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Odraude's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,435 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Excaliburproxy wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Kineticist and medium post-mortems will go up in their associated threads next week, after the design team has a post-playtest meeting. I could put up my thoughts today, but at the advice of playtesters who voted in the kineticist thread, I will wait in case things change after the meeting.
Can we expect a post mortem post for all of the classes?
Those had other designers. I guess it is up to them?

That's fair. I certainly hope they do. I'd like to see what insight they have from the playtest.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Kineticist and medium post-mortems will go up in their associated threads next week, after the design team has a post-playtest meeting. I could put up my thoughts today, but at the advice of playtesters who voted in the kineticist thread, I will wait in case things change after the meeting.

Can we expect a post mortem post for all of the classes?

Yeah I'm trying REALLY hard to be optimistic about OA, especially since A) I love psionics and B) I love the occult. It just feels like the Kineticist and Medium got the most out of this playtest, while the other classes were afterthoughts. I ended up losing interest in the playtest because I didn't really see a lot of feedback in the other topics like we saw with the Kineticist.

I really hope there are a lot of updates soon on the state of the classes, like we got with the ACG (but sooner). There really should have been a second round. I don't feel comfortable with only one round of playtesting, especially one that was only for a month.

I'm very worried about the classes that aren't the Kineticist or Medium. Those two got a great deal of dev comments compared to the other ones. In particular, I fear the Psychic and Spiritualist will suffer the most. Psychic was very bland and boring and had nothing that made it pop with me. Spiritualist was weak and seemed like they were too worried about making a Summoner 2.0 to give it anything cool and unique. With the lack of dev responses for those two class, I fear they will be left to mediocrity.

There will have to be a lot done to the Occult classes to make them unique and fun. Only the Kineticist, Medium, and Occultist seemed to fit that. The other classes just felt boring and uncompelling. I hope that the playtest data will reflect this and we can give the classes (especially the Psychic and Spiritualist) more of a creative oomph. As it stands, though , without some kind of post-playtest summary for each class, I'm not really holding my breath for good mechanics. The fluff, however, should be awesome and probably the main reason I would get a copy of OA.

I'd probably allow it, with it being a save or go unconscious. I do a similar thing, but with cutting off limbs. I wouldn't say you were wrong, but I think you could have facilitated something with the player. Still no reason for them to lose their s%!~ at you.

It's easier for me to repost this rather than retype this.

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Looks like my homestate of SC has officially made marriage equality legal. Good to see them joining the charge for civil rights for once.

My biggest problem with AC as DR is that it does nothing for the dexteritous, acrobatic characters. Everyone is easier to hit, and light armor doesn't block much damage. So dex characters need something to make up for the lack of AC.

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Home made kale chips are easy to make, delicious, and good for you.

Kale Chips


  • One bunch of kale (Dino is preferable)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt, pepper, and whatever seasonings you like. I like cajun spices


  • Preheat oven to 300 F
  • Rip the kale leaves off of the steams and spread them onto a sheet pan
  • Drizzle oil onto it and toss, making sure it's covered all of it.
  • Bake for 8-12 minutes, or until the kale is crispy. If the leaves begin to brown on the edges, it's ready.
  • Take it out and immediately season it. Salt, garlic, whatever. It's good. Try some condiments too. Go f#!*ing crazy with it!!

Like most health foods, kale gets a bad rap because people assume it's only for pretentious hipsters. But honestly, it's delicious and good for you to boot. You can trust me. I'm no hipster, I'm a fat Latino chef-in-training :D

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Also, lemme dig through my culinary repertoire and post some stuff I like to make. I've got my Culinary Foundations textbook with some good dip recipes.



  • 3 Hass Avocados (or one big Florida Avocado)
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes
  • some cilantro
  • 1 red onion
  • some serrano peppers. Or if you're a badass like me, throw a habanero/scotch bonnet in there
  • 1 lime
  • Salt, pepper, cumin to taste. Cayenne is good too. Do it! Also ground coriander and garlic powder are winners.
  • Queso fresco or feta cheese as an optional topping are pretty awesome.


