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cannon fodder's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 344 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists.


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Paizo Blog wrote:
...and spells, including spawn calling, which allows the caster to summon one of Rovagug's mighty spawn, and comes with a mythic upgrade to bring about even more destruction.

spawn calling.


cuz, y'know, spawn. Of Rovagug.

I agree with what Daniel said. While the ability lets them take an AoO against any melee attack, I don't see anything in the wording that says they can take more than their one AoO per round.

Does your DM know that you feel that way about his NPC's? If not, maybe he could use the feedback.

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I know it's a longshot, and probably too niche, but...if you make a pathfinder battles expansion for this AP and the case incentive turns out to be the annihilator, I will name my firstborn Paizo.

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....oh God.

Start previewing the corresponding Pathfinder minis set.




Liz Courts wrote:

Updated to include goblin dogs and hyenas.

Itchy wrote:
Even though there are some monsters from the Summon Nature's Ally list not included, I'll probably pick this up.

It is specifically for summon monster, but I will see if I can't convince Jack to do a summon nature's ally set.

...Maybe an Inner Sea Bestiary set, too...

ZOMG yes please!!!!!!!

CJ, if you ever do paper minis for the Inner Sea Bestiary, you will be my hero forever and ever and ever.


I'm not sure how I feel about the weasel. Like danielc mentioned, it might be the angle of the shot, but it's coming off as a little too canine for me.

The raven, on the other hand.....perfect!!!

The dullahan looks great, as does Rasputin.

The Russian soldiers are a special treat, as I can paint one or two red highlights one them, mount them on 30mm bases, and use them in my Iron Kingdoms RPG game. All in all, 4 wins this week!

Good points, Cat. The shemhazian would definitely be awesome.

I'm not sold on linnorns, though...they're not different enough from dragons...

Dear Lord, that dragon is beautiful!!

As for gargantuan candidates, I'd vote for the annihlator robot from the inner sea bestiary, or perhaps the quantium golem. Ooh, or a kraken.

Power Grid and Smallworld are pretty cool.

The ice troll couple is very awesome!

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Erik Mona wrote:
Here we have the Falcon. He is a falcon.

Best. Description. Ever. I can truly see this figure representing any raptor in the genus Falco. I can finally stop using my ettin mini to represent falcons in my game!

Alternatively, you can get them a Paizo gift certificate. Although like Drejk mentioned, they'll need an account to access downloads.

Goblin Squad Member

I still remember the first milk crate I saw full of 2nd ed D&D books. I would have never expected it to become a twenty-year hobby!

It's 3 pp to make a single melee attack miss...I wouldn't called it overpowered.

I say PFO secretly went O ahead of schedule and borked the internet.

That, or androids.

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Mazra wrote:

I adore Feiya and Daji. Just fantastic!

And, of course, you had to have Baba Yaga. Too bad you couldn't do a Hut on giant chicken legs. ;)

The hut would've made an awesome case incentive! Although very niche, admittedly.

Gary Teter wrote:
Why am I ensuring my toddler is wearing matching socks?

Socks should *really* be sold as singles.

I just want a system that uses dice with the word "win" on every face but one, and "reroll" on the last face (for balance).

These look fantastic. The death demon, in particular, looks awesome, and Korramzadeh....dat sexy beast. But where are the brimoraks?!?!?! I need the little guys!!

The clear winners for me are the gibrileth and the rift drake, both look fantastic!

These look amazing!!

I'm secretly, fervently hoping for a siege weapons (catapult, ballista, battering ram) set...

I agree; I would understand people's displeasure AFTER giving the classes the proverbial spin. Calling them bad after just giving them one read is a bit premature.

I agree that it should work.

The armor states that the ability does not apply to natural attacks, but the feat states that the one chosen natural attack does receive benefits that apply to unarmed strikes.

Mathwei ap Niall wrote:
Yes, but it never says it stops being a natural attack at the same time. For spells and effects it's treated as an unarmed strike AND as a natural attack.

Actually, I read it differently. It doesn't say that the attack counts as both a natural attack AND an unarmed strike. It says that one specific natural attack can ALSO benefit from effects normally available only to unarmed strikes.

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doc the grey wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
doc the grey wrote:

So for those that haven't heard yet the last 2 classes for advanced classes have been announced and I again have some worries about one in particular. Apparently we will be getting a new class called The Brawler which is meant to be a class that, "blends the fighter and the monk, creating a warrior whose sole focus is unarmed combat and martial maneuvers, without any of the mysticism of the monk. This class is designed specifically to beat up monsters, with a full base attack bonus progression (like a fighter) and improved unarmed strike damage (like a monk). To top it off, the class is also very skilled at making combat maneuvers."

Now despite how cool that sounds it does have me worried about the monk and its place in the whole scheme of things considering that if the brawler is done right we will now have yet another class that outstrips the monk in unarmed combat and are left with the monk sitting behind the fighter and brawler in terms of being able to do what it was designed to do.

