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Elf Archer

Swiftbrook's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 9 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 910 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Got it. Thanks.

You folks must be swamped or my email is hitting your spam folder as I've tried three emails over the past week plus.

I just have a very small request, I was wondering if you could add the Promotional Lava Lurker to my order. I was just wandering around your site some more and it really caught my eye. If it's too late, I understand. If it bumps the shipping up a lot, you might want to send me an email first.


Do Deadly Foes singles go on sale Midnight Eastern, Pacific, or when you get around to it on Wednesday? Just a little anxious here.


OK I'm blind. Thanks.

BTW: I've run 8-02 Ward Asunder and it does not have any Aspis connection.


One year latter bump. Any updates? Any from season 7 or 8?


Mine showed up, thanks. Just one more report and two table till my third star. Maybe within two weeks!

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Looking at the paperwork, the ships have four field of fire (forward, aft, starboard and port) and/or four shields.


Cool Idea!!!

Does this count at conventions held at hotels? If I purchase a $10 lunch at the Paizo Bed and Breakfast, which is hosting PFS-Con, could I use that receipt at the table? Or if I made purchases in the dealer hall?

Erik Mona wrote:
Do people want more horses?

That's an interesting question.

Erik Mona wrote:

Here are the horse-like things I can see us doing, not including actual monsters like nightmares and pegasi and stuff, which is obvious and which we'll get to eventually.

Horse with saddle
Armored warhorse
Donkey laden with gear

That might be it. Am I missing anything?

I would be interested in each of these. Realistically, I'd only be interested in multiples of the donkey.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
I have just seen the color renders of the "Pathfinder: Deep Cuts" unpainted line coming out in january and from the looks of them, quite a few could make it into the next PFB set in a painted version

Here's a great place to put dungeon dressing pieces, individually or in sets.

Anguish wrote:
Berk the Black wrote:
Something bugs me about the otyugh pair of images. Either the forward facing or backward facing image is reversed. Not a big deal, over-all. But just something that annoys my mind when I am looking at the pictures.
I don't think that's true at all. The otyugh is nearly symmetrical. The main difference is that the left tentacle (our left, seen from the front) is lower and pointed at a 45-degree angle relative to the ground while the right tentacle is in high-five position. If you then look at the back-facing picture, that positioning is maintained. The tentacle on the right is at a 45-degree angle and the tentacle on the left is in a high-five.

I think Berk the Black has spotted something. The single curve tentacle is on the left in both views. The curvy "W" tentacle is on the right in both views. Either way, it's still a cool looking mini.

(I could be wrong. There seems to be some blending of colors.)

Arcane Pillar makes a versatile piece that can be used in just about any dungeon encounter.

Awesome! This is a really cool piece.

I like the idea of running a gauntlet of three sets of these, in which crossing the plane of the inward-facing runes causes some kind of horrific magical effect. Fun!

Great idea.

The Arcane Pillar is a randomly inserted dungeon dressing piece that takes the place of an uncommon figure. While collation is never guaranteed, the idea is that each case should include at least one of them.

So, one per case x six pillars to run the gauntlet x ($399.99 + $30 shipping per case) = $2,579.94. That's way out of my budget.

Unfortunately a great piece with a crappy distribution. I do expect to see this as a repaint, maybe even right away like the beds in the last set. I'll look for them on the secondary market, I'm guessing for around $12 to $15. Expensive for multiple of a simple mini, but in the range of consideration.

Alright, I'll suggest it. Paizo should be sending you a replacement mondomat.

As I said before, you map is amazing. I'm glad you didn't have t erase it.l


Mikko Kallio wrote:
I have a few questions to everyone who's played or run the scenario: How many Respect Points did your group get? Which tests did they succeed at and which did they fail? Did they come up with any out-of-the-box solutions in the encounters or alternative approaches when talking to Jiraku? Which combat encounter was the toughest of the three and why? Did any PCs die? Thanks in advance!

I've run this four times now. I doubled the number of info cards the last run and it added a lot. (also, I added them to GM Shared Prep)

1st table was four players playing up. Lost points at all trail encounters, some bad choices, some bad rolls. I am very literal with the players at encounter A2. When they describe what they do, like "I strike the gong", I make that player roll for it (it broke-they laughed!). This party came closest to a PC death with the first combat. The poison hit hard. This party also had a hard time with the second combat. Had some bad rolls and lost some respect points in the library. In the end, they had just one point. (However, I missed the starting at 10). Because of two near deaths, they chose to leave. Everything just felt right at this table. They could see the results of their decision and were fine with it.

