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Petty Alchemy's page

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Worth clarifying.


Natural attacks are very top heavy, but for reasons mentioned (all at full BAB), take a long time to fall off.

Redemption assumes a lot of time and resources, which is idealistic.

If caravans on the road are being robbed by highwaymen or farms are being raided by goblins, you can send someone to try to reform them. Is it going to work? Maybe on some percentage of them. Is it going to take a long time? Probably, unless you use magical compulsion or threats and make an example of your power.

Killing may not be the ideal solution, but it is an immediate ceasing of Evil. Redemption is for saints, and you don't need to be a saint to be Good.

That's my take on why killing evil creatures is still Good in PF.

Doesn't seem to be clearly defined. I'm expecting just Common +Int.

Elemental Fist allows you to do fire punches (and the chain of Efreeti Style feats will help you follow up). You could also get an Amulet of Mighty Fists with Flaming.

IHIYC is banned for adding too much salt.

As most of the forumgoers will tell you, you can have both fully optimized characters AND real personality. It's true.

Personality is the spark you give the character. It can't be copied, at least not perfectly.

The crunch? That you can copy, and that the boards can provide you. Check out the Guide to the Builds, or RavingDork's character emporium.

Of course, it's hard to guess what you consider fun, and even harder to guess what your players will consider fun. You haven't even told us what module it's for.

You might consider the Aldori Swordlord archetype for Fighter, if that's the path you choose. Steel Net improves your ability to fight defensively.

The Golden Legionnaire PrC improves your ability to play team bodyguard further.

Edit: Are you using pre-errata Crane Wing/Riposte?

Also maths: When fighting defensively you get +2 AC, +1 for 3 ranks in acrobatics, +2 for Cautious, +1 for Crane Style. That's +6, half of that is +3. Not sure how you were sharing +6 with that build, did I miss something?

Yeah, I found myself pretty short on feats, Sap Master and Bat Shape has me spent.

I'm definitely considering Forgotten Trick, I think it's either that, or Darkvision, since darkness would otherwise ruin my ability to SA.

I've taken a look at items, and am compiling them here for reference:

Gloves of Recon: Fantastic, scope out a room before deciding on an entrance plan (or find out that you don't need to enter it). Likewise useful for checking out safes/chests. Might need Darkvision to get best mileage.

Gloves of Apprentice Cheating: Access to two very handy cantrips.

Robe of Infinite Twine: I want to like this. As a Ninja, you could Light Step up twine. On the other hand, twine isn't hard to carry. Plus, getting it secured to point B will be a challenge, barring a caster friend with a flying monkey familiar.

Belt of Tumbling: Can skip it, but 800gp is pretty cheap, and this does a fine job of increasing your odds of tumbling past someone blocking the exit.

Boots of the Cat: Need to jump out a window? You'll live. This item basically says "suck it Slow Fall", since you'll only take 5 damage for a 50ft drop.

Shirts: Quick Runner's as recommended. Honorable mention to All Tool's Vest.

Eyes: Eyes of the Eagle for +5 Perception or Goggles of Minute Seeing for +5 Disable Device, both very relevant bonuses at this level. Spectacles of Understanding are 3k, but they give you Comprehend Languages and +5 to Linguistics for forgery detection, both potentially very useful.

Neck: Hand of the Mage gives you Mage Hand if you can't afford/slot the Apprentice Gloves. By default this is literally a mummified elf hand, so kind of creepy. See if you can get it on a normal necklace.

Cloak of the Hedge Wizard: Another way to get some options, at the opportunity cost of the Cloak of Resist. I like the Illusion/Transmutation varieties best.

That's great, thanks Dead.

Here's my Ninja, mostly finished. Any good gear besides the Hat of Disguise I should keep in mind?

Definitely respect Inquisitor as a powerful pick, but as I mentioned earlier, I'm already running one.

I'm leaning towards a sap master ninja right now.

Was it ever confirmed/denied if Ninjas can take Rogue archetypes if they have all the abilities to be replaced? I searched and found some FAQ'd posts, but didn't see any concrete ruling from Paizo.

Is the goal to club enemies with your gun, or just to engage in melee with it? I believe there are bayonets and other weapon attachments for muskets available.

I've considered making a gunslinger switch-hitter that uses dervish dance as well, though that's if you are willing to put the gun away after firing.

He was a ninja/monk.

Did Torg of the Hawk clan have a skateboarding brother as well?

Jaime Lannister, AKA The Kingslayer? :P
Oberyn does not live long enough to really tell how good he is at intrigue, the man is not subtle. Always asking about when the vengeance will be served.

Easier to make skills class via traits than to eke out additional skill points.

Of course, magic is a powerful tool. It's also relatively easy to detect (and mind that we're capping at lvl3 spells, which keeps most earth-shattering magic out of reach). I am considering wizard however, as a good class for a werebatkin.

