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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,787 posts (2,955 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Ssalarn wrote:
John Lynch 106 wrote:
I find it illuminating that he's waited until after leaving Paizo before expressing these ideas (haven't listened to these videos in detail, just going off initial impressions). Especially given his ardent stance on Pathfinder's rules being fine as they were written while employed by Paizo (see his claims regarding water balloons and crossbows). I wonder how long he's had these opinions.
You think it's weird that a guy whose job was to defend the design decisions of Paizo on the forums stopped doing so after it was no longer his job?

Was it SKR's job to defend design decisions on the forums? It seemed like he chimed in a lot when he could've just let a topic be.

Isn't that a little backwards.

Melee oracles would have lower Cha since they need to focus more on physical stats, and probably stick to buffs that don't care about saves. They also need to spend feats on taxes/chains for melee specialists.

Caster oracles are SAD for Cha and get the most benefit from Divine Protection.

Zark wrote:
SmiloDan wrote:
It looks like the new WotC archetypes are generally providing combat abilities and utility abilities at the same level for each class. Also, the use of "ribbons" for flavor is a neat mechanic.
Sorry, but what does "use of "ribbons" for flavor " mean? (my English is a bit limited).

It's a piece of jargon that was defined in this UA, at the very end.

The summary is abilities which give flavor power rather than mechanical power, such as Thieves' Cant.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There is space in class design for flavor features, and for power features.

5e design refers to flavor abilities as "ribbons".

A Storm Sorcerer might (and this is a rough example since I honestly don't remember the specific level and ability) might learn at level 7 to control the weather in his immediate space to a degree, but at-will. He can at his leisure make the wind whip his robes around or he can stay perfectly dry in a storm. It's not giving him Power, as a level 6 ability might give him Cha to damage with Electric spells.

You would not think that his personal weather control is a worse ability than adding his casting stat to damage, because it's growing the character in a different way.

A flavor drawback (such as a strict code) should be balanced with a flavor feature, not a power feature.

In my experience, a long running group is more likely to develop and implement a growing list of house rules based on their experience.

I'm highly skeptical of new (to the group) players asking to use homebrew/3rd party materials (and would never do so myself), but in a long standing group I'm more receptive to someone saying "Hey, I've made this PrC. I'd like to try it out, let me know what you think of it, and any changes you'd want to make."

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Flavor is not a balance for power.

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chaoseffect wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Come my friends, and weep with me for the Verminous Hunter and Hex Channeler. These nerfs lessen us all.
Those two are still vaguely playable, therefore they didn't get nerfed enough!

[weeping intensifies]

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Come my friends, and weep with me for the Verminous Hunter and Hex Channeler. These nerfs lessen us all.

I don't think Seige combat is worth counting. It's basically a separate minigame.

My point is that you fight the same with a longsword as with a battleaxe as with a greatsword etc.

Using a halberd is different, but ultimately the same as a glaive, etc.

And ranged weaponry is basically the same as well (anyone focusing on crossbows/firearms will scale the hurdles to full attack as soon as possible). Firearms are the most different of ranged weapons I guess, with real distinction against bows/bolts/thrown weapons.

Melee combat isn't exactly a rich, diverse experience in Pathfinder. The Style feats are pretty neat, but most of the time you can just categorize weapons as so:


There ends the variation in (mundane) martial techniques. Sure, there are combat maneuvers, but you have to dedicate to them to expect success, and sometimes monsters are just immune (especially common to have Disarm be useless as nearly all monsters use natural weapons). Worst of all, you have to give up an attack to attempt them, while common animals can do damage and trip, or do damage and grapple.

It's always mind-boggling for me that animals do that better (and thus Eidolons who can evolve Trip and Grab and Push and Pull onto their natural attacks).

There should be at least feats for martials to do the same, maybe with a modest -2 to hit or something (if it's too scary to allow without cost).

There's a note near the bottom of playing things such as an Elf Bladesinger. Not sure what the difference would be between a Bladesinger and a Valor Bard though, maybe it'll be a background/flavor?

I do think we'll see some things from Unearthed Arcanas printed for greater acceptance at tables.

Forgotten Realms? New subraces? Here comes 50 Shades of Elf.

Edit: Not to get too far off-topic but since Circle of the Land was mentioned, one cool fix I saw someone else post was to allow them to adapt to whatever terrain they're on after doing a long rest.

In my opinion, the damage a martial does with his Hasted attack belongs to the caster.

Below are a few of my experiences:
A reach barbarian got outmartialed session after session by a Feral Mutagen Alchemist with a dip in barbarian (this was at low levels, I think lvl3), thanks to his ability to Enlarge Person himself and three attacks to the Barbarian's one.

