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Elf Archer

Swiftbrook's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 667 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.


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p.82 wrote:

Universalist School

Wizards who do not specialize (known as as universalists)
have the most diversity of all arcane spellcasters.

"as as" ????


Mike mentioned making some corrections here. No deadline was given. I know the VC/VL list is out of date already. There were several appointments at GenCon.


Congrats - Well Deserved - and about time!

* * * Bump * * *


At GenCon this year I saw at least two 'kids' around 12 years old who were GMs! One GMed several tables of Kids Track, the other, regular PFS tables.


RainyDayNinja wrote:
I think LazarX has the right idea. A True Primitive can't read or write, but might still be quite gregarious and well-socialized. The Feral Child seems like it's just asking for disruptive role-play ("I sniff the diplomat's butt because I was raised by wolves! I take a dump in the potted plant because that's how bears do it in the forest! Aren't I hilarious, guys?")

An player can play their Cha 5 or 7 PC just as anti-social. It really does come down to "Don't be a Jerk". I think Feral Child should be legal in PFS. I also think that any class or archetype that starts out illiterate should be required to take at least one skill rank in linguistics at first level to be literate for the Pathfinder Society.

I don't see the Feral Child having an issue with being overpowered. It seems to be a PFS flavor issue. But, in a society with dozens of legal races, gunslingers, and super optimized PCs, a Feral Child doesn't stick out as being out of whack for PFS.

As far as I can recall, Feral Child is the only Druid archetype without wildshape and has a good animal companion. That was something that I was interested in.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

The Falconer is a Ranger archetype from Ultimate Combat. In the description there are three new animal tricks: Roam, Distract, and Swooping Charge. Are these tricks available to any PC with an animal companion? A quick read I would say no, but there are now more tricks available from Animal Archive and more PC options with animal companions in the Advanced Class Guide.

I ask because I'm looking at building a Hunter with a falcon animal companion.


Andrew Roberts wrote:
Yes. It seems bad that a party of (1) level 5 and (4) level 7 pregens should play up in Bonekeep 3.

7 x 4 + 5 = 33

33 / 5 = 6.6

If I had this five player table, I would have run it with the lower subtier as there is no 4-player adjustment in Bonekeep 3.


Here are a list of boons available at GenCon 2014. Please fill in the blanks if you can.

GM Boon

#1: Adopted Weapon Training
#2: Ancestral Ally (for divine mounts)
#3: Custom Order (ammo in lots of 10)
#4: Expanded Narrative (recharge your GM stars for PFS replay)
#5: Expedition Manager
#6: Explorer's Endurance (helps against hot weather, disease and swarms)
#7: Factor (helps with day job)
#8: Family Tradition
#11: Numerian Dabbler (can use tech stuff better)
#12: Numerian Weapon Training (lessens penalty for using tech)
#15: Technophobe (don't like tech - bonus vs. tech/neg using)
#16: Treasure Map
#17: Xenophile (use another races traits)

Edit Update: I've updated the list while I still can.

You still need to make changes so that Pinch to Zoom will work on iPads.

There are also some visual changes to help improve the experience for many who access the PRD from mobile devices like iPads, Android tablets, and various phones.

A Wasted Effort

Yes, colors have changed and the menus are nice but you still have disabled Pinch to Zoom on iPads. What's the use of all the changes you can't read it!


Arrived! Place is packed with gamers. My game starts in 30. Been up since 4:00, can't wait to play.


huntsfromshadow wrote:

Does anyone know a way to get the the old Organized Play Document with the shadow lodge traits?

Getting files together for GenCon and saw my Former Shadow Lodge character has a trait that is no longer in the Organized Play book.


PFS Guide 4.3 wrote:

Shadow Lodge Traits

Members of the Shadow Lodge faction can take the
following campaign traits at character creation or by
taking the Additional Traits feat.

Aid Allies: When using the aid another action, you give
your ally a +3 bonus instead of a +2 bonus.

Fortified: Some members of the Shadow Lodge aren’t
completely convinced of the Decemvirate’s sincerity and
fear potential reprisals. Through alchemical techniques
and endurance training, you gain the ability to negate
a critical hit or sneak attack scored against you once
per day. This ability functions as the fortification armor
special ability, with a 20% chance of success.

