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Elf Archer

Swiftbrook's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 694 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Shasfowd wrote:
The thing about the traits from the AP's are that a lot of them can be found in other sources, and paizo doesn't want us not paying money.

That may be true, but I don't recall seeing Campaign traits available. I believe, as a general rule, PFS doesn't use campaign traits. So access to this trait is very special.

I'm thinking about a one level dip in Fighter. If it's my first level then
1) Bonus Feat
2) Max HP
3) Weapon Prof
4) Armor Prof
Also taking Magical Knack as a trait.

So I'm not sure how survivable this concept is, but I think it might be fun to play.

I'm creating a want-to-be Paladin - no levels in Paladin.

So I want to build a Battle Oracle that uses an Elven Curved Blade.
Charisma will still be a big stat, 2nd best if not top.
Looking at Dex for 2nd best stat.
Weapon Finesse and Agile property on the blade. (Dex to hit and damage)
At 5th level (or 7th) taking the Divine Protection feat to add Cha to all saves.
Trying to avoid taking the Skill at Arms mystery. I'll have all the weapon proficiencies I need from Elven blood and a high dex is wasted in heavy armor.
PFS 20 point buy.

So that's the short version of the concept. I can have fun, but can I survive? How does a Two-Handed Weapon fighter survive without a shield? Lots of HP?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Swiftbrook wrote:

You said to contact Customer Service if my order is still pending. It looks like it is :-). Please give it a swift kick!

Order 3305815

OK, Monday, you're back. Any update?

You said to contact Customer Service is my order is still pending. It looks like it is :-). Please give it a swift kick!

Order 3305815


I'm working on a concept for a Paladin. Is there any way to have a Paladin without a deity in PFS? There are so many legal books our there and convention boons I don't have them all. Just wondering.


Michael Brock wrote:

So, with that said and confirmed, what kind of plot would you all like to see? Keep in mind we are going to work our very best to cut scenario play time back closer to four hours so we may not be able to fit as many sandbox or super roleplay heavy scenarios into a season (we are likely to still have a few).

Also keep in mind this season. We have returned to the exploring and there will likely be 12-15 different locations adventures take place in. Also, contrary to what some keep saying, the season is not all based on tech (aka...don't judge an entire season on the first three scenarios). You will see a variety of different type of adventures. So, what would you like to see?

Michael Brock wrote:
One of the things to keep in mind is that, if we are going to help cut the time back to a manageable four hour slot, most of the "unique" systems we've put in (mass combat, dog sled race in #16, etc...) are likely going to be done away with.

OR ... Just ignore everything here that you said you can't do and have one double length adventure. Many Game Day events are running two slots back to back. Convention have multiple slots. And, even though it is difficult, you could split one 8-hour adventure (or 9) into two sessions on two different days.

So, sanction a 9-hour, double scenario. Write it in the sandbox style and include one of those items you just mentioned you were going to do away with.


John Compton wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

A simple request that I have would be not to optimize the maps in the PDF. Meaning, when the map is imbedded into the pdf, don't compress the picture. This way, if the map is originally created as a 12" x 12" picture then placed in the document as a 6" x 6" map, when we copy it out, we can use the 12" x 12" size that Paizo has already paid for.
I don't think I quite understand, as for the full-page (Flip-Mat-proportions) maps, there's no more room to expand into. I think I get the idea of what you're going for if you're referring to half-pagers.

I'm talking about the custom maps, not the production products.

For example:
I just opened an old scenario, The Golemworks Incident. Selected and copied the map of Heidmarch Manor Greenhouse. Pasted it in a landscape Word document. It filled the page nicely with good detail and was still sized at only 60%. This is a map that I can blow up to battle map size and still have nice details. If the map had been compressed to reduce file size, when I pasted the map into Word the map would have been about 7" wide and 5" high. Then expanding this compressed map would have made it look much poorer in quality at battle map size.

Imbedding the map at the original resolution in a smaller size on the page wont make printing the scenario look any better but it's exactly what we want when we copy the map out for to expand it for battle map printing.


