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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,269 posts (2,404 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Dedicated Voter 2015

I think it is common knowledge that crows are murders (just as lions are a pride).

Specifically I like your adaption of bead-eyes to stud-eyes, explaining why it is indeed studded leather a little better. Didn't mean to transfer too much of the credit from Jaragil. I liked his use of Leather in the title as well, more evocative than just "Armor".

Dedicated Voter 2015

I really like the Murder Swarm edit, especially for the visuals. With a name like that though, I almost expect an interaction with Sneak Attack.

Edit: I don't really like the "Swarm" in the name though. Maybe Murderflock or something like that.

Human Commoner 1

Remind me, why aren't you playing Aeshuura?

At the mention of shopping, I think I've just got the 10gp from my background available. Once we come into some funds, I'd want to buy the kits I'm proficient with and lack (forgery, disguise), and a hand crossbow (unless we get into more open conflict, in which case concealment matters little and I'd go for a longbow).

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks, words like that motivate me to keep it coming!

Page 7

Rod of Gravimetric Attraction
Expect: Cause two objects to suddenly shoot at each other.
Impression: Neutral. The words aren't boring, but I don't know what "Gravimetric" is, so I'm assuming it's just gravity+metrics. What do metrics have to do with magic items?

Kudzu Wrap
Expect: Rapid growing plant armor.
Impression: Kudzu is super cool. Great name that tells me what I'm getting without using boring words.

Ring of Remembrance
Expect: Either a memento (what's the function then) or something to improve memory.
Impression: Sounds like an interesting item for a book, but not for a game.

Clangoring Chime
Expect: A wondrous item. Maybe the chime is on a rod or staff? It's gonna keep people up all night.
Impression: Interesting, but not captivating. Seems out of place outside of the wondrous item section.

Counter Shield
Expect: Block with the shield, get an AoO on the oppponent.
Impression: Flat name, not very interested.

Vestment of the Twin Soul
Expect: A robe that got converted into armor for this contest. For effect: Something that can tank death effects for you, maybe confuse scrying attempts?
Impression: "Twin Soul" sounds cool, but if this is armor, vestment falls short (I'm aware of the magic vestment spell).

O-yoroi of the Eternal Flame
Expect: Eastern armor that I'm unfamiliar with, fire damage and resist.
Impression: Eternal Flame is kinda cool, but O-Yoroi turns me off.

Freebooter's Longcoat
Expect: A wondrous item turned armor. Smuggle stuff?
Impression: Interesting for a wondrous item, misplaced outside of it.

Dagger of Dretch Dominion
Expect: Exactly what it says on the tin. Command Dretches.
Impression: Utilitarian, not an overdone concept, but not an exciting one either. I've never wanted to command dretches, a lot of games never even see the buggers.

Corpse Thicket Javelin
Expect: A javelin that turns dead bodies into vegetation.
Impression: Interesting name, could be fit together better though.

Ghastly Plate
Expect: Spooky heavy armor. Probably painted black.
Impression: Short and simple, kind of interesting. Could tell me more though.

Rod of Eldritch Horror
Expect: A rod for those that miss the Alienist PrC.
Impression: Kind of interesting, but also kind of feels like a cop-out to just say "Eldritch Horror" instead of describing it with a less used phrase. Can you imagine a shopkeeper saying "Oh yes, I also have this Rod of Eldritch Horror, 5% off!"?

Dreaming Star
Expect: Shuriken or Starknife that, uh, I'm not sure what it'll do.
Impression: A+ name would flip directly to item after seeing in table of contents.

Lash of Wild Roses
Expect: How do murderhobos express affection? By whipping you with a magically enchanted bouquet.
Impression: It's a cool name, makes me want to check out the item.

Foe Stitcher
Expect: A piercing weapon that ties enemies together.
Impression: Solid name, think it would be better as one word, or maybe hyphenated.

Dedicated Voter 2015

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I likewise was looking forward to seeing the Top 100, and I don't think it necessarily detracts from the advancing contenders.

I'm fine with not seeing it this year, and we can collect data to see if it did increase engagement on the other rounds of the contest (beyond average growth in engagement) or if there's enough activity to go around for both.