Is anyone else worried about this or have any ideas as to what happens next? I'm not looking to start a flame war I'm just wanting to see if I'm alone in this of if this worries and or upsets people as well.

link to the full article here

This is what I have been waiting for. A martial artist without any mystical or magical abilities. :)
And I'm with you in that it sounds really cool but if this is meant to be the replacement for the monk and they have no plans to update or patch the monk up to make it more viable alongside the other classes then why not just say that? Why not just admit that they want to kind of leave it behind and that their are no real plans to update it and call the brawler their do over?


A) not everyone thinks the monk is "not viable" and
B) more variety is not a bad thing.

These are all fantastic. Aponavicius, in particular, is a remarkable sculpt and color scheme! She's definitely *several* steps up from the LoG serpent demon.

Maybe pick a large race, make it a paladin, and use the divine shield archetype?

You kids have it waaaay too easy these days!! I say, make him pay for a Regenerate spell.

While they currently don't have any in stock, Noble Knight Games deals in used and out-of-print books, and I think you can ask for a notification when items are back in stock.

Gorbacz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Marc Radle wrote:
When the heck did you find time to do this????? ;)
Yeah, between that, his own company, RPG Superstar judging, and the thing he's doing for us that's getting announced at PaizoCon—you know, that really major thing that nobody even knows about yet—he's got to be one of the hardest working people in the game industry.
Dibs on Planar Hardcover by Wolfgang, Ray, Colin, Erik, James, Todd and Monte.

This would be....SO sexy.

Wow - Baphomet, the minotaur and the cultist of Baphomet are simply amazing. Baphomet, in particular, looks fantastic!!

I like Hepzamirah's weapon, paint scheme, and overall demeanor; however, her mouth looks a little off. I'll wait until I see her in person to pass final judgment.

Minagho, on the other hand, feels like a bit of a miss to me. I've yet to see how she's depicted in WotR, but the illustration in the Worldwound book had a certain malevolence to it that the mini just isn't conveying.

The cultist of Deskari looks good. Not fantastic, but a solid piece nonetheless. Really looking forward to this set!

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Good grief, I had to go looking for Ballroom Blitz as soon as I read that title!


Frankthedm wrote:
Can't wait to see someone make a miniature for one of these with Hirst Arts!

Ooh hohoho, you just gave me an idea......

I wonder....what does the pipefox say?

oh, c'mon...someone would've eventually gone there...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oooh please please PUH-LEEEEAAASSSEE do an Inner Sea Pawn Collection, this book and the Inner Sea Bestiary would be more than enough for a full-blown pawn set!!

The response to this KS has been insane....I actually wouldn't be surprised if they hit $1 million within the first 24 hours...and the demons look soooo tasty....

Got my book in the mail as well.

Gamemastering section - Awarding Experience:

prd wrote:

Awarding Experience

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters advance in level by defeating monsters, overcoming challenges, and completing adventures—in so doing, they earn experience points (XP for short). Although you can award experience points as soon as a challenge is overcome, this can quickly disrupt the flow of game play. It's easier to simply award experience points at the end of a game session—that way, if a character earns enough XP to gain a level, he won't disrupt the game while he levels up his character. He can instead take the time between game sessions to do that.

Keep a list of the CRs of all the monsters, traps, obstacles, and roleplaying encounters the PCs overcome. At the end of each session, award XP to each PC that participated. Each monster, trap, and obstacle awards a set amount of XP, as determined by its CR, regardless of the level of the party in relation to the challenge, although you should never bother awarding XP for challenges that have a CR of 10 or more lower than the APL. Pure roleplaying encounters generally have a CR equal to the average level of the party (although particularly easy or difficult roleplaying encounters might be one higher or lower). There are two methods for awarding XP. While one is more exact, it requires a calculator for ease of use. The other is slightly more abstract.

...or is it a dragon mummy? Hmm...

Funny, no one's mentioned the ZOMG MUMMY DRAGON!!!1! on the cover. I dig it!

I don't see any indication of it requiring a save. The description states that if directly hit, the target takes damage and is under the effect of a confusion spell.

You save against a spell to avoid falling under its effect.

Also, the argument regarding the target immediately attacking the alchemist who threw the bomb doesn't hold up for me. The target wasn't under the confusion effect when the bomb hit it. "Attacking the attacker" would happen after the target comes under the effect of the spell.

These make great familiars, love the concept!

ooh this is SMEXY! Must download!!

Hi guys,

For some reason all my September stuff now appears as October stuff....

From the Racial Archetypes section in the PRD, I would think that some exceptions are allowed:

PRD wrote:
Typically, only members of the section's race can take the listed archetype, bloodline, or order, though such options rarely interact with the racial traits or alternate racial traits of that race. An archetype usually features a thematic link to the race, granting it class features that complement the abilities and the background of the race. Because adventurers are often societal outliers, sometimes these archetypes feature a theme that is the exception to the norm for racial tendencies.

Unfortunately not a hard 'n fast rule, but perhaps you could negotiate with him on this. Hope you get your spell dancer!

Set wrote:
cannon fodder wrote:
an element bloat in the periodic table.

There totally is! All those transuranic elements cluttering up the place! What did they ever do for us? Atom bombs? Yeesh. Totally OP. They lost all sense of balance when they added that stuff.

E6 (element six, that is) all the way! Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium. Who needs the rest? Anything worth having you can make with those six!


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