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Elf Archer

Swiftbrook's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 608 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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John Compton wrote:
The tracking sheet allowed me to remove the items purchased/items sold boxes and expand the main Chronicle sheet's text box. This has enabled me to create Chronicle sheets chock full of boons, new items, and items found. Even when a scenario's rewards require less space, it allows me to include a space dedicated to notes.

Every Chronicle sheet that I have ever seen has a blank, unused, backside. Many players simply have a stack of sheets. Some dedicated players, or just call us crazy, place chronicles in page protectors.

I have mixed views/feelings on this change. If the price/case size does downsize to match the number of unique miniatures, and brings it into line with the original Heroes & Monsters set ($270 for 40+1 miniatures) I see this as a sideways move and OK.

Side Note: Actually for me this would be a good move. After the first H&M set, I haven't been able to afford to purchase a case, I've only cherry picked what I want. And as many have observed, I cherry pick the Iconic, a some NPCs and one or two cool monsters from each set. Now I already have a large collection of monsters from WotC DDM line so I don't need a lot of monsters. Also, I had a good collection of undead so I didn't need anything from the Undead Builders line, but I did purchase from the Goblin Builders.

If the price and total number of miniatures per case remains the same as the recent sets, this unfortunately, I see as a bad move for the line. Simply, it looks like more low cost miniatures will be placed in each case. For me personally, this will be a good thing in the short run. I'll cherry pick the more expensive Iconics I want, and I don't see those prices wont changing much. However, with a flood of extra commons, the per-mini price for them will drop and that will save me money. In the long run I think fewer people will purchase cases, witch will have a direct, negative impact on the continuation of Pathfinder Battles line.

So when RoW comes out, I see myself spending $10 on Feiya and $20 on 6 to 10 animals.

Just My Thoughts

Shisumo wrote:
Do you typically cast or shoot in combat?

Both. I'm not too good at shooting and I use spells when I can. My last adventure I used my crossbow in the first two encounters and spells in the big fight - silencing their bard :-).

Alleran wrote:
Anyway, what choices you take will depend on your path (soce different paths have different abilities included). I'll come back and edit later when I'm not on a tablet, but in general, the path you pick should be one that complements your class and build.

I think this will be a one shot boon for the scenario. I can't imagine the 3 mythic tiers lasting past the adventure.

tsuruki wrote:
Oh, and try to read the books you buy, you will enjoy them more that way ;)

The book was a GenCon GMing boon. I don't have a home game and play PFS exclusively, with limited time. I expect to get much more use out of this years GenCon book: "Advanced Class Guide".

Thank for all the ideas.

I'll be playing an PFS scenario soon where I get to add three mythic levels to my PC. I just hit 6th level. I have the Mythic Adventure book, its been gathering dust since I got it at GenCon. I have no clue what's in it, what's good, what's not. I get to "apply 3 mythic tiers" for the scenario. Any advice as to what I should take would be appreciated.

Archeologist Bard 6

Str 7
Dex 16
Con 12
Wis 14
Int 12
Cha 22

Crossbow +1

Lingering Performance
Rapid Reload

Archeologist Luck: +3 for 10 rounds + Lingering Performance

Ear-Piercing Scream
Hideous Laughter
Saving Finale (just found out I don't qualify for this)

Any suggestions as to what Mythic stuff I should take?



It's been two weeks since the calls gone out. What do your needs still look like? How many tier openings do you have? Should I be prodding friends & enemies?


I use a custom tent for my PCs. GM side has a pic, character name, and critical GM reminders like "trap spotter", or favorite enemies. Situational stuff that is easily forgotten by the GM. On my side is a cliff note character sheet (saves, AC, attacks).

Downside, need to update it and reprint every level.


allenacity wrote:
Another question for you Gencon Volunteer Veterans or GVV's for short. Besides preparing the scenarios and wearing our purple shirts what are some tips or some of your experiences with how everything works? Anything to watch out for or things not to do? This is all as far volunteering goes that is.

1) Get sleep

2) Shower
3) Use personal hygiene products


David Bowles wrote:
I don't see any events on GenCon's site yet. How are GM schedules ready?

Paizo (Mike and Jon) create the PFS schedule.

