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Petty Alchemy's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Dedicated Voter. 2,396 posts (2,564 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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Real flight allows a number of challenges to be circumvented. Of course, if flight is common in your world (such that pretty much everyone is expected to fly), it could work.

Getting way specific is what archetypes are for. Full classes usually have multiple build options.

Anyway, looks like a very rough draft. Balancing is a sort of fine-tuning step, we can't really say how this compares to other classes accurately until you've got a more complete draft.

What's the essence of the arcane archer that you're trying to capture?

Looks like it's his way to get rid of CLW wands, which implies he wants longer adventuring days and to free the Cleric's slots for other spells.

It's "overpowered", but not in a way that trivializes the encounters themselves. CLW Wands trivialize healing between encounters anyway. I think it's fine, really, if that's what he wants to do.

I'd be interested in a feat that made no armor viable for classes besides Monk. Something that doesn't stack with those class features, and gives a measure of protection based on your armor proficiency.

Sentinel also makes you a tank, yes. However, it's a feat. Feats are huge in 5e. There's a big opportunity cost paid.

The DR feat is excellent early game, but is overcome by any type of magic, so it scales very poorly.

Using Frenzy when raging is optional. Frenzy is honestly my least favorite type of barbarian, but it gives you that extra boost when you need it.

Adding casting stat to damage isn't automatic. Dragon Sorcs do it with their element, Warlocks do it with EB with an invocation. Else you're not getting anything besides the dice.

I haven't tested play past level 5 yet, but I often see the best spells coming with Concentration to gate them. Hold Person (which is still great) makes our Warlock have to drop Hex, or save opening with Hex to start with Hold.

Fighters don't at any point become the best trippers/grapplers, unless they aren't pure Fighter. Feats don't give them any edge that others can't also get.

I find it very difficult to call tiers at this point.

But I gotta say, Barbarians as mediocre?

Rage doesn't have penalties. And you don't mention that Barbarians take half damage from all physical sources while raging (or essentially all sources with Bear Totem). That's huge. You're basically doubling your effective HP.

The Barbarian's Unarmored Defense is not only totally badass, it also literally allows the highest armor class in the game (I'll confess I haven't looked at the DMG so I'm not sure if there are magic items that mess with the calculation). But with maxed Dex and Con, plus a shield, nothing tops your AC.

Reckless Strike helps you draw aggro by both helping you hit, and incentivizing enemies to swing at you when you are otherwise massively tanky. If they have advantage against you anyway, then it equalizes the battle for free.

Small shoutout to getting advantage on pretty much all Dex saves and Initiative. No biggie.
Personal Barbarian Experience:
I've seen a Frenzy Barb destroy a dragon hardcore. I've played a Wolf Totem barbarian and enabled my allies like crazy.
The Ranger does look underwhelming because a fair amount of mechanics are dedicated to "fluff" abilities, mostly provided by the Outlander background anyway. But I haven't seen it in play.
Casters: Concentration really reigns them in a fair amount. Can't stack buffs (and certain offense spells), damage can make you lose it anyway (especially for those that don't have Con proficiency and have to pay a feat tax to get it, if feats are even being used).
Fighter Edit: I assume you mean they are the undisputed kings of the maneuvers that only they get access to? Because fighters aren't the best at tripping/grappling.

They do get more attacks than monks though.
Monk: 2 attacks, flurry bonus action 2 attacks
Fighter: 4 attacks, TWF (or Polearm Master or whatever else) bonus action 1 attack. Potentially Riposte for a Reaction attack.

Not a fan of "Focus". Most parties have one character who consistently has the highest damage output, so he'll pretty much always be the focus (because other characters have other areas of specialty). Doesn't sound very fun.

My preferred approach would be giving boss monsters multiple turns in initiative so they can spread the love around.

Edit: On a second look, you've got this line.
Any character who has focus will lose focus if another character attacks the boss and/or does something sufficiently cool or dramatic. That character will gain focus instead.

So basically the boss is protected against all attacks, since whoever is attacking or doing something relevant gets the Focus.

Consider Acquisitions Inc.

That can be amusing to watch. But a reality show needs eliminations to keep things lively, and you can't really have a team game like RPGs that also have you hoping for someone else on your team to die.

Now...if this was Paranoia...

A little disappointed by Genasi, the birds seem like bad design because they trade all racial features for that huge flight. I really dislike that all gnomes are locked into Int, which does very little for non-wizards.

I do like the Goliath execution though.

This human barbarian has some Profession (Bartender) ranks, he still wears the outfit despite his new employment.
His weapons of choice are nearly always oversized improvised weapons.
His main triggers include people talking about brother (positive OR negative) and his smug snake rival from high school.
His best friend who he sometimes adventures with is an immortal headless fae.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's great because blind is great, and because pretty much anything can be affected.