Human Commoner 1

You're doing great.

I especially appreciate all the help contextualizing, since I'm not too familiar with Golarion as a setting (beyond the pantheon).

Dedicated Voter 2015

2 people marked this as a favorite.

When looking at any map, I always ask: Could this be improved by lava? Could this be improved by launching it into space?

And it seems you've answered one of those questions already with: "Yes". I like it.

Dedicated Voter 2015

2 people marked this as a favorite.

*sound of my mind being blown by how awesome this is*

How glorious.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Russ Brown wrote:

Every time I see this thread, I read it as the "Eat My Item" Thread.

Sorry, please continue.

I'd prefer it if the creator of Honeycomb Cuirass made that particular topic.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Page 5

Aegis of the Martyr
Expect: A shield that'll make me shield others.
Impression: Aegis is a cool word, but I don't like Martyr. Overall neutral.

Blade of Unabating Wounds
Expect: Cursed wounds that can't be healed/regenerated until there's some purification.
Impression: Not too exciting, utilitarian (though a little more edge than some other utilitarian names).

Chakram of Cyclic Existence
Expect: Hm, a Chakram that maybe phases in and out of existence of the material plane ala blink. There has to be a twist that makes this a good thing.
Impression: Intriguing in a good way. Good name.

Demonmaw Gnasher
Expect: A weapon with a lot of teeth, maybe some fire.
Impression: Cool name, visceral without being gross.

Serpentine Stave
Expect: Snake powers.
Impression: Utilitarian in a flat way. Not sure why Stave rather than Staff.

Staff of Strategems
Expect: Tactical powers (repositioning).
Impression: Stratagem is a cool word, enough to stand alone next to Staff.

Sarenrae’s Desert Caller
Expect: Fire, sandstorms. Could be a scimitar or a staff.
Impression: This name would work even if you lost Sarenrae, and I think it would be better without it. Could be Desertcaller ______.

Housebreaker Bow
Expect: Hawkeye causes massive property damage.
Impression: Cool name.

Blowgun of the Accursed Serpent
Expect: A blowgun that shoots cursed snakes. Or snake-curses.
Impression: Wordy, but still interesting. This could be more elegant.

Blade of the Dark Betrayer
Expect: Dagger of Backstabbing
Impression: I think I've already given some feedback on this one. The words are too generic in fantasy to excite, especially "Dark". Maybe focus on the unique value/function proposition for the name, rather than name it after those that are most likely to use it.

Page 6

The Pen of Mirado
Expect: A wondrous item.
Impression: I don't know who Mirado is, but I do know that pens aren't armor/weapons/staves/rods/rings. Unless it's comically oversized.

Motherly Love
Expect: Healing, protection. Probably in armor form, but maybe a ring.
Impression: Interesting, even though I'm not sure what slot this is going to take.

Axle of Sky and Storm
Expect: Metal and thunder. (If you've seen Fate/Zero, Iskandar's Chariot). Maaaaybe a rod?
Impression: It's a cool name, I want to see if it can sell the Axle as one of the contest item types.

Eremite Rod
Expect: *fires up*
Impression: Sorry, I wasn't familiar with this word before. I had no idea what sort of rod this was. I'd probably skip it in a magic item book unless someone told me I gotta check it out.

Hammer of Besting
Expect: A hammer that, uh, bests opponents? I think that's what all weapons are for, but maybe this gives a bonus to opposed checks.
Impression: Kind of weird to use "Besting" here. There's probably a better name.

Ephemeral Staff
Expect: Short duration conjurations.
Impression: Ephemeral is a cool enough word to stand alone next to Staff.

Staff of the Auraboros
Expect: Wait, is this a typo or a really weird pun? Ouroboros is clearly referenced, so snakes, cycles.
Impression: Assuming it's a typo, I'm expecting mistakes going into this entry.

Staff of the Twinned Path
Expect: Double your spell.
Impression: "Path" is probably a filler word, but it would be interesting if this isn't a spell-doubler and does have something to do with doubling paths.

Cuirass of Distortion
Expect: Armor of displacement
Impression: Utilitarian, doesn't excite.

