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Ninjaxenomorph's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 644 posts (672 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Shadow Lodge

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I've always liked the idea of a character that focused on Called Shots. I figured that attacks such as the gunslinger's Dead Shot, that allow the user to make a full-attack action that counts as just one attack, is the best way to do that.

In comes Pummeling Style. You resolve all your attacks, and they all count as one attack. And on top of that, if you have one crit, your entire attack crits! Combining that with the Greater Called Shot feat, which allows you to substitute any attack for a called shot. So, combining Pummeling Style with Greater Called Shot, as I see it, allows you to have your big attack be one big called shot, with all the damage and several chances to possibly crit as a full attack.

So, this build for a brawler (the best class I can see to accomplish this, with more feats to play around with than a monk) has several issues that would need to be addressed. If they were to Called Shot every turn, they are taking penalties on their attacks, from -2 to -10, and hoping for a crit. I can see them taking another critical feat, since Critical Focus (and the Anatomist trait) is something that would benefit the build, and Improved Critical shouldn't even be mentioned its so necessary.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for this? Helping the critical problem, or a consistent way of heavily improving the character's attack bonus?

Shadow Lodge

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I am on another forum that doesn't quite seem to get that the Trench Fighter archetype in Rasputin Must Die! is clearly intended for 20th century soldiers. I made a joke to a friend that if someone asked me for that, I would say "Okay, you can be a Trench Fighter. But you have to be a Russian soldier. You speak Russian. Nothing else."

Then I was thinking... a conscripted Russian WWII-era soldier, teleported to a fantasy world? That would be awesome! So I ran with the concept. The immediate concern is that the rules, as written, don't allow for this, not completely. So I came up with this trait, roughly analogues to a campaign trait:

Soviet Soldier: You are not of Golarion, but from far beyond; 20th century Earth. You treat all firearms as simple weapons, and start with Russian as your language. However, you may only begin play understanding Earth languages, though if you have an Intelligence score higher than 11, you may elect to not start with bonus languages, and you instead may instead learn a language without taking a rank in Linguistics every time he gains a level, up to his intelligence bonus. You can communicate in a rough fashion using Sense Motive and body language. You never needed to craft your own firearms or ammunition, until now: you may not start play with Gunsmithing as a feat, but may take it at a later level. Even with Gunsmithing, you may not reproduce your equipment without also having the Craft Technological Arms and Armor feat. You may use the feat to craft other firearms and ammunition as per the feat, at the GM's discretion.

In addition, you have been outfitted with special equipment: a Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle, a socket bayonet, Russian infantry uniform (counts as quilted cloth), a greatcoat and ushanka (counts as cold weather gear), a gasmask with 5 cartridges, 2 M1914 concussion grenades, Nagant M1895 revolver, a backpack, a canteen, a weeks worth of trail rations, and 34 metal cartridges, including two stripper clips. You may begin with up to 30 GP worth of gear, at the GM's discretion.

It's a bit generous on the gear, being 1680 gold pieces and 5 silver pieces; however, if you apply the Guns Everywhere rule, the ammunition and gun prices go down (I think they have not been applied already, since guns in Golarion are artificially inflated and handcrafted, and Russian weapons would be mass-produced in a factory. The adjusted 20th century gear is a slightly more reasonable 411.5 gp. Still expensive, but well within bounds for a trait (Rich Parents).

Any other suggestions? Comments? Accusations of insanity?

Shadow Lodge

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I was looking over the Technomancer in the PRD, and I noticed a hiccup in the Technic Spell Mastery ability. It states that the Technomancer can add spells to his spell list if they are not already, at the level a wizard can cast them. But what about spells such as Remove Radiation, which cannot be cast by wizards, who would likely be going into the PrC? I presume it would be added at 4th level, since all the other casters that get it cast it at that level, but, by RAW, a Wizard/Technomancer could not cast that spell.

Shadow Lodge

5 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

So, question. The Savage Technologist archetype gets a variant of Rage, where they gain a +4 morale bonus to Strength and Dexterity, and lose the AC penalty. However, it says that any time a barbarian ability would increase her Strength, it increases her Dexterity. This would lead to uneven bonuses while raging at higher levels; was it meant to say that the Constitution bonuses get changed? Otherwise, an 11th level Savage Technologist would be gaining a +4 to Str, a +6 to Dex, and a +2 to Con.

