5e Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian Primal Paths

5th Edition (And Beyond)

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Last bit of playtesting material for "Xanathar's Guide to Everything" or will there be another round in July? The crunch book is due in November and given polling results, editing / layout, and printing I'm thinking this is it...

Which makes the topic(s) of July's UA even more interesting.

I'm glad they switch "Undying Light" to straight-up being a Pact with a celestial. The old fluff didn't make much sense. It also seems a little more balanced. (Short Rest recharging Cure Wounds is a bit of a surprise, though I guess a single bard level dip could do the same thing in Core.) I still may refluff them as "Angel-bound" for the one game world I'm working on. The nature of the pact (to keep them distinct from cleric and paladins) involves allowing a celestial to take up residence in your body, rather than them granting you powers from afar.

Still don't care for the paladin of conquest. I find it amusing that the abilities still seem pretty sinister, but the fluff is "Well, they're not really evil except for the Hell Knights, and everyone hates the Hell Knights." Okay, whatever.

Circle of the Shepherd is interesting.

Cavalier is meh.

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I really like the Warding Maneuver.

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As I understand it UA is on vacation for Freedom Day this week.

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Greyhawk Initiative, an option for initiative that changes each round.

My thoughts:
Not a fan. It takes long enough for people to take their turn, now they have to decide in advance if they'll want to move, and which bonus actions they want to take. I think there's something there, but it needs to be refined/simplified so players don't feel frustrated by the inability to move, or by seeing their move invalidated, which slows them down for some reason.

Per their example, Rath ends up going late in initiative for no reason other than he wanted to close with the Troll. Since that's not an option for him anymore, he was late for no reason.

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We tried this system Sunday night. The guest DM wanted to try it out. I think most of the group was leaning slightly positive (or they were more polite than me!), but I wasn't a fan at all.

I was playing a Sentinel human outlander barbarian 1/Circle of the Moon 6, with spells mostly selected for battlefield control or damage over time.

Some characters (Light cleric, warlock) were mostly doing cantrips, so rolling 1d4 for initiative. The Shadow monk was shadow stepping or flurrying for 1d4+1d4. I was casting, moving into position, and bonus action wildshaping, so rolling 1d10+3 + 1d6 + 1d4.

One time I did get to do some planning with the warlock, so she was able to Repelling Blast an opponent 15 feet into a wall after I put down a spiked growth in its path.

It was first time playing a druid, and I think the druid is kind of designed for a little bit of set up before he really kicks @$$, but our fights were typically 3 or 4 rounds, max. I might just need druid practice.

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Fiendish Cults look REALLY fun. Basically, ways to add some minor powers to NPCs.

There are also variant tieflings. Eventually, I think they're just going to make tieflings get +1 to one ability score, +2 to a different ability score, and pick a cantrip at 1st level. At 3rd level, pick 1st level spell you cast as a 2nd level spell, and at 5th level, pick a 2nd level spell, each of which you can cast once per day. You also get Darkvision, and resistance against a damage type of your choice.

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They're pretty consistently +2 Cha, then +1 to a swing stat. I do like them though, I'm testing Glasya Tiefling with Assassin Rogue.

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Cool! How is it going?

So, the Lord of the First has changed yet again and is now Zariel? That seat's a poisoned chalice and no mistake!

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I thought most fiends were resistant or immune to poison....

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SmiloDan wrote:
Cool! How is it going?

Hasn't gone yet, we have a roster of chars at lvl 10 we're swapping between to playtest things. I'm hoping Disguise Self and Invisibility will each be good for one crit a day.

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12d6+5 is some fun damage!

I play with a rogue who is super lucky with her crits--We're doing a RotRL conversion, and she's even sneak attack critted with her Dominant weapon against shapechangers. 12d6+16+12d10 (Con save for 6d10)!!!

It's funny. Before my hill dwarf cleric of Life got Divine Strike and a Belt of Frost Giant Strength, he was doing 1d8+2.

In one fight:

Wizard: My fireball does 36!
Rogue: My sneak attack does 28!
Ranger: My arrows do 28, 29, and 18!
Barbarian: My greataxe does 25 and 26!
Dual-wielding Eldritch Knight: 10, 12, and 14!
My cleric: 4.

DM: "-Teen or -ty?"

"Just 4."

But that's OK, because I had cast bless, which let everyone use their Sharpshooting and Great Weapon Mastery feats and not miss.

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