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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,598 posts (2,766 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Kthulhu wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
I have never seen a GM allow 3.x material in a PF game, nor would I ever recommend it. They shall not mix.
Pathfinder IS 3.x material. It's just a set of house rules for 3.5. Hell, most of the errata in Pathfinder publications for the first few years were simply places where they copy-pasted the SRD and forgot to replace some 3.5 term with it's Pathfinder equivalent.

It's like asking to use 3.0 Haste.

I have never seen a GM allow 3.x material in a PF game, nor would I ever recommend it. They shall not mix.

I don't like when Golarion flavor is stitched into mechanics.. I don't know the setting well, I never play in published settings, it's always homebrew.

I dislike it when people aren't willing to reflavor mechanics that would otherwise work. Especially traits.

"My character has spent years doing a thesis on aberrations, which explains his +2 trait bonus to Dungeoneering."
"Actually, the trait is called Snake Hater. Your character just really hates snakes, that's why he has +2 to Dungeoneering. Why does he hate snakes so much?!"

Edit: Woah, just noticed that this thread was necromanced from '13.

It's a lot easier to plan around them when you control all the characters, especially if they all fill the same role.

But for individual characters, they have their own planned builds with their own planned styles.

Ex. Paired Opportunists + Broken Wing is good, but it's not something everyone has the space for, or a tactic they'll favor.

Brother Fen wrote:
Coltron wrote:

I am just going to go the other way with this. We are playing every day this week(nothing else to do really). I am going to have every new character be the following, hopefully he gets the message since talking to him doesn't work.

Dhamphir: -2 con
Sorc- d6, 3hp/lv (half is hs rule)
7 starting con

7hp @ lv5

Contrasting my last character:

Dwarf: +2 con
Uc monk: d10, 5hp/lv
Favored class 1hp/lv
18 starting con(not including racial)
Toughness 1hp/lv
Item: +2 con

60hp @lv 5(I was one shot by a charge atk hit on 30 to ac)

Why aren't you starting at level one and building a character properly from the ground up? It sounds more like you and your GM are playing World of Warcraft as opposed to a roleplaying game.

My question is what is the backstory to the two scenarios you have described? Did the GM attempt to build a story in the world or just set you down and start throwing monsters at you?

And in your second example, how can you fail a perception check when something is knocking down trees?

It sounds like your GM doesn't know how to run the game.

Somehow TC, I don't think enabling him is going to get the message you want across.

I don't begrudge people for starting at higher levels though. Lvl1 is the most deadly, especially when you have no party to stabilize you. And a lot of people are tired of giant rats in a cellar or goblin/kobold warren.

The Ranger is also good for summoning a horde of wolves/fey.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It does seem like the game is less about a story than it is a way to murder you with whatever tactic he fancies.

If you can GM without spite, I suggest you take a turn and run the kind of game you would enjoy playing in. Maybe he'll take inspiration when he realizes the objective isn't to kill the PC.

Or maybe he can't have fun unless he has a chance (or in those examples, a certainty) to kill the PC. In which case, yeah, don't play under him again.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

IHIYC, I love you, but doesn't it seem weird to talk about skipping the details of a conversation and saying others have tunnel vision?

Yup, from the first paragraph it seems you think RPG game tiers are like fighting game tiers.

I'm getting a sense of deja vu here.

One of the things I notice in most games I play in (and sometimes the ones I run) is that sometimes there'll be a thieves guild (usually to antagonize the PCs), a church (for the divine PCs to have meaningful interactions, provide restorative spells), often times a mage's guild (for the arcane PCs to have meaningful interactions, copy spells from). But it's hard to write in some sort of martial guild.

You can put in a mercenary group, but the PCs usually aren't looking to hire, they're the heroes of the story after all.

So what kind of organization would you like to encounter when you're playing a martial character (or have enjoyed encountering in games)? What quests could this guild/dojo offer?

What if you could broaden your skill at this organization, like Wizards can copy spells, a character with all martial weapons could spend some time (and gold) to learn an exotic weapon, or expand Weapon Focus to another weapon?