Shadow Lodge

Hello! I'm toying around with playing a Savage Technologist for my friend's campaign (for those interested in the world, the WIP guide is here). Short version: the world features a modified version of the Commonplace Guns rule. The houseruled version is that early guns are martial weapons, but advanced firearms are still exotic weapons. In addition, with the advent of the Technology Guide, he has stated that tech firearms are not included in the advanced proficiency, but it can be retrained to include it, provided you have an actual tech weapon to train with. He has also stated that having the Technologist feat would earn a discount on that. We would also be starting at 5th level, with 10000 starting gold to spend on gear.

Keeping these rules in mind, I came up with the concept of a Savage Technologist wielding an adamantine longsword and revolver. THEN the build problems came up.

1) The Savage Technologist does not gain the Gunsmithing feature. I like this choice for the archetype, fits in with the idea of picking up the enemies' advanced weaponry and using it against them. However, that leaves this character in the awkward position of having to rely on others for half his weaponry, and all of his ammunition, in addition to not being able to repair his very expensive revolver. I don't mind being reliant upon a party member with Gunsmithing to help him out. However, the game is still a little while off, so there may not be a party member with gunsmithing. I see three (well, two and a half, really) solutions to this. He could dip Pistolero, which would get him the boons of deeds such as quick clear, a small grit pool, gunsmithing, and a starting firearm. The downside being delayed Barbarian progression, including putting off Crack Shot, the really attractive Savage Technologist ability. The other options are to take either Amateur Gunslinger with the quick clear deed, the only one the character really needs to keep fighting. Either that, or actually take Gunsmithing. This would remove the option of fixing it in the fight, but would make firearms in general easier to keep and maintain, as the GM ruled starting with it means I can start with a firearm he had crafted, at half price. The downsides to this is that it doesn't really fit with the idea of the character, and its a feat used for non-combat purposes which... yeah, see the next one.

2) Limited feats. A level 5 human character has 4 feats. One of those is definitely going towards Technologist, to be able to deal with tech stuff for the party. The idea of the brilliant spellcaster being speechless at seeing a robot then the barbarian going "Actually, its a robot." appeals to me, and there will be advanced tech in this campaign. However, this means that he has THREE feats to play around with. Feat options: Power Attack and Deadly Aim are both getting grabbed, at some point. As mentioned above, Amateur Gunslinger or Gunsmithing are good if the Pistolero dip isn't taken. In addition, Point-Blank Shot (I'm fairly sure 99% of his firearm attacks will be from within melee range) and Precise Shot are good, if only to cancel out the penalties for firing into melee. Even though HE is in the melee.

3) Lastly, I have to say I'm a bit new to barbarians; they never really appealed to me, but this archetype looks amazing and it fits into the campaign world very nicely (the GM is going for a post-apocalyptic magitech sorta feel, with pre-apocalypse tech being a common occurance). I get rage stuff, and what the archetype loses. The thing I am new at, however, is Rage Powers. I have very little experience with them in general. Any recommendations based on what I have?

Thats the extent of my help needed. If you need more information, I can give it to the best of my knowledge.

Shadow Lodge

I am working on my friend's setting, specifically on a magic item that gives you several electricity-based spell like abilities, such as Shocking Grasp and Lightning Bolt. Then I had a thought: can a magus use spell combat/spellstrike with spells he is not casting as a magus, due to an acquired SLA (or from another class), granted that the spell used is on the Magus list? I know about Broad Study and Spell Blending, they ADD spells. What if they are already there?

Shadow Lodge

I had an idea for one of the ultimate villains in my campaign, since I have decided to take it Mythic. He is part of the Council, a shadowy group that enforces the order of the world, along with a Drakainia, and an Arcane Nightmare Lord Taniniver. So, to contrast these monstrous foes, I came up with the third member: a human bard. Level 20 Mythic tier 10, but a human bard.

