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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,440 posts (2,608 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Legend likewise has each class with two good saves (and some classes get to choose, ex. all Rogues have good Reflex, but you can also be a thuggish rogue with good Fort, or a wily rogue with good Will).

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Why's it called "penguin" plotting?

Linked in the first post.

Basically, there's a Batman story in which the Penguin has villainous writer's block. So he starts doing small random things, until Batman and Robin show up to let him know they're onto him (but don't have any evidence yet).

One of the "clues" they pick up was bugged by the Penguin, and he listens in as the World's Greatest Detective plans the entire crime for him. He then executes the crime Batman planned (with a few personal touches).
The DM equivalent is listening to your players "figure it out" from the clues you've dropped, and making them right.

Back behind the DM screen.

The PCs interrupt a dark ritual, but may have been too late. It's not obvious what has happened though, so they try to puzzle it out. They've misread it as a fiend summoned to assassinate a noble.

They've sent a warning ahead, and are racing back to see if they can stop this assassination that wasn't at all on the bad guy's agenda.

I guess it is now though.

16 is perfectly fine for a main stat, but you'll usually see 18s/20s on SAD characters such as casters. Martials can't afford to dump any physical stats though.

If there were a Pathfinder 2, I wonder if it would build on the Unchained variants as core aspects.

Zolanoteph wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Verminous archetype.

I've always wanted to play one. I mean, ALWAYS. Is the consensus that it would actually perform well?

My gut reaction is that vermin companions suck mechanically but the vermin focuses (especially fast healing) go a very long way to make up for it.

I'm also torn on weather or not this archetype pidgeonholes you into melee because of the lack of a DEX focus or if perhaps you could make a solid ranged build around a composite bow. Think about it... Start with a lackluster 12 STR, slap on your strength focus and now you're at 14 and can use a composite 2 bow.


I've always wanted to play one too, here's my theorycraft. A lot of the vermin love to grapple, and there's a Teamwork feat about grappling together, so it seems like a natural marriage.

You could keep a bow around and be a switch-hitter, but I'd make melee my focus for this archetype. Get to some squishy caster type and put your leech hands around them (as well as your actual giant leech).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Verminous archetype.

Hex Vulnerability removes the once per day gating on friendly hexes, so that's probably why it feels like that. Else he'd have to pick his fights for Fortune.

Errant Mercenary wrote:
insaneogeddon wrote:
Or you could just soak your fists in the average alchemists urine ..
Bottle it and sell it. High for DAYS guaranteed.

Unfortunately the half-life is pretty short.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Make up quirks that drive a character to interact with the world, rather than ones that close them off from it (Nega-example: "Does not speak to commoners").

1: Tries his best to be friends with everyone, no matter how much the other person may hate him.

2: Carves his name into nearby walls/trees whenever he's idle.

3: Buys and wears the garb in fashion of whatever land he travels to.

I suggest the bow because the technology level in Pathfinder is considerably less that of Starcraft, there's a lack of high powered sniper rifles and the mechanics make firearms best at close range.

The longbow has the best range increment (110ft) to the Musket's 40ft (and loses any advantage beyond that, plus has a cap of 5 increments rather than 10 as the Longbow does). If you can use advanced firearms, the Rifle is a little better off (80ft increment, can go to 10).

I'm used to reflavoring mechanics as needed, but if you need it to be a gun, I can accept that.

You could also try a longbow archer Inquisitor. They can cast Invisibility I believe, and Flame Strike.

Arachnofiend wrote:
How easy is "easier than ever"?

I'm not going to apologize for how poorly written this short may be. Hopefully it serves to give an idea.

Blah blah:

Around him, the clash of steel as his comrades engaged the bandits falling upon the caravan. In front of him, the Bandit King. A foot taller than him, draped in furs and jewels, the man could be mistaken for a noble if not for all the scars.

The guard sucks in a breath, and rushes forward with a battle cry. His slashes are blocked by efficient shield work. Then his sword is wedged in the shield, and a moment later the heavy blade comes down, severing his sword hand.

He marvels at the sight as pain lances through his arm, then the wind is out of him as he's kicked in the gut and sent sprawling.
The Bandit King advances. He glances around desperately, ready to give anything. But the other guards cannot get to him, and no one has yet died, no dead soul to bargain into servitude, as he has seen others do before.

