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Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,522 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Aelryinth wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

Meh. If you can handle tachyons and gravity, you can handle FTL communication.

Nobody knows how fast gravity is.

You don't speak of gravity as being "fast". Gravity is the bending of spacetime around mass.

mmm. I'm referring to something like this: If earth suddenly pops out of existence, and you're a light year away, how long before you could tell it wasn't there by observing the change in gravity?

That's the speed of gravity. If it's instantly possible to tell, then we have a speed of gravity. If it's not...time to measure!

The CRystal Singer is a story built around a single SF item - the ansiple (a McGuffin name for any device allowing instantaneous communication across vast distances). McAffrey is going more into psionics then magic for the attunement process (who knew perfect pitch could be so valuable?), but this 'impossible' thing is what keeps space viable in that story. The ansiple in this story are the crystals the singers cut.

I'm aware of the dangers of energy build up from relativistic speeds and stuff. But a Bergenholm drive harvesting vibrational speed gets around that since inertia is not a factor. You also put in a limiting factor, so the vibrational force is less and less as it enters other energy fields.
Note that there is no acceleration buildup of energy in this method, because your atoms are already vibrating at massive're just aiming it in one direction. So, you're shifting the direction, not the speed, and there's no energy accumulated that isn't already there. So, instantaneous redirection of velocity is actually possible! just can't do it when you're close to big things very easily.

As for power requirements, it's harvesting the vibrational speed of atoms, and simply aligning their natural velocities, so there's no need for extra energy input. It's tapping the energy that makes up what a person IS, i.e. the dance of electrons.

ON the website listed above (seriously, check it out, it's...

I think I missed the website you linked. Can yuo link it again please?

I actually don't quite know the science behind FTL drives wrecking planets. So I'm curious. What makes an inertialess drive so good at planet cracking? Also, why can't one use FTL near a planet? I've seen that used as a limitation before but never actually understood why.

I can see that. And here I was just going to go with a thorium reactor lol

I do like that idea aeltyinth. I was originally going to use the Alcubierre drive but I do like the sound of the Bergenholm Drive. Since my focus will be exploration, I think I'll have the focus on FTL travel, with wormhole gates found or able to be built (though expensively) to connect found star systems.

I'll definitely check it out over the weekend. Sadly work plus school leaves me with only an hour and a half to myself each weekend, and that's usually spent grabbing dinner and doing homework for Food and Beverage Cost Control. I know one thing I want to do with aliens is to make them very alien. Non-humanoid, maybe even alternate biochemistries. Things like that.

I've heard of the Commonwealth series but I haven't read it before. I may have to look at it.

So for exploration throughout the galaxy, what are some cool intergalactic points of interest that players can run into? I'm looking to make the map either tonight after school or tomorrow during my break, so I'd love any ideas big or small.

I've actually played a lot of Endless Space and GalCivIII. Love those games. The string idea is interesting, though much of this will be the players going into the vesper abyss to explore and see what stars are out there.

Unsure about time dilation for going light speeds. I own Mindjammer and I know it talks about that and even has a table on how much time would pass. But, I think it might be a little more complicated than I can handle atm. Though I'll certainly think about it.

While I adore the setting, I'm not too interested in the actual game mechanics. Which is fine. I've been on the fence between using Pathfinder and Savage Worlds for this and am actually leaning back to SW, especially since they have Nova Praxis which is a similar setting (Transhuman Future) but in Savage Worlds.

So far I own and read the following:

Eclipse Phase Core and some other setting books
Nova Praxis
Stars Without Number
Mongoose Traveller
GURPS Space & Ultra-Tech
Pathfinder Technology Guide
Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

Basically grabbing as much sci fi info as I can to really get the sci-fi setting the way I like it. And much of the info here will definitely be useful for my campaign.

Nice. I own Space though not spaceships. It's a really good setting book I've been using for cool ideas (along with Mindjammer and Eclipse Phase and Traveller) and really getting the feel of a futuristic sci-fi game.

I can dig that. So ion storms can have emp abilities that screw with the ship and its electronics systems. These are good ideas. Thanks.

Gravity wells and escape velocity would only come in to effect for gas giants or bigger (or black holes), or during combat when escaping a planet's atmosphere. Otherwise it probably wouldn't matter.

I suppose I mean what would be good examples of consequences?

Sorry for being out. Long weekend of work.

I like the idea of ion storms in space. Fire the scale of each hex, I'm thinking about having it to be two parsec in length from opposite corners. I figured that would be a good galactic scale to have for exploration. Means each side of the hex is one parsec.

