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Petty Alchemy's page

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Well, as soon as possible would be lvl3, which leaves you just templated animals (+Dire Rat and Coral Capuchin). I'd say the Capuchin would fit the trope gypsy best. The cream of the crop options require you to be lvl7 first.

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Grappling, because I need to break out the flowchart to make sure everything is going by RAW.

I will note, Blind-Fight is a great countermeasure to Mirror Image, but it's very rare that monsters use that spell. My dragon style Oread monk has the feat (it works in three ways, earthsense as an Oread, blindsense as a dragon, or general monk mysticism trope), but I haven't used it yet.

Sure, if you know your opponent is in front of you, but has a ton of duplicates dancing around distracting you? Shut out the distractions and swing.

Nonetheless you've got a bunch of people telling you it's not a grey area.

I prefer asking the players the sort of loot they want for their characters, and including it in the treasure, sometimes with a few twists, but ultimately cooperative.

Pretty much every school specialization can be played up for villainy, especially Necromancers and Enchanters.

But what sort of mayhem could Abjurers cause? All I've got is putting Arcane Locks on all the doors while the townsfolk sleep.

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There are also cases where one big hit is a bad idea, such as (ye olde) Crane Wing or Mirror Image.

I searched "qinggong" in Spells on the pfsrd, and interestingly Mighty Fist doesn't even come up, but Stone Shield does.

There are unlisted Qinggong powers!? Damnit, now I'm gonna need to find and catalog the rest.

If you're mixing 3.5 with your Pathfinder, Crusader's got Steely Resolve. I'd love to see something like that in Pathfinder.

Problem is, shuriken have a very short range increment. You'll have pretty poor odds of hitting a flying mage, if they're even in your max range.

To channel stunning fist through a weapon, it needs to be Ki Focus. That's a +1 enchantment that only goes on melee weapons, but there are melee weapons that can be thrown, such as the shortspear. I think that should work.

Splintering Weapon is a potentially nifty feat, if you can secure a pouch of obsidian shuriken, you can inflict bleed which forces a concentration check (fairly low DC, but it can still help occasionally).

Lots of magic that gets sent at you an area of effect spell, like glitterdust or create pit. Should you be able to redirect these spells as well, or just spells that target you specifically?
From a design perspective, it should also be considered whether it is satisfying/fair to both parties. Having your spell resisted sucks at early levels, because you don't have too many. Having it turned hurts a lot. On the other hand, if there's no magic being cast at the monk for him to turn, it's a completely null ability. Swashbucklers can usually count on getting attacked, but magic is often used to summon allies, cast AoEs (which you probably wouldn't be able to turn), buff allies, and so on. It seems like turning spells would be most punishing to what is commonly considered the worst style of magic.

Tetori grapple, and can prevent those in their grasp from using Freedom of Movement or teleports to escape. That makes it very difficult for casters to cheat out of grappling, which makes casting hard by default. Plus there are assorted feats like Jawbreaker which make things even tougher.

It would be easier to team up with a caster or get a magic item that casts silence on you however, and get into the caster's space with Step Up.

In general monks have good saves, evasion, and good touch AC, so they can use their mobility to get to a caster (though there's no solution for flight without aid, but that's something almost all martials suffer) and mages (at least the arcane ones) are ideal targets for stunning fist. It depends on the mage, but you can even steal their spell component pouch (and backup pouch), made easier by stunning them.

What do you want from an Anti-Mage though?

Tetori is pretty much as Anti-Mage as it gets without being a mage yourself.

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Point Blank Shot is a tax that's poorly named, as you need Point Blank Master to actually make shots at point blank.

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I submit to you that there's little difference between 8hp and 16hp if there's a lot of dudes with slings and bows taking aim at you. At least you took out a decent chunk of them with Color Spray, or EVERYONE would even more foes.

Mages often have abjurations shielding them, which is the image you can sell if you do Crane Wing something (assuming the total defense deflection, because otherwise it's just a Dodge bonus). Their attack got deflected by something when it should have hit, how's that not magic? They'd have to Detect Magic and concentrate long enough to Spellcraft to confirm it's not a spell.