Dedicated Voter 2015

Sillicis Review:

Name made me think of Sicily. It's a fine concept, however, what makes them CR 7? They sound like revenants, but it's not clear how intelligent they are. I think they have some cool story elements, but either expand on the threat they pose besides swinging a sword, or shift to CR 2-3.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Good feedback, thanks. I should've included some deeper thoughts on their mechanics for combat for it to be complete as a pitch.

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Loren Pechtel wrote:
Liranys wrote:

From something that actually happened in one of my 1-sthot convention games:

I'm just that Charming: Seduce the BBEG at the end of the module.

the PC used a simple Charm Person spell and I rolled a 1 on the save... Talk about anticlimactic end to a module.

Just because they like you doesn't mean their machinations are stopped.

"Because you are my friend, I will wait for you to move out of the way before I activate the Doom Cannon."

The other thing is, being tutored heavily in music doesn't mean you have to use it in combat, no more than you use art. Get some Craft/Perform ranks and pick the class you want. Maybe Ranger.

SmiloDan wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
My understanding from another forum is that in general, the game expects a day that goes 2 encounters, short rest, 2 encounters, short rest, 2 encounters, long rest to allow all classes to shine, but I'm finding it hard to design more than 2-3 encounters a day (just to pack that many baddies into a single day).
Maybe try waves of enemies? Like reinforcements show up 1d12 rounds after combat starts? Or while most of the guards are fighting, another one begins releasing wardogs from their cages?

Doesn't work for the short rest recharge people, since that takes an hour. Right now they're just kind of inferior to long rest recharge, since it's hard to design to allow them both to shine.

My understanding from another forum is that in general, the game expects a day that goes 2 encounters, short rest, 2 encounters, short rest, 2 encounters, long rest to allow all classes to shine, but I'm finding it hard to design more than 2-3 encounters a day (just to pack that many baddies into a single day).

I think a more interesting way to play this would be a character that believes magic is going to die soon, and the people need to start figuring out how to replicate magic.

Unless he's from some super-future where tech is advanced enough to replicate magic, it doesn't really make sense.

Athaleon wrote:
Athlete majoring in Communications because they have to pretend to be there for acdaemic reasons: Barbarian

Greataxe, great communicator.

143: Loves to play matchmaker.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Tothric wrote:
Mikko Kallio wrote:

The name describes it well, but I don't recommend alliterative names. L is not an abbreviation Paizo uses, but it's no bit deal as this is just a pitch and we're mainly looking at ideas. I like how you've reflavored spells as abilities, but it needs a unique ability or two so you can better show your rules-fu. An ooze that sprays acid and smells bad is an ok concept, but for RPGSS, you probably need a more unique concept. There are already lots of different types of oozes out there and this one isn't different enough to stand out.

Publish: Maybe, needs tweaks
RPGSS: Probably not, not different enough from other oozes

You know Mikko, I realized that L thing IMMEDIATELY after hitting post.

Thank you for the review. :-)

You can edit posts for 1 hour I believe. Won't help in RPGSS, but handy otherwise.

Depends on if having harder encounters would increase happiness. Try a few and get feedback.

Anyway, I wouldn't say you're too soft for not making every encounter life threatening.

Edit: I used to make every encounter life threatening. Those campaigns did not last very long.

I mean, it's all kinds of badass to say:

"Got me in the heart that time. Not bad. Now do it six more times before I cut your head off."

Pathfinder isn't the system that evokes that for me, but I would not complain if it became that kind of system.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:

My thoughts exactly, Seerow.

I'm okay if you want to say that your meatiness surpasses all sorts of realism, and a mace to the face that would tickle the brainmeats of a lower level person only leaves a small scratch on yours (despite the blow being as hard and accurate as it is to the lower level person).

But if that's the case, I'd want more mundane badassery in the system. Sufficiently high jump checks to get a fly speed (as in Legend) for example.

I don't know for sure that I'd want to grant a Fly Speed from jump checks, but I'm totally fine with upper-mid-level Athletic characters getting jumps comparable to Goku in Dragonball and High Level ones getting jumps comparable to the Hulk.