So, here's what I have for him: mostly focuses on minions and making others fight for him. Relies on illusions to maintain multiple identities, each of which has a lot of people behind it. Also the item crafter for the group (somehow getting the Crafting Mastery ability), and relies on my favorite method of crafting multiple abilities into a single item. He's Neutral Evil, his Perform of choice would be Oratory (relying on Lingering Performance, barking quick orders), and in single combat has Arcane Strike (mythic version), the Deadly Dodge mythic ability, and exploitation of minions. Asides from that, he needs to be immortal.

So can you guys give me some clearer ideas for this Bard? I have some foggy ideas for mythic stuff (Marshall/Trickster dual path), but none for his archetype.

Shadow Lodge

I've been working on an NPC ally for an upcoming campaign. He is a LG Trox slave; the Trox were an example of the more advanced builds with the Advanced Race Guide, but were included as an official race with Bestiary 4.

Some racial stuff for those who don't have access to either of those: Trox are Monstrous Humanoids, are Large (with 10 feet of natural reach), and have the Frenzy and Grabbing Appendages racial traits, in addition to a burrow speed. Their racial modifiers are +6 strength, and -2 to all mental stats. Frenzy is a 1/day lesser form of barbarian rage, and Grabbing Appendages give them Improved Grapple as a bonus feat, and allows them to maintain a grapple while using their other limbs.

As for his actual monk levels, that is what I was having trouble with. I know he has vows of Silence, Truth, and possibly Chains. Since he already has a pretty good advantage grappling, I was not looking at the Tetori archetype. I also want him to utilize Dragon Style; the extra damage is very attractive, as are the stunning fist options. I want something that lets him actually be effective at dealing damage during grappling.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Shadow Lodge

The (basic) tiefling has a penalty to charisma. Bloodrager specifically states the character takes on elements of their bloodline. Need I say that a tiefling would be awesome as an Infernal Bloodrager?

PRD wrote:
Fiendish Sorcery: Tiefling sorcerers with the Abyssal or Infernal bloodlines treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer class abilities.

Fiendish Sorcery applies to the two bloodlines, but it is stated that it only works for sorcerers, which were the only class with bloodlines. Now we have two bloodlines, if slightly different. I don't think it is overpowered to rule that Fiendish Sorcery also works for bloodragers.

Shadow Lodge *

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I am looking to create a married couple PCs for me and my friend to play. A tiefling and aasimar (need to look up aasimar marriage rituals, know the tiefling scarification one), both working for the same faction and always played together. I also want sanctified rings, but am not sure how to go about it. 5 GP on each PC, assume they have been activated? Do I have to ask a cleric to activate them in-session? Is there some arbitrary cost for a ceremony?

Furthermore, are there any traits that would work? I've been looking into teamwork feats, and have found them to be something too costly to invest in immediately.

Shadow Lodge

I ask because I am planning a pair of Society characters that are married, and both would wear a sanctified ring. I ask because channel foci are not necessarily magic items: they are stated to be nonmagical until charged. However, the rings HAVE to be charged to even work, and are always on until destroyed. So: do sanctified rings use a ring slot?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I was looking over the formaldehyde-scented section of UM, and pondering the use of the Alchemical Simulacrum discovery, the first one. It acts as Lesser Simulcrum, which has several differences from the main spell: Less powerful (max hit dice is your level), time limit (hour/level), and, biggest in my mind, is the fact that while they recognize you as their creator, they are not under your command.

Now, Alchemical Simulacrum makes some changes of its own, namely that it takes 24 hours to brew one up, that the simulacrum is made of flesh, and is considered a creature, not an effect, which is the big one for me. If the simulacrum is a creature, not an effect...

Its established that your vat-baby has free will, kinda. Since he is a creature, he can't be dispelled like EITHER of the spell versions (insert Clone Master questions here). So... Is he permanent if he is a creature? It isn't summoned, so its not like there is a precedent. Logic states that since it apes the spell, the poor thing melts when its time is up, or since its a creature, and not an effect, it stays.

My thinking was the latter ruling, and thus my thoughts went off that (though they apply to the other one... temporarily). Since its a creature, can it be healed using normal magical healing, or does the spell take precedence? I read the post clarifying the spell, but most of the facts cited there, while perfectly accurate for the spell (insert MORE Clone Master questions here), with the Alchemical version being a creature, don't really apply.

