larger ship in his fighter and was blown to bits.

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Okay, I have a few and I've even given them snappy titles:

Tombworld of the Spider King- While working security for a Starfinder archaeological dig, the team uncovers a stone tablet commemorating a war between an alien race and a space faring race of Drow. What makes this tablet so fascinating is that it contains both coordinates for the home world of these Drow invaders and a warning: "Never go there."

Beware the Starlight Express- The crew wins an all expenses paid cruise on the Starlight, a luxurious starliner owned by the Red Star Luxury Fleet (A division of Abadar Corp Amusements). It's a nice chance to relax, catch some artificial sunlight, hit on those cute Half-Elves...and oh yeah, prevent a group of terrorists from turning the Starlight into an improvised cruise missile to destroy the Abadar Corporate headquarters.

The Maw- A religious cult of black hole worshiping Solarions have arrived on Absalom station, these fanatics seem harmless at first but these "Teeth of the Great Maw" seem to hide a twisted secret...

All Packets Sent, No Reply- So the Dataphile Starfinders are looking to hire some freelancers, nothing too strenuous this time around. Apparently they just want you to go around the outer rim and check on the wireless connections for various Starfinder listening stations. Everything seems to be going fine until a colony drops off the network. Then another. And another. When the Crew arrives onsite they find whole cities full of corpses and a sign painted in blood: "They're Coming."

QuidEst wrote:
thecursor wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
thecursor wrote:
entire hardcovers of just different Envoy Archetypes (Voice of the Void, anyone?)
Individual classes don't get archetypes in Starfinder. Archetypes apply to all classes, or a broad subset like all casting classes.
You do know how sarcasm works, right?
Well, I know you didn't actually expect entire hardcovers; I just assumed hyperbole rather than sarcasm.

Perhaps a combination of the two. Hyperbole for the expectation of an entire hardcover, sarcasm because I have zero doubt Starfinder is going to eventually drop the exclusive archetype stuff at some point.

QuidEst wrote:
thecursor wrote:
entire hardcovers of just different Envoy Archetypes (Voice of the Void, anyone?)
Individual classes don't get archetypes in Starfinder. Archetypes apply to all classes, or a broad subset like all casting classes.

You do know how sarcasm works, right?

James Sutter wrote:

there's also a big element of risk to doing a new game like this, and it's safer for us to put out slimmer books that reflect less of a resource investment than a massive all-hands-on-deck hardcover—we *know* roughly how many copies a Pathfinder Bestiary will sell, but until we've got some numbers on Starfinder, we need to be cautious!

This is understandable and frankly, prudent....though if this game blows up then I expect 300+ damn pages on how my upcoming Lawful Evil Void Solarion can conquer the stars and enslave whole worlds.

Naturally the blog post for that book's product page will be "Fear will keep the local systems in line."

In all serious though, I'm cautiously optimistic you guys will have the chance to cover stuff like outer gods, space horror, galactic settlements, and giant books of lasers, starships, and Alien Archives 2-6, or entire hardcovers of just different Envoy Archetypes (Voice of the Void, anyone?)

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First impression when looking over that crew: James Sutter watched a LOT of Farscape when designing this. (Feature not a bug).

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Might I suggest that we give the Technomancer two sub machine guns so they look really cool when faced with a lobby full of security guards.

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Hmm wrote:
What? Wolf, haven't you learned yet that all stories start with "What does this button do?"

Welp, that's going to solve the Gap mystery: Gnome Scientist "I've created a button." Gnome President "But what does it do?" Gnome Scientist "Well..."

We've gotten an evil book, a bunch of books on how to be good. So is this a book on how to be a dick?

OH you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them right up your hinder.

QuidEst wrote:
thecursor wrote:

I think the HUGE thing that most people missed when they read this was "Mechanics can pick a robot or embedded AI"

That's right folks, you can either get R2D2 or Cortanna.

If there isn't a "Power Suit with a JARVIS/FRIDAY" Archetype at some point, I will be sad.

I would brace for sad with a slim chance of super-happy. Archetypes are now for all classes (or all casting classes), so no class-specific archetypes. Slim chance of super-happy is every class getting a power suit archetype, and mechanics get JARVIS/FRIDAY.

That said, power suit sounds like the sort of thing available just for being high-level and rich.