A fighter is unable to effectively combat Aboleths that are underwater, the casters can.
A similar situation occurred in a bog, at which point the range at which the casters were effective was far greater than his ability to close the distance against the monster through the difficult (and sometimes impassable) terrain. He had to move at half speed and swim, the casters could just fly. He plinked away with a few arrows, doing low damage since he was a swordsman, not an archer. The fight was over before he could've closed to melee had he attempted to.

A character got Mummy Rot. The Fighter and Ranger begin to plan how to rush him to the nearest town for treatment, since their ranks in Heal cannot undo curses. "No worries" says the Cleric, "I'll just prepare Remove Curse tomorrow".
Generally when I play lvl 12+, our group does gestalt games so everyone is a caster.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Cranky Bastard wrote:

I stand by my supposition that too much of the ingrained martial/caster disparity is revenge-fantasy for nerds. And I say that AS a bloody nerd for Zod's sake.

And I establish a new supposition that that's completely absurd. I'm not after a revenge fantasy—I really like martials. I like a martial who gets by without "cartoonish" stunts, is all. I really dig characters like Boromir and Boba Fett—"ordinary" warriors thrust into battles with magic-users. The fact that both of those characters died quickly notwithstanding.

That's not to say martials should stay as they are, of course. Most of your suggestions are fine by me. But most people talking about "mundanity" are actually not trying to enforce the disparity. The people trying to "enforce disparity" (and while I call it that, I'm aware that they generally see it as enforcing a current state of equality) don't care about mundanity—when they post in threads like this, it's purely on a meta "This thread is unnecessary" level.

Boba Fett can only be seen as an ordinary warrior given the universe he lived in. I'd guess most don't think flying around shooting lasers and fire as an ordinary warrior type of thing (in the context of a fantasy game).

Rogar Valertis wrote:
When you think "fighter" you should think about the likes of Achilles, Sandor Clegane, Gimli (the Tolkien version), Gotrek Gurnisson, Rambo and so on.

Clegane/Gimli lived in very restricted magic worlds, most of their opponents were Warriors, with possibly a few Fighters, Rogues, Cavaliers, or Swashbucklers.

If you're saying martials need to be magical in Pathfinder, I agree. If you're saying magical martials are mundane martials, well, that's just not true.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks for the wording tips. I should have studied concealment more closely to get the wording tricks.

Good point regarding spells required for Frost. Ice Storm would fit in well with the daily ability as well.

I didn't quite like Frost, but the void usually has cold damage associated with it, and I wanted to keep that part simple.

I know it's hard to quantify, but what is this item missing in mojo/what would improve the mojo in your eyes?

Dedicated Voter 2015

@AA: I think it would work better as a weapon property. I've tried homebrewing one before to convert Pit's bow / short swords.

Seranov wrote:
I suppose, Ssalarn. I love Barbarians, but they're really just an example of the BARE MINIMUM of what mundane martials should be able to do.

Barbarians aren't even mundane martials, unless you avoid all of their magical rage powers.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Aha, I just wasn't sure if it had to be locked to monsters, or mostly locked to monsters. If it required something like 24 Strength to recharge, I'd see that as a challenge!

Also thought about the name a bit more, if you wanted to keep it as Rib Crusher.
Option 1: Save vs. suffocation when ribs are crushed, would be higher level/pricier than current item.
Option 2: Expanded crit range for all to enjoy vs. target who has ribs crushed, as the heart loses protection. Or maybe look into the ruled for called shot to the heart?

Another thought: When I DM, monsters rarely care about recharging their magic items. PCs usually kill them, but if they flee, it's usually because they need to rest up, not go pick another fight. I suppose this might get use if they flee to their slaughterhouse and crush some poor peasant though.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Sleeves of the Void
Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th
Slot wrists; Price 38,000 gp; Weight -

These weightless silk tubes easily fit over their wearer’s arms, and appear black as emptiness.

If the wearer uses wields weapons or makes an attack with an unarmed strike or natural weapon, that attack gains the frost weapon special ability as shadowy tendrils lash out at his target. Upon successfully striking his target, he gains concealment against it until the end of his next turn.

As a standard action the wielder can call for the void to spill out of his sleeves. The area in a 30-ft radius around his current location becomes supernaturally dark for 1 minute. Creatures starting their turn in this supernatural darkness take 2d6 cold damage.

After using this ability, the sleeves become non-magical white sleeves until midnight, at which point they regain all powers.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, blur, deeper darkness; Cost 19,000 gp

Ad hoc pricing ho.

Train of thought: 8k Deliquescent Gloves + 7.56k deeper darkness 1/day, but it’s better than deeper (despite smaller area/shorter duration, it goes straight to supernaturally dark and deals damage), so rounding to 10k. The blur effect is hard to gauge. It’s nearly continuous, but limited. Continuous at this CL costs 56k. I’m going to drop this down to 20k, since it also shuts off if you use the darkness ability.