Energizing Breastplate
Expect: Delete fatigue/exhaustion, maybe get some sparks flying in an elecrtic aura.
Impression: Fairly neutral.

Dedicated Voter 2015

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I've learned there is such a cool part of the community on Paizo I hadn't encountered before. I thought I had already seen all the cool peeps on Advice/GD/Homebrew/Gamer Talk (Jiggy, Cyrad, mpl, and others I see posting around those parts) but it turns out there are so many more. It's been great meeting you all.

Things I've yet to learn: What's the deal with Blazing 9, when does it start (March I'm guessing)?

Human Commoner 1

Might not have a chance to post today, depending on when I get home. It's my birthday, and I've got busy evenings ahead!

Dedicated Voter 2015

A big part of this contest was considering what would be appealing for me locally, at my gaming table, vs. what would be appealing to the global community.
I could be excited about getting a chef's knife that wants me to have cooking ranks in a game if it tied in to my concept, but most of the time? It'll probably get sold, hopefully to a rich chef.

Superstar items have a wider appeal, generally.

Dedicated Voter 2015

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can you make a magic item called "Clockstomper's Penance"? That's kind of what I was expecting. It's a cool name.

Edit: Also, look forward to the Blazing 9 topic, which I understand will come later.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Bardic Knowledge is a bonus to knowledge skills, it's no longer its own check as it was in 3.x.

Dedicated Voter 2015

*holds up sign that reads: "Tieflings are friends not food"*

In seriousness, thanks Brigg. Felt like a look into someone's gaming session.

Dedicated Voter 2015

You're totally right about the save. I must've internalized Glitterdust.

The catch-and-release thing is interesting...but how is that guy supposed to get back to his base blind?

7 hours is a good call. I also initially nerfed the duration to hour/CL (originally, it was a +1 weapon), but didn't increase it after increasing the CL.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Appreciate seeing your take. The DC was set by magic item creation rules, and the save type by the spell used. Using Heighten is a good idea though, that I'll definitely have to remember for next time.

After seeing the judge comments, I did consider seeing from the target's square, but assuming you continue to fight the target, isn't it disorienting to stab at yourself? You also won't get to really see anything new, since you were adjacent to them to use the power in the first place (unless they have a special visual sense that you lack). I also don't like that they can just close their eyes to deny you of the "twist" power, especially since I'd assume blind creatures naturally close their eyes to protect them.

Human Commoner 1

1) Tybalt will prefer sniping with his shortbow and throwing daggers, 5e has made this a viable tactic for rogues. Especially once we hit level 2 and I get Cunning Action so I can use my bonus action to Hide, using hit-and-run tactics without missing an attack turn.
Likewise Roakkard is set with Eldritch Blast, and both you and Jian can also use ranged weapons just fine with your strong Dex stats.

I'd be more concerned about heavy lifting.

2) Means pretty much what you'd expect. You're easier to fool and sneak past. Once we all party up, it's not too big of a deal, since whoever does notice tricks can alert everyone else.

Human Commoner 1

It depends on the pacts you make. Fiend/Blade can delve into melee fairly well, but it's pretty MAD.

Plus, they get the best blasting cantrip in the game, so there's no reason not to switch hit even if you do melee.

Dedicated Voter 2015

mplindustries wrote:
Stuff about fixing throwing weapons

As I mentioned in another topic, I agree with the sentiment. I also want throwing weapons to be good. This also extends to the Ring of the Medic, which wants the Heal skill to be useful (though that one was pretty well received I think). I also want skills to be more useful.

The thing is, items in general/RPGSS specifically isn't the place to be patching the game.

Edit2: Why not patch via items? Because then the item becomes a necessary part of the fighting style. This is part of the reason I really didn't like Agile, it became about having the right magic weapon to be viable in your combat style. I like items to enhance and expand on capabilities, but not to be vital backbones.

Edit: Thanks for the critique, quillblade! Yeah, the DC is low, but that's just how the calculations for magic items work, I was surprised as well, but it explained a lot of existing items to me. As for the squick, there's something very sharp coming out of the iris of the eye. Eye Squick / TV Tropes double warning.