Ah but the quote was "Some" Archetypes would be available to all classes and some would only be available for a few classes at once and etc. So a Mechanic/Soldier/Operative Archetype with a power armor focus, a Space Magic Archetype for Technomancers/Solarions/Mystics, etc. I also get the sense that the "Pilot/Captain" Archetypes are going to be the broadest available archetypes.

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I think the HUGE thing that most people missed when they read this was "Mechanics can pick a robot or embedded AI"

That's right folks, you can either get R2D2 or Cortanna.

If there isn't a "Power Suit with a JARVIS/FRIDAY" Archetype at some point, I will be sad.

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Core Races are Human, Lashunta, Androids, Ysoki (Ratfolk), Kasatha, Vesk (giant lizard people), and (NOW CONFIRMED VIA A PAIZO BLOG POST) Shireen (insect people) The same blog post and product discussion that confirmed the Shireen also confirmed that the Six Fantasy Pathfinder Core Races are going be in the Starfinder Core Rules Book, which means thirteen playable races shipping in the first book.

NOTE: We do not have an official acknowledgement of how legal any races other than the Core Seven will be but Thurston Hillman has tentatively said they are looking into it. The general feeling is that they want to have a large number of playable races to reflect the diversity of the setting (Example: Lord of the Rings only had Elves, Hobbits, Humans, and Dwarves, Star Trek had a new alien race every week).

Triaxian is not a core race and we do not yet know what kind of Triaxian is legal in SFS or if the race will be legal at all. Trox and Flumphs and other outer space races from the Bestiaries are not yet legal for play or even mentioned in regards to SFS.

All of the designs of the Iconic characters have been leaked at this point and can be found online.

Names and races of the Iconic Starfinder characters have leaked online:
Raia (lashunta technomancer)
Iseph (android operative)
Obozaya (vesk soldier)
Keskodai (shirren mystic)
Altronus (kasatha solarian)
Navasi (human envoy)
Quig (ysoki mechanic)

There will be an Alien Archive hardcover in October of this year, it will feature a huge number of playable races beyond the core covered in the main rulebook. Some of these will be races we've already seen in Pathfinder's People of the Stars, most will be new. No word on how available these races will be for Society Play but outlook is good. Before Alien Archive drops, we will see a "First Contact" preview at Gen Con with some Pathfinder versions of some of the Starfinder races.

Core Classes are as follows:
Solider (Heavy Combat),
Operative (Rogue Combat/Stealth),
Envoy (Social/Skills),
Mechanic (Has Robot Pet or an implanted AI) (I cannot over state how unconfirmed the Implanted AI part of this is)
Mystic (Some sort of Divine Spellcaster/Magic user, the blurb on the new iconic mystic implies that they don't all follow gods),
Technomancer (strong spellcaster that hacks reality),
Solarion (A Jedi but it doesn't PLAY like a Jedi).

There will be archetypes but some of these archetypes will not be restricted by class. there are no Psychic Spellcasters dropping with the CRB to my knowledge. Psychic Magic has not been mentioned yet. There have not yet been discussions about Prestige Classes to my knowledge.

No word on if SFS will allow conversion of Pathfinder classes to Starfinder but it's unlikely based on what we know (the math won't work right out of the box).

Chronicle Sheets will be slightly different and will be more "special". Boons are more connected to Factions and you get Boon "slots". Three specific kinds of Boons have been discussed: Starship, Ally (Followers who travel with you), and Faction Boons. No more massive paperwork, they are attempting to cut down on that.
The Gods will be different and there will be an actual section for these deities in the CRB, you can probably assume that any of the core gods in the book will probably be legal for worship in SFS unless something is very weird.

There will be a Starfinder Society in Game setting, there will definitely be something called "Abadar Corporation" in game, The Church of Iomedae and the Hellknights are possibly still a thing. The Pact Worlds are a loose confederation of Allied Planets that includes our home star system where Golarion used to be. At least one historical enemy organization has been named: The Swarm.

We now know a bit more about the Swarm, they're a big evil bunch of bad guys who operate using a hive mind and the Shireen used to be members until they gained self awareness. They will favor heavily in the background fluff for the Shireen, I imagine the Shireen will not be huge fans of the Swarm based on what we've seen in their blog post.

The Eoxian Bone Sages have their own ships, they are technically a Pact World, the Vesk have their own ships, so does the Pact World Navy.

Minis. There will be minis, both character minis and starship minis. They will be prepainted, the designs have been leaked on line and they are rather cool. There will be pawns as well.