That gets sent to GenCon to post.
Players sign up in April/May.
However, when we sign up as GMs, Mike already knows the schedule so he send us what we are going to run in the time slots we are available.
Even though Pathfinder is a magical world, GenCon doesn't create the schedule magically - it takes Mike and Jon time.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
waltero wrote:
Has there been any official word on the Tier ranges for the remainder of Season 5 and those new Season 6 scenarios? Just trying to get my characters set up for them. I tried a search and couldn't find anything.

This is what I've put together based on GMs posting their schedules:

5-18: The Stranger Within (5–9)
5-19: The Horn of Aroden (1–5)
5-20: The Sealed Gate (unknown)
5-21: The Merchant's Wake (1–5)
5-22: Scars of the Third Crusade (1–5)
5-23: Cairn of Shadows (5–9)
5-24: Assault on the Wound (3–7)
5-25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag (7–11)

Season 6

6-01: Trial by Machine (1–5)
6-02: The Silver Mount Collection (3–7)
6-03: The Technic Siege (5–9)


Kyle Baird wrote:
9 - Bonekeep with the unkillable Goblin.

If you're at my table, we'll see.

Then again, if your definition of "unkillable" includes using PP to bring him back, you're probably right.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Totenpfuhl wrote:

Looking forward to GMing as this will be my first year doing it at Gen Con.

Is Gen Con any different, other than bigger, than other cons for GMing? Any advice from the vets?

Let's see ... most gaming conventions where PFS is played would love to have 170 people playing Pathfinder during the three or four day's of the convention. PFS at GenCon is hosting 170 tables (almost 1,200 people), per slot and there is ten slots over the four days of the convention. Oh, and this isn't counting the 100+ people who play Wednesday in pre-GenCon games at local restaurants, game stores and hotels.

GenCon not just bigger, it's a magnitude of 100 times bigger than almost any other convention you could attend.

Just a little comparison.


Thursday, August 14
Slot 1 (0800-1300): #5-16: Destiny of the Sands, Pt 3: Sanctum of the Sages (3-7)
Slot 2 (1300-1800): Kid's Track Beginner, Session 2 (Ruins)
Slot 3 (1900-2400): OFF

Friday, August 15
Slot 4 (0800-1300): #5-16: Destiny of the Sands, Pt 3: Sanctum of the Sages (3-7)
Slot 5 (1300-1800): OFF
Slot 6 (1900-2400): Gen Con Season 5 End Special (5-8)

Saturday, August 16
Slot 7 (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 8 (1300-1800): Kid's Track Beginner, Session 8 (Tomes)
Slot 9 (1900-2400): Bonekeep Level 3

Sunday, August 17
Slot 10 (0900-1400): Kid's Track Beginner, Session Ten (Ruins)


Mattastrophic wrote:

Oooof, the two Specials are 3-7 and 1-11, ouch! That's... unfortunate.



Thursday Special 3-7
Friday Special 1-11
Saturday Bonekeep Exclusive 5-9

Just no 12+ this year.


So Mike, no season 0 to 4 scenarios offered this year?

Bonekeep 3 sounds .... intriguing

Any official Midnight Madness in the works?


@CanisDirus: I'll see if I can make it smaller and still usable.

Haven't looked at the APL rules for season 0-3, but I ran everything for season 4+ through a spreadsheet before creating the table just to make sure. As time permits, I'll tackle season 0-3 and look over the choice rules.


kinevon wrote:

I think you are comparing apples and oranges, really, for cost effectiveness.

Compare blanched arrows to enchanted melee weapons, and look at the break-even points.

How many times can you use a +1 ghost touch melee weapon to attack? A lot more than 50 times.

How many times can you use 10 ghost salted arrows to attack? 10 times.

How many times can you use +1 ghost touch arrows to attack, if your GM even allows you to make arrows ghost touch? 50 times.

Weapon blanches reduce, but do not eliminate, the cost differential between melee weapon users and ranged weapon users. The cost ratio still seems in favor of the melee type, not the ranged type.

I'm not trying compare melee weapons with arrows. I see no problem with a weapon blanch on a melee weapon.

I'm mainly comparing a weapon blanch (Ghost Salt) arrow to a Ghost Touch arrow, and to a lesser extent a weapon blanch (Adamantine) to a true adamantine arrow. The Ghost Salt weapon blanch is ridiculously over powered for its cost. And as you pointed out, Ghost Salt weapon blanch arrows make a high CR incorporeal creature much less of a threat.