2nd and 3rd tables are a GenCon blur. One low, one high. Both earned plenty of respect points. One had profession(cook) and blew the roll - LOL.

Last table last weekend. Very experienced players - a VL and several GMs who don't get to play much. Had a lot of fun. Six players including two pregens (kenetisist and brawler I think) playing low tier. Party, broke the gong, burned the rice, missed the library, and smashed temple walls. Before running this time I was reminded by the author about deducting points based on other actions, so they lost points for smashing the walls. Ended with 7-9 points. They almost decided to fight but out of respect, left instead. The after scenario debrief was very satisfying for all involved.

joe kirner wrote:
Starting with 10 is too easy. Party has to be total disrespectful, murder hobos and burn the place down tp get low enuff to fight jiraku.

Agree 100%. I'd start at 5 at the most. Makes earning the boon feel like they earned it. Zero is probably too low.

Also, as the PCs explore the temple, I have them take turns just like we're in combat except initiative is simply going around the table. Movement and actions count (with a lot of 'close enough'). It is really interesting to watch a party this way. If you simply asked the group, 'what are you doing', you're only going to get group answers and group movement. In contrast, two of my four tables had their PCs scattered all over the map doing their own thing during the exploration portion. It made the second combat a lot more realistic as players commented 'well, they did have time to observe us'.

Just My Thoughts


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
So there are no buildings without roofs?

That's how I've run it.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
"Each building marked with light gray on the map has a roof." I'm having a hard time determining which buildings are marked. Is it just B5 and the front of B3 that are missing roofs?

B3 to B8 are each their own building and each has a roof.

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Order of the Amber Die wrote:

In response to all the great comments (and so many about the map), I just uploaded a short 15-page booklet to our Dropbox showing some of the procedure of how the map was produced. I tried to include many tips that were not in the booklets I made for some of the massive Giantslayer maps (also in our Dropbox). Hope it helps some GMs out there!

Also, we just posted the first 50 photos from the marathon on our Facebook in case people want to see more than just these six on the blog.

Oh my! That's a battle mat. You're going to erase all that (30+ hours) of work. It will be gone. It might already be. Wow. I thought you drew that out on gaming paper or something. You are really nuts dedicated. That's just amazing.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've run this four times now -- three at GenCon and this afternoon.

Muser wrote:

Running this next Saturday at TraCon. I've read it two times now and keep likin' it more and more!

Just have some Q's about what to expect:

1. Anybody ran the encounter with snakes on the narrow ledges? I can't see how to present that direction as enticing when there's a perfectly scalable wall next to it and with rope the Climb DC is 5! I guess what I'm asking is that are we supposed overlook the Climb rules and treat the DC as written on the scenario or is rope enough to just skip the challenge?

I've had two fights on the ledge. One PC near the stairs, the rest at the along the path. Had the snakes attack from above. Worked fine. Actually the first time, one PC was all alone at the stairs and the rest not even on the narrow ledge. Higher tier. Lone PC almost didn't survive.

2. How upfront have you guys been about the testing? It'll be obvious once I start to track Respect that something's afoot and since so much depends on all the little mistakes the characters can do on while on the trail, some kind of need-to-know basis could be established I guess. Metagaming is a b!~%# though.

Didn't mention the tracking until after the adventure. They didn't 'know' that I was tracking their actions but most players did their best to keep to the rules. At the end, I would wrap up with were they gained and lost points. Players really liked that. Also, in the final encounter just before the question I had the adversary include in their speel stuff like "I saw you when you ..." then mention a good or bad thing they did. Several times after I mentioned something the players didn't do I've had a player comment saying 'we did that'. That was quickly followed by several player reminding them that they actually didn't.

3. Since I'm running it in a con environment and newcomers are a possibility, the flavourful start with Tanbaru, Ranpassarad and the Hao Jin shenanigans is sure to be a lot to stomach for someone not in the know. Any ideas how to present it concisely, what to focus on and what to not? I ran The Glass River Rescue to 3 newcomers a few years back and gotta admit that they didn't come back after that. There was just too much world information, politics and metaplot. Don't wanna repeat that.