What's a good way to represent the ion storm and gravity wells damaging a ship or trapping ships?

Thanks for the responses. I haven't decided whether there will be magic or not, but the ships will be standard sci fi ships rather than spaceboats with sails.

I do like the idea of the emptiness and distance acting as the limiting factor for exploration. I'd even allow "scooping" of gas giants and brown dwarfs, with the standard dangers (gravity wells, radiation, high temps).

A little bump for this

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A bit of a thought from my ftl thread. I'm doing a space traveling and exploration game with Pathfinder and I'm interested in doing it as a hexcrawl (think Kingmaker but in space). That said, exploring space is a different beast from exploring a forested wilderness. Z axis means players can avoid obstacles. What are some ways of doing ahexcrawl in space?

I do like the ideas you guys have here. FTL communication like an ansible is something I'm thinking about not including mostly to involve that feeling of isolation when the players are out exploring. Although I wonder if it would be easier to send communication at ftl sites than a ship... mostly for verisimilitude sake. At the very least there can be communications through wormholes I'd imagine, right?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If the OP is insterested, here's my Arcadia thread here for some good ideas for Arcadia. This includes a lot of commentary from the devs about some of the things they are keeping in mind. I also have my own setting that takes place in a Caribbean-inspired Renaissance fantasy world, flavored by the Taino and Carib tribes, the European colonies, and modern-day Latin and Caribbean cultures. I designed it specifically so that everyone could play any human ethnicity they desired, especially Hispanic and Native Americans. I've been on hiatus on it for a couple of months due to work and school, but I'm available for ideas and talking if you're down.

I know Mindjammer has time dilation for its travel setting, but not much beyond that.

Thanks for all of the responses. Mostly, I kept the type of superluminal and wormhole modes of travel vague just to see the wide amount of responses for them.

With the setting, I would like both in, in varying degrees. Various empires will have developed different technologies, so I was curious how their relationship would be to each other.

I figured the classic jump drive would be almost a combination of ftl tech and wormhole tech, limited mostly by huge energy concerns. But I may avoid the jump drive because I do want to focus more on travelling and exploration.

I do know that I don't want to do "hyperspace" though I am alright with the idea of wormholes being non-instantaneous "space highways". And I do like the idea someone gave me on another forum of something similar to the Mass Effect relays, where they are essentially space "catapults". Orbital machines that launch ships at superluminal speeds towards a destination, with relays along the journey to speed and slow down ships. How does that sound?

Also, what are some obstacles to ftl and wormhole travel in science fiction? And what are some ways to bring a ship out of ftl speed or a wormhole? I'd imagine people would have the ability to hijack ships at that speed for military or pirating purposes.

Thanks again for the responses!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I've been quiet for a while, slowly brewing an idea for a Pathfinder game in space. One thing I haven't been able to settle on is whether I want superluminal (Faster-Than-Light) travel or wormhole travel. Both would definitely change the setting in various ways between each other. So I had some questions regarding the two. Admittedly they are kind of more involved than my usual questions, so I do apologize.

1. Which technology would be discovered first; FTL drive or wormhole drive? Or would you see them as parallel technologies that do the same thing but in different ways?

2. How would varying advancements in FTL travel look like and progress? Kind of like how we've come from the Wright Brother's plane to jets, how would FTL advance? Same question, but with wormhole technology.

3. What are some things that would inhibit FTL travel? Same question with Wormholes.

4. Would wormhole technology obsolete FTL travel? Or could the two coexist?

Thanks for any answers.

So far the book is sounding like it is matching the hype. I think I'll wait to see some more, better written reviews (and obviously for the 29th) before committing. But I'm definitely cautiously excited for what I'm hearing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds cool. I'll have to wait for the reviews to come in before grabbing the PDF.

Kendrosthenes wrote:

1. Churrasco.

2. Appealing description
3. Pollo Guisado
4. Terribly bland description

If I enjoyed the Churrasco (and the service), I would definitely come back and try the Mojo Cerdo and the octopus salad.

Just a few questions/comments:

(1) Are the entrees in any particular order?

(2) Does "pegao" refer to rice and pigeon peas? If so, I'd recommend adding "pegao" and its meaning to one of the entree descriptions.

(3) I'm not a fan of seeing "Spanish Rice" on a Puerto Rican menu. Could you say, instead, "Puerto Rican Rice" or "Rice Pilaf"?