Swiftbrook wrote:

But let’s look at the numbers:

50 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt), arrows: 1,002.5 gp
50 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt), +1 arrows: 3,302.5 gp
50 Ghost Touch, +1 arrows: 8,302.5 gp

OK, who would purchase the Ghost Touch arrows? Remember, I can purchase the Weapon Blanch arrows in lots of 10, not 50.

So, why isn't this overpowered?

Even with the "Custom Order" PFS boon ....
10 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt), arrows: 200.5 gp
10 Ghost Touch, +1 arrows: 1,660.5 gp

In fact, without the Custom Order boon I can just purchase 20 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt) arrows for 401 gp and not have to worry about PP and saving 8,302.5 gp for 50 Ghost Touch arrows. Being an archer can be expensive as is with all the different kinds of ammunition you need. No archer is going to spend the gold on the Ghost Touch weapon enhancement.

You have a non-magical item that is at least 8 times better than it's magical equivalent (when using a +1 bow).

Side Note: If you changed the rules and let Ghost Touch be placed on masterwork arrows without the need for the base +1 enhancement, then 50 Ghost Touch arrows would cost 2,302.5 gp. Then the Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt) arrows would only be twice as good as Ghost Touch arrows. Not a bad house rule but not in the PFS cards.


Quandary wrote:
Cold Iron Blanch is 20gp for 10 arrows, equivalent direct cost. Same cost for Ghost Salt.

Ghost Salt is 200 gp for 10 arrows.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

OK, I added a file. I've been frustrated with trying to calculate APL, Tier, and to have or not to have a 4 player adjustment. So I created a set of tables. So far, just season 4+.

If you find a mistake, or have other feedback, I'm all ears :-).

GM Shared Prep --> Helpful Resources --> GM Tools --> PFS APL and Tier

If this is helpful, I'll create the 0-3 season tables.


Paz wrote:
Yes, I have a 5th-level pistolero, so I'm aware of all of that, but it mostly relies on multiple shots per round. I just wondered how a gunslinger managed so much damage without being able to reload as a free action. I don't even know what level PCs we're talking about here.

It was 8-9. I believe it was a 9th level gunslinger type. I didn't hear what weapon he was using.


FLite wrote:
Well, for comparison purposes, what is the cost of 50 hits of an adamantine sword?

Adamantine Great Sword 3050/50 = 61 gp and it has hardness, something weapon blanches don't have. Also it's good on the second hit, the third hit, etc. The weapon blanch only works for the first hit. That same weapon blanch allows 10 arrows to hit.

FLite wrote:
(also why are you putting weapon blanches on +1 arrows? By the point any of this really becomes relevant, you should have a + 1 bow. Making all your arrows +1 for free.)

I don't. It's just for gold price comparison.

FLite wrote:
Also, melee weapons have a lot more ways to add bonus damage to your hits. Ranged weapons typically just give you more hits at the same low damage, meaning DR is more crippling to ranged attackers than melee, and they need more ways to bypass it.

One feat: Clustershot DR is no longer crippling.


I recently played in a scenario where I saw just how over powered weapon blanches are on ammo. Up front, understand, I don’t think weapon blanches on melee weapons are over powered, just on ammo. I saw an archer take out two incorporeal critters in one round and a gun slinger take out a third in the same round. 40+ HP critters. It might have been a fairer fight if they didn’t have weapon blanch (ghost salt) ammo.

But let’s look at the numbers:
50 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt), arrows: 1,002.5 gp
50 Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt), +1 arrows: 3,302.5 gp
50 Ghost Touch, +1 arrows: 8,302.5 gp

OK, who would purchase the Ghost Touch arrows? Remember, I can purchase the Weapon Blanch arrows in lots of 10, not 50.

50 Weapon Blanch (Adamantine), arrows: 502.5 gp
50 Weapon Blanch (Adamantine), +1 arrows: 2,802.5 gp
50 Adamantine arrows: 3,002.5 gp
50 Adamantine +1 arrows: 5,002.5 gp

OK, who would purchase the Adamantine arrows?

Weapon Blanches are only good for the first hit of a weapon. So a melee weapon with a Weapon Blanch (Silver) will strike as a silver weapon on its first successful hit. Then it reverts to its normal abilities. That’s fine. That’s balanced. You only get one hit with ammo, and then it’s used up.