Dedicated Voter 2015

I'll always appreciate feedback, Steven. My submission was Sightstealer Rapier.

Dedicated Voter 2015

It's been pointed out that the Judges asked most reviews to be kept to the CMI thread. Sorry about cluttering the board, not sure what to do about it now so I'm just trampling right on.

Page 3

Sleeper's Vessel
Expect: Hm, not sure. Something a sleeper agent would wear?
Impression: Cool name, not really sure what I'm getting but I want to find out.

Ring Of Utmost Need
Expect: A ring that helps you out when you need it most.
Impression: "Utmost Need" is very urgent, so I wanted to read it.

Cryohydra's Coil
Expect: A cold themed Cat-o’-Nine-Tails that grows more heads.
Impression: Very cool.

Arroweater Shield
Expect: A shield that protects from arrows. Maybe it actually gets charged by "eating" arrows.
Impression: Utilitarian, in a slightly positive way.

Thriving branch
Expect: A club that can grow bigger? Plant powers?
Impression: Somewhat interesting, but "thriving" might be better saved for the description text.

Breakaway Sword of Beguiling
Expect: A sword that gets lodged in the other person and...makes me their friend?
Impression: Contradicting name, let's see what it does.

Shillelagh of Legions
Expect: A druid's summoning (quarter)staff.
Impression: Shillelagh makes me think of nature and fey, Legion makes me think of a tightly organized army. They don't quite go together.

Expect: Sealed armor, protection from gas/liquid.
Impression: CAPS. Hermetic isn't a word that excites me, but I can see other people getting excited about it.

Page 4

Disruption Disc
Expect: A chakram that either destroys undead (per the disruption property) or messes with casters.
Impression: Pretty good name.

Traitor's Blade
Expect: Dagger of Backstabbing.
Impression: Blends together with all of the other Daggers of Backstabbing.

Rod of Resonance
Expect: Hm, some spell echo function probably.
Impression: Short and simple, but in an interesting way. Resonance is a cool thing.

Expect: What it says on the tin.
Impression: CAPS. And I'd rather not have rheumatism in fantasy. Not excited to see it here.

Mimic Skin
Expect: Sticky camouflage armor.
Impressions: Mimics are cool! I want to see this mimic item.

Norgorber's Lens
Expect: Spectacles.
Impression: I don't know who Nogorber is, so I don't know what this is going to be about.

Thundering Shield
Expect: Shield bash to bring the thunder! Sonic damage, deafening.
Impression: Utilitarian in a slightly positive way. But could be far more interesting.

Ring of forgotten acquaintance
Expect: A ring that tells me the name of that guy I met 20 minutes ago.
Impression: Alright, I'm not sure what this does, but I am kind of interested in finding out.

Tempest Bow
Expect: Wind bow.
Impression: "Tempest" is inherently cool as words go, so it's a good name. But it could tell me more about what I'm getting into.

Dynamic Staff
Expect: A staff that has changing functions, or maybe does transformations.
Impressions: "Dynamic" is a cool word, so it's a pretty good name.

Staff of Thin Air
Expect: When you're around this staff, it's hard to breathe. Fly high, magically choke enemies.
Impression: I like it, promises some originality. Let's see what it does.

Skywalker’s Cloth
Expect: A blindfold that'll teach me to use the force.
Impression: I can't get past Luke Skywalker on this one, sorry.

Dedicated Voter 2015

I liked Stormcrow Tomahawk, as I'm also frustrated by lack of support for throwing weapons. I don't think you should assume people hated it, and I'm definitely surprised it didn't make the cull.

That said, I found the imagery awkward, since you're not actually throwing it, you're blasting away as if it were a rod or wand. The stormcrow flavor is cool, but you aren't throwing anything.

That's just to damage, not to hit.

As Alexander pointed out, you need to dip Swashbuckler for Finesse.

Dedicated Voter 2015

I'll pipe in that I also don't like once a week. It's basically translated as once per adventure.

I actually did have an item before Sightstealer Rapier, with the same imagery but it was even more SiaC. No twist whatsoever, though I think mechanically solid. I'm glad I didn't submit it, so maybe it's not fully on topic (sorry).