Other thought: I could've just said 1/day, but instead I chose recharges at midnight. I don't know if the wording is legit, I'm treading away from precedent here.

Dedicated Voter 2015

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Review for Tothric's Rib Crusher War Club

Rib Crusher War Club:

Rib Crusher War Club
Aura moderate evocation and necromancy; CL 7th
Slot —; Price 32,305 gp; Weight 65 lbs.

This heavy large oaken pole is permanently stained in the blood of the fallen, it is covered in chips of bone from the many it has slain this oaken club reeks of cruelty, anger, and violence.

This Large +2 greatclub imbeds a bone shard into it's victims; which begins to dig into the victim dealing 2d6 of bleed damage points until a DC 15 heal check to pull the bone shard out. As the bone shard remains in the victim, it’s constant digging and stirring inside causes the victim to continue to bleed regardless of fast healing or magical healing.

Each Rib Crusher War Club has 3 bone shards a day that can be expended. The process to restore a bone shard early is possible, and requires the immense strength of a giant to perform. A giant that uses this club to slay a humanoid recharges a single bone shard in the club, as the violent act of smashing the victim imbeds it's bones into the club.

Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, corpse hammer, desecrate, touch of bloodletting, creator must be a giant; Cost 18,152 gp

Alright, let's take a look.

Good name, evocative. You could compact it though, Ribcrusher Warclub.

The weapon itself seems potent, and I wouldn't expect bleed from giants. It's not crushing ribs though! I think you could've gone with Boneshard or Bonespike + Warclub here. Maybe some penalty for the victim (perhaps to hit) while this bone shard is doing all of these horrible things to them to represent the constant pain?

Did the challenge here require some feature to be locked from PCs? Else I think it could be cool if the recharge was locked unless you had a high enough Str score. It'd badass for a Barbarian to claim such a club.

I'm sure you looked this up, but I didn't know an item could have two auras. I thought you just used the highest level spell's (or did you end up with a tie?)

One of my favorites was a bedridden man on (magical) life support.

After we killed his 2nd in command, we barged into his sanctum only to discover he was incapable of moving. We expected him to try some magic, but he couldn't do anything. No magic, no attempt at corrupting/recruiting us, just this sad broken old man.

It's difficult to kill someone who is so completely at your mercy.

Becoming more capable, becoming closer to my ideal.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Immediate questions:
How long can it stay on patrol?
Can you designate allies or creatures for it to not trigger on? (Ex. a rabbit wanders into camp, ALERT!)

Ah, I thought perhaps you knew Kal's class preferences. Gotcha :3

Pathfinder has a lot more Johnny potential (to use a MTG term) than 5e does, as it does have a lot of content. 5e does have some combos, but certainly not as many.

There may not be a ninja class, but there is a Shadow path for Monks. And rogues are stealthy bastards that could emulate different ninjas (Assassin for the killer, Arcane Trickster for supernatural sneakery).

Is 5e good as an introduction for children to gaming? Sure.
Is 5e still just as fun for adults? Based on my admittedly limited sample size, absolutely :)

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks Tothric. After hearing it from two people, a Sawtooth Saber would have been a better choice for the true form. It has the imagery, and the weapon remains a finesse option in either form.

I considered giving it a "cruel nature" theme (grasping vines as a different weapon type, but didn't really like the wooden weapon options (quarterstaff, clubs, greatclubs).

I'm not sure that this item merits a rewrite, though I am flattered and humbled to hear praise of my previous works. I hope to post more often in this thread as we blaze what's left of this 9!

Not quite like that, but I have had a game in which everyone got Stealth Synergy. When 5 people are rolling stealth checks to sneak together, all it takes is one low roll to ruin the expedition.

Would be nice if they partnered up with MapTools, or even Roll20. Not Fantasy Grounds though.

If any 3rd party AP publishers are listening, this seems like a potential market to move into. APs with VTT support.

Excuse me sir, I believe the proper spelling is actually "Rohg"

Dedicated Voter 2015

Strange materials are a risky area to explore. Since it's not an artifact, it's something that can be mass produced. In the megathread there was some scoffing at going too far in material (unless it's a defined special material).

"Maybe your Femurclub is made of human femur, but I could make mine out of wood per the rules."

I was considering (unrelated to this challenge), a Greatclub that's a (clay) Golem's Arm.

Thanks a lot for your feedback btw.

Well, looks like RotR is $40 (on Amazon, not sure if that's part of Prime Day or the general price), likely the best price I'll get for a full AP. I'll probably order it later tonight. Thanks guys!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

8: 101 ways to misspell "Rogue".

I think interactive environments (ex. old barrels of salt in an abandoned garden with a giant slug problem) are actually pretty fun design.

