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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,667 posts (2,835 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Well, on CharOps there's a silly monk build about grappling your enemy, doing a MONK JUMP to piledriver them into the ground. You can totally go Str on a Monk.

Best thing of course, it's super easy to change depending on your needs. You could carry a rapier and a couple of daggers, and over time figure out which works best. There's no entry-cost to TWF competently in 5e, after all.

My first game of 5e was with an Assassin Rogue, and I expected to be a switch hitter. Opening with an arrow, then closing with the rapier. But in the end, I almost always just used the longbow, because it's easier to get SA at range. Something I didn't expect after playing lots of 3.x.

Laurefindel wrote:
It has been mentioned before, but although 5e has 6 saves, the translation form FORT / REF / WILL is iffy at best. I wish STR / INT / CHA saves had more use.

That's true, the saves have two tiers. Con/Dex/Wis are common, Str/Int/Cha are rare. Each class has prof in a common save, and a rare save, so this seems to be intentionally balanced.

I rather like it this way to be honest, I'd probably feel a lot more vulnerable if all six were frequently targeted.

I like to give them what they can use. It's no fun to present loot and have players be unexcited about it because they'll have to sell it.

A couple of weeks ago I had a scene in which the fighter could take any weapon from the baron's armory, and the coolest thing there was a Frost Brand.

"So it's a longsword?"
"My feats are glaive focused, I'll just take the gold reward."
"I misspoke, it's actually a glaive."

Is it a recurring issue, or poor rolling? Monk (and Oracle if using that Divine Grace feat) should have stellar saves, Gunslinger and Magus do pretty well too.

But if direct spells are proving too swingy, perhaps use other spells to aid the monsters that they normally tear down. Walls to separate them in particular.

Depends on if you have better uses for your minor action or not. If not, go with TWF. You can only SA once per round, but two attack rolls give you more chances to land that hit.

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Lincoln Hills wrote:
"The gunslinger approaches! Minions, load the water balloon catapult!!!"

Now, you'll want the Powder Horn to protect your powder from water, as well as some dry load ammo just in case.

Edit: Didn't read the full thread, but the double guns are just ridiculous. I suggest pretending they don't exist.

I don't think DMs do this intentionally to antagonize their players, it's just difficult to shove aside meta-knowledge to do something you know will be useless. Like not instantly looking for a source of fire/acid damage when fighting trolls, even if you don't have that in-game knowledge.

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I haven't been keeping track, but I'm expecting DRRR x2 to start up again.

Pathfinder, like 3.x, is a very specific system that is very specific about what does what.

In my opinion, this is great for combat, but less so for non-combat (unless the non-combat rules were as good).

He's already kicked some ass while they were on night watch, allowing them to get their rest undisturbed.

I've got no problem with them breezing through, if you guys think you'd enjoy it as players, they might as well.


My current plan is to hand him off to the Warlock (if he wishes, or another party member if he doesn't) to run in combat.

The dungeon has a pair of ghosts which may succeed/fail to possess him, but at least the PCs will keep agency of their own characters even if the NPC is possessed. Then, depending on their exploration, they might bump into the boss too early and need to beat a hasty, covered retreat.

If you need some exposition to rationalize the situation for you:

The archer is famous, they recognized him. The archer's arm was cursed. The Warlock offered up his own arm via a primal magic to restore the archer's arm. The Warlock literally paid an arm (but not a leg) to bring this guy to operational status. I did not expect him to make that kind of sacrifice.

He kinda owes them.


The upcoming dungeon is undead, but I'll see about working in some wind wallin'.

His bow is a magical relic, easier said than done. Also, he's a capable switch-hitter.

I'm considering a scenario in which he has to hold off a bunch of enemies or something like that, but the PCs are crazy and might opt to stay with him.

Maybe if I give him to the PCs to control, to make it more like the Scorpion in Halo? Since that empowers the player, rather than having it done for them (at least, a compromise between the two).

So, my players saved a powerful NPC (something I did not expect). Now they're storming a dungeon and have asked for his help, which he has agreed to provide.

So I'm puzzled with how I can have him participate without stealing the spotlight. On one side, they earned his aid, and it can be cool seeing someone demolish enemies for you. On the other hand...that gets old quick.

If you were a player in this situation, what would you want?

If you've DMed a circumstance like this, what have you done/how was it received by the players?

The party is level 5, their ally is a lvl 8 archer.

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I'm watching Shirobako, which is an anime about making anime.

I fear I've gone too deep.

Torbyne wrote:
Rogue Eidolon wrote:

It really depends on what you're choosing them to do, as there are a lot of possibilities. I'll choose one particular theme and then choose three from each following that theme. See if you can guess my theme!

Aether: aether puppet, spell deflection, telekinetic globe

Air: aerial evasion, air shroud (greater), celerity

Earth: deadly earth, enduring earth, shift earth (greater)

Fire: fan of flames, from the ashes, unraveling infusion

Water: cold snap, tidal wave, veil of mists

Universal: draining infusion, mobile blast, skilled kineticist (greater)

"Fan of Flames" as in spreading around flames as if blown by wind or more of, "Whoo hoo, go fire GO!!"? i think that second one is already baked into the class, isnt it?

Boo-urns! Boo-urns!

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As one of my friends once said: "Your wizard is like Magikarp, except instead of Gyarados it evolves into Mewtwo."

The dichotomy occurs between all classes that can cast (especially up to 9th level spells) and classes that can't (and don't get inherent magic powers to achieve similar effects).

The Phoenix is so rad I homebrewed a PrC for it.

I want to see From the Ashes.

As others have mentioned, combat is a significant portion of the game, because you're playing an adventurer.

Your character may be great at lore, but there's a reason he's facing dangers instead of staying at the university/library/temple. He has to be able to face those challenges.