Assassin's Escape:

Assassin’s Escape
Aura faint illusion; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 9502 gp; Weight 1lb.

This steel dagger’s guard appears as an eye, and the blade itself protrudes from the iris.

An assassin’s escape is a +1 dagger that allows its wielder to disappear from sight after making a hit. Three times per day when the wielder successfully strikes a target with the dagger, the wielder can activate the dagger as a free action to benefit from invisibility, as the spell.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, invisibility; Cost 4902 gp

Cayden's Grin I concepted, but couldn't get past the jokes. It had a more interesting new mechanic than my actual submission though.

Cayden's Grin:
Cayden’s Grin
Aura faint conjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 6,200 gp; Weight 3 lbs.

The wielder of this +1 Composite (+3) Longbow is totally cool to shoot, no matter how wasted he is. Seriously, give him his arrows back.

The wielder treats penalties from the sickened condition as bonuses, and can take attack actions with Cayden's Grin as if he weren't nauseated.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Remove Sickness; Cost 3,450 gp

Since the contest has ended, I've been nonstop pitching ideas to my gaming group.

Dedicated Voter 2015

What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment. If my feelings get hurt, they just grow back stronger.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Maximum disclosure time: Not only was I reading your item name as Copperhead, I always want to read your name as Briggs.

Getting in the front of the line though!

Sightstealer Rapier:

Sightstealer Rapier
Aura moderate necromancy; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 13,120 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This +2 rapier’s cup hilt appears as an open eye, and the blade itself protrudes from the iris.

Once per day when the wielder successfully strikes a target with the rapier, the wielder can activate the rapier as a free action to force the target to attempt a DC 13 Will save. On a failure, the target is blinded and the wielder’s eyes take on the appearance and qualities of the target’s eyes (granting the wielder low-light vision and/or darkvision up to 60 ft. if the target normally possesses these senses).

This effect lasts for 3 hours and cannot be dispelled, though it can be removed from the target by remove blindness-deafness, remove curse, break enchantment, or similar effects. If this effect is removed from the target, it is also removed from the wielder.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blindness-deafness; Cost 6,720 gp

Human Commoner 1

Hi all. I'll be making an alias a bit later today.

I think a Warlock would do fine for a Shaman, so long as you don't expect to be one of those healing herbalist types.
Eldritch Blast could easily be flavored as summoning spirits to harass and batter a foe, or whatever you have in mind.

Dedicated Voter 2015

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Page 2:

Riftcarver Bow
Expect: Bow that makes portals.
Impression: Solid name, read more.

Rerouting Shield
Expect: Redirects attacks.
Impression: Utilitarian, could see it in a book, but not excited.

Rod of Illusory Casting
Expect: Faking spells.
Impression: Naming rods is hard, this brings an interesting concept to the fore however. Could be better, but it's got my interest.

Dwarven Armor of Exploration
Expect: Dwarven = Stone armor, Stonecunning.
Impression: Nothing super exciting in the name. Serviceable.

Gnome Splat-Pelter
Expect: A catapult that launches gnomes into walls for comedic effect.
Impression: Evocative name, so it catches the eye. The more I think about Splat-Pelter though, the less I like it.

Expect: Sword of Light and Shadow. A sword with two polar opposite aspects that serve one purpose.
Impression: CAPS. Tints alone aren't interesting enough.

Varisian Dancing Chain
Expect: A spiked chain or whip with the Dancing property, or some wondrous item like a belt.
Impression: I'm not too familiar with Varisia so I'm not sure what I'm getting into. Maybe this would be more exciting if I knew the region.

Expect: Renewal, life.
Impression: A great name but I have no idea what sort of slot this item is going to be.

Raw Meat Hook
Expect: An Ogre Hook that embeds itself in foes.
Impression: Evocative but in a gross way. Why'd it have to be "Raw"? The squick discourages me.

Shield of the Fallen
Expect: A shield for characters seeking redemption, either for themselves or others.
Impression: Interesting idea, I want to see how it executes.