1) nope no order

2) pegao is the crust on the bottom of a pan of rice that a lot of Hispanic people enjoy. I know my family fought over it a lot. I chose the name because the restaurant will be something everyone wants ;-)

3) that's fair. I chose "Spanish" because it's something most non Spanish people can envision.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigDTBone wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Not being familiar with Puerto Rican food, I honestly have no idea what to expect from any of the dishes on your menu except the last one. I don't mind experimenting, but if I went with my friends I would not be surprised if half the conversation before ordering is about what things on the menu are.
I'm curious, are my revised versions better?
I think your Asopao sounds boring, but for some of the other items it is a big help. Most notably, Tostones being added to the title and telling me they are plantains makes me want to try them. Plantains are delicious.
The clincher between stew and gumbo is if the dish is prepared from a roux base. If you aren't making a roux, then it isn't gumbo.

That's good to know. In asopao the rice acts like the thicken er in the stew, so you get a similar consistency to gumbo.

Ross Byers wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
I have some other comments if you're interested.
Sure thing man. I'll be taking Cost Control in two weeks so I'll be doing this once a week, if not twice a week. Any advice I can take would be great.

Disclaimer: I write this as someone who loves Caribbean food, but I don't have any food-service experience. It is possible my advice is terrible generalized to a wider audience.

Other folks have commented on the lack of vegetarian and minimal seafood options.

My biggest comment is that you're inconsistent in terms of what you expect the reader to know about Puerto Rican food. For instance, you don't define tostones, but you simpify 'aranitas' to 'plaintain hash browns'. As kind of a picky eater, I find parentheticals to be helpful in explaining unknown terms.

Likewise, you have a lot of sauces by their proper names. An unfamiliar reader would need to ask their server about any of them, except the pineapple rum sauce. No one wants to be the person who asks about every dish on the menu: adding a single evocative word can help readers narrow down their choices. For instance, I don't know what makes Mojo Isleño different from the other mojo sauces on your menu.

A couple of your descriptions are vague to the point of being misleading, depending on how the dish is actually prepared. Asopao is a rice soup, but gumbo is typically served over rice, rather than incorporating rice. Likewise, I know what mofongo is, but the description makes it sound like a stuff whole plantain or perhaps an alcapurria.

Your description of Arroz con Pollo buries the lede: your stuffed chicken leg. Rice is not exciting, it should be listed second.

'Boiled potatoes' is really the worst way to describe potatoes. You have a limited amount of space - use it for evocative flavor words like 'spicy', not bland-ify-ing ones like 'boiled', 'white', or 'pilaf'.

Lastly, 'aranitas' have a really evocative name that you can use to generate interest.

This is how I would...

Those are all good points. I'll be writing a final draft and incorporating a lot of these changes. Though with the asopao, I labeled it a gumbo because I felt the words stew and soup would make it sound more like an appetizer. Also admittedly, I've always had gumbo with the rice mixed in, but that might be a south Carolina thing.

Thank again Ross, I'll be writing some changes after work in an hour an I'll post then

Thanks Adam. Those will be things I'll be putting in the final draft and future drafts) tonight. This project has been a good insight in menu building. Tough but fun.

Fergie wrote:

Probably the arroz con pollo. I guess mostly because it is fairly predictable in terms of how the chicken will be cooked, although knowing what it is stuffed with would be good. The Mofongo also sounds real good, but are the plantains sweet or starchy?

I would be least likely to order the Kingfish. While I would like a citrus seared salmon, tuna, sword, I don't like most freshwater fish. I don't really know anything about kingfish. Also, I'm not a fan of most other seafood, so octopus is right out for me.
Just a note: As a total Gringo, I am unfamiliar with most of the sauces, and several other items on the menu. Also, the prices would be considered affordable for lunch, and almost 1/2 what I would expect to pay for diner entrees. (I live about 30 miles north of NYC).

Here is the menu of a restaurant in my hometown run by a very successful guy who also has two other restaurants.

Nice that is helpful. I had a nice, Miami lunch place in mind when writing this menu for my fake restaurant. I'll check out the link after class (finishing now).

Ross Byers wrote:
Odraude wrote:
1) Which item you would order?


2) The reason you'd order it?

Because Mofongo is delicious.

3) What's the item you'd least likely order?

Pollo Guisado

4) The reason you wouldn't order it?

Because if I'm going to order a chicken dish, I'd prefer the Arroz con Pollo.

I have some other comments if you're interested.

Sure thing man. I'll be taking Cost Control in two weeks so I'll be doing this once a week, if not twice a week. Any advice I can take would be great.