And then, if they are permanent (which I like to think, given how a Clone Master has almost no reason to take the Alchemical Simulacrum discovery except as a prerequisite to take the much more awesome Doppelganger Simulacrum and Greater Alchemical Simulacrum), how do we handle the icky matter of their free-ish will? This applies even if they are not permanent, since unless its of you or a volunteer, this creature might not want to be your meat-slave for its limited life, depending on its (and therefore the original target) views. If its permanent, I can see it as 'If you try to go live on your own, you won't survive, since you can only be healed by (insert whatever form of healing here), so besides, I can take care of you." Really, I can see this going either way.

... Its mostly because a player of mine want to play an Android Alchemist/Master Chymist, and I want to encourage him to make android baby simulacra.

Shadow Lodge

I was reading up on magic item creation, because I am playing a magus who is taking the Archmage Crafting Mastery feat, when I stumbled onto the bit on adding new abilities to a slotted item for +50% cost of making it, so 75% market value. (Forgive me if I can't post text, the PRD functions weird with my ipad. The text is at the very end of here)

This... This changes things.

As long as someone is crafting, you don't have to worry about only having 2 ring slots. You can have Muleback Cords built into your Cloak of Resistance, with no extra cost beyond the enchanting. You can combine a Ring of Sustenance and Regeneration to be the most awesome survival item ever, and still have a ring slot open. You could make add a Phylactery of Channeling to your mental headband. You could add they tiny rings onto each other (Feather Falling, Counter-Spelling, Protection, skill enchancements, etc), and make an awesome ring of power

Am I reading the rule right? If I am, why have I never seen this used before on the boards? Seems like an awesome rule to me.

Shadow Lodge

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I am planning a Mythic build, and I was trying to figure out how I can squeeze in another Path Ability. It appears the mythic feat Extra Path Ability can only be taken once, as it lacks the 'this ability can be taken up to X times' special text. However, I noticed that right above it, the Extra Mythic Power feat, very similar to other stackable feats such as Extra Hex, Extra Rage, Extra Ki, and Extra Arcane Pool also lacks this.

Mythic Adventures page 65 wrote:

Extra Mythic Power (Mythic)

You can store more mythic power than your tier would normally allow.
Benefit: You gain two extra uses of mythic power each day.

Extra Path Ability (Mythic)

You can call upon mythic powers beyond those already invested in you.
Prerequisite: 3rd mythic tier.
Benefit: Choose one mythic ability from your path or from the universal path abilities that you meet the prerequisites for. You gain that path ability.

Was this intentional, or was this an oversight?

Shadow Lodge

I have several characters who are multiclassing or taking levels in a PrC in Pathfinder Society. It has never been made clear to me how it stacks with other classes, exactly.

Case 1: I have a samurai who will eventually take levels in Mammoth Rider; both classes have straight BAB. As per the description of BAB, he still gets bonus attacks, just as if he had never multiclassed.

Case 2: I have a magus who recently started multiclassing into cleric. Both have 3/4 BAB progression. The character is a Magus 7/Cleric 1, getting a +5 from the magus and +0 from the cleric currently, I believe. Does it actually mean that I have the normal BAB of an 8th level 3/4 BAB class, or does it stack normally, with the character not getting another attack until the cleric's BAB reaches +1, giving him a +6,+1 total?

Case 2.5: ... Then what happens when he multiclasses to Mystic Theurge, a 1/2 BAB PrC?

Shadow Lodge

I had the thought of my PFS character, a Magus 7/Cleric1 (for now, leveling up cleric), and I got into my head the idea after reading Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes what his IME would be. I thought of the cool idea to have it have been slowly shifting to look like Sarenrae. More specifically, black wings and fiery hair (he is a tiefling). Really, I just like the idea of shifting his look to become more like his god under spell effects. And while I can SAY when I cast Fly I get spectral black wings, that's not going to fly under every, if any, GMs. I remembered the awesome-looking spell Divine Vessel. It's 8th-level and Oracle-only, but I wanted to know if there was a similar spell (or even armor property) that could make a battle aura type of thing... WITHOUT casting illusions?