Then the blade is above him, and he flinches, raising his arm to shield himself. If only I still had my sword hand!. There's a hissing sound like air escaping from a balloon, as his hand and blade reappear at the stump, transparent with a silver glimmer. As the Bandit King's sword connects with the phantom blade, it corrodes and rusts. As he slashes the phantom blade forward, a black rot spreads through the Bandit King, and comes bubbling out of his mouth as the giant of a man drops to his own knees.

The guard tries to steady himself to rise, but the other arm hangs limply at his side, his fingertips blackening as the dead blood begins to pool. With every beat of his heart, his dying arm responds with a faint tingle and nothing else. He runs away, for there is no going back for him now.

I do like the idea of a manipulator expert enough to trick others into invoking the magic for his gains. That could be a great main villain, with other villains beneath him.

By RAW, nah. I'd probably carry it in something that can be sealed, just to be safe though.

One thing you could do is make it a lesser version of Lich Dust. Hope he washes his hands before eating.

I really like the wraith parasols. The others could make some interesting encounters, though not villains themselves.

I'll try to look into Ghostwalk/Carrion Crown, but these aren't books I have.

I know some people are for White Necromancers (and I have no inherent problem with that), but in this setting it is inherently evil. Those angry mobs are the PC's backup, if they can be mustered.

I've been entertaining the thought of DMing, and when I mentioned this to my group, my DM sent me a character sheet on the same day.

I think it's a sign that he needs a break and wants to play.

That said, I was only in the rough draft phase, and only have one villain prepared. I need ideas for more.

Necromancy was a dead magic, but no more. The art is back, and it's easier than ever. One need not magical training/inclination to invoke it, so long as they have the will and something to trade. Thus the quick rise of many necromancers and hordes of undead.
The roads have become unsafe, and the lines of communication broken. Barons and dukes have become less cooperative as they worry about their own people/crops. The Gods grant spells to their most faithful, but are otherwise distant. It's up to the PCs to find a way to seal off the magic once more.

My first villain is a minor noble who is trying to kill the sun so he can discard his mortal husk and become a wraith.

I need some other villains, mostly mortals and undead, but other types that would fit into this world (perhaps fey) would be interesting too.

I don't need fully formed concepts, any ideas you'd like to share of undead/necromancer villains (perhaps ones you've encountered or run) would be great.

I'm excited for this!

My initial impression is that variant multiclassing will be stronger for casters than martials, because they have fewer necessary feats. 2handers can get away with it, but everything else is pretty intensive.

Meanwhile, a wizard can snag hexes without really missing out on anything.

Question: Will Stamina be a closed system, or will we see new content (feats/archetypes/rabbits that affect stamina) for it as well?

Welcome to the forums. We've got a Homebrew section, I've tagged your thread for relocation.

My experience in gestalt is that one half for combat is generally enough. It's certainly tempting to do some super combat, but using the second half for breadth can result in greater overall satisfaction.

So even if you can't cast your spells while raging, you can have a bunch of utility to contribute before/after combat.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

...because it's a gateway mechanic to more sordid methods of combat, like spellcasting.

Offensive Defense doesn't stack on itself, but it does apply against everyone.

The Rogue's Favored Terrain talent is superior to the Ranger's though, one of the few places the rogue can steal another class's thunder. Irrelevant unless you become a Horizon Walker though.

icantfallasleep wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:

Nikolai is a human crossbow fighter, seeking an artifact (in desert ruins) that can remove the curse of desolation on his now-artic homeland.

He has sought out a well-known archaeologist and requested aid (which has been agreed to), but the archaeologist will focus on any problem directly in front of him and continuously gets sidetracked, the current issue is dealing with gnoll pups made orphans by the party (which Nikolai doesn't care about).

How should he proceed?

Please select a number between 1 and 9 for the reveal of your Role Card. :)

Whoops! The number is 4.

Hey Rynjin, I generally like your posts, but I don't think we need to accuse people that may think differently of inexperience.

So it's either meant to be super powerful or essentially useless.

What do you guys thing would be a fair version of this feat? (Or is the current version fair to you?)