Medic: Your experience caring for wounded Pathfinder
agents has granted you a +2 trait bonus on Heal checks
made to treat diseases and poisons. Additionally, your
caster level is considered one higher when casting spells
of the healing subschool with remove in the spell’s name.

Shadow Diplomat: Balancing the political infighting
of the Society’s factions grants you a +1 trait bonus on
Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy becomes a class skill
for you.


In last minute pack/prep mode. Leave pre-dawn Wednesday. Still doing some last minute prep on Friday Special, Bonekeep has a little more work.

Now what have I forgotten. ???????

Oh, and I'm also in minimalist mode. Trying to take as little as possible. Most of my books are staying home.

. . . .


Belafon wrote:

Tactics in Area 8 - is anyone else thinking that for

** spoiler omitted **

Round 1, door begins to open, PC's can't get in yet, cast defensive spell 1

Round 2, door continues to open, PC's don't try to get in yet, cast defensive spell 2
Round 3, door continues to open, PC's can enter, cast 1st During Combat spell
Round 4, door continues to open, use Belafon's tactic, PCs begin to die.


Matt Haddix wrote:
Can't you already make dragonhide armor, assuming you have enough fame to cover the purchase?

I remembered that it was a special material that is not always available. But I think you are correct.


Question on Area 5

Each tier has a dragon. "Characters who defeat the dragon may craft any one piece of armor from its hide". This is not on the Chronicle sheet. Should we write it in? Do the PC have to state that they are skinning the dragon? Do they just not get it?


Mike Shel wrote:
I'm not sure if John, Mike, and others on the PFS team have something they're going to do where the aid tokens are concerned. However, I'd recommend that GMs have a bullet-pointed player handout for their tables that lists the parameters and possible uses of the tokens for easy reference.

Posted one here on GM Prep.


Sean Ennis wrote:
Bob miller-camp wrote:
5. It looks like they have a rank. UMD 4 =+2 racial,+1 int,1 rank. If that is the case they are still missing the +3 class bonus. unless I am simply missing something it looks like several of the skills of the zombie lords are off by 2 or 3.
UMD is a CHA based skill, so 2 racial and 2 CHA, so no ranks.

UMD is "Trained Only" so at least one rank is needed.


Echuir wrote:
Has the update for 6-00 Legacy of the Stone Lords been completed?

Yes/No. John said that it done but we are still waiting for the download link.

The Good: The iconic sculps look great! I'll add these to my collection of iconics.

The Bad: I think the value of iconic minis is going to take a big hit (and I have each one currently produced).

Question: Will future large sets still contain at least one iconic miniature as well?


Seeing my gaming friends. Playing at Scotty's.


John Compton wrote:

Update #5

The Ruins of Bonekeep, Level Three: The Wakening Tomb and Pathfinder Quests: The Silverhex Chronicles are cued up to hit downloads tomorrow morning {Friday}.

Hey John, what time is it? Is it past noon?

Yes, I'm impatient. :-)

Craig1234 wrote:
My party is about to run into a NPC who has a few +1 Elf Bane Arrows. My party has no pure-blood elf characters, but does have 2 half-elf ones. do the arrows work the same on them?
prd wrote:
Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.

So I'd say yes.


I was a runner for last years GenCon special. It was boring and couldn't been the easiest way for HQ to keep track of what the table were doing. This years special, Legacy of the Stonelords has a similar mechanic with table runners. So I got thinking .... why not bring some more technology into our game. There are several texting survey services available that I'm sure we could use. I've participated in a few text polls, but never set one up so I don't know the particulars.

Three quick sites I have found are:,,

For those who have set up these polls, here is an example of what we will be doing:

Each table will have choices as to what area/encounter they will be participating in. One table may be going to A1, another B1, and still another C3. As a table completes an encounter they send a message to HQ recording their success. If we could send a text to HQ showing that we completed encounter say D2, we wouldn't need a runner. If this would work for us, on HQs computer they would have a list of encounters, say A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, etc. and it would show a total number of completions (votes) for each encounter. Then in real time, HQ could see when we have enough successes. I think the poll would need to be set up so you could vote more than once.

Just an idea worth exploring.


Rachel Hill wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:
John Compton wrote:

Update #4

GMs should be receiving #6–02: The Silver Mount Collection and #5–99: The Paths We Choose today.
Waiting, waiting, waiting .... Bonekeep 3 and the rest of Legacy of the Stonelords. Any ETA?