Shadow Lodge

There has been a rash of thieving in our party (and it is definitely not the Drow Arcane Trickster), and I want to not only protect my gold, but also set some sort of example. I was inspired by Alaeron in City Of The Fallen Sky.

I just bought myself a Handy Haversack, and I was planning on stowing the wealth (condensed via platinum, gems and other stuff) in one of the side pockets. To protect this, I want to have some sort of magic device trap hooked up to a wand of Corrosive Touch. I can't find the rules for the cost of building or buying such a trap, but my GM tells me that it will cost a bit more due to the difficulty of building a trap inside a bag, like building a ship in a bottle, in addition to taking up space.

Shadow Lodge *

Okay, I have a samurai who is Order of the Lion, whose master is Amara Li. Now, depending on how Way of the Kirin ends for her (no spoilers!), I am going to have to change that. If it goes badly, poor Logheir will have to go Ronin. If not, I will have to leave her for the sake of actually working for the society without having to justify being half a world away and working for a different faction.

Now, if it goes as I hope, Logheir will ask for permission from Amara Li to join another faction (perhaps Grand Lodge), and accept a different Venture-Captain as his master. That way, I don't have to go through a level without abilities as a switch orders. Can I do this?

Related to that question, what Venture-Captains would be suitable?

Shadow Lodge

I am looking to join a campaign soon, and have already partially worked out my character. The only divine character I have played (ever) is a level 2 inquisitor in PFS. For this campaign, the character I have made is a halfling oracle, with the Spellscarred mystery from Inner Sea Magic and the Clouded Vision curse.

While I don't have his stats on hand, it was a 20-point buy, and I ended up with a 19 charisma, with no stat penalties save an 8 strength. Having never played a full divine caster, I am not sure of what feats or spells to take. I want him to be the party face, while in combat he focuses on suppressing and controlling magic, which his Mystery gives him quite a good list of spells. Eventually he will be taking Still/Silent Spell and Leadership, but what to start out with is a mystery to me. The only limits on the campaign rules are that most summoning effects don't work, but that might change at a higher level.

Shadow Lodge

I have several questions about holy symbols. In Pathfinder Society, I am considering multi-classing with my magus to cleric of Sarenrae, somewhat for fluff, and I want to differentiate him from my other magus.

Could I get a weapon cord for a holy symbol, so I can drop it easily to cast arcane spells? Its not unrealistic, and would be within RAW if holy symbols can count as weapons.

Second, for flavor purposes, it it possible to get a gold holy symbol? The magus in question is a tiefling, descended from a devil, and even though silver does not hurt him, I like to have him avoid it. And wood is just so boring.

Shadow Lodge

The two idiots just not be from Varisia; you just don't tease someone with that many tattoos there.

Shadow Lodge

Last year, I ran Black Fang's Keep for some friends.. This year, I am doing a follow-up, with a lot of different players. So far, my lineup is:
Human Barbarian, returning from last year
Eleven Wizard, new, huge LOTR fan.
(Possibly) Elven Rogue, also returning. Probably not.
2 more, yet to create characters. Coincidentally, all my friends who are playing are girls. I have a weird social circle.

If the rogue returns, my brother will not play, which is a Good Thing. I am also advancing everyone to third level, so everyone gets fun feats to play with, and new spells. I am running an original plot, roughly as follows:
PCs have been around Sandpoint for around a year. Various members of the party have left, but others have appeared. They have dedicated themselves to hunting down Black Fang, and keeping the Dragonbane sword they found. Recently, it has been stolen.
They are approached by the Elven wizard Faerinill Sunigail, who tells them that the sword might have been stolen by orcs under the thrall of a Serpentfolk, Sasheeriz, and taken to an ancient Serpentfolk temple of Ydersius. However, he believes that the Serpentfolk has shapeshifter into the form of a half-elf, Alviriss Kaelborn, who is watching them from the corner of the tavern. Sunigail tells them quietly that the half-elf has stolen his wand, which he needs back.

That night, both the elf and the half-elf are gone. There are drunken men everywhere, the most prominent a huge tiefling fighter. While he appears very drunk, he is the partner of Kaelborn,and was told to watch the rooms upstairs. However, he decided to enjoy himself, but is still watching out. The PCs need to distract him, and break into the room and stealthy wand.