Nikolai is a human crossbow fighter, seeking an artifact (in desert ruins) that can remove the curse of desolation on his now-artic homeland.
He has sought out a well-known archaeologist and requested aid (which has been agreed to), but the archaeologist will focus on any problem directly in front of him and continuously gets sidetracked, the current issue is dealing with gnoll pups made orphans by the party (which Nikolai doesn't care about).

How should he proceed?

Much like 3.x/PF, your casting stat doesn't really matter if you avoid offensive spells (those with saves, and in 5e those with attack roles as those use the casting stat). You don't miss out on bonus slots in 5e for having a worse casting stat either.

So the Valbard could still be a good option for you.


The spiritual successor. 3.0 is followed by 3.5 is followed by Pathfinder, but not by 4e.

It is fair to say that in terms of WOTC product succession, 3.5 IS followed by 4e. But it doesn't play like 3.5, while Pathfinder does.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So except for the difference, there is no difference.

Just because they use the same power structure doesn't make the powers interchangeable.

It seems akin to saying that since clerics and wizards are both lvl9 prepared casters, you can just give clerics the wizard spell list and proceed without problems.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

How is a Cavalier similar to a Ranger? Both are full BAB classes that have a pet and buff their allies. A ranger could have an animal companion mount and freebooter's bond, and they're doing the same thing.

You could trade favored enemy/freebooter's for tactician, just like you claim you can with 4e powers.

If you thought all powers were the same except for the stat they used though, and that you could just swap them freely between classes, I don't think there's much to be done to convince you. They did have different powers, which is more than can be said for the wizard/sorc.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

5e DOES have Feats, and they are excellent.

Can we really say bloodlines are a Pathfinder aspect? 4e had Dragon/Wild Sorcs.

To clarify, "old-school feel" for me means I don't feel like I need tons of magic items/gold to succeed in 5e. Thanks to the bounded numbers, the big 6 aren't that taxing.

Also, I think 5e's rogue is my favorite incarnation of the class yet.

Edit@Dunn: Radiant = Positive is pretty much just a flavoring change. Fair point about weapon sizes I guess. I was referring to the major issues though. There's no coaxing healing surges out in combat, only in the 1hr long short rest.

Dave Justus wrote:
Hear the lamentations of their familiars and animal companions.

Easy enough, since you voice them.

I don't get why some people think 4e was so homogenous, classes were distinct from one another with the themes their powers supported. I'd say a Fighter and Barbarian were more different than they are in 3.x.

I don't see 5e drawing much from 4e at all though. It solves the "Stand Still and Full Attack" problem differently, now you can move as you like, as opposed to 4e which did away with multiple attacks entirely (except the ranger).

It's not a successor to 4e anymore than it is to 3.5.

I'd say it's a successor to 2e, but I've never actually played that (so I won't say it). It has "old-school" feel to me, based on what people ramble about.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait, hold on, let's refocus. What's the goal of this topic?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also keep in mind that sometimes CRs are wonky, because they expect players to have access to a certain resource which in fact they may not.

Ex. Shadows. Players are likely expected to have some areas of sunlight, because Shadows are crazy good for their CR if their vulnerability isn't used.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Rhedyn wrote:
If your fighter turns into a unicorn after every critical hit because the GM said so, then that is RAW.

RAW = Rules As Written.

Thus not quite. Unless, I suppose, your GM takes a sharpie to his Player's Handbook.

There's also Fortification armor and the hilarious Flanking Foil feat.

I had a cursed kitsune (actually a tiefling) maneuver master monk.

He manifested his blackened ki into an orb, which he would use for dirty tricks (ex. launching shadow tendrils to entangle someone, rather than pulling down their trousers).

I enjoyed using dirty tricks without feeling silly about it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Sick hat, bro.

If your players don't feel emotionally invested in their characters, that's something you should discuss with them.

Death costs just put you into a sort of negative spiral.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
What is a really good rogue talent?
Offensive Defense is good. (I don't think the nerf FAQ is technically official yet - though it'd still be pretty decent.)
How could there be a nerf FAQ for that talent?

Two things -

1. Making it so that multiple sneak attacks don't stack.

2. Making it only works against the target of the SA. (I have this amusing idea in my head of a rogue with a bandolier of blinded mice to jack up his AC with. I'd never abuse the rule so - but the idea makes me chuckle.)