John Compton wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
One thing: For scenarios that have unique maps, please figure out a way to provide full-sized maps. Whether that's an additional download in pdf format or whatever. But some maps look awesome when they're only 2"x3". When you blow them up and print them out they don't look awesome anymore.
Getting maps that do what you're asking involves commissioning maps at a much higher resolution, much as we do for Flip-Mats. I don't work on our map products directly save for the custom maps that appear in scenarios, but I'm certain that there's a very significant difference in the production cost.

A simple request that I have would be not to optimize the maps in the PDF. Meaning, when the map is imbedded into the pdf, don't compress the picture. This way, if the map is originally created as a 12" x 12" picture then placed in the document as a 6" x 6" map, when we copy it out, we can use the 12" x 12" size that Paizo has already paid for.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

(As I understand it)
You get GM credit towards your GM stars, but you don't get PFS player credit as the Kids Track are not PFS sanctioned scenarios.


Faelyn wrote:
Unfortunately... Leryn does not know any Skirmisher tricks, just the standard tricks.

It depends on your definition of "standard tricks". There are several tricks from Animal Archive including Detect, Flank, Get Help, Hunt, Menace and Sneak.


Just downloaded the new ACG pregens and I had to look over this pregen. At first glance, here are some changes:

Added a longsword!

Many skill changes: Climb from +4 to +6, removed Diplomacy, Intimidate from +4 to +6, Swim from +4 to +6

Changed trait Fangwood Diplomat to Killer

added a second potion of Mage Armor
removed wand of Mage Armor

Leryn changes ...
Removed Linguistics of -3
Removed Language Common

All in all, adding a much needed melee weapon and a little polishing around the edges. Nothing else major that I can see.

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Looking to be a great line! Is there, or will there be, a subscription option for these?


Very interested in a subscription option for the Iconic Heroes sets (that does not include the large Pathfinder Battles cases).

Ooooh, I really like that archer art. I may use it for my new Hunter PC in PFS. Of course, I'll need to brush his teen first. My PC isn't that bloodthirsty.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

I'm pretty sure they used the same terminology for every other season exclusive and followed the same rules with Bonekeep 3. The truly GenCon-only scenarios were advertised as such. The fact that only 7 people at most got to play it at GenCon makes it an exclusive experience.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Yep, missed the 2013 wording. I just wish some of these specials were truly 'special' at GenCon.


I think Paizo needs to work on their advertising. They seem to be very liberal with their interpretation of "exclusive". Now, don't get me wrong, I would like the opportunity to play Bonekeep 3. It's just a matter of integrity. From their blog, they strongly implied, if not down right advertized, that Bonekeep 3 would only be available at GenCon. Now I'm sure the advertizing lawyers out there will find there magical loopholes, but for a game that is based on trust and integrity, this is a shady at best.

Oxford Dictionary defines Exclusive as wrote:

Restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned:

(Of an item or story) not published or broadcast elsewhere
(Of a commodity) not obtainable elsewhere
Oxford link


Call for GenCon Volunteer Blog wrote:
We will be offering one exclusive on Saturday night. We will follow up Ruins of Bonekeep, Levels 1 and 2, with Bonekeep, Level 3: The Wakening Tomb also written by Jason. It is being designed for Tier 5—9 characters and again, will be particularly challenging and lethal. Ruins of Bonekeep, Level 3 will make its debut at Gen Con. We will only run level three one time at Gen Con so it will be a truly limited and exclusive event.

Has something change? Is Bonekeep 3 being offered again?


Bardez wrote:

As a semi-serious joke, how about you allow built characters ... with a 10-point buy, which you can later retrain, free of charge?

Ducks away from incoming aerial vegetation.

GM time spent auditing your 10-point buy build for a one hour game.


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Michael Brock wrote:
No, you may not play a first level character of your own creation. First level pregens are required to play through these.