  • Cut the avocados into cubes.
  • Cut your lime and squeeze half of the lime in there. PROTIP: Squeeze the lime with the cut side facing your palm, so the seeds don't drop in.
  • Mix a bit so the lime juice gets everywhere
  • Mash them with a masher, but leave them a little lumpy. You can mash two of the avocados into a paste, then add the third and mash lightly to keep some lumps.
  • Dice all of the veggies with the amounts you want. I personally go light on the red onions since it is a pungent taste.
  • Mix in the veggies, herbs, and spices. Taste as you add and mix so the flavor balances right. Save some veggies and cilantro to garnish the top and make it look appetizing.
  • You can serve as is, or let the flavors marinade for an hour in the fridge. Your choice.
  • Optional: Top with feta or queso fresco.

Serve this with corn tortillas, blue corn tortillas (my favorite), or other chips. S!+*'s pretty easy and works well. The garnish and lumpiness of the guacamole gives it a rustic look, helps with the looks of the dip (so it looks like a salsa rather than green paste), and the mouth-feel of the crunch is awesome. Enjoy.

Might post a chowder recipe next. Or shrimp and grits, my personal hometown favorite. Although currently I'm enjoying Squid n grits more :)

Liranys wrote:
Eat healthy and die anyway? I'd rather go out having fun.

I used to think that, before my first kidney stone. Was 9mm too.

Hard to have fun when your money goes to medical bills :p

I think with 6th level and 4th level casters, the "caster level + casting stat" still can work since they tend to have less touch attack spell options than the 9th level casters. Of course, I'd have to playtest this to really make sure.

So I was recently inspired by one of SKR's blogs about replacing Touch attacks in his new RPG. It got me thinking about how I am not really a big fan of Touch Attacks or Touch AC. So I began musing a bit on how to replace it for casters and gunslingers.

So I turned to HERO a bit, which has two options for attacking. A physical attack and a mental (or magical) attack. So I got to thinking, maybe that would be a good way to model that.

I was thinking that a spell version of BAB would be useful, using the caster level plus casting stat and comparing it to the creature's AC. At first glance, it doesn't seem unbalancing, though obviously without some mathematical theorycrafting and playtesting, it is difficult to tell. Another idea I had was perhaps BAB + spell level of spell+ casting stat. I think I prefer the former, but I'd love to see what you guys think of both.

True. Remember, even Christianity with its monotheism still has an accurser being of sorts.

Sounds like what you are describing is less monotheism and more like monolatrism, wherein a worshiper reveres one god exclusively, acknowledges the existence of other gods, but believes that they are not worthy of worship and adoration. Nothing wrong with that, as I have that same concept in my game setting. Like Xenre the Vague, it's perfectly fine for the gods to have portfolios beyond the five that are usually in Pathfinder. In my setting, I have a religion that worships a one-true god, while the other "gods" are merely simulacra created by a Gnostic-like demiurge being. I gave that one true god all non-evil domains and it's worked out fine.

I missed out on the last one, but I will be doing some articles for this. What's the current article submission count so far?

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Many thanks. Once marriage equality is allowed here and things progress on the trans* front for legal documents and such, we plan on tying the knot. Just gotta defeat Voldemort Rick Scott and his neverending quest to oppress the LGBT community.

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So Wednesday has marked a year since my girlfriend and I have been dating. Went to an Italian place that's between where we live and Wilton Manors, which is a huge LGBT city down here in Florida.

Gwiber wrote:
Odraude wrote:
LazarX wrote:

By the premises of that argument, psychic magic should be an NPC/Monster item only, not a way to create an obscenely powered up PC.

Agreed. This comes a bit too close to the realm of "super special snowflake" territory for my tastes.

Really, adding PR and making SR not work on Psychic powers isn't that much of a power change. It's one somewhat rare defensive stat that isn't always there, any more than SR is.

That hardly creates an over powered “special snowflake.” That's a knee jerk over reaction.

kestral287 wrote:
Let me ask you this: Would you support dividing Spell Resistance into Arcane Resistance, Divine Resistance, and Psychic Resistance?

No need with magic. Divine or Arcane. The magic itself is the same. It's HOW the magic is attained that is different. Both manipulate the same essential power.

Wizards learn to do so on their own via their training. Clerics do so by asking a god to grant it to them directly. Sorcerers are born with the intrinsic knowledge how to do so from their parentage.

Psychic magic.. should not have the word Magic in it at all. It should just be Psychic power. Otherwise its really not “psychic” it's just another form of magical manipulation which is what Sorcerers do.