Hopefully you will have some experienced players at your table to bring along any newbees. I made a large stack of knowledge cards. Any time the PCs succeeded a knowledge check I gave them the card. Instead of me telling them what they know, they get to read the card and give the info to the rest of the party as they see fit. As a side benefit, it saved my voice some. It also can be interesting when a player reads a card, but doesn't know the whole story. One player described the weapon marks in the courtyard that a battle had taken place there.

Pretty anxious about running this!

Good luck. Have fun. I've averaged just over four hours of run time.


James McTeague wrote:

I made a stat block document like normal for this. I also made an item document, with the idea that when they find treasure in the scenario, you can cut it out and give the physical slips of paper to the PCs. Feel free to let me know if it's useful for you guys or not.

You can find it, as usual, on

I liked it and I used it today. I downloaded the .docx and modified it. I wanted the monster stats but didn't want to print out the items as well.

Note: I confirmed this with the author. There is a copy and paste error on page 13. "if reduced to 25 or fewer" should be "if reduced to 15 or fewer" in subtier 3-4.

For the respect point tracking sheet. I also used it and liked it. It might be helpful to add an "other" or blank spot for situations that arise from "At the GM’s discretion, the PCs may lose or earn Respect Points if they perform other actions that seem to follow or violate the spirit of the rules of the trail."


Send email Thursday evening. Not seeing an updated yet. Did I miss something or end up in spam filter?

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Blog wrote:

Current Situation

Despite two character deaths, our party remains strong and we secured a win. The reanimated medium archetype allowed us to welcome Erasmus back, and Quinn's raise dead is first on our to-do list. We're doing fairly well on XP, and while our treasury will take a hit, we do have some magic items left. We're hoping we can convince Winter Klaczka to join us for module two, as she would make an excellent addition to the roster. Oh yeah, and Wes: we're tied.

Aerick-Order of the Amber Die wrote:
It IS rough. But it's right, according to the developers who have said on several threads that the AP encounters are scaled to a party of 4 characters with 15-point builds. We play to the author's intent, so the same goes for the developers' intent. Your reaction is spot on--fear of death is quite prevalent for us, just like a horror game should be!

It seems to me even if you're running to the authors and developers intent with the 15-point buy, you're going to be starting the second AP at a distinct disadvantage as you're going to very gold and magic poor. I think this is going to give you a much higher risk of death than the AP intends. This will snow-ball into to later APs.


Missing Saturday night GMing of The Confirmation.


I read as of a week ago, there were only 150 or so tables not reported yet, and we should wait. I see that one of my tables hasn't been reported yet. Still in progress or is it time to poke the bear?

Note: As others have mentioned, this is way better than in years past when it took months to get far fewer GenCon tables reported.


Wei Ji the Learner wrote:


GMs *need* to be in place 30 minutes BEFORE a given slot. So for a GM running the following breakdowns would occur:

0730-1230, 1230-1730, 1830-0000
0730-1300, 1230-1800, 1830-0000
0730-1300, 1300-1830, 1830-0000

As you can see, THIS doesn't work. In fact, it causes a *negative* half hour in the middle suggestion and a null spot for lunch AND dinner in the last suggestion.

The middle version is the times we have had up until this year. In fact In many cases, it doesn't cause a *negative* half hour for the second slot. Either the GM is running the first slot, in which case (thanks to table great table scheduling) they are already at their table and most likely running the same adventure again. Or, they have a free first slot.

OK, I see a flaw in my logic if they are playing the first slot and running the second. But PFS did run under the middle schedule for years and I don't remember a lot of scrambling between the first and second slot after GMs were scheduled to the same table both slots.

Again, there are several options.


BigNorseWolf wrote:

7:30 be in place

8-12:30 run game
12:30 Be in place
1 Run game
5:30 End game
6:30 be in place
7: Start game.

I'm for any schedule that doesn't start before 8:00 am and ends by midnight. The evening specials need the five hours they have been allotted. This year's scenarios standard seemed to run not more than 4 1/2 hours. That hasn't always been true in the past.

Each of these:
8:00-12:30, 1:00-5:30, 7:00-midnight
8:00-1:00, 1:00-6:00, 7:00-midnight
8:00-1:00, 1:30-6:30, 7:00-midnight
give you different options for breaks and all end by midnight.