Dedicated Voter 2015

I did some eyeballing. +3 weapon = CL 9, I went with CL 10 for rounded durations on spell effects.

The DCs that weapons should have per standard creation rules are generally awful (especially considering how expensive the weapons are at that point, practically unusable). My submission last year adhered strictly to the creation guidelines, and a lot of the feedback I got was that the DC was too low (despite admitting it was correctly calculated).
It's difficult ground to tread, I should probably just avoid items with saving throws because the pricing is wonky.

Naming is important to me, so it's good to know some people might not see the "gorging" part. For me, it is gorging because when it grows in size, it takes size from something else (unless they resist). It's like taking a bite out of their mass. For you, sucking it out like a mosquito is better imagery than a toothed blade.

Do you think any of the names I put in the spoiler would've fit better?


Re: Your take on it.
Why does it go dagger -> longsword -> greatsword -> bastard sword (shrinking in the 3rd case?) What happens when they fail the first saves, is it just the sword growing to normal size?

One of the issues with such a weapon is that Pathfinder rewards weapon specialization, so people will have bonuses with the weapon only at one stage. And when it's a dagger, they can't 2hand it, when it's a bigger blade, they can't finesse it. So the transformation should be quick in my opinion, lest it be too punishing to the user.


SIAC: Yup, guilty of this. I considered making it steal Str from the target and give it to the user, but I didn't like it as much and it didn't fit the challenge of using size (besides the existing Shrinking property, but that's kind of a cop out on its own).

I had a list of problems I don't have (someone is more optimized than the rest, someone brought a build that I'd classify more of a theory exercise than something polite for the table, problem players, etc).

But I simply haven't had these problems recently because there haven't been new players at our table recently.

Certainly these things have happened in the past when I was in other groups.

Assuming that's not violating any terms, which APs and where? I use MapTools as my VTT.

I play mostly via VTT, so PDFs are fine for me, and getting players to chip in...probably not so much.

If APs came with pre-made maps for VTT use (with enemy and NPC tokens with all info on them), that would just be glorious, but as they don't, it's still a fair bit of prep time required.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

TL hasn't favorite'd any of my posts in a while. I need my fix.

So, I've never run an adventure path. I've joined a couple of PbPs for APs, but they didn't last too long (or more accurately, get too far).

I'm a big fan of homebrewing settings and coming up with your own adventure, and when the inspiration strikes, I do just that. But I also find that it can be somewhat stressful when you don't have inspiration/lots of prep time and need something for the regularly scheduled meeting.

Thus APs seem to be worth a shot. Have a grand over-arching path, then add some gaps for any stuff that I was inspired to prepare, whenever that happens.
However, APs are pretty expensive (going to some ~$100) and it's hard to know what you're going to get, besides trusting the reviews.

I'm pretty used to Steam when it comes to my gaming expenditures, there's either a demo or I can wait a year or two and pick up the game on a 75% off sale. At the very least, someone is probably streaming it so I can look at how it plays. (Or if it's a game I've been looking forward to from a dev I trust, so I pick it up right away at full price).

Not quite how it works for APs (Paizo or 3rd party), unless I'm looking in the wrong places?

So is there a good way for me to get into APs? Or do I just have to swallow these concerns and take a risk on one?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kalshane wrote:
As for Pathfinder having better adventures, nothing says you can't use the Pathfinder APs to play 5E. I'm currently playing in a 5E Wrath of the Righteous game and having a blast. (Obviously, the Mythic stuff is requiring a lot of houseruling)

The DMG has Epic Boons, did you consider those as a mythic substitute?

Group Hug is my Hunter concept, based on the Brutal Grappler teamwork feat and Verminous Hunter's grappling focused options.

List them! Either here or PM me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

90: Maybe these ones will laugh my jokes.

I'm getting near the end of the First Law trilogy, which has been good fantasy all-around.

It makes fun of itself at one point in a very thinly veiled way, not sure I liked that. Maybe the author was having a late night when he wrote it in. You have to be realistic.

Eltacolibre wrote:
Situational feats used to never see any uses...but Brawler, well the martial flexibility class feature, does allow them at least to pick the less popular combat feats and use them in the once in a blue moon scenario that they come up.

I made a topic trying to capture such situational feats. Didn't get far though.

Plus, the Wizard is still a better caster than a Sorcerer. Now he doesn't have a skill edge over them in addition to getting his spells early.

I know, I'm kidding. They're sustained by a caster's mana, which they also draw upon for their obviously magical abilities.

Planetary Sunder would be a cool feat though. Feat chains usually just give you better numbers, but I'd like higher level options that expand the scale/options.

What if Int was a non-factor to skill points, and the stat got Charisma-fied? Give everyone +2 skill points to compensate, give some classes that should have more skill points more.

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