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One of my online players uses the TOR browser to access the web. He was able to register for a Paizo account, and can login to his 'My Account' using the browser. However if he tries to go to the 'Messageboards' he is automatically logged out and instead of his name, he gets "Hello, Guest". He tries to login at the Messageboard area and it appears to accept the credentials but never actually logs him in, he remains a 'guest'. He wants to post questions to the Pathfinder Society forums but is unable to do so because of this. I have replicated this behavior with my own account using the TOR browser as well.

Is this a known issue with a workaround that he can enable? If this is a new issue, can someone with technical knowledge at Paizo please check it out and hopefully fix it?


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At this time we have are not actively supporting the TOR browser. My suspicion is that the browser is not happy with the security certs we use when logging in or using secure sections of the site (which the forums are).

Are you both using 6.0.4?

For some reason, the TOR Browser doesn't send the session cookie in the request during the 301 on login. I'm curious if this is how paizo does the login redirect using an intermediary page that uses javascript to set the location. If the TOR browser is sticking to a strict interpretation of RFC semantics around cookie handling and redirects that other browsers generally play nice with, that could be why. But, yeah, on the 301, paizo doesn't know who you are because the browser isn't identifying itself via the cookie.

Buri Reborn wrote:
Are you both using 6.0.4?

Yes, we're both using 6.0.4

Chris Lambertz wrote:
At this time we have are not actively supporting the TOR browser.

That's really unfortunate, his family insists on him using it rather than a 'normal' browser. I'll let him know he won't be able to use the forums then, I guess I can post his questions for him although that will get a bit clunky after a while depending on how much back-and-forth he expects/wants to do.

I appreciate you responding quickly though, at least now we can stop beating our heads against a brick wall.

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What is the TOR browser? I've never heard of it?

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Google "TOR Browser". Top link is: LINK

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The Old Republic has its own browser?

:googles:....oh, I see.

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Ah, OK - just Googled it.

Interesting, I can definitely see using it if you have young children

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