The frank feeling is, this is nothing more than another magic casting class, and not a mental energy type thing, which they could have done so much more, something uniquely different with.

And it disappoints me.

If they were going to delve into the realm of being Psychic; they should have kept it, Psychic. Now? It's just more of the over blown and bloated standard magic system.

It was less for PR and more in response to the need for psychic magic to be rare, powerful, and unbalanced. And there's really no reason to add PR in the game when, by flavor, psychic magic is magic and has existed in Paizo's setting since the beginning as magic. If you read any of James Jacob's posts about psionics, he has said countless times that they will be a form of magic, like arcane and divine. And I agree with him. I don't need it to be rare and more mystical and better than arcane and divine magic. I don't need my psionics to be superior than the other two. I'm fine with it being common in the world, perhaps moreso in certain settings over other, but more common nonetheless. For me, psionics has always been and always will be magic. And I like the sources they are using for psychic magic, with Seven Rays of God, the Subtle Bodies, and late 19th/early 20th mysticism as its main sources of inspiration.

Answer me this. Why should psychic magic be rare and unbalanced? What makes psionics not magic?

If you want psionics, then you can use DSP's version without the magic transparency. It already exists there, right for the taking. But going out of one's way to make psionics completely different from other magic just for the sake of making it different feels like poor game design and frankly, a waste of development time that could be used on more important aspects of the playtest.

LazarX wrote:
Gwiber wrote:

Not everything is about balance. Or SHOULD be about Balance.

Sometimes the world is "sh*t" and bad stuff happens. Sometimes there are things you just can;t deal with under a normal circumstance.

Psychic power, ISN'T spell power. That's kinda the point.

You make it rare, and unique.

It needs to be different from Magic. Removing Spell Resistance from the equation goes a long way to doing that. Showing that it is, not, magic.

It is psychic.

By the premises of that argument, psychic magic should be an NPC/Monster item only, not a way to create an obscenely powered up PC.

Agreed. This comes a bit too close to the realm of "super special snowflake" territory for my tastes.

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Gwiber wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Arcane is magic of reality

Divine is magic of the gods
Psychic is magic of the inner self

Magic, is magic. The source of where it comes from is the issue with magic. Some magic is granted to you (Clerics) Some people learn how to manipulate its flows and channel it into spells (Wizards), and some people internalize it into powers they can project (Sorcerers).

Psychic Energy is, Psychic, it shouldn't be magic. Otherwise a Psychic is nothing but a trumped up archetype of a Sorcerer, they are just channeling it differently, through things like emotions.

On a side note entirely: Gary Gygax mention, Psionic is entirely the wrong term and is being misused by the games industry at large. Psionics actually is the use of machinery to cause and use mental powers. He goes into a massively long diatribe on it (which he is typical of doing) in His Dangerous Journeys game setting.

Psychic shouldn't be magic according to you, not the rest of us psionics fans. Paizo is going with a different take where psychic powers are magic. They are using a classic approach via mysticism, ki and chakra, and esotericism as the sources, rather than the Psionics. They have already said that the classes in Occult Adventures will be magic and honestly, from a game design point of view, it makes sense to have the three big magics having similar mechanics that are balanced with each other. The idea that psionics should be more powerful, rare, and break SR is something I can't get behind. You may want psychics to be rare, but what about those that want a more balanced quantity of casters to psychics, or simple more psionics than mages and priests? We can't exactly do that because psychics have been made more unbalancing and clearly the better choice. That's why I'm more for psychics being balanced with the other options in Pathfinder. Making it overpowered but rare is poor game design.

Psionics is magic, just a magic of the mind, the several subtle bodies, and other esoteric things (ki, chakra, prana, the ethereal plane). This is made to appeal to a broader audience while allowing a place for DSP's psionics. Your version is too niche, unbalanced, and poor game design honestly. I'd prefer Paizo stick with what they are doing and allow DMs to decide what to do about SR.

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Arcane is magic of reality
Divine is magic of the gods
Psychic is magic of the inner self

The former two have spell resistance, despite their different sources. I don't see why Psychic magic has to have a special resistance when Divine magic doesn't. There isn't a Faith Resistance stat, so I don't see the reason why there should be a Psychic Resistance stat. I'm a fan of psionics, but I don't see any need for it to be different than Arcane and Divine magic, nor do I feel it should be superior to Arcane or Divine magic.