Since they have to be added individually to individual accounts, I'd be patient. I'm due to receive them roughly when everyone else does, and I have not yet had those scenarios added to my downloads. They're on their way, however. I've gotten scenarios added to my downloads as late as 10pm CDT.

John says they're releasing them today, and I'm sure they will be.

Oh, they've been added to my downloads. If you don't have the PaizoCon version of Stonelords and/or a link at the top of your download page showing "The following one product have been added to your account, but are not currently available for download" for Bonekeep 3 then you need to email John or Mike like yesterday. Once they're done, they just need to upload them to the site and we all will get instant access.


John Compton wrote:

Update #4

GMs should be receiving #6–02: The Silver Mount Collection and #5–99: The Paths We Choose today.

Waiting, waiting, waiting .... Bonekeep 3 and the rest of Legacy of the Stonelords. Any ETA?


Michael Brock wrote:
Customer service has advised me that everyone should now be set with their scenarios. If not, please contact them.

Does this include the season 6 scenarios, the two specials and Bonekeep?


Has anyone heard what hotel the PFS GMs will be at this year?

Also, as I'm playing a noon game at Scotty's with no vehicle, I'd like to check in early or drop off my stuff at the hotel for storage. Any idea if this is possible?


Expert Armorer: With this boon you may add one gold piece enhancement to a name armor. For example, you may add Glamered to Celestial Armor.

Half-Price: You may buy one wand at half price. It also has only 25 charges.

Purchase a wand created by a spellcaster two levels higher than the minimum needed - with its additional benefits and costs.

Double Dice - when you take a reroll, you may check off one box below and roll two dice and take the better result. This contains three check off boxes.

You may purchase an advanced Ioun Stone. You must meet the PP requirements for it cost.

Nudge, nudge . . .(I really want to play a Feral Child )


Started brainstorming on some ideas for boons that could be part of either the prize support or charity auction. Here are some ideas:

Ferra Child access (Human Archetype from ARG)
Free Mount & Tack (Horse, riding dog, etc.)
Discounted purchase (one time use) 2% off for each PP spent.
Race boon: Goblin
Special Wayfinder - when an ioun stone is slotted it doesn't lose it's powers.
Tutor - allows retraining at a discounted rate.
Title (Duke, Lord, Chief, Master, etc.)

Other ideas?


19 Days until GenCon! Final update on pre-con ticket sales is below.

A little comparison ... in 2012 at this point 3851/4348 tickets (88.6% sold)
This year as of today.... 6786/8748 (77.6% sold)
PFS games offered has doubled in two years. Pre-Con sales has increased by 2,935 tickets sold!.

Percent tickets sold
#5—06: You Have What You Hold 84/180 (47% sold)
#5—08: The Confirmation 238/372 (64% sold)
#5—09: The Traitor's Lodge 94/156 (60% sold)
#5—10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread 68/84 (81% sold)
#5—12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain 230/360 (64% sold)
#5—13: Weapon in the Rift 113/192 (59% sold)
#5—15: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly 224/264 (85% sold)
#5—16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages 142/198 (72% sold)
#5—17: Fate of the Fiend 47/126 (37% sold)
#5—18: The Stranger Within 67/150 (45% sold)
#5—19: The Horn of Aroden 249/312 (80% sold)
#5—20: The Sealed Gate 84/126 (67% sold)
#5—21: The Merchant's Wake 136/252 (54% sold)
#5—22: Scars of the Third Crusade 209/282 (74% sold)
#5—23: Cairn of Shadows 142/234 (61% sold)
#5—24: Assault on the Wound 224/264 (85% sold)
#5—25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag 123/168 (73% sold)
#6—01: Trial by Machine 640/828 (77% sold)
#6—02: The Silver Mount Collection 406/516 (79% sold)
#6—03: The Technic Siege 314/396 (79% sold)
Thursday Night Special 900/900 (100% sold)
Friday Night Special 900/900 (100% sold)
Bonekeep Level 3 475/576 (82% sold)