Jeff Hazuka wrote:

I definitely prefer the Marriott/JW Marriott that we've stayed in last few year's to the Westin. Queen beds, in-hotel launndry, generally nicer lodging, etc.

Whether or not that is something that is negotiable, I feel like the hotel was a step down in quality.

Stayed at the Marriott 2 or 3 years with Paizo. Never had a queen bed. YMMV.

AC - It was very cool in the Sagamore. I also didn't bring a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. I don't know if Paizo can do anything about the AC.


Slot Times
The new times for slots, ending at 1:00 am, are a killer. I just didn’t see the benefit having one hour between slots. It seemed like most morning and afternoon games finished in 4 ½ hours or less. The Thursday and Saturday night games seemed rushed. I suggest a compromise of thirty minutes between slots. So 8:00 am, 1:30 and 7:00 pm start times. With a typical 4 ½ hour game, this give one hour between slots for food and necessities. Again, the loss of the one hour sleep really impacted my GMing skills.


  • Location: Awesome! The Westin has the best location to access the Sagamore Ballroom. Please put up GMs in the Westin next year.
  • Rooms: fine
  • Beds: Queens would be better. :-)


  • The musterers did a fantastic job. Every interactive I had with one was positive. Thanks!
  • My one constructive criticism, use the procedure you have in place when a GM is released because their table does not muster. As I understand the policy/procedure, when a GM’s table fails to muster, that GM has priority seating in the next slot. I experienced the positive side of this when my name was highlighted on the afternoon muster sheet after my table did not go off Saturday morning. I also saw and talked with both GMs and Musterers that sheets during some slots did not have anything to indicate that a GM should get priority seating. I know of a GM whose name appeared near the bottom of the sheet have his Thursday morning and afternoon as well as Friday morning tables not go off. When he check the muster sheet, his no names were highlighted.
  • Listing the scenarios and their mustering location on one sheet of paper and posting it all over the place was a great idea! Double the size of the sheets next year.
    Here's How:
    * Landscape printing
    * Minimal Margins
    * Larger Font
    * Print on Two Pages
  • Everything else from the point of this GM seemed to run well.

    Getting Scenarios

  • I can’t say this strongly enough: Thank You for getting us the new scenarios a week earlier than in the past. That was immensely helpful, lowered my stress level and made for a better player experience.

    Ticket Pricing

  • Our “free” mini at the Friday night special cost us $4.00. That’s fine for me. Just don’t call it “free”. ‘GenCon special mini’ or something like that would be fine.

    Released GMs

  • It would be nice if there was a way to get GMs into games after they’ve been released. Simply asking “those with generic tickets, who would like to play ___”. Make a table and go. Or, "we have an opening of ____" and they can jump into a game. This assumes GMs are release 15 to 20 minutes into the slot which I think did happen most slots.

    Morning Slots

  • The double tokens for the morning slot was a good idea. This year I didn't notice a larger number of tables fail to muster in the morning as I have in the past. I'm sure someone has the actual numbers.

    Finally, I had a great time and I think the HQ staff did a great job. Bob was on top of things keeping us up to date with his emails and scheduling our slots. Thank You!

    -Just My Thoughts

    P.S. Did I mention that the slot times and ending at 1:00 am was a killer?

  • ***

    This runs lllloooonnnnggggggggg. Table started at least ten minutes early. Skipped stuff and still didn't finish for five hours. This is definitely a six plus hour scenario. And Fun!


    I have 49 tables of credit including nine specials going into GenCon this year. After GenCon, I could have 57 tables of credit with 11 specials, but I doubt all the tables will go off. I may make three stars by the end of the year. My first table was almost six years ago. :-)


    Chris Lambertz wrote:
    Gave it a swift kick, should be cooperating now.

    You're one good kicker! Thanks.


    Chris Lambertz wrote:
    Both Additional Resources and Campaign Clarifications have been updated.

    At this time, the link to the PDF for the Campaign Clarifications isn't working.


    Anyone know when our accounts are supposed to be credited for GMing at GenCon? I thought I read somewhere that is was supposed to be last week. Not worried, just wondering.


    I was thinking about just having a note card by each hazard indicating it's current distance from the "center" or starting location. As things move, I'll just change the numbers. It's going to be very interesting. Probably more RP than math.