Betrayer's Blade
Expect: Dagger of Backstabbing.
Impression: Doesn't distinguish itself from all the other blades for rogues out there, I'm expecting more of the same.

Warbreaker's Staff
Expect: Someone's been reading Brandon Sanderson. If they haven't, then I expect spells to break up fights like Calm Emotions and walls.
Impression: Cool name, Sanderson cred. Lose the possessive.

Ring of the Clockwork Sentinel
Expect: Beep boop I no longer need to sleep, but won't someone wind me up?
Impression: Clockwork Sentinel is cool, let's see what's going on.

Expect: Deathclaw Gauntlets from F3.
Impression: Short and simple, but lacks a spark. I prefer it to long names that also lack a spark, but it's better to have a spark.

Celerity Blade
Expect: Sword of Haste.
Impression: As above, this is short and simple, but has a spark. Celerity is a cool word.

Outrider's Band
Expect: A ring for mounted scouting/harrying.
Impression: Utilitarian, could see it in a book but wouldn't be excited.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks for the feedback, Jaragil.
I definitely should've added some passive ability to it. I considered the ability to see from the rapier's "eye", which would basically amount to gaze attack immunity and accidentally stabbing people as you try to peek around corners. Should've kept at it. Next year I'll have more!

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks guys. Honestly I didn't mean this thread to stealthily beat myself up.

@Briggs: Perhaps Wireweave?

Dedicated Voter 2015

No offense to the items, as for a home game I'd take them with open arms.
But I think neither is well suited for Superstar, the first introduces a template, the second is an item set.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Page 1

Windpath Razor
Expect: A chakram or a straight blade that creates friendly air currents for me and my friends, or blows away enemies.
Impression: Good name, makes me want to read more.

Rod of Versatile Channeling
Expect: Reverse polarity of channeling ala the Versatile Channeler feat.
Impression: Not excited, too straightforward.

Alchemist's Retort
Expect: Alchemy shield (I can't remember if that's really what I expected, but after seeing the item it makes a lot of sense).
Impression: You've got my interest.

Enlightened Jian
Expect: Monk sword, maybe has some meditation function?
Impression: Neutral.

Mail of Ash Woven Ramparts
Expect: Heavy armor that looks like a castle made of ash?
Impression: Not an elegant name. Shorten it, perhaps save "woven" for the description.

Expect: Anti-fey dagger. Skyrim's Nettlebane is at fault for this.
Impression: Solid name, makes me want to read more.

Staff of the Vineyard
Expect: Nature stuff and boozing.
Impression: Vineyard is enough to get my interest in this case,
otherwise utilitarian in letting me know it's a staff.

Angazhan's Bloodthirsty Spear
Expect: A vicious spear.
Impression: I don't know who Angazhan is, and I shouldn't need to. Lose the name, find a better descriptive than "Bloodthirsty" which is somewhat trite.

Chrysalis Carapace
Expect: Bug armor. Maybe if I wear this, I can become a beautiful butterfly.
Impression: Good, it's missing something but I'm afraid I can't pinpoint it. But it is good.

Dirk of Treachery
Expect: Dagger of Backstabbing
Impression: Utilitarian but not attention grabbing. Easily gets lost among other backstab daggers.

Monastic Staff
Expect: A staff for monks. Maybe something to do with meditation?
Impression: Utilitarian name, but boring.

Skewer Shield
Expect: A shield with a long spike coming out of it that I can shield bash my foes with and lock them down.
Impression: Skewer is evocative, pretty good.

Catapult Ring
Expect: A ring that will help me operate siege weapons.
Impression: Eh, I don't really care about siege weapons in most games (Note: Very pleasantly surprised when I did read it).

Living Copperthread Net
Bonus Disclaimer: I read this as Copperhead every time. So I was expecting snakes. I'm probably the only one who did that, but who knows? It does read pretty similar.
Expect: A flimsy net that's animated with some electricity elemental maybe, shocks creatures it entangles.
Impression: "Living" was a bit of a buzzkill. I'd lose it or replace it with another word, as it doesn't excite.

Shield of Compassionate Radiance
Expect: Healing or buffing AoE.
Impression: Filler name. Doesn't excite, but doesn't look amiss in a book.