Unlike others, I don't mind this requirement. Even as an experienced player it gives me the chance to play something new and try out some of the new rules.


David Bowles wrote:
She the fire-and-forget meatbag pet for that job.

That is definitely not in keeping with her character. She has committed significant resources to her pet. Wand of magic fang, want of mage armor, and an amulet of mighty fists (menacing).


My suggestion for improving the equipment for Adowyn:

Downgrade the Cloak of Resistance from +2 to +1 (+ 3,000 GP)
Purchase a Efficient Quiver (- 1,800 GP)
Purchase 30 more Cold Iron Arrows (- 3 GP)
Purchase a longsword and a couple of daggers (- 19 GP) {see her picture}
Add a +1 magical enhancement to her armor (-1,000 GP)

These small changes keep all the flavor of Adowyn, while correcting some weak spots. With eight different types of arrows, she (as with any archer) should not be without an Efficient Quiver.


WiseWolfOfYoitsu wrote:
The ACG pregens are not legal to play until they are released to the public from what I understand. Once they appear in your downloads, play away.

The ACG pregens were released to the public at GenCon and are legal to play. They're just not available yet to be downloaded.


Rogue, question: Was this Adowyn pregen developed for PFS or for a advanced class guide NPC book? My guess is both. This pregen has the feel of a well thought out character with depth. It uses and mixes a lot of mechanics from the class, with feats and equipment. As such, it is harder for a new player to pick it up in a short time and run her effectively. There are many items and choices and you need to have a good understanding of the rules to make them work the way they are intended.

Note: Never saw Versatile Weapon. That would have solve some problems.

I still think you should make a few minor changes as this is a 7th level character. Give her at least a masterwork melee weapon, and maybe some better armor.


Rogue Eidolon wrote:

*** Spoiler Omitted ***

I guess it means that you guys were a really solid and effective team, though, if you could manage to take out enemies before they could pass Leryn, so since I know that Stonelords can be a challenge for 4, you guys did great!

Stonelords experience:

Except the demon won initiative, three of the four of us were paralyzed, I failed even my shirt reroll. We didn't die. Adowyn did save on her first turn and was ready to shoot the demon with the holy and bane arrows. However, the demon cast us deeper darkness. After a round or two we got out of the darkness and readied to attack when Act 4 started.

Also, the Hunter pregren is two sided. There is a lot to read and if you don't know the rules very well, it's difficult to play and easy to miss stuff. She still had a lot of fun!


Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Thomas Graham wrote:
I think she is a great addition to any team, but I am hugely biased, as I am the author, so I'm really grateful to hear Swiftbrook's analysis, especially since it was backed by a playtest experience.

Didn't know you were the author.

The adventure was Legacy of the Stonelord, tier 7-8. Table makeup: 7th Archeologist (me), Cleric (8th), Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple (7th), and the first time PFS player who I brought. She wanted to play an archer and her eyes lit up when she saw the Hunter Adowyn. Just had a little time to look over the sheet before we began to play. Most of the wands didn't get used (found on the sheet) until about 90 minutes into the game. We had no one for Leryn to buddy with. Oh, and we didn't run into any of the encounters with a 4-person party adjustment.

Rogue, so why not a Strength of 12 and +1 on the bow for damage? She's not a frontliner, no melee weapon, and could easily have a Con of 12 or 13. I know, it's a min/max type of question.

Finally, I guess I expect to be able to pick up a pregen it's ready to go. Adowyn, is a support person who needs (almost must have) a melee PC in the party to have Leryn work with. I expected Aowyn to work with Leryn, to have some kind of teamwork theme or teamwork feats working together.

Just My Thougths


We played in an adventure, and I don't think it was unreasonable, where some of the bad guys had DR/magic. Oh, and I'd take the +1 TH from a magic bow (along with the +1 damage) to be more effective with my Deadly Aim which adds +4 damage (and -2 TH).

As for the menacing amulet of might fists, it's useless. If Adowyn (the Hunter) is adjacent to a foe, she is must be using her club, as a bow does not threaten. She doesn't have the AC to be adjacent to CR 7+ creature swinging just a club.