Your laser beams are doing as much damage as any caster's would when you use it. Do you wait until the mage uses earth-shattering magic before you decide to take him out? Because if you do, it's too late. If we're accepting the topic premise of every monster wanting to geek the mage, I'm pretty sure demonstrating the ability to shoot lasers should suffice.

Why would they think you have kung-fu skills if you're just turtling the beat down? It's pretty much all Dex, Wis, and Dodge bonuses, they're hitting air. You can make it seem like you're just getting lucky, that's a pretty common trope (especially among drunken masters).

And if the monsters hold up placards that say "4/10" because you used Scorching Ray instead of Glitterdust, well, I don't know what to say. Scorching Ray is a fairly iconic arcane spell.

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I think this problem may present a solution to another problem!

People say that super defense builds can just get ignored. But let's dress our turtle monk in a wizard robe and hat, and take the Qinggong power Scorching Ray to seal the perception.

Blast someone at the start of combat, and then draw aggro for the rest of the fight, pretending to be struggling to cast further spells as the enemies try to rip you apart. Put some ranks in Perform (Acting) to make it look good, it's class for monks.

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I'm a big fan of Legend's "here's the base weapon chassis, now assign 3 properties to it and call it whatever you want".

My 1d6 ranged Brutal (x2) Distant weapon can be fluffed as a shortbow, laser rifle, or magical paper cranes, as best fits my character and the setting. Or in terms that this discussion started, it can be a longbow, sling, or crossbow.

If there was another edition of Pathfinder, that's what I'd want. Don't penalize me for fluff.

"This meat is so tough, you'd need Cleave to cut it!"

Looking at those spells I just feel a sadness for how much easier this is to do with magic.

Curious, in what respects is the new Crane Wing more powerful?

I'm not sure I see the synergy of a trip build if the party's heavy hitters are the gunslinger and sorcerer. Prone enemies get +4 to AC against ranged attacks, and they won't get attacks of opportunity either.

Edit: You mention he failed to trip an opponent much larger than he is, but you can't even attempt to trip opponents over one size larger than you, unless you're an Underfoot Adept (or maybe he's got something similar I missed).

Second Edit: Awesome character art though. If he found it after concepting his vanara monk pirate rather than before, that's pretty amazing.

I like the Stalwart/Improved Stalwart path. A 1 level dip in Unbreakable Fighter will help you past the feat tax.

I'm not going to say Verminous Hunter is the best, but it IS an interesting new take enabled by the ACG. Vermin love grappling apparently.


Perhaps WotC is a little sour about Pathfinder which likely wouldn't exist without OGL on their 3.x?

Anyhow, I haven't played 5e, but 4e is basically what you describe since almost all powers have riders on them for versatility, and you only get one attack anyhow so there's more incentive to move.

Assuming that there is in fact a ring.

There is a very neat ninja trick:
Redirect Force (Ex) If the ninja has a feat that allows her to attempt a combat maneuver without provoking attacks of opportunity, she can choose to provoke them anyway when she performs that maneuver. If she does so and takes damage from the attack of opportunity, the ninja adds the damage as a bonus on her attack roll instead of as a penalty. Source Champions of Balance

Seems to be the easiest way to get a big bonus (besides True Strike).

So we start out as a Paladin because we want to be an HP tank, and begin with Fey Foundling. We start pretty normal, taking Power Attack at 3, then Improved Bull Rush at 5. Then we dip two levels into Ninja, and take Greater Bull Rush at 7 (assuming you have friends to grant attacks to, when you're not in an arena situation).

You should be pretty good at bull rush, but when you take damage, your bonus likely doubles, if not more.

Rough math at lvl8:
+7 BAB + 4 Feats +3 Str +2 Charging = +16
Opponent's CMD (assuming typical martial) = 10+8 BAB + 5 str +2 Dex = 25.
Assuming they deal 14 damage in an AoO (1d8+5 Str +6 Power Attack) for easy maths, you've got +30 vs 25 CMD. Let's roll a 10, then you beat their CMD by 15, thus pushing them 20ft.