Jailbird's Sweetheart
Expect: Get-out-of-jail-free card.
Impression: Grandslam name, I want to know what this item does ASAP.

Weapon Trap Shield
Expect: A shield that steals weapons.
Impression: Utilitarian in a weak way. Slightly better would've been making it "Weapontrap" as one word. But there's so many ways to steal weapons, missed opportunity to inject flavor.

Ragathiel's Regalia
Expect: Royal emypreal vengeance.
Impression: So-so. Regalia doesn't tell me what kind of item this is (except by process of elimination due to this year's categories, but else I could've expected a wondrous item).

Perpetual Vortex Staff
Expect: Create vortexes and suck enemies/object/spells towards/into them.
Impression: Interesting name, don't like "Perpetual" though.

Raven Leather
Expect: Armor that gives me blackbird powers.
Impression: Utilitarian, not in a bad way as ravens are inherently interesting. But not a grandslam either.

The Wing Smasher's Hammer
Expect: A throwing hammer that brings down rocs (and everything else).
Impression: Makes me want to read it, but it could be more elegant. I'd prefer "Wing Smasher Hammer".

Courtier's Solitaire
Expect: Social skill bonuses, no idea what slot this is going to take though.
Impression: This name didn't draw me in. Maybe "Solitaire" is just too associated with the boring card game.

Staff of the Hidden Blade
Expect: Staff sword cane. Tricks and silence.
Impression: Utilitarian, sort of in a good way. Staves are tough to make exciting (though some Top 32 pulled it off in a big way).

Staff of the Entwined Elements
Expect: Elemental Admixture Staff.
Impression: Didn't excite. Maybe if it focused on a specific combination of elemental mixing, it could've had a cooler name.

Honeycomb Cuirass
Expect: BEE ARMOR?
Impression: I gotta see this bee armor, man.

Deadeye's Shepherd
Expect: Erastil bow. Maybe it creates boundaries to herd enemies in a certain zone?
Impression: While I came to Erastil Bow as an expectation, it took a few seconds for the cogs to spin to that, rather than an instant recognition. And I only got the bow part because of knowing about Erastil.

Rod of Ghost Teeth
Expect: Creepy spooky stuff. I don't know what this does.
Impression: Presents an interesting premise, solid name.

Grandmaster's Plate
Expect: Plate for the best Fighters. High tier combat maneuver stuff.
Impression: Solid name, I want to see what my new grandmaster powers do.

Sightstealer Rapier
Expect: A standing ovation, g#*$&&nit.
Impression: This is my item. I'm still not sure if adding "rapier" was good or not.

Thieving Buckler
Expect: A small shield that steals small things.
Impression: Utilitarian, missing a spark.

Dimensional Skewer
Expect: A ghost touch phase locking polearm.
Impression: Cool words, cool name.

Phantom Guardian's Ring
Expect: Summon a spiritual ally to defend you, or invisible manipulations of some sort that defend you.
Impression: Pretty cool.

Mummer's Slapstick
Expect: Jokes. A club that doesn't deal damage, but sends enemies flying.
Impression: This is a joke item, right? The name is otherwise alright, but I don't expect to take this seriously.

Dedicated Voter 2015

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I commend the noble warriors committed to rating each and every item. That's a lot of work. I'm doing something simpler.

I've decided to go through the CMI thread and rate all the items by their names.

I will tell you what I expect from the item because of the name, and if the name made me want to read the rest of the item, left me neutral, or made me want to skip it.

I'm going to try to cover a page per post.

Dedicated Voter 2015

It took me a long time to remember this, which maybe somehow inspired my item? It's been so long.

Human Commoner 1

I liked the interpretation I got, though to clarify, my Arcana check was meant for the green lights in the first gameplay post:
You see something new: faint green lights in the foreground, with familiar vermilion flames deep into the black horizon. This walled port-town is a crapshoot; buildings half-burned, roofs mangled, run down barriers, crude cobbled streets… The island was never kind to the Conglomeration, but in these last dark days, it seemed to have turned for worse.