The next morning, Sunigail meets them and they head off to the Serpentfolk temple. They are ambushed by the former thralls of Sasheeriz, the orcs. At this point, I start dropping hints that the elf Sunigail is actually Sasheeriz in disguise, and that he is using them to subjugate the temple defenses and use for sacrifice. The half-elf and tiefling are actually investigators looking into the murder if the real Sunigail.

When they reach the temple, there are two encounters: a big trap which isolates party members and drops snakes, and the boss. While the party is separated, Sasheeriz gets away to the main chamber, where he uses to sword stowed there by the orcs to initiate a ceremony, something to do with Ydersius. He is joined by more snakes and an animated statue or two. Before the party storms in, the investigators show up, and try to explain what they know. If the PCs do not kill them or something else happens, the two join in the final battle, as a rogue-2 and fighter-2. After that they return to civilization and hear a rumor of Black Fang, or something to that line of effect.

You all have any advice before I dive into this?

Grand Lodge *

(I'll try to keep this less spoiler-y by not mentioning the scenario)
Raltz has no magic items, with the exception of his black elven scimitar, and is now sporting a good-sized bite scar around his neck.
Fellow members of the Shadow Lodge, I must thank you for the recent retrieval of my body, and subsequent Resurrection. I write this missive to thank the members of the retrieval team which rescued what was left of my body from that horrid tomb. It deeply saddens me that the two companions who were also left in the tomb were left behind, even though there was not much left of them.
My faith in my martial skills has been quite shaken by my recent death, and I have decided, at least temporarily, to focus my magical skills on assisting my team. I would also like to apologize in advance to any future Pathfinders I should work with for my mediocre selection of spells that are helpful.

-Raltz Nighvanus

Shadow Lodge *

At the game this afternoon, I was told by an attendee of Gencon that the Bladebound archetype nearly went the way of the Synthesist. May I ask why it was considered for banning, and why it was ultimately decided that it would be kept? Also, if there was anyone defending the archetype, I should like to thank them!

Shadow Lodge *

6 people marked this as a favorite.

I could not find another topic like this on the forums, so I decided to make one myself! I feel so special.

Whether or not you drew it yourself, got it as a gift, or bribed it out of someone else (call it 'commissioned' if you want) with promises of doughnuts and car rides, link to the relevant pictures here, if you want to! If you feel a little wordy, you can type a bit about the characters and the art too.

Anyway, I commissioned three pieces from a friend of all nine of my characters, spread across the three. The first done was Devil Children, my two tiefling characters, who were Infernal before it was cool. Asta is a Winter Witch, and Taraclus is a Dervish Magus.
The second one was recently finished, the Horde of Newcomers, with all of my lower-level characters. From left to right, there is a Shoanti Paladin of Erastil, an Ice Elemental Sorceror (I was surprised how well he came out), a Varisian Inquisitor of Sivanah, the gunslinger Marshall Jawson, and the erudite Crypt Breaker/Chirugeon Tanis Halfmain, holding a mug of kahve.

Looking forward to seeing your characters immortalized in ink!... Well, pixels, but you get my point.

Shadow Lodge *

I didn't see a topic congratulating them that I could chime in on, so I made my own! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing how you make the Society in San Antonio even better!

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

In the entry for the Crypt Breaker archetype in Inner Sea Magic, it says that Alkahest bombs, when attacking non-undead or constructs, do 1d4 damage plus more for every two levels, and that this is FORCE damage. Is this correct, or a misprint?

Also, how do types of bombs that reduce damage dice work? Do they just use d6s vs undead/constructs and d3s vs anything else?