I think the disconnect here is you are seeing this Psychic magic as not spells, but the intent that Paizo has for Occult Adventures is that these psychic abilities are spells. At this point, it is a matter of taste and something that isn't going to be changed in the playtest. If you are looking for something different, there is still DSP's Psionics which can certain fit the bill for what you are looking for.

Logan Bonner wrote:
Mikael Sebag wrote:
Jester David wrote:
As the two options are connected, with the discipline determining the phrenic pool’s ability score, it’s odd that the discipline powers don’t use phrenic points. It makes the two class features needlessly dissociative. I think it’d be much more interesting if disciplines offered set uses for the phrenic pool, providing different ways of...
A very astute observation! I think this is a good direction for the class and connecting the phrenic pool and discipline would likely mean fewer things to track and perhaps more value from the discipline abilities. That alone could go a long way in beefing up the class's options in the early levels.

We currently have a problem with a lot of our 9-level casters, particularly the sorcerer and wizard, that it's difficult to make interesting archetypes for them because so much is tied up in their spell list. One of the reasons the connection between the phrenic pool and discipline is fairly minor is so that archetypes can replace one or the other and still feel like a psychic.

The other reason is that the phrenic pool is meant to be used in a very specific way: to amp up the power of spells as you cast them. It's not intended to be a catch-all pool of points to use on whatever. We have plenty of classes that do that. :)

That's a shame to hear. Was hoping for some more unique options to make the psychic feel like its own class rather than a sorcerer archetype.

I'm not really disappointed since the whole point of a playtest is to give feedback and make the class work with the playtest. Now if this were the actual release, then I'd have cause for worry.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Going to try and get something together on Monday, Looking to playtest the Kineticist in a neutral combat encounter, one that has a creature that can shaken it, a resistant enemy, a trap encounter, and a couple of NPC encounters and obstacle encounters to get a full mapping of what it can do.
Great! Remember it's using SLAs so it doesn't have thought or emotion components (just like arcane SLAs don't have verbal and somatic components).

Yeah, luckily someone else is playing a Psychic. So I'll get to figure out if shaken is bad news bears or not for the occult classes.

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I gotta agree with the sorcerer comment. Compared to the other classes presented, the psychic feels like it needs something more. Something that really makes it stand out. Right now, it feels like a sorcerer archetype with a phrenic pool. I'm not sure what it needs exactly, but something to make it interesting. Right now, it's kind of bland.

Also not a lot of dev commenting on this one compared to the other topics. Kind of has me worried about the Psychic here.

Going to try and get something together on Monday, Looking to playtest the Kineticist in a neutral combat encounter, one that has a creature that can shaken it, a resistant enemy, a trap encounter, and a couple of NPC encounters and obstacle encounters to get a full mapping of what it can do.

I know Eric Mona was writing about ki and chakra, so I'd love to seem some of those ki options for fighters and such. Playing a yogi master or Taichi expert would be awesome.

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Still doesn't stop me from doing it fairly successfully.

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Aside from WotR, there is another published way of doing it.

Council of Thieves Spoiler:
The main bad guy is the tiefling son of a man who swallowed a coin from Mammon's vault. This caused his progeny to become a tiefling

So something like that can definitely create an aasimar or tiefling.

Occultist is actually missing a lot of spells that would make some of it's focus powers useful. It has no summoning spells or pattern spells, yet has focus powers that deal with both sets.

Just an idea, have you looked at Paizo's Technology Guide? It has some good rules for laser pistols and all that. And it's on the d20PFSRD here if you want to look at it. Hope it helps.

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That's honestly too big of a change for the playtest and would make the kineticist less unique in their abilities. The psychic classes were stated in the beginning to be Vancian casters and replacing them completely would be way too much work that isn't worth it honestly. The Kineticist is the exception to the vancian rule that makes it unique. That said, every class sans the Psychic all have special abilities like the Hexes that help make them unique.

The Kineticist is the only new class that doesn't have classic spellcasting. Paizo has said many times that the psychic classes they use will be using Vancian spell casting, not Powerpoints. That's why the Psychic, Occultist, and everyone else all have spell casting abilities and will continue to have them. The Kineticist is really the only exception and that's what make it unique and the exception rather than the rule.