It is interesting that you bring up GoT. I actually can't think of any knights that are good at intrigue in GoT. The movers and shakers are people like Varys and Baelish. Who did you have in mind?

Quite a few orders have edicts that might be fairly stick in the mud for this campaign. And I'll be honest, I don't like horses at all.

But I do like the idea of a duelist, I think there's potential in that (so long as it doesn't hog too much spotlight from the party while I have a 1v1 with someone).

Perhaps a Ranger or an ACG Swashbuckler could do well in that role.

I'm not 100% on Monk, but I think it might differentiate me from the spindly nerds/con artists I expect the party to mostly be composed of.

I wouldn't plan on 3rd party, though wall running sounds cool.

Mystic Theurge is an excellent suggestion, though I personally find Paizo's ruling of qualifying with spell-likes somewhat cheesy.

Another idea I have is making a werebat-kin with Bat Shape, which would allow some freedom in infiltration. Doesn't mix particularly well with Monk, however.

I take inspiration from books, or just draw upon my own ridiculous thoughts.

I had a grippli character called Deepbelly, who was a prince among his people. The royalty demonstrates their right to rule by being able to consume the most food. He defeated his siblings in an eating contest to become first in line for the throne.

That probably tells you a lot about the sheltered society he came from and the naivete he carried.

A nifty little document, though somewhat bare. I generally use the 10 minute background, which expands a little more on the points you make.

Homebrew, the DM is a longtime 3.x player but new to PF. For that reason I might expect ACG playtests not allowed, but it's worth considering.

What role does a cavalier/samurai fill in such a campaign?

Books: SRD, no 3rd party.
Races: All SRD with RP equal or less than 15
PB: 25

I expect pretty much everyone will buy a hat of disguise.

So there's an upcoming game I've been invited to. The premise is a shadow war between nobles, with campaigns of sabotage. Leaving a trail of bodies is highly discouraged.

The game will be essentially E6.

The other players are tossing around the same ideas you might expect, rogue/ninja/bard/witch/wiz/sorc, with some smatterings like Urban Ranger and Urban Druid.

I'm wondering what gaps I can fill, assuming social skills will be well covered.

My current idea is a maneuver master monk. I expect good opportunities for grapple->binding, disarm and steal to take objects of importance. Plus with Qinggong I could pick up Gaseous Form or Augury. I could sneak as well as the rest of the party, plus function as a lie detector with a strong Sense Motive.

Any tips for this build? Or any other class you'd suggest for such a campaign? I'm not doing a Heresy Inquisitor since I'm already running one in another game.

Deciding race is also tough. Human is a good choice to not stick out and for the bonus feat, but it's also kind of boring, and lack of darkvision might make any night jobs near impossible.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Of course they do.

Male, hetero.

I've played a wide variety of characters, both male and female, of ages ranging from preteen to middle age (though the vast majority are 20-somethings).

I don't like roleplaying romance though, so I usually make my characters unavailable. Either too focused on the mission (No time for love, Dr. Jones), asexual, or psychologically damaged and unwilling to get too close to anyone.

As for character appearance, a picture is better than words. Usually I make a character first, then get frustrated trying to find the right picture. Sometimes I find the picture first, and make the character to fit.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

1st rule of the Ng Priesthood: Do not talk about the Ng Priesthood.

Man, I just feel so sorry for that wolf. I guess the lesson is, never fall asleep around a Fey Warden.

No feedback?

I guess you could do Dancing Lights as a single target Flare.

Since you want these to be the first vector of the infection: The Mythic Werewolf can expend Mythic Power to inflict lycanthropy with his howl (give it a high range? Or just as far as the howl can be heard?). This curse should be at a lower DC than that inflicted by tooth and claw.

Zeric Grayfist is a gnome monk gestalt, who in his mortal life was twice brainwashed, first by the cult of a demon lord, then by the cult of the God of Magic.

Alignment: Formerly LN, upon apotheosis, CN.

Portfolio: Riddles and Poison

Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Liberation, Magic.

Race: Vishkanya/Nagaji type, but related to Basilisks.

IHIYC is banned for spoiling Game of Thrones.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hoard of Princess's Dresses?

Zombies are pretty boring, how about a ghoul? Unless you just want a big dumb tank.

Edit: For a Mythic Werewolf, how about the ability to spread other curses besides Lycanthropy? An on-hit Bestow Curse.

Currently, Treat Deadly Wounds expends uses from a Healer's Kit, unless you can take -4. The base DC is 20. End result: Heals target 1hp per character level, + your wisdom if you beat the DC by 5 or more. And it takes you an hour.

Too little too late for too much investment, I think. Everyone just gets wands of CLW, as they should. I'm not a big fan of the healstick paradigm though, so I want to buff this.