By Slot
Slot 1: 514/864 (59.5% sold)
Slot 2: 607/864 (70.3% sold)
Slot 3: 900/900 (100.0% sold)
Slot 4: 687/864 (79.5% sold)
Slot 5: 738/864 (85.4% sold)
Slot 6: 900/900 (100.0% sold)
Slot 7: 601/864 (69.6% sold)
Slot 8: 697864 (80.7% sold)
Slot 9: 641/900 (71.2% sold)
Slot 10: 501/864 (58.0% sold)
Grand Total 6786/8748 (77.6% sold)

By Tier
Kid's Track: 233/336 (69.3% sold)
Beginner Box Demo: 154/168 (91.7% sold)
Tier 1-2: 238/372 (64.0% sold)
Tier 1-5: 1688/2298 (73.5% sold)
Tier 3-7: 950/1314 (72.3% sold)
Tier 5-9: 636/972 (65.4% sold)
Tier 7-11: 322/504 (63.9% sold)
We Be Goblins: 290/408 (71.1% sold)

Is there a magic item that grants more spells per day for a spontaneous caster like my Bard? I've seen magic items that grant more know spells, but I can't find one that grants more uses per day. Any ideas? PFS legal preferred.

They were not listed so I'll ask ....
Will you have your typical selection of Flip-Maps, Map Packs, Modules, Books and Pathfinder Battles Miniatures at your GenCon booth this year?

I'm not a subscription holder and was planning on picking up some Flip-Maps and Map Packs for the PFS scenarios I'm running at Gen Con.


A few ideas:

For players with boons allowing access to kitsune, nagaji, or wayang, now that the races are "open" to all, for PCs created on or after August 14th the boon could allow:

1) +1 to one non-race adjusted stat.

2) A bonus 'race' trait.

3) The "open" race access only allows access from Advanced Race Guide. The boon opens options from the "Blood of" books.

4) The boon can be used for a free or 1/2 price raise dead for the PC.

5) Player choice for any of the above.

Just My Thoughts


Ranger 12
Fighter 8
Bard (Archeologist) 6
Hunter 2


OK, the number of tickets per event has change for many of the scenarios and most of the slots. All numbers have been updated as of this morning.

Quick take: There are ticket available in all slots for low level scenarios and lots of tickets for We Be Goblin.

Percent tickets sold
#5—06: You Have What You Hold 76/180 (42% sold)
#5—08: The Confirmation 221/372 (59% sold)
#5—09: The Traitor's Lodge 86/156 (55% sold)
#5—10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread 63/84 (75% sold)
#5—12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain 211/360 (59% sold)
#5—13: Weapon in the Rift 91/192 (47% sold)
#5—15: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly 185/264 (70% sold)
#5—16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages 109/198 (55% sold)
#5—17: Fate of the Fiend 37/126 (29% sold)
#5—18: The Stranger Within 56/150 (37% sold)
#5—19: The Horn of Aroden 226/312 (72% sold)
#5—20: The Sealed Gate 73/126 (58% sold)
#5—21: The Merchant's Wake 122/252 (48% sold)
#5—22: Scars of the Third Crusade 172/282 (61% sold)
#5—23: Cairn of Shadows 125/234 (53% sold)
#5—24: Assault on the Wound 206/264 (78% sold)
#5—25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag 111/168 (66% sold)
#6—01: Trial by Machine 542/828 (65% sold)
#6—02: The Silver Mount Collection 365/516 (71% sold)
#6—03: The Technic Siege 289/396 (73% sold)
Thursday Night Special 900/900 (100% sold)
Friday Night Special 900/900 (100% sold)
Bonekeep Level 3 431/576 (75% sold)

By Slot
Slot 1: 463/864 (53.6% sold)
Slot 2: 522/864 (60.4% sold)
Slot 3: 900/900 (100.0% sold)
Slot 4: 579/864 (67.0% sold)
Slot 5: 597/864 (69.1% sold)
Slot 6: 900/900 (100.0% sold)
Slot 7: 545/864 (63.1% sold)
Slot 8: 607864 (70.3% sold)
Slot 9: 557/900 (61.9% sold)
Slot 10: 430/864 (49.8% sold)
Grand Total 6100/8748 (69.7% sold)

By Tier
Kid's Track 195/336 (58.0% sold)
Beginner Box Demo 141/168 (83.9% sold)
Tier 1-2 221/372 (59.4% sold)
Tier 1-5 1458/2298 (63.4% sold)
Tier 3-7 842/1314 (64.1% sold)
Tier 5-9 561/972 (57.7% sold)
Tier 7-11 2848504 (56.3% sold)
Goblins 167/408 (40.9% sold)
Specials 2231/2376 (93.9% sold)


Michael Brock wrote:

Just as a heads up I have sent Gen Con a request to make adjustments to all slots except 3 and 6.