I'm not sure if a weapon's enchantment bonus adds to bull rush, but if not, there's the Dwarven Boulder Helmet, and you can Mercy away the staggered condition when you fix the damage taken from the AoO.

I wonder if there's any way to selectively lower your AC. You want to have a good AC most of the time, until you plan to redirect force.

I considered other maneuvers as well, but Bull Rush is among the only ones that cares how much you win by.

Was about to make a topic about this, but found this one thus raising it.

Does Flurry of Stars only allow you to use Shuriken, or can you toss two Shuriken then make attacks with a melee weapon?

If you're the only one facing that opponent, I don't think the -4 for throwing into melee should apply (although of course by RAW it does).

You could also throw the shuriken at someone who is at range from you, provoking from those in melee with you, and then stick them with your blade. I'll go ahead and make that rules question about Flurry of Stars.

False Opening is an interesting feat that I want to try building around. I'm wary of it since it gives an opponent an option and if they choose not to take it, you gain no benefit whatsoever. It relies on a cooperative DM. Assuming that is the case, you're spending 4 feats on it (including prereqs), which is a hefty fee. As a boon, opponents lose their Dex to AC (if they miss you while you have +4 to hit), on attacks you provoke by using ranged/thrown weapons.

Straight up, I think a swashbuckler can use this feat most easily as an effective weapon thrower, and he has parry/riposte to back himself up. Doesn't gain too much benefit from making the enemy lose dex (no more than others).

So how could this be used in a build with strong Sneak Attack dice, to make the most of it? Perhaps a Ninja that uses Mirror Image?

Side question: If a Ninja uses Flurry of Stars, are they only able to make attacks with shuriken? Or could you toss two stars and take the rest of your stabs with the blade?

If you want to do as well as you would with a lance, why not take the lance and reflavor it as a glaive?

Bonus: If you have Panther Parry (or even if you don't, but it's better if you do), you can attempt a combat maneuver like trip without fear of retribution (unless your opponent has more than one AoO a turn). You could conceivably disarm an opponent of the weapon they're trying swinging at you.

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Chaotic Fighter wrote:

Fair enough you just reminded me of that build.

Well I think they can all work in conjunction. Parry specifically says that it causes the enemy to miss thus provoking snake fang. Panther style is it's own thing not interacting with the others so it doesn't really matter.

I got reminded of something else.

Neat build though.

Anything new in ACG to add to the list?

Phoenix Totem was 65% Yang inspired, may need to add laser pointer some sort of laser distraction ability given today's episode.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

My basic suggestion is to replace Charmed Life with the following ability (also called Charmed Life):

Charmed Life: At 2nd level the Swashbuckler may add her Charisma modifier as a permanent bonus to one of the following options:

The Swashbuckler's Fortitude Save.
The Swashbuckler's Reflex Save.
The Swashbuckler's Will Save.
The Swashbuckler's Initiative.
All Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride, and Swim checks that the Swashbuckler makes.
The Swashbuckler's combat maneuver bonus for one type of maneuver and her CMD to defend against that maneuver.
The number of attacks of opportunity the Swashbuckler can make per turn. This bonus stacks with Combat Reflexes.

At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the Swashbuckler may add their Charisma modifier to another one of the options presented.

The Mysterious Avenger archetype receives another instance of this ability at 4th level instead of 3 uses of the official version of Charmed Life. Racial Favored Class options that currently add +1/4 of a use of the official version of Charmed Life will instead add +1/6 of a new instance of this version of Charmed Life.

This version is actually really good, and I think solves most of the problems with the class all by itself.

Popping in to say A+

For my concept I'd like divine casting going up to at least 6th level spells to have a bigger toolkit. Inquisitor is probably the best choice in that case.

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The Alchemist's alchemy resembles magic more than it does the mundane alchemy. I'd probably exclude it too and just have the Craft (Alchemy) items, else the Alchemist is on another tier entirely.