Okay so Starship ownership in SFS will vary slightly from the core game: The Society will issue you a ship from it's fleet every scenario and you'll sometimes get a pick between various types of ship options depending on your playstyle or the mission requirements. Having some boons might expand your options (Get a lot of Fame with one faction and they might loan you their Space Ferrari under the table). What's interesting about this is that it says alot about Starfinder Society's standing in the Galactic community: they have their own fleet essentially and might have their own patrols, etc.

The First Starfinder Faction has been announced: The Dataphiles. They are highly focused on acquiring data and social networking intelligence (sort of a futuristic NSA). They are based out of the Lorespire on Absalom Station. Very much a "wikileaks" vibe, not just for technomancers and mechanics, so expect gun play. More factions as time passes and faction symbols to be announced on the blog.
But faction play will also be different (no more switching factions, you can join more than one).

The Starfinder Society will be a mostly good organization in game, no more Chaotic Stupid or Murder Hoboing, Compton has even implied that Murder Hoboing will be...punished possibly (that may have been a joke). There is no more "vaguely evil faction", everyone is a good guy or neutral and no one is working against the society. At least one faction will be introduced as a result of the meta plot from the first season.

APs will be added to AD Rec much faster, Scenarios will be released once a month at first. Seasons will have Arcs that lead from one season to the other. From what I understand metaplot matters more this time. There will be re-playable iconic scenarios and evergreen scenarios at the start.

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Marack wrote:
I'm excited about this one. If we can't have baby (larval) Shirren as a racial familiar option, I will be disappointed.

The other Starfinders stared at their traveling companion with shock.

"What?" Said the Shireen.

"That's your son?" Ask the Captain.

"Yeah," The Shireen stuck one of his fingers into the hard plastic carrying case until the slimy grub cooed with joy, "He's my little pride and joy! What did you think he was?"

"We thought he was a pet."

"A PET? He's my son! I take him along to teach him the family business."

"But...but you're an kill people!"


Any body see that episode of Fringe where this guy gets premonitions because his brain can hear these ghost radio signals that terrorists use to coordinate their attacks.

That's what I feel right now.

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A while back I posited the possibility of a Mana Wastes Druid. Kinda hoping something similar shows up.

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"Two sexes? And you guys keep your bones on the inside? Man you guys are a weird race. Also, how do you see without compound eyes? I mean, you only have one lens in those things."

CorvusMask wrote:
Matthew Shelton wrote:

Referencing someone in pronoun by gender is habitual in human culture

So context, but I like to imagine you just said Finns aren't humans :D

I've been to Minnesota. Based on all evidence available, Finns, Sweds, and Nords are not human because they can live comfortably in Minnesota.

We don't know. I imagine that the six core races from Pathfinder will become like many of the ARG races in PFS now.

Not that I'm not excited but since I play PFS mostly and I love new archetypes...I am dead certain none of them are gonna make em into organized play.

bdk86 wrote:
BretI wrote:
Landon Winkler wrote:
  • Everyone from PFS is probably dead (and still being used in PFS), so don't expect any Futurama heads in jars.
  • Or the SS Drandle Dreng or the Osprey Cannon. SFS will have its own cast that'll develop over time.

More like the Osprey drive. Using it only leads to trouble.

Guess I'll just have to fashion a Dreng-bot.

The SFSS Adril Hestrem is surely the most reliable ship hull for new agents and totally won't become a deathtrap later on.

I personally was hoping for an incredibly old Drendle Dreng puttering around the SFS lodge announcing a new mission with the same, iconic phrase.

Also, to all of our Technomancer members (which is going to be most of us), haste and fly spells are pretty useful.

Please remember to hack responsibly and to always pass your Computer/Diplomacy checks.

Then again if all else fails....

Justin Norvegicus wrote:

Comes back with an androids head

Good hustle.

"The First Cut is the Deepest..."
"Baby I know!"

John Compton wrote:

I inherited the open call about 30 months ago and worked through a big swath of the backlog—turned out well, too, given numerous solid Pathfinder Society authors came to my attention that way. The main trouble is that managing the open call is not something that fits into my weekly work schedule, so every submission I've reviewed and responded to has been handled over the weekend or after work, making it much more of a personal passion that has to fit around any freelance work I'm handling at the time. That's been all the more the case in the effort to spin up Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

When the organized play landing page was updated in the second half of 2016, the open call disappeared because the Get Involved page (once held instructions for becoming a venture-captain and the open call instructions) was changed into a dedicated coordinators page; the open call information was removed in the process, though somewhat accidentally. This has allowed me to do a little catch-up, but not a lot.

