Pathfinders in Pittsburgh

Game Master Corneleus Idaho

Pathfinders from Varisia are adventuring in Magnamar searching for secret relics of Thassalonian origin.

Lantern Lodge

We should begin by explaining how this forum will work.
First off, IN CHARACTER speech should be written in BOLD text like this
You can do this using the standard HTML code. If you don't know it, you put a [ b ] at the beginning and a [ /b ] at the end of your text (minus the spaces.) Some of the other codes are not standard HTML in this forum and I am looking for a list of them.

I don't know how much of the actual game we will finish this week, but this will allow us to continue on even if we run out of time again.

Lantern Lodge
This link will show you everything you need to know about Play-By-Post forum code.

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