[Also including rules for being able to attack mid-jump. That's an aspect of the rules that's sorely lacking in my book. By pure RAW you can't even jump-charge a flying opponent for a single smack.]

In Legend, the upper tier jump (and climb, actually) checks allow you to effectively fly for 1-3 rounds. But it's a lot harder to boost your skill checks in that system, whereas in Pathfinder you can easily get high skill bonuses very early.

It might work better ala Unchained skill unlocks.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My thoughts exactly, Seerow.

I'm okay if you want to say that your meatiness surpasses all sorts of realism, and a mace to the face that would tickle the brainmeats of a lower level person only leaves a small scratch on yours (despite the blow being as hard and accurate as it is to the lower level person).

But if that's the case, I'd want more mundane badassery in the system. Sufficiently high jump checks to get a fly speed (as in Legend) for example.

wakedown wrote:
For example, I see Forrest Gump as having Profession (fisherman) with decent ranks, so he could go on and on about shrimping boats like he was a trained scholar in them.

How about Profession (Lawyer) or Spellcraft? In Pathfinder your "Gump" could easily have either or both.

People vary in what they think of ability scores.

Some people think that Int 7 makes someone a simpleton.

Others think it makes them a mere 10% less likely to know the answer to a question compared to the average person.

Why I have difficulty seeing HP as straight up Meat Points.

A swing with a greatclub for 20 damage will turn a level 1 character into paste, while a lvl 20 character would only get bruised.

Is the swing different relative to the HP of the character? Does it crush the skull of the lvl1, but against a lvl20 it just bumps an elbow? Theoretically nothing changed about the swing. But the characters are also still just made of the same meat, aren't they?
Edit: Basically for HP = Meat Points to work for me, HP would never scale.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Not an Orphan
Created a PC whose parents weren't tragically killed.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Temporary buffs and conditional bonuses.

Illustrated here.

I like to people give the gist of their speech. Good diplomacy rolls mean that the character is savvy enough to present what the player wants in the best possible way for his audience.

Sort of like "You ask him to open the gate like you said, and your character can tell this gatekeeper appreciates politeness so you exchange pleasantries first and make your request in a humble manner."

Choose the Water Patron which allows you to go Water Elemental, I think that spell eventually gets you like +8 Con.

If you go Aberrant Bloodrager, you can be an Aboleth.

How about Quantum Dragons?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Don't be too harsh on paranoid players. We're paranoid because we've been burned in the past.

Never forget to check the ceiling...

Dedicated Voter 2015

The monsters in your example (except maybe the Bokrug? Never heard of it) usually aren't used because the PCs don't get high enough level to face them.

Second Wind (Fighter class ability) is a bonus action in 5e.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A Monk's Martial Arts has a built in Flurry-lite, an improved TWF without ki cost.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Stage Hands:

I love the name. I agree that the CR seems very high for a special effects bot. I'd recommend reducing the slams to 1 or 2, even if it has more hands. Unfortunately there are very few circumstances in which you could really encounter a Stage Hands. I'd like it more if it was smaller, and maybe in the CR 3. I'm also not sure if this is an intelligent construct or not. I hope it's at least capable of saying "Eh, it's a living!".

@Curaigh: Thanks for the review!
The rot is core to their suffering and to their offensive capability.
If you put the rot on nose/ears, they can't really do much to anything until it gets to the arms. It could be interesting to have a more-or-less helpless version of the creature though, if you want to see how the PCs react. Maybe they'd try to cure it, maybe they'd kill it to end its pain/prevent it becoming fully rotted.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I think both are exceedingly unlikely, because how are these low level characters going to find this ideal high CR that they can take out.

You make a good point about T's spines, but there are other high CR creatures that don't have any answer for anyone using elevation against them. Maybe I shouldn't have editted in the Tarrasque, but I think you got my point regardless.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I play entirely on VTTs, and don't have a scanner. Or macaroni.