You can't trip something much larger than you, most monsters don't have any weapon to disarm since they fight tooth and nail.

But pretty much everything can be blinded, and if it can't, you can impose a different condition. Nothing is 100% immune to Dirty Trick.

Edit: It's great when you want to build around maneuvers, that is. You need to be able to do it better than a standard action.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Sissyl wrote:

I am one of the people also targeted by Tacticslion. Hmmm... I wonder what he could be up to...

Seriously, TL, it is a delight to know someone likes my drivel. :-)

If I post on a part of the forum TL frequents without getting his fave, I know I messed up.

Threads that bring up a dead horse idea that often has people up in arms about it (martials suck, rogues suck, paladins fall, etc) and don't add anything new to the discussion, instead just asking for opinions, or for people to prove it.

We've got so many of these topics, you can just find them and read the chaos. If you've got something to add, okay. But just dropping a bomb and sitting back to watch the fireworks. :/

One of my pals has done some homebrew buffs to some races, ex. kobolds get halfling ability scores and don't suffer light sensitivity.

Others just get a bit of something, ex. the elemental races get the fast healing on appropriate energy damage as a bonus (because no one would take it over other options).

Human Commoner 1

Apologies for the delay, post later today!

If your hugs are unwelcome and you don't care about sustainable hugging...

Ninja Trick wrote:

Redirect Force (Ex) If the ninja has a feat that allows her to attempt a combat maneuver without provoking attacks of opportunity, she can choose to provoke them anyway when she performs that maneuver. If she does so and takes damage from the attack of opportunity, the ninja adds the damage as a bonus on her attack roll instead of as a penalty

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, "Is X the beginning of the end??" is alarmist.

"X mechanic doesn't work well, here's why" is not. Those discussions can be quite fruitful, although people will say "I don't have this problem in my game so it's not a problem at all".

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Missing the point. I recognize some of the posters in this thread, and they all have criticisms of Paizo/products. I certainly know I do.

They're just better founded, specific, and not alarmist.

graystone wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
"and those who associate with those creatures:"
Sounds like a perfect place to add 'adopted'.

Or start a law firm with a Seascarred partner.

Yeah, that's what I meant by Cha to interaction -> Cha checks. I could've worded that better.

Skinwalkers are good for tons of natural attacks.

Natural attacks are crazy good.

The -4 Cha is only to interaction, it doesn't affect any of your class stuff that might rely on it like spells or divine grace. It's pretty much something that can be ignored.
It really is a standard array (while shifted at least. I do think they should have both of their stat bonuses at all times)

No, I only read the initial post. Good to know there are limits in place.

Your topics are very loud and focused on a particular subject, it'd be hard not to notice.

Anyway, I disagree with your premise. The ACG has a lot of great options without outclassing anything that wasn't too weak in the first place. Slashing Grace could've been more intuitive though (working with light weapons as well as one-handed).

3.x spiraled out of control because it added so many front loaded PrCs that building your character became about making all of the right dips.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is this still about the Ecclesitheurge not being the unarmored cleric you wanted?

Because it looks like it's the subject of 8 of the 9 topics you've made.

HangarFlying wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
I just want to be able to look up spells more easily. The spell organization in the PHB is terrible (why doesn't it say under the spell which classes get it and when?)

It's not horrible as it is, you just have to realize that you have to reference the class list and then look up the spell rather than page through the spell descriptions.

There is also this really cool accessory.

That's pretty much my definition of horrible, perhaps because it's the worst method Wizards has used yet (I started in 3.0, dunno about previous sorting).

Aelryinth wrote:

Huh. Have to say, Risky striker is an imbalanced version of a pOwer attack feat.

1) It shouldn't stack with Power Attack and'
2) The AC penalty should increase with the damage penalty.

In combination with Expertise, you can effectively take -1 To hit and end up with +12 damage, no AC penalty. That's seriously better then Power attack...and only halflings can take it?

At my table, I'd rule 1 and 2 apply, just to prevent this kind of stacking abuse. Basically giving up your SMall size AC bonus for a Full one handed power attack bonus...not balanced.

Note that the closest equivalent feat otherwise is Big Game Hunter, which is +1 th, +2 dmg against size L or bigger stuff. This is seriously stronger then that, and better then a Power Attack of the same size due to the lesser penalty.

This kind of build is also why I seriously dislike dex to damage feats, and shows just how you SAD Dex to create a character that just makes me roll my eyes.


Well, it's for Halflings who get -2 Str and smaller weapons. Helps them stand by other martials.

As in, Asmodeus is in the passenger seat of my car, or he's the guy in the other car?

Well, Asmodeus I guess. It's probably part of his plan.

Time for the hard questions.

Small tall pancakes, or wide flat pancakes?