Shadow Lodge

I am thinking up a campaign set in the Darklands, with Darklands races such as Drow, Duergar, pretty much any race with darkvision. I know Half-Drow don't exist in Golarion, but I would allow them too. Anyway, I wanted to know if there was anything that people would recommend for me about the Darklands that Paizo has made besides:

Into The Darklands
Second Darkness AP

The idea is that the PCs would start out entering a Drow city that has grown decadent(I was thinking Far Parathra from what I saw on PFWiki), and the Queen (title pending) wants them to help her clean it up, by eliminating heretical houses, protecting the city from outside threats, etc. The PCs would eventually get the chance to take over the city themselves, if they wish.
Anyway, I have some questions about the Darklands and Golarion. 1st, I read somewhere (PFWiki, I think) that the Drow are almost unknown to anyone but elves on Golarion. Is this true?
Second, How much information on the Darklands and Far Parathra, specifically, is there on books besides those listed above?

Shadow Lodge *

It has come up in several games I have been in now, and I have to ask the other players and GMs. Humans are not infallible. GMs are, most of the time, human, and make an oversight with the rules, and a player doesn't. I feel is important for a player to point something out if this happens, even if it means something bad will happen as a consequence. For example:

Among The Gods:
When we were fighting the Rhemoraz, our GM forgot about the heat rule. I pointed it out after the battle, and my character's +1 Dwarven Waraxe was melted, and an eidolon was popped.

Quest For Perfection III:
The GM said the Axe Beak was a Magical Beast, meaning I could not use my witch's Charm hex. Also, he would not listen to my explanation of the Charm hex, treating it as if I had cast Charm Person.

Do you think it is right to correct the GM, even when it hurts you?

Shadow Lodge *

We know that the Bladebound archetype for Magus is legal. I, however, have a question regarding any 'conflict' that might come up. For example, my character's Black Blade is NG. If the wielder was dominated by a Demon, I think it would go "Nope, stop the crazy train, I'm in charge now." and try to exert dominance.

Could this be used to undo harmful mind-affecting affects, such as fear or domination?

Shadow Lodge

I am planning to havea Darklands campaign, and the Drow section of the ARG was very helpful. I do however have one question about the gecko and bat: if taken as a mount, what shouldI do? Apply the Giant template at first level, then limit the changes at 7th level?and for the gecko, I can't find AC stats for it, just monster stats. Are there any out there, or would I have to homebrew some up?

Shadow Lodge

What things have you (or your GM) done with intelligent weapons? In PFS, I like doing things with my Magus's Black Blade. For example, he refuses to use magic oils on it, saying: "I can hear its thoughts. No, I am not rubbing it down; you do it."

Shadow Lodge

I came up with an idea for a Darklands campaign after watching the Spoony One's recounting of his Thieve's World campaign.
It would involve the player characters, all Darklands races, venturing into a Drow city that has fallen into corruption, and being enlisted by the Matriarch to bring it back to prominence.

One problem I can foresee is is balancing the party between the darklands races they could play as, and balancing CR.

The CR problem could easily be fixed given experience, but I am not sure what to do with the race problem. I would not allow any creatures with racial HD.

All I can think would be strictly necessary for a race in the Darklands would be Darkvision, even 60ft would be useful. These are the races that I can think of that are suitable, based in rough order of their power level:
(Roll for noble)

Elemental Races

I am only operating on Bestiary I what I remember from the PRD, so I don't know if there are any other races in the later books that would work. For balancing, I am don't like the 'one level behind' way, so I was thinking of limiting the number of traits when they are created. For example, Half-orc and below would get three, while Duergar and above would get one. Either that or a feat for the less powerful races.

Any ideas/opinions?
(My apologies if this should go in the homebrew section)

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I attained a tiefling boon for PFS at a con, and want to make a Winter Witch. At level 5, the Winter Witch gains Cold Resistance 5. The tiefling already has this. Is this ability at level 5 just ignored?

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Don't get me wrong, I love the magus, it's my favorite class because I like playing magic knights. However, Magi (and most of their archetypes) seem very geared towards PCs.

However, I wondered why there would be an NPC who has a RP reason, and not just a mechanical reason to be a magus. All of the additional base classes can easily be played by an NPC: cavalier is a courtly knight (or at least someone on a horse), Summoners I have seen done really well with their eidolons, Oracles can have nice srories attachec to their powers, Witches are always fun, Alchemists are crazy scientists, ninjas are ninjas, samurai are samurai, and gunslingers shoot stuff and act tough, and inquisitors are never expected.

But what reason does that magus have not to be an Eldritch Knight, besides being better at fighting?