I think Weapon Blanches should not be available for ammo in PFS, they’re just that over powered. Even if I don’t prefer it, I think it would be better to not allow weapon blanches on any weapon then to continue to allow weapon blanches on ammo.

Disclaimer: I have an 11th level ranger archer. He has Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt) arrows. He has used them once. I still think Weapon Blanches shouldn’t be available for ammo.


John's PFS Blog wrote:

Today we're announcing both a new reward and a change to how we're handling the exclusive scenario this year.

The Exclusive
This year we're releasing The Ruins of Bonekeep, Part 1: The Silent Grave as an exclusive scenario for qualifying GMs, who can now run the adventure anywhere. These GMs should see the scenario in their downloads early this week. Keep in mind that when qualifying for one's fifth star, all Ruins of Bonekeep adventures contribute to a GM's 10 required Exclusive or Special events.

OK, I don't see how this is different. Unless you mean by different releasing an exclusive scenario that is not new at all. (That just sounds like a budget cut implementation). Are you expanding who's included as "qualifying GMs"? Am I a "qualifying GM" because it's in my downloads already because I was schedule to run it at a convention? Or does "qualifying GMs" still mean VO, 4 & 5-star GMs?

Still waiting for the download to back up.


Six days until the fun begins, or dieing in the case of Bonekeep. :-)

Paulicus wrote:
There's always ranger + boon companion, doesn't kick in until 4 though.

That's my 12th level ranger :-) My best PC to date.

Just found some bad news. After working on a background and build I found out the the Feral Child in not legal for PFS. Now I'm back to square one. Looking over the other suggestions now.

Oh, and the Ranger + Boon Companion doesn't work because I wanted a lion.

I had a cheetah most recently and a wolf before that. I found that for a while, my animal had better AC, better attack options, and more HP than I did! I chose Improved Natural Attack (Bite). The wolfs trip is very nice, especially at low levels. I can't recall then number of times doing just a few points of damage but tripping the BBEG. Really helped out the party. I think I had my animal die once over 12 levels. No meat shield animal for me.

Rerednaw wrote:
That being said...out of the three, I'd probably go with Light Armor proficiency.


Just put Leather barding on your animal. When you can afford it, buy Mithral Chain Shirt barding. Both have a armor check penalty of 0 so there is no down side to not being proficient. Saves an AC feat for something else.

Edit: Crap, ninjaed by Zedth

I'm really liking what I see with the Feral Child. I've never played a human and that seems like a good combo for a new character.

I really considered Hunter. And if this PC doesn't get a lot of play before GenCon in PFS, I may switch it to that class by using the PFS 1st level rebuilding rules.


Now back to reading, dreaming and planning the PC .....

Is there a Druid Archtype that gives up the Wildshape ability? I'd like something that improves the animal companion or fighting capability.


We will also be debuting a playtest of one of the Season 6 Gen Con Specials...

Now there's a tease. Going back to a two night GenCon Special? Bonekeep 3 & 4 maybe?

I know, wait and see.

Keep the Iconic minis coming. IIRC WotC never did one mini for each of their iconic PCs. That was a shame. I'd like two or three Iconics per set. Having two Alain, one mounted, one standing, is awesome! Looking forward to seeing minis for Balazar, Damiel, Alahazra, and more.

A lot of players have cold iron weapons. According to the rules, "Cold iron has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10."

So what's the hardness and HP of a medium cold iron longsword? Medium cold iron greatsword?

Note: As far as I can tell, a normal longsword hardness is 10 and 5 HP, greatsword hardness is 10 and 10 HP.

I'm pretty sure this was suppose to be the January release, and it got pushed back. #73 was released at GenCon. Searching the web, it looks like they missed their November release and everything else got pushed back.

It seems like every winter at least one product line is behind schedule, sometimes several. Generally they get back on track in the spring.

blog wrote:
Will their mythic power be enough to finally seal the Worldwound (?)

I don't see that happening. To many real-life products tied to it's existence. Why by book The Worldwound from Paizo if it no longer exists?

blog wrote:
will the forces of the Abyss gain a greater control over the world?

Doubtful. This has a small chance of happening. If they gained greater control then most the PC who played the AP failed. That leaves an open ended story that begs to be ended. There are too many other places on Golarion to be explored before devoting more time to the Worldwound.