MMCJawa wrote:
williamoak wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Yeah, I was surprised by the lack of positive emotions myself williamoak. I would like to see other positive emotions such as joy, bravery, compassion, kindness, etc.

Well, there are certian positive emotions I wouldnt expect to see, since I perceive the notion of the emotion being the reason why the ghost is still attached to the mortal plane; and I highly doubt someone would become a ghost out of kindness. However, I could easily see other more "positive" reasons, such as:

-Duty: a lot of ancestor-worshiping mythologies have the dead watching the living, so it could be appropriate.

Hmm, I'll need to think of this later.

I concur. Phantoms should be based off of various reasons why a spirit has not chosen to move on. For positive emotions, I could see duty and love as big reasons, but not so much joy and kindness

I could see joy and kindness, especially if the phantom is a parent, a sibling, or a lover.

For SoS spells, they won't go up as much since there won't be the Headbands, but there are still feats to increase saves. Won't be nearly as bad, at least, so you may not need the save boosting baked into leveling. Or at least, not as much.

I actually think it would be easier to run a no-magic game than a low magic game, since the most you would have to do is watch what you throw at players. Though obviously, most of the bestiary would be useless and you'd probably have to use monsters with class levels and focus the higher levels on leading battles and wars. Also, I'd make Pathfinder Unchained's Manuever Pool available so martial combat would be more fun. And I'd use Ultimate Campaign's Downtime System to give players more rewards and such. I do plan on running a no magic campaign that ends with the players unlocking magic at the end of the no magic run. I think it would be fun to try.

the secret fire wrote:
Undone wrote:
Nope. Wizards and sorcerers are "Hit on a 2" Removing AC and giving them AC 10 is still "Hit on a 2". melee types are "Hit on a 10, 15, 20 for my iterative hits" The game hard caps at "Get hit on a 2" so wizards and sorcerers are equally as squishy while the melee types go to "Hit on a 2, 4, 9."

This is absolutely correct. Removing AC bonuses through magic items hurts the martials much more so than the casters, and is therefore something that one must correct in a low magic setting that is not meant to descend into farcical nonsense.

There are, of course, mechanical ways to make life harder (read "more lethal") for casters vis-á-vis combat and getting hit, but they are tricky to implement in Pathfinder. To give an example, the Rolemaster system in which armor type plays a large role in determining where a given blow lands on the various gory crit tables makes wearing armor quite beneficial whether or not one actually avoids a given blow.

Bottom line is that the base D&D/Pathfinder combat system is a ludicrously binary and primitive representation of what happens when people attempt to kill one another with sharp, heavy, and pointy objects. The hit/not hit duality of the attack roll and the dead/not dead duality of hit points both tend to render combat random, bizarre and cartoonish. Simply placing oneself outside of the system (which is the mid-high level wizard's standard tactic) is the best defense of all. Fixing this aspect of the game (and the inherent advantages that the wizard derives from it) without wholesale rebuilding is very, very hard, indeed.

This reason is why for low-to-no magic games, even with no magic weapons, I still allow magic armor (refluffed as just better armor) and give all character the bonus to saves as they level.

Actually, if real-life creatures are any sign, elves grown underground would more than likely be pallid with nigh transparent skin, and blind. Which suits me fine.

But in my games, drow play a different role that is a bit more akin to Eberron's version than the standard. YMMV.

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No problem. Feel free to post it here for everyone to see.

Tomorrow I'll actually have a day off! So I'm going to do some writing that I haven't done in ages.

I must've missed that on my first read through. Never mind, carry on.

Given the Occultist's theme is using objects to gain powers, I'd love to see some class ability or spell that models psychometry. Basically, this could allow the occultist to read the history of an item to solve for clues and such in an adventure. Would be really cool and thematic.

For AC, if I were doing really low to no magic that continues into high levels, I'd reflavor the Armor enchantment bonuses to just being better armor. That's about it really.

Dragon78 wrote:
The ability for kineticist to control creatures with same elemental subtype (or just elementals specifically) of there element would be cool. So would Aether kineticist get incorporeal creatures instead or creatures from the ethereal, or astral planes, or something else?

That was my thinking, yes. My only worry is that incorporeal creature aren't exactly a dime a dozen compared to the other elements, so it might be less worth it. I was thinking they could instead have a physical puppeteering ability like dominate monster but a Fort save. Or something similar.