    I've made some reference cards to pass out at the beginning of the slot to help players quickly pick a pregen. You can find the file on the GM Shared Prep site Here.

    Question: I've included a blurp on Evidence Points. I'm hoping that it may speed up the adventure if the understand them. What do you think? Should that info be included?


    andreww wrote:
    I played this at Paizocon UK at the weekend with what I assume is that post US Paizocon updated version. We had something like 20 tables running of which maybe 2 or 3 seemed to finish on time. Most still ran well over with reports of some hitting 7 hours+.

    Ouch! Were the slots 5 hours? As the Gen Con session is scheduled to end at 1:00 am, I'm looking at ways to make sure this fits in the 5 hour slot.

    Are the players going to be provided with the pregens before the slot begins, like online, or it's all table time for the players to look over and pick the pregens? (I know that if they are available online, most players will still not have seen them before they are at the table.)


    Questions sent. I'd also be interested in your replies to other questions as well, in a PM at this time of course. :-)


    Bob Jonquet wrote:
    John, Linda, & Tonya are working diligently to get all new materials to the GMs ASAP. The hope is everything will be done by the 22nd. Of course, sometimes sh*t happens and its possible something could be later than that, but so far, they have been releasing scenarios a little at a time and a head of schedule so just keep your eyes on your email for that Paizo notice.

    Any update on ETA?

    Also, in my downloads, there is a note that I will be receiving 8-02 (which I'm scheduled to run at Gen Con) when it's ready, however, I don't see a note for 7-99 Through Maelstrom Rift. Should I be concerned? Am I not on the list to receive 7-99?


    Robert Love wrote:
    Has anyone received the Friday night 8-00 The Cosmic Captive or Saturday night Special yet. We are under 3 weeks till GENCON I would like some time to prepare and print maps off.

    Historically, scenarios are dropped the Friday before GenCon. The community has been asking for years for more time. So far this year at least two of the scenarios have been sent out. That's fantasist.


    OK, I'm at a loss. From everything I've read, this looks like its going to be a great adventure. However, I need ideas how to play the BBEG.

    "... leaps from hanging bookshelf to suspended tables in order to keep out of reach while debilitating the PCs."

    I've never played a psychic and I may have seen one in played once, so this line doesn't help me run him. I don't want the final encounter for this adventure at my table to be dull and boring. I just need some ideas what are the best attacks/actions for this psychic.

    Any help and ideas are greatly appreciated. The Stat Blocks and Adventures Notes from the GMPrep site have been very helpful - having the spells and abilities right there with the creatures. Thanks.


    4 people marked this as a favorite.

    I'd allow it. It fits.

    On a practical matter, how often do GMs ask "What are you using for your divine focus?"


    JERRY WAYNE 333 wrote:

    I got an Ebay order of various minis delivered today and I immediately started work on my custom Dr. Zaweeb for Gencon. I still need to add some more accents and then paint him up, to say nothing of the mini that I was going to take the legs off of that was not included in my order...

    Stay tuned for more, same Aspis-time, same Aspis-channel!

    OK, you should be banned from GenCon. Deliberately making all us hard working GMs look bad. I'm hoping just to be able to make a pawn of him. That mini is going to look awesome!


    After you play one or two of the "evergreen" scenarios (they're called that because you can replay them with a difference PC, whereas you typically can't replay a scenario) play one or more of the low tier ones:

    PFS #7-10: The Consortium Compact (Level 1-2) (evergreen)
    PFS #7-12: The Twisted Circle (Level 1-5)
    PFS #7-21: The Sun Orchid Scheme (Level 1-5)
    PFS #8-01: Portent's Peril (Level 1-5)

    If you don't want to worry about creating a PC, you can play last years' or this years' Pregen Specials. Pregenerated PCs are provided and you can apply the credit to your current PC when you hit the appropriate level.

    PFS #6-98: Serpents' Rise (Level 7) - last year's
    PFS #6-99: True Dragons of Absalom (Level 4) - last year's and a lot of fun!

    Pregen Specials new for this year

    PFS Special #7-98: Serpents' Ire
    PFS Special #7-99: Through Maelstrom Rift

    Have Fun!