Just My Thougths


Q: When do you earn your XP for a PFS scenario?

Twice now my PC has failed to complete a scenario for two separate, unrelated reasons. After looking through the guild, I have can't find any specific instructions on when a PC earns their XP for a scenario. My board search failed as well.

Last week I played The Traitor's Lodge with a group of four PCs playing out of tier. Two died and then we retreated.

We successfully got past two traps and the first creature encounter. The PCs died during the second encounter in the water.

So after those two fights we retreated, and from what I can gather, there were seven more rooms and two more fight in the scenario.

So, succeeded at one fight, failed the second and missed two. Earned 500 in gold and actually got one PP. But, should I get an XP?

If I get an XP then I'm behind in the wealth curve by about 1,800 gp.

If I don't get an XP, then I'm ahead 500 gp.

My question is: is this a one time discount per person, or can you use the code more than once?

Adam B. 135 wrote:
What if the Hunter was allowed two animal companions? And I mean two animal companions that scale fully with the hunter. Perhaps the second one could be at druid level -3, so that the hunter could take boon companion to bring it up to full power?

I see this as an archtype option.

Irradiated Haggis wrote:
Whenever I look at a class I immediately ask 'what does this class allow me to DO that I couldn't otherwise have done?'. In the case of Hunter... the answer is currently nothing. You lose the best tiers of druid spells (7-9), give up Wild Shape, plus some other tasty flavor abilities. From the ranger you lose full BAB, Favored Terrain, Favored Enemy, and Combat Styles.

The Hunter should have full BAB. There is not enough 'extras' to justify a lower BAB, even with a full animal companion. Remember, you are also comparing the Hunter to a Ranger with Boon Companion.

Hunter should be a spontaneous caster.

Just my last minutes thoughts.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
LadyWurm wrote:
Still no official comment on spontaneous spellcasting? :/
How do you think making this a limited-spells-known-with-spontaneous-caster improves it?

I've heavily played a ranger and I don't like the "choose before you use" spellcasting. The Cleric and Druid both can loose a spell to cast a cure or summon spell and have more spells. Rangers have a very limited number of spells and it's always a pain to try to guess what you might need.

If the Hunter is a spontaneous caster, then spell selection is part of shaping the character. Will your spells be more hunting oriented, will they be more animal companion buffing, or will they be general utility spells.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
We're considering the spontaneous spellcasting, which would make the hunter unique as the only spontaneous caster using the druid list. Personally, I think if the hunter could learn spells from the druid and ranger lists, that would also be unique and interesting.

Do both. Have the Hunter as a spontaneous spellcaster who can choose spells from both the druid and ranger lists.

Virgil Firecask wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:
Use the Ranger spell list instead of the Druids.
And the 5th and 6th level spells come from... where exactly? Ranger only has up to "4th" level spells. I thought we were aiming at up to 6th level spells.

OK then, Druid and Ranger list.

My thoughts ....

First impression: A Ranger with the Boon Companion feat seems to be much better than the Hunter in nearly every way.

Change the class from a prepared spell casting class to a limited know spell caster like the Sorcerer.

Use the Ranger spell list instead of the Druids.

Change "Track" ... Simply change this to a Survival skill bonus. +1/2 level to all Survival skill checks.


Dan Luckett wrote:


Oh, and pt. 1 & 2 will be at U-Con

Update: I played Level 1 at U-Con this past weekend ... at Mike Brock's table! I didn't want to kill off my current main character (Swiftbrook is 'retired') so I preped the pregen Amiri. The more I looked at the Amiri pregen and my Dwarf fighter 7, I noted my 30+ unused Prestige, almost 50% higher AC and just as good base damage, I convinced myself to play my Dwarf. It was well worth it!

In a nutshell:
All the PC's survived ... one animal death.
Completed five rooms ... we quit at just the right time.
No lasting effects.
Successfully earned a special treasure ... only the second group to do so with Mike.
Had a blast!


Michael Brock wrote:
Any tokens from previous seasons are available to be utilized at any future show where they are accepted.