For the arroz con pollo, I should have put the stuffing. I don't know how I forgot that lol. That's my fault, sorry. It's stuffed with red and green peppers, some seasoning and some panko and cilantro and garlic. It's really delicious. For the final draft, I will add that to the description.

Sorry again for the lack of vegetarian options. That was honestly due to lack of time on my part, as well as coming up with something interesting as well as keeping with the Puerto Rico theme, as well as not reusing ingredient more than three time s. Don't worry though, next time I do this menu, there will be vegetarian meals on this menu. Thanks again for the feed back guys. Keep them coming :-)

ShadowcatX wrote:

Ok, I've never had Puerto Rican food, but I do like trying new places so I can see myself sitting down here.

1) Arroz con Pollo

2) It isn't something so exotic I don't know what it is, yet isn't something I'd make at home either. And a stuffed chicken leg sounds fun.

3) Pollo Guisado

4) Stewed, boiled, mixed vegetables, white rice. - Not a bit of flavor in any of those words, just bland, on bland, on bland.

Yeah, I may honestly go back and edit the description of the stewed chicken for the final draft, since it's obvious I got lazy when I got to that. Thanks for the feedback shadow cat :-)

Thanks for the responses so far. Between this survey here and the other outlets, I'm getting some good feedback. Funny enough, people seem polarized on the chicken dishes. My Hispanic friends and family love them, as do my picky friends. My foodie friends though seem to want something more, which is great. Though general consensus is that the stewed chicken is the least interesting menu item. Makes sense since it was the item specifically for picky eaters or indecisive eaters lol. I'm loving the feed back though.

As for the skirt steak price, I should put down that it's an 8 oz strip of steak. That's definitely my fault, so thank you for the price feedback.

As for the fish, admittedly that was sadly just for being limited to eight entrees. Though you bring up a good point about a lack of vegetarian dishes. That'll will definitely be addressed next time I do this, since my next class is food cost control and menu building.

Thanks again everyone and keep them coming . This is really helping me out:-)

I don't normally do these survey things, but I need some people for a project I'm doing for school. So, I'm doing a menu project for my Cuisine Across Cultures class. In it, I have to write up a menu with eight entrees, cost it, and survey 50+ people to see what sells the best (and least). Below is a link to a sample menu I've come up with for a fictional, casual Puerto Rican eatery you'd see in a Downtown area of a city. Please look at the menu and post the following in the comments below:

1) Which item you would order?
2) The reason you'd order it?
3) What's the item you'd least likely order?
4) The reason you wouldn't order it?

Looking for good, honest feedback so I can edit the menu accordingly and write about it for my project. Thank you for any and all help with this project

My Menu Project

Freehold DM wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Man that's kind of a shame. I was just introduced to Playing D&D With Porn Stars from the Alexandrian's talk about Vornheim and Urban Crawls too...

Also, hey, I'm back. I actually have time now to do stuff on Paizo again!

I had no idea D&D with Porn Stars was even still around. I knew of a few people in adult entertainment into tabletop stuff, but I have not had contact with them in many, many years. Certainly had no idea the person in the site was something of a stalker? That's news to me, and something I would have to find out more about- then again I really, really dont' follow much online happenings due to my avoidance of facebook, twitter and the like.


Good to be back. Schedule is crazy with school and work. Though I'm pretty far into the courses now, making awesome foods.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Man that's kind of a shame. I was just introduced to Playing D&D With Porn Stars from the Alexandrian's talk about Vornheim and Urban Crawls too...

Also, hey, I'm back. I actually have time now to do stuff on Paizo again!

A Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy some ham, turkey, pernil... whateves :D

I'm taking the PC route and am saying Happy Holidays.

Hopefully I can summon Liz to this thread with the delicious smell of marinating pernil and coquito to answer our questions.

Also, not a huge fan of the three-headed sharktopus that is their version of the Lusca.

Since it's in a Chronicle or Player Companion, I think that generally they aren't OGL. With some exceptions, like the Technology Guide. The book that had these monsters was the Isle of Shackles book.

Definitely the ones I've already written up in the Google Doc in the first post. Hupias, Ciguapas. I also have some homebrew monsters, like a howler monkey/jaguar hybrid. In addition, on my laptop, I have Zemis written up as an outsider group similar to Kami. These guys are focused on possessing idols to interact with the material world. Most are actually Small or smaller, even the higher CR ones, though I have a Stone Zemi that is Tiny but has a power to make itself Colossal. Each zemi is named from a Taino word I researched for each one.

I'm also working on Naguals. It started as a monster, then a template, and finally I think the Nagual should be a Prestige Class. One made for Shamans, Witches, Druids, and Oracles (and really any nature caster).