Uh, isn't 1 how it already works? It stacks with other Dodge bonuses, but dodge bonuses from the same source don't stack on themselves I believe.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've banned rogues from my games because they're too videogamey.

They try to bypass every challenge by rolling a skill check with some absurd bonus.

Why can't they just ROLEplay instead of ROLLplay, or be creative and use magic to triumph (edit: as Gygax intended)?

Dedicated Voter 2015

Congrats Monica! Next year's big voting stage thread won't be the same without you!

While I agree with the point Jiggy has been making, I also agree that the "mass murderer" bit is uncalled for. There are plenty of other less offensive analogies that could've been used to make the same point.

I wish this was more facts/myths about posters, like Kobold Cleaver did :(

Real flight allows a number of challenges to be circumvented. Of course, if flight is common in your world (such that pretty much everyone is expected to fly), it could work.

Getting way specific is what archetypes are for. Full classes usually have multiple build options.

Anyway, looks like a very rough draft. Balancing is a sort of fine-tuning step, we can't really say how this compares to other classes accurately until you've got a more complete draft.

What's the essence of the arcane archer that you're trying to capture?

Looks like it's his way to get rid of CLW wands, which implies he wants longer adventuring days and to free the Cleric's slots for other spells.

It's "overpowered", but not in a way that trivializes the encounters themselves. CLW Wands trivialize healing between encounters anyway. I think it's fine, really, if that's what he wants to do.

I'd be interested in a feat that made no armor viable for classes besides Monk. Something that doesn't stack with those class features, and gives a measure of protection based on your armor proficiency.

Sentinel also makes you a tank, yes. However, it's a feat. Feats are huge in 5e. There's a big opportunity cost paid.

The DR feat is excellent early game, but is overcome by any type of magic, so it scales very poorly.

Using Frenzy when raging is optional. Frenzy is honestly my least favorite type of barbarian, but it gives you that extra boost when you need it.

Adding casting stat to damage isn't automatic. Dragon Sorcs do it with their element, Warlocks do it with EB with an invocation. Else you're not getting anything besides the dice.

I haven't tested play past level 5 yet, but I often see the best spells coming with Concentration to gate them. Hold Person (which is still great) makes our Warlock have to drop Hex, or save opening with Hex to start with Hold.

Fighters don't at any point become the best trippers/grapplers, unless they aren't pure Fighter. Feats don't give them any edge that others can't also get.

I find it very difficult to call tiers at this point.

But I gotta say, Barbarians as mediocre?

Rage doesn't have penalties. And you don't mention that Barbarians take half damage from all physical sources while raging (or essentially all sources with Bear Totem). That's huge. You're basically doubling your effective HP.

The Barbarian's Unarmored Defense is not only totally badass, it also literally allows the highest armor class in the game (I'll confess I haven't looked at the DMG so I'm not sure if there are magic items that mess with the calculation). But with maxed Dex and Con, plus a shield, nothing tops your AC.

Reckless Strike helps you draw aggro by both helping you hit, and incentivizing enemies to swing at you when you are otherwise massively tanky. If they have advantage against you anyway, then it equalizes the battle for free.

Small shoutout to getting advantage on pretty much all Dex saves and Initiative. No biggie.
Personal Barbarian Experience:
I've seen a Frenzy Barb destroy a dragon hardcore. I've played a Wolf Totem barbarian and enabled my allies like crazy.
The Ranger does look underwhelming because a fair amount of mechanics are dedicated to "fluff" abilities, mostly provided by the Outlander background anyway. But I haven't seen it in play.
Casters: Concentration really reigns them in a fair amount. Can't stack buffs (and certain offense spells), damage can make you lose it anyway (especially for those that don't have Con proficiency and have to pay a feat tax to get it, if feats are even being used).
Fighter Edit: I assume you mean they are the undisputed kings of the maneuvers that only they get access to? Because fighters aren't the best at tripping/grappling.

They do get more attacks than monks though.
Monk: 2 attacks, flurry bonus action 2 attacks
Fighter: 4 attacks, TWF (or Polearm Master or whatever else) bonus action 1 attack. Potentially Riposte for a Reaction attack.

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