Some GM schedules will change and those will be sent out tomorrow after I receive confirmation from Gen Con of the approved changes. Essentially, adding more WBG and WBG2, 5-08, 6-01, and a few other misc. adjustments. Removing a few tables each slot of 6-02, 6-03 some early season 5 such as 5-06, 5-09, 5-13, and 5-18 among others.

Well, that will muck up all my running stats! I'm glad you can make changes, that should make a lot of players happy. Oh, Thursday night's Special sold out in the past day or so.


I'm am speculating here, but I suspect that most of the players that have PCs in the 9+ range (and really the 12+ range) at GenCon are the PFS volunteers that are running, not playing, the games.


Outside of Eyes of the Ten, please show me were in the guide it states you can turn away a legal character. Is it in the Bonekeep adventure?


Is there a list of the PF Society events that will be running at Origins?

Yes, I went to the origins site and downloaded an event spreadsheet.

Tinalles wrote:

2) I have a tablet. Specifically, this one. It's Android-based, it has sufficient resolution (1280x800) that the PRD uses the full-size version rather than mobile. The PRD prevents me from pinch-zooming; the display port renders at the size it renders, and nothing I can do will change that.

As a result, it is freakishly difficult to tap the link I want. About 80% of the time I'll accidentally hit the link above or below the one I was aiming for. For example, I often wind up on the Open Game License page when I was trying to get to the Spell List Index. When this happens three or four times in a row, it makes me want to hurl my tablet across the room.

This is cross-browser; I've tried it in the default Android browser, which I believe is Webkit based, in Opera Mobile (currently version 16.0.1212.65583), and in Firefox Mobile (25.0).

I'm a web developer myself, and I investigated the code. I believe this behavior is caused by "minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" in the META viewport tag, which forcibly prevents users from scaling the content, as discussed here.

Please, please consider changing that to "initial-scale=1" instead. The links in the PRD are crammed in cheek by jowl in a fairly small font size, and my fingers are not that small!

Can you please fix this annoying feature(?) of the prd?


I'll update this again in a month or so. The initial purchase wave is over and now it will be a slow trickle for the next few weeks.

Silbeg wrote:
snip Well, at least I'll have something prepped and ready to go... how does that work? Do we tell the folks mustering what we have, or how do they seat the extra tables.

When I asked Mike, he said prepare whatever you are most comfortable with as a back up. You'll probably just tell your musterer what your backup is.

Silbeg wrote:
I assume if our table did not happen (and our backup didn't happen, either), we'll have to have generic tickets to play at a different table?

A few years ago I had a table not go off. I was able to jump into another game that was short a player. I didn't have a ticket, just played. Right or wrong it happened. I'm GMing 7 slots and have tickets for 3 more. Not planning on buying any generics that I may never use. If my table doesn't go off, I may wander the dealer hall, go catch up on some sleep, or jump into another game that's short players.

Also, I believe last year PFS volunteers received a list of expectations. I don't recall if that was an email, GM GenCon board, or on the Paizo boards. Basically it be clean, be polite, be early, etc. but it also said when you were released and what that meant. Look for something like that before GenCon. IIRC, if your table doesn't go off, you're not released until 15 to 30 minutes into the slot.


Let the dice fall where they may.

Rolling one initiative for all the bad guys is just wrong. I've been on the receiving end of this bad practice several times and seen a PC death in part, because of it. That said ...

Last week when I played, all the PCs rolled poorly, sub 10, and we all went after the bad guys. OK.

When I GM and there is a large number of mooks, I generally pair like mooks up. Thus cutting 6 initiatives into 3. Also, to save time I have pre-rolled initiatives for the bad guys, also saving time. I do tell my players I have pre-rolled initiatives.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mike Bramnik wrote:
How are slots looking now, out of curiosity? (I need to start figuring out what backup scenario to prep, heh). Thanks for crunching the numbers, by the by!

Not a lot has changed since Tuesday. Stats as of +1 week.