Once I feel I am again at a point where I can accept submissions—perhaps also for Starfinder content—I will work with our web team to put up the open call again. I would want to ensure that I can review the majority of the current inbox before reopening the call. I know there were changes I wanted to make a while back, and likely once the open call is again ready for business, there will be some slightly different expectations; most notably, the quests would be serving explicitly as a writing sample and less as quests for direct publication, as the role of quests in the organized play campaigns has evolved considerably over the past six years.

I want to see this up and running again. I just need to free up the off-hours bandwidth. It would likely also help if I didn't write 880-word responses to applicants. We shall see.

Okay thanks. I'm particularity interested in submitting for Starfinder Organized play because I've got a crap ton of ideas for scenarios and quests that I want to share with the world.

Drejk wrote:

Open Call?

You mean Paizo's SuperStar? It's on indefinite hiatus.

If you are speaking of the Third Party Publisher's Open call thread it's still here in the third party section.

I thought there was an official paizo submission for quests.

Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
Hikusenba wrote:
Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
Can we get some indication of size on the ships? Are those one inch bases?
There are a few videos online of gameplay from a video interview during one of the recent game conventions. They have the ships on the table during the game.
Not entirely sure which video you mean, but i was inder the impression that early testing was using scavenged parts from other games. It you have a video showing these pieces could you provide a link? Thank you.

Early testing indeed used scavenged parts, but the game is long since finished and off to the printers, the most recent play test video was from just two weeks ago and used the paper pawns. For the life of me I can't find the link but there was a YouTube video from the vegas playtest

I would like to submit something to Open Call later in the year but I can't seem to find the link on the site. Is Open Call gone for good?

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Pre-painted plus non-random makes me notably more interested in these than the standard Pathfinder minis.

Uh, agreed. The only good thing about random minis is that they can help you build an army of similar monsters quickly, the bad thing is literally everything else.

Oh so this is what my hard earned creds are buying me: more pointless military hardware that's going to defend the mega corps and the inner rim while us colonials have to fend fer ourselves. Look at the size of that Pact World Naval Ship, why it makes me sick!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Too many monsters? As long as I have dice and a character sheet, there will never be enough monsters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Legoman wrote:

How many Elephants have been banned?


Lots of them, they have terrible table etiquette and they're always trying to make PVP a thing.

Dracovaard wrote:

I think they stated the # of factions, but I forget how many.

One specifically has been announced though, via the KD podcast. 2

One faction has been announced: The Dataphiles.

I don't think they've told us the exact number to expect.

Good point, though I personally like to know how many factions there are going to be.

Cause the anticipation is starting to utterly kill me.

Have you ever seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? At the end of the film, New York gets mindwiped and people just...keep doing what they're doing as they're losing their memories. I imagine it was like that, you wake up one morning and suddenly realize you can't remember the name of the war your grandfather fought in or who founded the country you live in.

Call this meeting to order.

Our first Gather it.

John Compton wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Let's be real here: the "stop acting Chaotic Neutral" thing is only going to stick if you lose faction points or something.

There are already some Pathfinder Society scenarios that dis-incentivize evil, cruelty, violence, and/or excessive social disruption through the secondary success conditions.

In the interest of focusing on Starfinder Society, though, I'll stick to an ominous "That can be arranged."


Let's be real here: the "stop acting Chaotic Neutral" thing is only going to stick if you lose faction points or something.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bluenose wrote:

Why would a Vesk imagine that aliens would be just like them in terms of biology and in this case fashion? And for that matter, why is fashion in Starfinder-verse assumed to be like modern western fashion?

I bet you are an absolute DE-LIGHT at parties.

Where is the Starship Combat Demo viewable?

5 people marked this as a favorite.
David knott 242 wrote:

I can already see many amusing situations arising when a Vesk guesses the gender of a non-Vesk incorrectly (and possibly vice versa).

"Males... am I right, sister?"

"I'm a guy."
"Wait, seriously? But you're so colorful and have a deep voice!"
"I'm wearing a salmon colored button down, it cost three hundred credits, and I'm a guy."
"But what about your voice?"
"I'm human, human males have deep voices."
"...well that's just disgusting."
"Didn't I see you eat a mouse earlier?"
"Don't mock my table manners."

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