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Only if the crunch is gamebreaking (in general or in this specific setting). I'm a big fan of reflavoring crunch to suit needs. A samurai is pretty much just a cavalier, a ninja is just a rogue with some magical talent.

Green Smashomancer wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:
Green Smashomancer wrote:
Wait, so 8000 gp nets you the best kind of AC bonus (deflection goes to touch and flat-footed, and stacks with itself right?) off of Charisma? and on a necklace or something? Am I clear about that?
It's a custom magic item, which means it is completely up to the GM's discretion whether you're even allowed to make it, and if so what the price is.
But it is in fact rules legal? And my paladin (or an Oradin) will make better use of that spell than any Witch or Druid anyway. Who has enough cha on a witch or druid to make that worthwhile?

It's probably a level 1 spell because it's only available to classes that make poor use of it. A continuous magic item of it likely should cost more, much like how an item of continuous Mage Armor would be much cheaper than +4 Bracers of Armor.

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On one hand, these powers don't have unified mechanics. On the other hand, show me a totem that does.

Phoenix Totem, Lesser (Su)
The Trailblazer
Benefit: While raging and using the overrun maneuver or charging, the barbarian ignores difficult terrain and allies. The barbarian adds 1d6 fire damage plus an additional 1d6 fire damage per four levels to the attack he makes at the end of his charge, and to all creatures he succeeded his overrun maneuver on.

Phoenix Totem(Su)
Fire burns away impurity
Prerequisite: Barbarian 6, Lesser Phoenix Totem
Benefit: While raging, whenever the Barbarian fails a save and suffers an effect other than damage, he may as an immediate action reroll the save. If he succeeds on the second roll, he negates the effect and deals fire damage to himself equal to his level.

Phoenix Totem, Greater(Su)
What doesn't kill me just is just fuel for my fire
Prerequisite: Barbarian 10, Lesser Phoenix Totem, Phoenix Totem
Benefit: While raging, whenever the barbarian reduces damage that would he would be dealt (whether through damage reduction, energy resistance, or another ability), add the prevented amount as fire damage to your attacks for the duration of this rage (damage from this ability stacks with itself up to your level).

So, Exemplar Brawler -> Battle Herald is looking like a solid new path for this concept.

Comes from my MTG days.

And true regarding teamwork feats. There's Wounded Paw Gambit, but the other good ranged teamwork feat is Target of Opportunity, and that doesn't really combo with animal companions. Maybe Apes could use thrown weapons though, if you give it some Int. Still not that great.

Yeah, it's problematic when you switch stat dependency so late in the game. But you also get to bifurcate your companion, and with the hunter's teamwork feats, that could come in big.

Inquisitor is another option.

What's a good path for being a divine caster and primarily fighting with archery? I'm considering Hunter -> Evangelist (Erastil).

Bill Dunn wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:

There's no point if grousing about it. Not all games are going to enable all concepts out of the box and that's OK.
A dexterous character who wields a rapier is really iconic character concept. It is a failure that hte game do not support that concept (well, perhaps it does now with the ACG, not sure).
Funny, I can make a dexterous character who wields a rapier just fine in PF. He doesn't do as much damage as the greataxe wielding barbarian, but I'm fine with that. Damage isn't everything.

What does he do better than the barbarian, out of curiosity? Does he tank better, or alter reality?

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What would Nora do?


When in doubt, set the fight on the top of a dwarven fortress which is launching into space. Then it runs out of fuel just before breaking atmosphere, and begins hurtling back down.

Using unarmed strike has advantages and disadvantages outside of DPR in comparison to weapons. Being always armed vs. touching burning spiky enemies.
There's also the ability to deliver all of those special per monk level disables, like Idiot Strike/Stunning Fist/Touch of Serenity/Punishing Kick. I know a lot of people knock those abilities for not being as consistent as they are for SAD casters, but they're still very potent control.

Inspire Courage is great. Exemplar only trades the scaling AC bonus, right? You could still keep the base +Wis I think?

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