The biggest stats seem to be the "By Tier" stats. Tier 1-2 & 1-5 are far ahead in ticket sales than the other tiers.

Percent tickets sold
#5—06: You Have What You Hold 56/252 sold 22.2%
#5—08: The Confirmation 186/252 sold 73.8%
#5—09: The Traitor's Lodge 77/252 sold 30.6%
#5—10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread 55/84 sold 65.5%
#5—12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain 199/252 sold 79%
#5—13: Weapon in the Rift 77/252 sold 30.6%
#5—15: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly 170/252 sold 67.5%
#5—16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages 101/252 sold 40.1%
#5—17: Fate of the Fiend 22/126 sold 22.2%
#5—18: The Stranger Within 50/252 sold 19.8%
#5—19: The Horn of Aroden 212/252 sold 84.1%
#5—20: The Sealed Gate 60/126 sold 47.6%
#5—21: The Merchant's Wake 83/252 sold 32.9%
#5—22: Scars of the Third Crusade 137/252 sold 54.4%
#5—23: Cairn of Shadows 110/252 sold 43.7%
#5—24: Assault on the Wound 182/252 sold 72.2%
#5—25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag 106/168 sold 63.1%
#6—01: Trial by Machine 512/588 sold 87.1%
#6—02: The Silver Mount Collection 365/588 sold 62.1%
#6—03: The Technic Siege 254/588 sold 46.5%
Thursday Night Special 858/900 sold 95.3%
Friday Night Special 900/900 sold 100%
Bonekeep Level 3 400/774 sold 51.7%

By Slot
Slot 1: (46.2% sold)
Slot 2: (55.4% sold)
Slot 3: (95.3% sold)
Slot 4: (59.4% sold)
Slot 5: (60.6% sold)
Slot 6: (100% sold)
Slot 7: (57.6% sold)
Slot 8: (62.6% sold)
Slot 9: (58.4% sold)
Slot 10: (49.5% sold)
Grand Total: 5666 (64.8% sold) up from 62.7% sold on Tuesday

By Tier
Kid's Track (53.3% sold)
Beginner Box Demo (83.9% sold)

Tier 1-2: 186/252 sold (73.8% sold)
Tier 1-5: 1212/1848 sold (71.0% sold)
Tier 3-7: 781/1596 (48.9% sold)
Tier 5-9: 491/1302 (37.7% sold)
Tier 7-11: 249/504 (49.4% sold)

Goblins (100% sold)
Specials (83.8% sold)
Grand Total (64.8% sold)


OK, there is a strange alignment of the stars going on. It looks like going to origins would only be a one hour detour (and hotel) from a trip I'm taking to Pennsylvania. So .... since pre-reg is closed, are there any spots still open for the Eyes of the Ten tables? Oh, and on the other extreme, does it look like you have enough tickets sold for a table to go off?


Michael Brock wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

It would cost $20 to $30 to play EoT at a local small con, but at GenCon that's more like $110 and all the time away from the other great things a GenCon.
$6 per ticket for five time slots does not equate to $110, not even close.
You can't buy those five slots unless you also buy admission to the Con itself. You have to factor in that ticket price as well. And that's assuming you're not paying for a room, food, or travel.
So I guess we are now assuming the only reason someone is making the trip to Gen Con is to play EoT and do nothing else? Because that is what both you and Swiftbrook are alluding to. If you want to add in costs for travel, hotel, food, etc... and say it costs $100 to play EoT, that means the person wasn't planning to come to Gen Con to do anything else. If the person was planning to do other things, them that badge cost is at least cut in half since EoT is only 5 slots assuming you live through the entire thing.

I don't know. You tell me. Last year you scheduled two tables of Eyes of the Ten - 12 players. How many did you actually have? I bet this had more bearing on your decision to or not to offer EoT this year than anything else.

I wonder how many GMs who are running 6 or more slots would rather be playing EoT? We'll never know.

And yes, some people do go to conventions just for __________. Everything else is extra. One year I went to Gen Con just for the Living Greyhawk special. I remember sitting in line at 7 am on a hard cement floor with generic tickets trying to get into the game. I got in. It was worth it.


Michael Brock wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

It would cost $20 to $30 to play EoT at a local small con, but at GenCon that's more like $110 and all the time away from the other great things a GenCon.
$6 per ticket for five time slots does not equate to $110, not even close.