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Dracovar wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Gallyck wrote:
Yeah i mean i was totally annoying to all the party members by saving their skins multiple times and the only one with an int score over 10. But continue to call me the worst players ever because i dont play your way.
It doesn't really matter how many times you saved your party when you just put them in the bullseye of a 16th wizard out for revenge. You likely just had them marked for death with you.

I mean, lets be realistic for a sec here - I'd love to hear from Gallyck's DM on this - because frankly, for a 16th level wizard to be totally caught off guard and with such minimal defenses active that a 5-6th level guy can single handedly take him down? Epic DM fail, unless the DM WANTED the player to succeed. DM motivations (and/or a moment of DM Derpitude) play into the whole scenario here.

Think about that. The DM may be using this for potential future plot hooks, adventures, etc, etc.

I, for one, hope that Gallyck will give us an update on what happens next. That will tell us a lot about his DM, too...

Somewhere, on another forum:

"Hey guys. So one of my players decided to kill the shopkeeper who is a lvl 16 wizard because he would not share spells. I was completely unprepared, I didn't have stats for him or defenses for his shop. I know, I know, a wizard of that level would be far more prepared but it's in the past now. My question is: What should I do now? There should be consequences, right?"

"Well if you don't want to retcon, just say he had a Clone up. Easy enough, and a common precaution at that level. As for vengeance? Have your wizard research the PC, discover he wants to be a lich, then scry-fry-and-reanimate-as-a-skeleton."

"Splendid, that sounds like just desserts indeed."

Dedicated Voter 2015

For Arcanavore, I want to say: Great name. Reminds me of the vore-goyfs in MTG, in a good way.
I almost feel like making a Name Rating topic, or just going through all the items on the basis of their names.

Have you tried giving it treats and turning it invisible? Or do you need to shrink it to get it out?

1: I ask for wishlists to make sure I'm on track. Then I draw from the wishlists, and from the loot I think is cool, in about 50-50. I try to hit WBL expectations.
2: I hate consumables. Unless we need it because of the system (healsticks) or will presently need it (the boss is a giant spider, you'll need this spiderclimb for a cinematic battle), I want items that'll last.
3: I want both.

Dedicated Voter 2015

Thanks for the high compliment to my Sightstealer Rapier!

Makes me wonder though, what's the issue with eye themed items?

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Imbicatus wrote:

Evil Stupid is the scorpion in the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion knows it will die if it betrays the frog, but it does anyway, and drowns.

It's also a good description of Stupid Good, as the frog trusts the scorpion, even though he knows the scorpion is going to betray him.

"But little frog, I can swim."

Dedicated Voter 2015

@Jaragil - Raven Leather: Already gave my main thoughts, but noticed in the other thread that Golspiral saw it as a similarity to Prince of Persia. It reminded me of Itachi's crows.

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A clever tactic that will surely fool a lvl 16 Wizard :P

Edit: Honestly, I'd suggest you and the DM level with each other. You both messed up, him by allowing it to happen when any number of defensive measures would've stopped you cold. You by, well, doing this. See if this can be retconned.

Unless he like, uses magic to detect for tampering.

Though it seems this wizard doesn't care much for his own safety since he's running a clone factory.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You're totally screwed, it just depends how the GM wants to do it, or whether he wants to give you some sort of out.

Honestly, there should've been Alarms and a Contingency or two, and some guardians and you should've never gotten close to him. Even if you did, he could've tossed something like Power Word Stun at you.
It seems the DM really didn't expect this to happen, and didn't manage to think of the defensive measures a high level wizard would have, besides retroactively coming up with Clone.

Here's a tip for your next power mad evil wizard who wants to become an immortal lich: patience (or at the very least, do your research).

I only like it for the bar fights, as someone else mentioned. It can be pretty cool being literally immune (though takes takes a bit more DR) to the blows of your lessers.

I'm okay with it if there's a GM disclaimer.

To clarify:
I'm cool seeing backstory elements in the game any time ex. seeing your swordmaster at the bar of some other city, getting some adventure hook from him or just chatting.
If the question was about the DM making crazy twists ex. "your loving family is actually a ravenous swarm of spiders", then yeah I'd want a disclaimer so I'm ready to roll with it.

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