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Ohhh, neat, one of the reasons I stiated collecting flipmats is how many times can I reuse the same castle?

This, I am instantly enthusiastic for.

In for a set. These are sexy as heck!

Love that drummer!

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Terror bird ftw!!!

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"...busier than a four-armed girallon in a handshaking contest"

Best. Line. Ever.

Also, love the gnome!

The ice troll couple is very awesome!

I've been curious to try out PFS for some time; are there going to be any "introductions" to the Society in Gen Con? I figure it's as good a place as any to start.

Hi! I just got the PF Campaign Setting subscription because I'm interested in the upcoming products....*except* the Reign of Winter Poster Map Folio. Is it possible to pass on an item without having to drop the subscription?

Hello, please cancel my AP subscription, as well as my PF Pawns subscription. Thanks.

Hi all,

I'm trying to port a really old 2nd ed D&D campaign in PF. One of the players had a magic weapon called a Warstar of the Manticore; essentially a +1 morningstar that duplicated the manticore's tail spikes ability. Is there something similar in any of the PF published books? Or does anyone have any suggestionos on crating/pricing the item? Any help is appreciated.

Hi! Could you please remove the duplicates of the NPC Codex and the S&S pawn collection from this order? Thanks! (I honestly don't know how I keep doing that)

Hi, I need to cancel order #2119131 for the RotRL Deluxe Edition, and I also need to cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription. Thanks.

Wow, the art in this book is gonna be sweet!

Hi guys,

So this order was processed, I got my confirmation e-mail, and the pertinent downloads were added to my downloads area...and then the charge disappeared from my card. Did the transaction clear on your end? I iz a little confuzzled! (I did notice that the total amount changed, and I suspect you dropped the original amount and will be charging me for the new one, but I just wanted to make sure.)


Through horrible planning on my part, I inadvertently added an extra, unnecessary copy of each of the RotRL Pawn Collection and Paths of Prestige (serves me right for preordeing like a nut instead of looking at the subscriptions first). Could I please have these removed from the order? The final order should be one pawn set, one shattered star 2 of 6, one paths of prestige and one artifacts & legends.

So I wanna sign up but I already have the RotRL pawn collection (heck I have all the pawn sets already announced for that matter) in pending orders. Should I just subscribe and you guys will figure it out? Or should I drop my preorders and get the subscription?

I'm tinkering around with the race builder, trying to build a "civilized" minotaur (similar to the ones found in Taladas on Krynn). I figure I can use the rules to create a diluted version of the minotaur's natural cunning ability, but I'm curious as to how much it would cost to have it as-is. Without giving it much thought, I'd say 6 RP. Thoughts?

I'm looking for a way to add a little extra something to some zombies in an upcoming game but I'd rather not go the route of improving single zombies. The thought of a zombie horde sounds like a good time...anyone know of a "zombie swarm" template?

Love that goblin dog!

Hi! this order is complete (the pdf is there, in the downloads, where it should be, and the book is snuggled up in my bookshelf), but for some reason it's listed as pending in my order history. Is it a glitch?

I mean, y'know, I don't have an issue with it, just sits there...and stares at me.....

Wow, free tie-in adventure, nice touch!

My halfling fighter recently got a vicous, man-eating war ram named Bloodhorn!! (Don't ask. That's his story and he's sticking to it.) I'm looking for a ram mini (with or without a rider) to modify. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I'm going to have to cancel these 2 preorders and the subscription for now. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up again in time for the RotRL set.



Should I worry about this order? I got the shipment notification e-mail on Oct. 26. I know sometimes they just take a little longer than the estimated 3-10 days, but order 1739122 shipped on Nov. 7 and it already arrived (OMG PF PLASTICRACK YAY).

Just wondering if anyone has any PF campaigns running nearby. I'm currently in Quincy until October, then I'll be in Lower Mills (Dorchester / Milton). Anyone running any AP's or beta testing nearby?

So are we getting one?!?! Pretty please? I know this was suggested some time ago but I'm not sure what was the outcome! Will it happen? Heck, I'd even learn to make cookies and hand them out in exchange for this!! ^.^

Hi guys, I wanted to check the status of this order because I recently changed my mailing address and for some reason, much of my mail is being returned to their senders. I understand it still might be a little early since it was shipped on the 4th, but I just wanted to drop you guys a note to keep an eye out for it in case they return it. Do you have a specific procedure for handling this type of situation? Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, I just wanted to check if Pathfinder #1 included a pdf download. I just have the Pathfinder #2 pdf in the "My Downloads" section. Unless I can only access it for a limited amount of time and missed it? Thanks!

...any chance for a replacement? I'm hoping the updates to my address Vic made some time ago will kick in soon, in the meantime I keep missing my sad...

Hi guys, just wanted to check if I could get a replacement for issue 139, which never arrived. I'm actually wondering - how could I check if there's something wrong with my Dungeon subscription? Dragon so far has arrived with no hitches, and the replacement 138 issue I requested arrived with no problems. I figure both subscritions have the same account information since I signed up for both simultaneously, but Dungeon seems to keep getting lost in the mail.


Hi, I recently subscribed to both Dragon and Dungeon. I received my first 2 issues for Dragon, but only the first issue of my Dungeon subscription. The second one (#138) hasn't arrived. They usually take a while to arrive (about 5 weeks after shipping date), but 138's eight weeks behind. Any chance you could look into it? Thanks!