I was including the cost of a badge in my estimate.

4-day GenCon badge $70
5 GenCon slots $30
Total $100. error 9%

Local con 4-day badge $25
Local con 5 slots: included


Michael Brock wrote:
Soluzar wrote:
Drogon wrote:
1% of the total games played in PFS are Tier 7-11.
Under normal circumstances I would agree. However, go to the specials and look at how many 7-11 tables there are. Look at the Seeker tables in the specials that allow it.

So Let's take every table of every event run at level 12+ (if you remove PaizoCon and Gen Con, you have, at most, 2-4 tables at the largest gaming cons of 150+ tables) What do you think the percentage of the 64,000 playerbase it entails? Let me give you a's very, Very small.

If the high level of play is there, don't tell us, show us through reporting. It had nothing to do with laziness. It has everything to do with running 5 tables, 30 players (at Gen Con 2013), through content that took 2-3 weeks to develop solely for level 12+ play. Let that sink in for a second. Out of 140 tables we scheduled at Gen Con for seeker tier (12+), we had 5 tables of players. That's it

This is where reporting numbers can be misleading. How many of the 150+ GMs and HQ volunteers at the Gen Con special could have played a level 12+? I could have. How many later played a seeker table at a local convention?

Look at the Eye's of Ten. I've been trying to play Eye's of Ten since GenCon 2012. It's hard to get a group of 5 to 7 people to match their schedules to run EoT over several weeks/weekends. Local small conventions are a good choice in terms of time, but organizers don't want to offer EoT because it will monopolize 6 to 8 of their GMs for most of the convention. Offer it at GenCon and you have very few takers. It would cost $20 to $30 to play EoT at a local small con, but at GenCon that's more like $110 and all the time away from the other great things a GenCon.

The crux of the problem seems to be that the players of our high level PCs are also our main core of GMs. Players have high level PCs, want to play them but are recruited to GM.


Time to bring this tread back on track.

Stats as of + 54 hours (or +2 days) (5/20/2014)

Percent tickets sold
#5—06: You Have What You Hold 24.2%
#5—08: The Confirmation 68.7%
#5—09: The Traitor's Lodge 27.8%
#5—10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread 64.3%
#5—12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain 80.2%
#5—13: Weapon in the Rift 26.6%
#5—15: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly 67.5%
#5—16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages 38.1%
#5—17: Fate of the Fiend 21.4%
#5—18: The Stranger Within 19.4%
#5—19: The Horn of Aroden 79.4%
#5—20: The Sealed Gate 46.0%
#5—21: The Merchant's Wake 31.3%
#5—22: Scars of the Third Crusade 50.8%
#5—23: Cairn of Shadows 41.7%
#5—24: Assault on the Wound 67.9%
#5—25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag 61.9%
#6—01: Trial by Machine 82.8%
#6—02: The Silver Mount Collection 54.1%
#6—03: The Technic Siege 47.1%
Thursday Night Special 93.0%
Friday Night Special 100%
Bonekeep Level 3 50.6%

By Slot
Slot 1: (45.0% sold)
Slot 2: (52.9% sold)
Slot 3: (93.0% sold)
Slot 4: (57.3% sold)
Slot 5: (59.1% sold)
Slot 6: (100% sold)
Slot 7: (53.6% sold)
Slot 8: (61.1% sold)
Slot 9: (57.6% sold)
Slot 10: (44.8% sold)
Grand Total (62.7% sold)

By Tier
Kid's Track (50.9% sold)
Beginner Box Demo (83.9% sold)
Tier 1-2 (68.7% sold)
Tier 1-5 (68.5% sold)
Tier 3-7 (44.9% sold)
Tier 5-9 (36.7% sold)
Tier 7-11 (48.2% sold)
Goblins (100% sold)
Specials (82.7% sold)
Grand Total (62.7% sold)

Quick Takes
Sunday seemed to have the lease amount of changes, still slow.
If you are a GM for Bonekeep 3 and are not running 6-1, 6-2 or 6-3, consider asking Mike for a copy of one of those three adventures. It looks like we could add another 10 tables of each of the season 6 adventures (while reducing Bonekeep by 30 tables) and still have plenty of tickets for Bonekeep. IIRC, Mike can't make those kind of changes in the ticket system, but we can have season 6 adventures ready and accept generics.

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