I'm not going to derail this thread with a discussion of which pasta is better than which, everyone has their own preferences and there's no wrongbadpasta.

Liz has posted good links, I use the first two regularly.

Fair point that in 5e, Rogues are actually skill kings/queens and are better at them in a meaningful way than most other classes.

The hivemind minions with one roll for the group is a GM decision rather than the RAW of it.

The other scenarios (walking through a warzone unscathed, finding a lvl 27 minion at lvl 1) are statistically insignificant.

I don't remember if the book explains this, but minions should always be relative to the PCs. Something lvl 27 should never be represented as a minion for lvl 1 PCs.

Counter exploit: Find a high CR monster without flight or long range attacks, whittle it down from a height it can't reach, gain a ton of exp.
Or drink a potion of Fly so it truly has no chance of climbing up to where you are.

Edit: The Tarrasque is a favored example for a creature that has no answer to flight unless the person is flying low enough for it to jump to his level.

ryric wrote:

Yeah the discussion yesterday about +X bonuses, bounded accuracy, and monster creation was actually very civil and productive. People had different ideas but there was no belittling the opposition or vitriol. I really enjoyed the discussion even if I didn't agree with everything that was being said.

If minions were ported over I'd want to see them vastly revised from their 4e version. 4e minions seemed like these weird "slightly out of phase with reality" monsters from the Far Realm to me - they are either perfectly healthy, or dead. AoE spells, which normally are your best bet against a bunch of mooks, don't work very well on them because they all have effective Evasion. They don't roll damage so every hit from them is exactly the same - I dunno, they just gave me a weird vibe of not quite using the same physics as a normal person.

I had no problem abstracting minions.

It's like James Bond ducking behind cover and taking each goon out with a single shot, but still needing to respect that they could very well shoot him back and it would hurt (unlike say, the damage a lvl 1 archer would do to a level 10 archer).

You've got the guys the heroes can stab through the heart or behead in one hit without it feeling like beating up harmless kittens.

The damage had no roll because it presumably there were a bunch of minions to roll for. I think you could easily fix it, ie if the minion hits with a longsword for 11 damage, that's essentially 1d8+7.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lemmy wrote:
Is this flow of "Ask <insert forum member> all your questions here" threads a new meme or something?

If it is, where's mine? :|

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
SmiloDan wrote:
Bison are endangered? They serve them up in burger form all over around here....

The best way to make something NOT endangered is to let people know that it's delicious and not freakishly hard to keep as livestock.

No one thinks that cows, pigs, chickens, goats, or sheep are anything like endangered.

Oh yes, we're conservationists for all the right reasons.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think those systems are less reliant on the items, which is kind of what's being proposed by baking in the flat numbers you're expected to get. Not that I've played the ones you've referenced.

But a +5 weapon is basically +10 enh to Str, so it rather matters if you have it or not.
True that CR is best used as a guideline, but it's better to have it than not. When you're leafing through the MM to find some baddies to use for your lvl 6 party, you can instantly tell if the monster is too strong/too weak.

ryric wrote:
Ideally I'd want a system where your 13th level barbarian or fighter or ranger can have a masterwork weapon, a +1 weapon, or a +5 frost keen holy demon bane weapon, depending on the flavor of the campaign, and the math would work regardless. Perhaps some sort of sliding scale CR system where PCs with more or less magical gear face different challenges.

It would have to be a very complex sliding scale to be accurate, it's not only how much gold you have, but what percentage of that gold is combat stat items vs. non-combat stat items. If it checks what the enh bonus of your weapon/armor is, you might as well just bake those numbers into the system, no?

Catfolk is a good suggestion, since you're in a fantasy world and there's not a good weapon option to imitate claws.

Of course, if you want to focus on the whip, a bard could actually be a fitting choice as well.

The Dance of Ruin is so powerful, it's crazy strong if they can Dance while flying. I think it makes sense that they have to land for it, though text should be more clear.

Cleru wrote:
Why a Guard Dog when you can have Combat trained Bison (CR4 creature) for 75gp?

Unfortunately, they're endangered. The consequences could be dire.

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