    Geoffrey Peart wrote:
    Swiftbrook wrote:
    In the final encounter area:** spoiler omitted **

    My reading of the scenario, is that unless the villain is breaking the chains, the furniture falls at a non-dangerous speed. That PCs are shunted to an adjacent square for no movement cost/danger. The purpose is to shift the battle field and make for chaos, not weaponize the room.

    page 28 wrote:
    Features rise and fall slowly enough that they do not cause damage; a creature is instead displaced in the direction of its choice.

    Thanks GP. Obviously I missed that.


    In the final encounter area:

    What if the BBEG uses the tactic of dropping a piece of furniture/lab equipment on a PC. What should I do? Roll a to hit? Reflex save? What kind of damage?

    If a piece of equipment has been successfully dropped on a PC, what do they need to do to escape? Str check and DC? Escape Artist?


    6 people marked this as a favorite.

    Thanks xebeche for your excellent work.

    I’ve created some “Evidence Cards” to provide to the players as they earn evidence points. The cards contain notes and some background information that generally only the GMs get to see. I hope these will get the players more involved in the evidence gathering and adventure.

    GM Prep - Serpent's Ire


    Findas wrote:

    I still have questions concerning the layout of the final room. Here are the relevant parts described:


    ...this laboratory has an arched ceiling that soars to a height of fifty feet. The room constricts near the middle where a low, stepped platform formally partitions the two halves. To the north, a narrow metal walkway hugs the walls about five feet above the open workspace. To both the east and west, the walkway terminates in twenty-foot ladders that lead to higher observation decks. Easily three labs’ worth of tables, shelves, and other heavy equipment hovers thirty feet off the floor, suspended by chains. Beyond to the south, lies a circular, elevated platform with a curving set of stairs.

    By manipulating controls along the north partition, a creature can raise, lower, or rotate any number of these fixtures.

    A PC adjacent to the control panel can choose to raise or lower a feature as a move action, though doing so is at first a matter of trial and error; randomly determine which of the twelve features moves.

    What is clear:

    • The walkways end at the ladders.
    • The triangle portions are “observation decks” 20 feet above the walkway (and thus 25 feet above the open workspace), which seems to indicate that someone can walk underneath them.
    • There are 12 features that can move.
    • The dotted lines that are above the main “open workspace” seem to add up to those 12 features.

    What is not clear:

    What are the dotted lines within (above or below?) the two triangular observation decks? They don’t seem to be a part of the 12 items since those are accounted for. They look mostly like a continuation of the walkway that leads to smaller triangular areas underneath the larger ones, but the text says the walkway ends at the ladders, and the ladders also block most of the space to get past anyway. If these are areas that can be raised and lowered, are they underneath the observation decks or above?

    Emphasis mine.

    Relevant Room Description "The room constricts near the middle where a low, stepped platform formally partitions the two halves."

    I don't think that the two triangles are platforms that hang above the room. I think they are solid. If they're not solid then the room can not be divided into two halves. Also, that also makes sense with the text stating that "the walkway terminates in twenty-foot ladder".

    You're spot on with your dotted line description. I still have no idea what the dotted lines on the two triangles represent. If I were to guess (and only a guess), I'd speculate the dotted lines represent something left over from an earlier version of the room.


    xebeche wrote:
    The dotted lines represent fixtures that are suspended on the ceiling and can be lowered to obstruct the PC's movement.

    It doesn't look that way to me. The 12 pieces of furniture are already accounted for with the other lines. It looks like a continuation of the walkway - but the text states the walkway ends.


    Map question for D2

    The triangle pieces to the east and west (top and bottom). Are those large solid rock/wall with an observation deck on top OR are they triangular decks with open space below?

    What are the dotted line on the triangle platforms? The walkway 'terminates' at the ladder, so I don't think they are a continuation of the walkway. They also don't correspond with the 12 pieces of furniture that go up and down. (I going to use my bar minis for these)

    Thinking about building part of this 3D.


    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    John Compton wrote:
    Shifty wrote:

    Will this be able to be run by a 4*?

    Any idea on release date? Want to try get ahead of the curve on scheduling :)

    The expected release date will be just after Gen Con (~August 7th). We're still finalizing the criteria that will apply to running this event, be it four stars, five, or some other metric.

    Will the PaizoCon version be sent the the GenCon GMs soon so we can start preping? I know a final version might not come until right before GenCon. Last year receiving Serpent's Rise shortly after PaizoCon was very helpful.

    Will this be available at Gen Con? In time to preorder and pick up at the show?

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