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I was interested in starting up a home game in Pittsburgh, PA and was looking for potential players. Probably running Pathfinder Society, though I may consider World's Largest Dungeon or some other module, or even home brew adventures. Monday nights in the Pittsburgh/Oakland area.


Sczarni 5/5

Hi there yinzer (fellow yinzer here),
Not sure how much PFS goes on in Pittsburgh. There is a con in a few weeks called GASPCon. Send an email to to find out about PFS there.

Hope this helps a little.

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5 **

Yes, I did look into that. It happens to be the same weekend as Anime USA, unfortunately. Anyway, I'm trying to start something up that is ongoing. I'm already a part of a group on Oakland that meets weekly (Sunday). Monday is more convenient with my schedule so I wanted to trying and drum up some interest.

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5 **

And thank you for the advice, Rene. :)

Sczarni 5/5

Nice. I grew up in Oakland, and my folks still live there. If I make it back, I'll look you up for some PFS.

Eat some nasty O fries for me. :)

I will be (very likely) moving to Pittsburgh this January, and would love to play in or DM some Pathfinder. Been table-topping for about 20 years, but mostly got into it these last 7. I also really like the Deadlands world and system, if anyone is up for that.

How is the gaming community in the area?


Mmm. . . The dirty O fries with gravy. That's old school. Go by phantom of the attic in oakland, and Jeff (the owner) will probably be able to find you a game, Sidd. He's a good dude. It's a great games and comics store.

My old stomping grounds, y'see.

Sovereign Court 3/5

We actually have a VC now. Send him a PM and he should be able to hook you up. He runs a weekly game at some NDC that isn't Cranberry ('cause that's where we run.)

Just moved to Pittsburgh area, and looking to find people who play Pathfinder the card game. We have all 3 full sets, plus some character decks. Who's interested in drinking some brews and playing?

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Starfinder Superscriber

I don't think we have a terribly active card game scene in Pittsburgh, but I know that there are some folks interested. We do have an active RPG scene.

The RPG scene uses a Facebook group (search for "Pittsburgh Pathfinder Society") to communicate, and we also use Warhorn to schedule games. There's a good chance that some folks interested in the card game will also be RPGers, so you might try posting there to see if you can garner any interested people. I suspect you might find some. I know that some of them also read the Paizo forums, but I'm not sure how many. (And, probably, not all of them read the Facebook group....)

And, also, if you're interested in the PFS RPG as well, we have events typically twice a month. There's a local gaming society that's mostly boardgamers, but with a side of roleplayers, and there are "game days" once a month (except November, when there's a full-weekend Con) where we schedule an all-day three-session set of games (with two or three tables each session; it's almost half a con!). The next one is coming up on December 21. We also have a one-session sitting at a Pitt game store typically once a month, where two or three games are run. The next one of those is coming up in a couple of weeks. And, sometimes other things happen; there are three or four local cons a year organized by various folks, and we've managed to run a Special at the last couple of them. (Some of us have also been known to meet for a game online; there are a few, like me, who have to drive an hour to get to Pittsburgh.)

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