Here's my take:

Treat Wounds (DC 10, trained only): When treating wounds, you can restore hit points to a damaged creature. Treating wounds restores 25% of the creature's maximum hit points. If you exceed the DC by 5 or more, add your Wisdom modifier (if positive) to this amount.
Time: 5 minutes
Special: Each time a creature has wounds treated, the DC increases by 4 (this is cumulative). The DC resets to 10 after the creature has fully rested (generally 8 hours). You can usually take 10 when Treating Wounds.
Retry: If you fail a Heal check to Treat Wounds, you cannot try again on the same creature until it has fully rested.

By being percentage based, the skill stays relevant into higher levels. Becoming a trained healer allows you to more often fix up allies. 5 minutes per use limits it in dungeons, keeping magical healing useful as it is instant.

Thoughts? I'm open to shifting some numbers around.

Your size bonus is still -1, Agile Manuevers does not change this. Even if it did, I'm not sure why you think your size bonus would be +4.

Oh, definitely.

Edit: Serious response to the "magical" clause Aziraya cites, the first part of the fly skill says "You cannot take this skill without a natural means of flight or gliding". I'd say using a non-magical means to glide means it is a natural one.

Drunken Dragon has it, I was describing Jasnah (it seems there's a movie with a similar scenario though, neat to know). Wasn't sure if there was any spoiler element to it. Shallan is a little soft at that point, I think.

My take is, the lawful way of dealing with it would be petitioning for more guards to be posted in the area, since it's known to be unsafe. The chaotic way is to go through it yourself to draw them out.

I'm a little surprised no one else has thought this might be Good, as it has parallels to classic missions like clearing out goblin warrens.

Perhaps I was not clear, as it seems that the thieves come off as harmless pickpockets, like Disney's Aladdin.

These are men with knives and clubs that'll use them if you don't give them what you want.

Remembering a scene from a book I've read, a character basically goes looking for trouble in order kill some criminals.

She walks through a rough part of town in her finery, and when some armed thugs try their luck, she dispatches them.

Thinking about this in in-game alignment, what sort of action is this? I'm thinking CG, maybe just CN.

True, though that still separates you from your own society (unless you were adopted or such) in some ways.

There's an alternate halfling trait for 30ft speed by the way.

Being tiny/large in a small/medium society can be full of all sorts of challenges as well.
It's something my characters can appreciate in combat, but wouldn't want permanent.

What about the Nosoi? It's a psychopomp, so it helps ensure that the world continues to spin.

It has spiritsense, which means it can detect just about everything within 60ft with pinpoint accuracy, and I'm pretty sure that includes spirits on the ethereal.

It has +17 Stealth, which is alright? Oh wait, it can cast Invisibility (self only) at will.

Plus coolness factor? Yeah, I guess a pygmy dragon alright. But I'll take the songbird in the opera mask (must be made to order I imagine) with perfect handwriting.

Recruitment is mostly used for PbPs, but I think it's correct for any other online format as well.

Likely it's continuous true strike. That's a classic.

If you are trying to kill someone solo with sneak attack, you can use hit-and-run tactics. Combat stops being a race if you are the only one you have to look out for, and you can disengage better than they can pursue you (or you can set up traps in case they do).

RavingDork had a build I thought was pretty fun

Though it is highly dependent on getting that ring.

I'll agree that these seem overloaded.

I'd lower all speeds (including base) to 20ft. Reduce the spell options to cantrips with a single level 1 spell. Cut skill training, there's traits they can take for that. And there's still so much in this race.

This has a lot of similarity to Nagaji, which I consider a well-designed race. Maybe keep it closer to that. You gotta lose some of your animal abilities for opposable thumbs, after all.

lovecheese45 wrote:

I don't know :/ I should have known it would go quickly downhill when he picked a fight with the blacksmith and murdered his wife in front of him and demanded the deed to the shop and the rest of the group was like "yeah, this is ours now".

I remained nice throughout the night as I was invited to their house to play their game.

Good to know shocking can only be on the weapon once. I don't know if the DM doesn't know or does care. He let everyone make their characters on HeroLab and didn't help.

I encountered players like this when I went to my university's game club. New member night, they have various games set up, I join a one-shot game.

Three old members (one is DMing), three potential new members (myself included). We are told about some trouble in the marsh to investigate, so we go. Except the older member playing a Fighter, who decides to sleep with the innkeeper's wife and kill the innkeeper. The other older member (a cat druid) stops fighting the moment the first enemy dies, to eat his kill (leaving us two party members shorthanded).

The rest of us try to go along with the adventure as intended, but I never returned after that.

Some people just have very different ideas about roleplaying. If it doesn't align with yours, try to find another group. I do all of my gaming online nowadays.

I like the Blessing of Fervor version in that you have to choose between several options. Haste is overloaded.

That depends on what you consider best, what are you looking to optimize?

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