That's the big thing to realize I think. Your character actively seeks adventure, and thus, danger.

As others have mentioned, you can only fly back once a round. Get tapped too lightly, and you're open to everything else for the rest of the turn. Or soak the damage from the light hit and keep it ready, hoping there's a bigger hit you'll get to negate.

Could Blade/Whip be easily reflavored as unarmed? Like, is it an energy shaped weapon, or is it shaping the energy around an actual weapon?

LazarX wrote:
TheOddGoblin wrote:
Campaign is non-PFS, and other than that only restrictions are that we cannot play hybrid classes and that we are 8th level with 7th level starting gold.
And where exactly did I mention PFS?
chbgraphicarts wrote:
Knowing whether or not this is a PFS character or not would help greatly...

He was talkin' to chb.

I'd heard that the Kineticist's melee talent was pretty good, but I haven't read it myself.

For punching people with lightning, have you considered kineticist?

I saw your post Bandw2, but my point is that there's different possible takes on the matter. The druid fulfills one of those takes, but may not accomplish the intended purpose.

Won't die, or won't stop coming back? The self-reincarnating druid is good for the latter.

The hardest to take down (assuming you put yourself in harm's way rather than avoiding it as a caster should) would probably be a tiefling paladin with fey foundling (tiefling for the alternate favored class bonus).

Spell Sniper will get you an attack cantrip. Magic Initiate gives you a 1st lvl spell 1/day (and two cantrips). Not terribly scary I think, for the cost of two feats to have a 1/day slightly improved assassination.

Most feats do like 3 things. You could combine that into one feat and have it bump Dex or casting stat by 1.

Ghosts can simply attack, they don't have to banter.

Maybe they've been cheated before by the living that promised to put their soul to rest. Maybe the PCs have somewhere to be right now and don't have time to solve their murder mystery. Etc etc.

Get to lvl 6 in a full BAB class, or have Haste cast on you (or imbibe a potion of it).

Unfortunately that does not work, as Sneak Attack specifies using a finesse or ranged weapon.

You'd also have to go Warlock 2 for invocations. If you went Warlock 3, you could get Devil's Sight and the ability to cast Darkness 2/short rest.

Poison and disease isn't interesting (to me, obviously), it's just a debuff.
Debuffs mean my character fails more often, which sucks and is boring.

Interesting is an environment that matters for more than just cover. Stuff like:

A battlefield with spots of wild magic, that teleport you from one spot to another.
A dwarven tunnel in which a lever can be pulled to activate traps, or release the magma river.
A maguffin guarded by a mighty glacier (but not on their person). The party could potentially distract the guardian, snatch the object they came for, and get out of dodge.

Basically, I think a battle is interesting if I can contribute meaningfully to it without the sword (unless it's to cut the counterweight to something).

Here it is. Looks like a nerf to the weakest monk path, elemental.

Mm, I don't think that's a part of firearms I'd want in 5e. Especially since rays don't get advantage against opponents simply because they used to target Touch.

But at the moment I don't really know what I'd want out of another ranged style that isn't covered by feats like Sharpshooter and Crossbow Expert.

Sounds like an accuracy adjustment in a different manner from the Archery combat style (though perhaps better if you don't have a good way to generate advantage in the party, and worse if you do).

Plot Hole
Kill or incapacitate an NPC vital to the plot with a pit trap.

Turning into a water elemental (via Elemental Body) has some of the highest Con buff potential.

It's not on the witch's normal spell list, but the Water patron grants it.

What would you want guns to be like in 5e? I think crossbows could be reflavored to guns just fine.

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Petty Alchemy wrote:
it sounds like OP's DM took it the situation with a grace I wouldn't have expected.

And now it seems that he did not.

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Because laughter is the best medicine.

I imagine a bard's CLW tickles.

It may be intentional, so that monsters will actually attack them rather than lower HP party members.

I never get armor for animal companions for stylistic reasons. It's a wild creature, I don't want to put it in the trappings of civilization.
That said, I tend to favor high defense myself, and see solid defense from my group.

It was in regard to the conversation I was having with Bandw2.
I have no love for "Gotcha!" style DMing, though it sounds like OP's DM took it the situation with a grace I wouldn't have expected.

Sounds like it is about the mechanical reward then, which is okay and makes sense.

I just think it's a pretty cool subversion of expectations when a non-divine character is devout, as in OP's story.

That doesn't really help me understand you but that's okay, it's not that important.

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Perhaps it makes the most sense to you, though you could elaborate why (since my general experience doesn't apply to your perspective).

I'd find it pretty compelling to be religious myself in a world of literal miracles, even if I never got the power to personally perform them.

134: The people show small kindnesses when you visit, such as bringing you some pastry, getting the door for you, etc.

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Generally that's what I see, Bandw2.

It's more rare for people to make characters with faith that doesn't reward them mechanically.

I've always liked the idea of religious characters that aren't fueled by the divinity they worship. Sounds like everyone had fun.

June 2015's Unearthed Arcana is here!

My thoughts:

1: Players roll everything (ex. their defense against attacks, rather than DM rolling monster attacks).
Don't see the appeal here, players take long enough to take their turns as is, I wouldn't want them to take over rolls which the DM makes.

2: Vitality.
Looks like a way for players to die when they otherwise wouldn't by adding some silly math. Not for me.

3: Custom Alignments.
Instead of Good and Evil, you can have Herbivore and Carnivore as an axis, and replace Law and Chaos with Optimist and Pessimist. I generally ignore alignment, so I have no need for variant rules for it.

Spoilered since I don't want to bias anyone else's first impressions.

I once had a grippli character that rode a giant bee.


90: Giant Bee.

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