That's what I have so far. Haven't worked on the bestiary as much of late, but there are still other Caribbean monsters I want to add, like the Lagahoo, Lusca and Chickcharney (ones that are different from the Paizo Inner Sea Pirates versions due to not being OGL), Douen, and Duppies, Will do that when less sick.

I see. Well ill give it a look at least. Lord knows one of the adventure ideas I have for my setting could draw some political ire, from what I've read on the forums on what people want from Arcadia.

ill have to read those. what do you mean by awful politics?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So this week, I'm sick with the flu, which means I finally have days off and I can begin more work on fleshing out my setting more. I definitely hope to share it with you guys in the coming weeks so that there can be some more inspiration for Arcadia in this thread.

So far I have three pdfs being written. Anacaona Player's Guide, a brief primer to the races, ethnicities, colonies, and history of the setting; Anacaona, The Sixth World, a DM focused book with more in detail about religions, relationships between the island kingdoms, and the cosmology; Anacaona Bestiary, which features creatures from American folklore, both ancient and recent, North and South and everything in between.

I have a couple of adventure ideas too, but I'm waiting for the local gaming store to open first. It'll be nice to finally get my nerd on in Ft Lauderdale without having to drive 30 minutes.

On Korra...

So I'm half way through 4, with 3 fresh on my mind. I know about the ending thanks to facebook ruining it, though that doesn't bother me. I'm of two thoughts. The first is that I've only seen some build up to it in four, none of the other seasons. I'm on the Operation Beifong episode and the most I've really seen is Korra sending letters only to Asami, and Asami and Korra getting mad at each other during her return.

On the other hand, the entire series is filled with "love at first sight" tropes, especially with Bolin. And while I personally think it's been a bit much for my tastes, cleary Korrasami isn't the only love at first sight trope they've had, so I don't really have any issues with it.

Maybe they build it up a bit more after Operation Beifong. I'll see tonight.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Rysky is proving to be a great harbringer for me..... hehehe

... Your approval fills me with great shame.

Your shame.... it sustains me...:p

True but we did have more information about S* than we do with Giantslayer. Going to Leng, dealing with Kaer Maga and Windsong Abbey. With this, all I really know is that there is a frost giant graveknight and you can team up with a dragon. I'm sure the AP will be fun and well written, but just based on the little descriptions we have, I don't feel compelled enough to buy them. I want to know more about GS.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
KSF wrote:
This could be big news. The Supreme Court will hear the Louisiana same sex marriage case.

This is big news: [SCotUSblog] "Court won’t add to delay of Florida same-sex marriages"... so, barring something unexpected, Florida clerks can start issuing same-sex marriage licenses starting January 6th.

Florida. Here? Here. Holy s*@!!

Holy s~%! is right; what're you going to say when mom starts hinting about you getting married?!


Yeah my gf and I have thought about tying the knot once that happens, since under FL law she is still considered a man and thus, no marriage. Though things are super busy with work and school and me having the flu now, so might wait.

Rysky is proving to be a great harbringer for me..... hehehe

Eltacolibre wrote:
Dying is just another adventure. Check out Kratos in God of War 2 and 3.

It's funny, I've actually been musing an adventure where the plot hook is that everyone is an adventurer that died in a TPK and they have to bargain with death to come back to life.

Helcack wrote:
For the chosen one it's pretty easy even if the character dies, have the other characters be like "Whelp, our chosen one is dead, let's try to find a different solution to the problem" and they continue playing, and the chosen one's player rolls a new character. Just because someone is the chosen one, doesn't mean they have to fulfill their chosen role. Also the way I run it is that the chosen one gets a large amount of circumstantial good and bad things happen to them(I.E. They have more influence on the world around them indirectly) It's also good if you make it so the chosen one's abilities are unique in some way. An example being the chosen one caster bringing back an ancient form of magic(wordcasting) or creating a secret fighting technique(monkey style+Longbows).

This does make sense and would be how I do it if I did do it. I was originally inspired by the Occultist class in 13th Age, where the default is that only one person in the world is an Occultist. So I was thinking how to run something like that.

Perhaps chosen one or prophecized hero is the wrong term for it. What about someone who is a scion of something? Like Helcack mentioned, the last word caster or the last Qinggong monk, or whatnot.

DominusMegadeus wrote:

Korra was not at all mature, and she was very much a jerk about being the Avatar.

Source: Mako's shattered ego

I guess I mean the players are mature enough to handle this sort of game, rather than the characters themselves.

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