Rerednaw wrote:
Odraude wrote:


This got me thinking that there could be a wild talent that allows the kineticist to attempt to turn or even dominate a create that has the subtype of it's...
You mean like Water Manipulator but with air, earth, fire included (not to mention ice, mud, steam, etc. as appropriate). And a greater version that has an enhanced effect operating like dominate?

Pretty much. I just think that the ability to turn and even dominate a creature made of your element would make sense and be flavorful. Though I'd imagine for the pyro, it would get weird turning devils. But I think it's an ability that would add utility and help a bit when a kineticist is met with their own element. So you don't have the problems of a pyro fighting devils, or a winter witch being useless in Reign of Winter.

Aether probably would feel a bit shoehorned, so you could give them a puppeteering ability. Common in fiction and would be cool.

Renchard wrote:
Skaldi the Tallest wrote:

I fully think that Pyrokintcists, Keraunokintcists, Cryokintcists and Caustokintcists (?) should be awesome at what they do and shouldn't need to dip into another element to survive.

Edit: I'm pretty sure "I want" over and over again probably makes me sound petulant. I really hope I'm wrong there. I just really like the idea of a specialist thriving. Yes, there are risks in specializing, but running with a theme is awesome.

Yea, we had this discussion on ENWorld a few months ago. Basically the question for elemental themed casters is this:

Are you an expert at generating your element, or are you a master of your element?

If a pyromancer (or pyrokineticist) encounters a fire elemental, should he run, because he knows his spells are useless, or should he laugh, because fire elementals fall under his domain?

I've seen arguments for both sides, and it really depends on how you view the character thematically, and where you're drawing your inspiration from.

If in your view, the pyromancer is a flavor of specialist wizard who chooses to focus on fire spells for greater efficacy, then running her into fire-resistant creatures to challenge her is par for the course. The game of the wizard is preparation and adaptation. The specialist's choice is to enhance capability generally at the cost of ineffectiveness in certain situations.

On the other hand, if for you a fire caster is someone with an inborn predisposition to fire magic, than it makes much more sense for fire creatures to fall under your purview. Fire elementals should fear you rending their fiery essence asunder.

Ultimately, the choice is dependent on what thematic Mark (and Paizo) want to support for the class. Is the kineticist someone who chooses to learn an element, or is it something they're born to?

This got me thinking that there could be a wild talent that allows the kineticist to attempt to turn or even dominate a create that has the subtype of it's element. So a pyrokinetic could banish a fire elemental or even try and dominate it. And so on. Would be interesting. Aether could be used on incorporeal or ethereal creatures.

Messing up psychic mages is fine, but we just think that in it's current iteration, it's too harsh. Arcane and divine casters don't have this same all-or-nothing issue when it comes to concentration checks. Only things I can think of are golems (which is much more rare than the Shaken condition) and becoming an ex-divine caster (which is still preventable by the PC).

I think it's fine to have forced emotions screw with the psychic mage. But being crippled by one of the most common effects in the game is too much. It's just weird to be shaken and have your only options be "run, drink potion, or use metamagiced spell that's essentially a feat tax". It's only the Shaken condition after all. I could see it forcing a concentration check, or extending the casting time, or something less harsh than "You can't cast the majority of your spells."

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Mark Seifter wrote:
@Emotion components, you could carry around a cheap 50 gp potion of remove fear or rely on getaway spells like dimension door to remaneuver. Remember, if it would have a somatic component, it has an emotion component, so you can cast those getaway no-somatic spells to reposition for better tactical position. The good thing that way is that most forms of easy and reliable access to shaken work in a 30 foot range, so if you get farther than that, you're less likely to be in trouble.

I don't really like the idea of being required to have remove fear on you just so you don't get shut down by being shaken.

Like I said, the idea that emotional status effects are detrimental to psychics are fine. But I think shutting down the majority of their spells because they are only shaken is a very harsh punishment. I like giving PCs (and NPCs) a way to try and overcome issues like this and this style of game design really doesn't sit well with me.

I'm not saying you should remove this, but I really honestly think it could be toned down a little bit. If I can playtest this on the weekend, I'll try to.

I like this topic and am happy to be a part of it!

I notice this with happens way more often with non-Fantasy games.

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