A friend of mine played the new 7th level Hunter pregen at a convention this past weekend where I also played. After watching the 7th level Hunter PFS pregen in action and reading over the sheet, I'm not sure what the writer was thinking. Feat-wise and skill-wise, it seems to be fine. Ability score-wise I would have swapped some points (Str is 10, Con is 14), but that's just how I play.

Equipment-wise, this pregen is atrocious! Masterwork composite longbow (no strength bonus), a club, and masterwork studded leather armor. The pregen has a lot of support items: six different wands, and several kinds of magic arrows (but just one of each). But a 7th level character with no magic armor, no magic weapon and it's backup weapon is a club?! I don't get it.


p.82 wrote:

Universalist School

Wizards who do not specialize (known as as universalists)
have the most diversity of all arcane spellcasters.

"as as" ????


Mike mentioned making some corrections here. No deadline was given. I know the VC/VL list is out of date already. There were several appointments at GenCon.


Congrats - Well Deserved - and about time!

* * * Bump * * *


At GenCon this year I saw at least two 'kids' around 12 years old who were GMs! One GMed several tables of Kids Track, the other, regular PFS tables.


RainyDayNinja wrote:
I think LazarX has the right idea. A True Primitive can't read or write, but might still be quite gregarious and well-socialized. The Feral Child seems like it's just asking for disruptive role-play ("I sniff the diplomat's butt because I was raised by wolves! I take a dump in the potted plant because that's how bears do it in the forest! Aren't I hilarious, guys?")

An player can play their Cha 5 or 7 PC just as anti-social. It really does come down to "Don't be a Jerk". I think Feral Child should be legal in PFS. I also think that any class or archetype that starts out illiterate should be required to take at least one skill rank in linguistics at first level to be literate for the Pathfinder Society.

I don't see the Feral Child having an issue with being overpowered. It seems to be a PFS flavor issue. But, in a society with dozens of legal races, gunslingers, and super optimized PCs, a Feral Child doesn't stick out as being out of whack for PFS.

As far as I can recall, Feral Child is the only Druid archetype without wildshape and has a good animal companion. That was something that I was interested in.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

The Falconer is a Ranger archetype from Ultimate Combat. In the description there are three new animal tricks: Roam, Distract, and Swooping Charge. Are these tricks available to any PC with an animal companion? A quick read I would say no, but there are now more tricks available from Animal Archive and more PC options with animal companions in the Advanced Class Guide.

I ask because I'm looking at building a Hunter with a falcon animal companion.


Andrew Roberts wrote:
Yes. It seems bad that a party of (1) level 5 and (4) level 7 pregens should play up in Bonekeep 3.

7 x 4 + 5 = 33

33 / 5 = 6.6

If I had this five player table, I would have run it with the lower subtier as there is no 4-player adjustment in Bonekeep 3.


Here are a list of boons available at GenCon 2014. Please fill in the blanks if you can.

GM Boon

#1: Adopted Weapon Training
#2: Ancestral Ally (for divine mounts)
#3: Custom Order (ammo in lots of 10)
#4: Expanded Narrative (recharge your GM stars for PFS replay)
#5: Expedition Manager
#6: Explorer's Endurance (helps against hot weather, disease and swarms)
#7: Factor (helps with day job)
#8: Family Tradition
#11: Numerian Dabbler (can use tech stuff better)
#12: Numerian Weapon Training (lessens penalty for using tech)
#15: Technophobe (don't like tech - bonus vs. tech/neg using)
#16: Treasure Map
#17: Xenophile (use another races traits)

Edit Update: I've updated the list while I still can.

You still need to make changes so that Pinch to Zoom will work on iPads.

There are also some visual changes to help improve the experience for many who access the PRD from mobile devices like iPads, Android tablets, and various phones.

A Wasted Effort

Yes, colors have changed and the menus are nice but you still have disabled Pinch to Zoom on iPads. What's the use of all the changes you can't read it!