(slightly off topic)

I was wondering ... what if you allowed old tokens to be 'turned in' to the GM for an extra reroll or +2 bonus to a roll. Limit one token per person per game. After the game, you could either have the GM keep it (to be used at a later game), have a table roll off and redistribute it, or (my least favorite) return it to the original player.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Instead of banning weapon cords, would it go a long ways to solving the problem if you said that reloading the second barrel of a weapon was not a free action? An archer only gets to use Manyshot on the first attack, all the rest are single arrows. Reloading one barrel as part of the attack or as a free action sounds like a class feature. Reloading the second sounds like an extra action.

Erik Mona wrote:

Obvious ones would be orcs, kobolds, and townsfolk.

I'd like to see a snow leopard named Droogami to go along with our iconic druid Lini.


Dorothy Lindman wrote:
Melavis Clay wrote:
If you are doing straight ranger weapon focus at 3rd level becuase you need it for point blank master at 10th, take improved critical at 9th level instead of iron will.

A ranger doesn't need Weapon Focus to get Point Blank Master, because rangers ignore prerequisites for bonus feats.

The prerequisite for Point Blank Master is Weapon Specialization, which is technically only available to fighters at 4th level. (Weapon Focus is itself a prerequisite for Weapon Specialization.)

The only other ways that I know of to get Point Blank Master are take 3 levels of Zen Archer (gets it as a class feature) or take 6 levels of Ranger with Archery or Crossbow weapon style (gets it available a bonus feat; the next opportunity to take it is level 10). Neither of those methods has any prerequisites.

Not quite. ...

prd wrote:
Special: Starting at 6th level, a ranger with the archery combat style may select Point Blank Master as a combat style feat, but he must have Weapon Focus instead of Weapon Specialization in the selected weapon.

Ranger's do not completely ignore the prerequisites for PBM. A ranger does need Weapon Focus.


Swiftbrook wrote:
Just wondering, how many convention Chronicle Boons have you applied to one PC? What kind of combos have you put together?


Just wondering, how many convention Chronicle Boons have you applied to one PC? What kind of combos have you put together?

I have an Aasimar Bard Archeologist with Extra Trait, Missing Mentor and Sacred Trust boons.

When is it too much 'cheese'?


Michael Brock wrote:
Lab_Rat wrote:
Takes time. Considering my first game on Thursday was #22 and my second game was #202, there are a LOT of games to record. Only my Thursday slots are up. Some unlucky person(s) has the job of sifting through all those slips, deciphering the scribble, and typing in PFS #'s.
1500-1600 tracking sheets to be exact.

At one minute per tracking sheet, that's 26 hours of data entry. I think one minute each is on the low end. Have patience.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I roll the initiative for the NPCs. I'll never "give" all the opponents the same initiative. The NPCs have the same chance of rolling a "1" as a "20". That's the game. That said, at Gen Con, with a table of kids, I rolled a 10, 10, 9 and 11 for four goblins. It looked like they all had the same initiative.

I never liked the idea of all the NPCs going at the same time. It just seemed kind of unfair. Then at Gen Con I saw this first hand, and it was bad. Our big bad barbarian walked through a portal. Four surprise round hits later he was hurting. One initiative for all four critters beat his initiative (30 vs. 23 ?). Four full round attacks later and he was at -12. I know the GM ran them all on one initiative, I asked. Now if they had all rolled init, they may have all beat his. But if he had just beat one of their initiatives, I think he still would have been standing. We managed to save him but it wasn't pretty.

All that said, if I have a group of 5+ NPCs I may group their initiative in pairs. Boss has his own initiative. Two mooks have one and the other two mooks have one as well. Otherwise I end up with too many initiative cards and people can get missed.


Jack-of-Blades wrote:

There are NO Kobolds in PFS, and I don't think there's even a one-off boon that's been available like the Catfolk was.

Good luck getting the others, though! :)

Interesting .... the "Mounted Tradition" boon states

Kobold: giant gecko (must be level 4: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3)

Might mean there is a Kobold boon in the works?

James Jacobs wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
This should be in the FAQ.

Ummm... why?

AKA: I've never heard anyone ask about good terrain choices for the Worldwound before, so it's hardly "frequently asked."

With the Wrath of the Righteous AP I think it will be asked more frequently.

I looked in the WotR AP Player's Guide. I was hoping for an new terrain "Wouldwound" for Rangers, Horizon Walkers, etc. That would make the most sense. It wasn't in the guide. I haven't delved into the books or the AP yet. Might it be there?

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