Without their artifacts (50 Cent's Crystal Skull, Samuel Jackson's Mace of Windu, etc), they are no more effective than common bards.

What if we offer them free coffee, but secretly make it...decaf.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think the Great Old One is more interesting than a fallen angel. Thanks, Eternal Darkness/Darkest Dungeon.

Would you rather play a setting in which one has to wear heavy armor for battle, or one in which any class could be viable unarmored?

Roan wrote:

Very click-bait title.

I love it.

Precisely what I came here to post.

That said, I'm also interested in a version that isn't magic item reliant.

Echoing Zhayne/Cyrad, an unarmed magus archetype would be cool.

This is something I enjoy in Legend, wherein you can pick 3 qualities for your weapon(s).

Hands necessary should probably be determined by the damage die. Also, right now you could get a simple weapon that outputs 2d8? A little silly.

Naturally hitting them with a giant ball of garbage was the FIRST thing we tried, per our glorious leader's handbook on tactical warfare. Their goblin tinkers have apparently managed to find treasure in the trash, and turned the remains into deadly golems. We dare not do it again.

Let's lure them out of their fortress by throwing a great festival!

Assuming the standard pantheon is Golarion's, I'd prefer to make my own deity since I rarely play in Golarion. Designing pantheons for homebrew games is a lot of fun.

Would you rather face mummies without fire, or werewolves without silver?

I'm not sure what the Medicinal Herbs do, are they only for interactions with objects? I tried to use them to remove diseases from my characters, but it seems Sanitarium is the only way to go.

I do want healing to be more interesting. The Vestal is boring but effective (and perhaps necessary, since if she isn't healing she can try to stun a baddie).

The Occultist's heal is super cool. I love how it's random but can be super high, and also cause bleed. Rockin'.

I wish the other heals were cooler though. What if Plague Doctor's heal was like a DOT? And the Jester healed Stress and HP damage at the same time (but weaker than the Vestal).

I just want to be able to look up spells more easily. The spell organization in the PHB is terrible (why doesn't it say under the spell which classes get it and when?)

Power creep is when the current best options become worse (even if by a small amount) than the new options.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My suggestion for the campaign:
10% Speaking to interesting NPCs
10% Assassinations
40% Profession (Sailor) checks
40% Survival checks (Craft or Profession might be applicable for skinning small woodland creatures as well)

Is she a royal assassin, part of a guild (like in AC), or self-taught?

My groups won't kill children. The profoundly handicapped (to the point of physical helplessness) are also difficult.

Basically, anything that is incapable of defending itself.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I likewise didn't like this ruling when it first occurred, sneaking in early access didn't feel right.

That said the PrCs could use some help, as I would want to see them used.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This one with 25 favs, though maybe it was partially people dotting the thread.

There aren't unique monsters in the MM, except the Tarrasque, if I recall correctly. You could certainly say "This is The Minotaur, there's only one", but that's not the common expectation.

Anything could be used as a boss monster, or a minion, depending on the scale of the campaign.

A hobgoblin leading a troop of goblins could be a boss, or he could be a member of a platoon of hobgoblins the PCs face levels later.

A vampire could be an aristocrat who lays social and political traps for the PCs, with plenty of thralls of his own, or he could be part of a feral trio that happens upon the PCs whilst hunting.

If you advocate for bosses being special, I agree. Give them some unique powers or abilities that may fit better than the default monster abilities. But that's a personal modification one makes for their game, if it was printed you'd probably have the same issue with it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Abyss is more likely to happen, given my awkwardness. I'd rather dance with the devil, but I've got two left feet.

Would you rather have all the time in the world and nothing important to do, or a vital task but not enough time to complete it?

Having a chitinous shell.

Human Commoner 1

Juliet the Browncoat. I don't usually use this acronym, but: rofl.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wild nature maiden over evil made flesh, please.

Would you rather explore a wide but flat dungeon, or a tall spire with small floors?

I like a lot of stuff in 5e, but currently it feels too liberal in handing out multiattacks to monsters.

Haven't had too much experience yet, but the monsters always have more attacks to make than the PCs, as well as more HP. I've played 6 combats with 3 different characters, and in 3 of them, at least 2/4 people have hit 0 hp during a fight.

I like that the Archer Rogue works now, though it depends on the GM letting you use the Hide action a lot (which means Wild Elf or Lightfoot, or Skulker feat).

Unfortunately they have the legal right to volcanoes, calderas, lava, and magma. We'd need to get their permission, and the fee they propose is outrageously beyond us.

We could release swarms of spiders to crawl over their walls and infest their homes.

If by munchkin you mean unrepentant cheater, I'll take the newbie.

Would you rather have an infestation of giant spiders, or giant rats?

Keith Baker's Warforged.

Still mostly a stat ball, but a little more interesting.

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