Arrived! Place is packed with gamers. My game starts in 30. Been up since 4:00, can't wait to play.


huntsfromshadow wrote:

Does anyone know a way to get the the old Organized Play Document with the shadow lodge traits?

Getting files together for GenCon and saw my Former Shadow Lodge character has a trait that is no longer in the Organized Play book.


PFS Guide 4.3 wrote:

Shadow Lodge Traits

Members of the Shadow Lodge faction can take the
following campaign traits at character creation or by
taking the Additional Traits feat.

Aid Allies: When using the aid another action, you give
your ally a +3 bonus instead of a +2 bonus.

Fortified: Some members of the Shadow Lodge aren’t
completely convinced of the Decemvirate’s sincerity and
fear potential reprisals. Through alchemical techniques
and endurance training, you gain the ability to negate
a critical hit or sneak attack scored against you once
per day. This ability functions as the fortification armor
special ability, with a 20% chance of success.

Medic: Your experience caring for wounded Pathfinder
agents has granted you a +2 trait bonus on Heal checks
made to treat diseases and poisons. Additionally, your
caster level is considered one higher when casting spells
of the healing subschool with remove in the spell’s name.

Shadow Diplomat: Balancing the political infighting
of the Society’s factions grants you a +1 trait bonus on
Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy becomes a class skill
for you.


In last minute pack/prep mode. Leave pre-dawn Wednesday. Still doing some last minute prep on Friday Special, Bonekeep has a little more work.

Now what have I forgotten. ???????

Oh, and I'm also in minimalist mode. Trying to take as little as possible. Most of my books are staying home.

. . . .


Belafon wrote:

Tactics in Area 8 - is anyone else thinking that for

** spoiler omitted **

Round 1, door begins to open, PC's can't get in yet, cast defensive spell 1

Round 2, door continues to open, PC's don't try to get in yet, cast defensive spell 2
Round 3, door continues to open, PC's can enter, cast 1st During Combat spell
Round 4, door continues to open, use Belafon's tactic, PCs begin to die.


Matt Haddix wrote:
Can't you already make dragonhide armor, assuming you have enough fame to cover the purchase?

I remembered that it was a special material that is not always available. But I think you are correct.


Question on Area 5

Each tier has a dragon. "Characters who defeat the dragon may craft any one piece of armor from its hide". This is not on the Chronicle sheet. Should we write it in? Do the PC have to state that they are skinning the dragon? Do they just not get it?


Mike Shel wrote:
I'm not sure if John, Mike, and others on the PFS team have something they're going to do where the aid tokens are concerned. However, I'd recommend that GMs have a bullet-pointed player handout for their tables that lists the parameters and possible uses of the tokens for easy reference.

Posted one here on GM Prep.


Sean Ennis wrote:
Bob miller-camp wrote:
5. It looks like they have a rank. UMD 4 =+2 racial,+1 int,1 rank. If that is the case they are still missing the +3 class bonus. unless I am simply missing something it looks like several of the skills of the zombie lords are off by 2 or 3.
UMD is a CHA based skill, so 2 racial and 2 CHA, so no ranks.

UMD is "Trained Only" so at least one rank is needed.


Echuir wrote:
Has the update for 6-00 Legacy of the Stone Lords been completed?

Yes/No. John said that it done but we are still waiting for the download link.

The Good: The iconic sculps look great! I'll add these to my collection of iconics.

The Bad: I think the value of iconic minis is going to take a big hit (and I have each one currently produced).

Question: Will future large sets still contain at least one iconic miniature as well?


Seeing my gaming friends. Playing at Scotty's.


John Compton wrote:

Update #5

The Ruins of Bonekeep, Level Three: The Wakening Tomb and Pathfinder Quests: The Silverhex Chronicles are cued up to hit downloads tomorrow morning {Friday}.

Hey John, what time is it? Is it past noon?

Yes, I'm impatient. :-)

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