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Does anyone have any idea how I would implement this?

I have a section of a campaign planned where the PCs are shrunk/forced into doll bodies or something. Could I just scale everything else up (boring), or 'divide' up squares into 4 (effectively making medium and small 'large') and give the players templates?

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I get this from a recent PFS scenario where my LN dwarven fighter, a devout Gorumite from day 1 (and my first character... ever) was teamed up with a cleric/fighter of Gorum, who was CN. I mentioned that my character was a LN Gorumite, and he just said that doesn't work.

I think it works because, in my fighter's background, he was a soldier, naturally worshipping the god that might help him the most. But, he is an honor-bound soldier, loyal to a fault to his employers, who hold his contract (Qadira/Pathfinders). Would you say this works?

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Is the templated zombie created by the Akata's disease (Bestiary 2) a zombie, or aberration, because of the baby akata inside it? I did not see a special rule, but the Yellow Musk Creeper (?) in Bestiary 1 has a similar ability, and explicitly states the zombie is Plant, not Undead. I just wanted to know what anyone else would think.

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Do you have any moments in your Society career that you remember fondly, but feel a little guilty?

My dwarven fighter, LN worshipper of Gorum, was playing the Haunting of Hinojai...

Scenario spoilers:
there was a Cleric/Fighter of Gorum (1 level dip) who liked to channel through his sword. when we were fighting the Skeletons, we were all in the room, with him in front of the door. I asked him, "Why don't you move aside, priest, and let me take the hits." (I like to think my dwarf has optimized his AC). The next round, the cleric was instantly killed. After 'I asked you to move...' was said, the only thing keeping me from stepping on the body in the place I had asked for was that the Skeletal Champion had moved up. The eidolon killed him the next round, but still...

I feel guilty that I smile when I remember this, because a character died. Should I be? To be fair, this character had mostly been from GM credit.

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I am building another character, a Varisian inquisitor for the goddess of illusions, for myself, and I have several issues:

How to build him so he has an excuse to use bladed scarf (free proficiency)and repeating crossbow. Dump STR?

What domain/inqusition? Sivanah's are Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Rune, and Trickery

I want to build him so he never fails a will save against illusions. Ever.

I figure Iron Will and Weapon finesse at 1st level, with Faction and Religion traits.

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I am thinking of ideas for an 'alternative' campaign I want to run and one of the ideas is for a rival party, built like this:

Krallik- Human Alchemist (Ragechemist) X/Barbarian X
-Angry wall of muscle, uses greataxe

Berixia- Tiefling Witch 1/Gunslinger (Pistolero) X
-Walking shout-out to Scanty, uses Prehensile Hair hex to reload when dual-wielding revolvers.

Zemfiastel- Gnome Oracle (Dark Tapestry) X
-The leader. Beyond this, don' really have much else developed.

Illeander- Human Magus X
-Uses UM Construct traits to fight while wearing a construct, while using a Iron Cobra on his off-hand when not casting spells

Any suggestions? I am thinking the first encounter would be when the party is around level 9, but I would like to keep it flexible.

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I am asking several things here:

1) If you have ever taken Improved Familiar, which worked best?

2) What is your favorite?

Never taken it myself, but I am partial to the Arbiter Inevitable or Pseudodragon, fluff-wise if not mechanically.

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How can I build a Fighter to level up into a Hellnight? I might be joining a PFS Module and build my own character to level 9. Any suggestions? Would I have a Paladin build?

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In 'You Only Die Twice,' the characters are transformed into undead. What would happen with someone playing a Dhampir character that they got from a PFS Boon? No change? (This is purely theoretical)

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I am thinking in the long run here. I eventually want to run a PF campaign set on an alternate plane, with an emphasis on classes and tropes one would not normally present in standard fantasy, such as gunslingers, synthesist summoners, spellslingers, and alchemists. So far I have three things I know for certain:

1) The plane is mostly desert-ish/mountainy, with a lot of airship travel, for an Old-West (kinda) feel. One problem: where are the raw materials coming from? I imagine magic/town mines can take care of some of it, but a lot of wood needs to be coming from somewhere. However, new things are occassionally teleporting to the plane (though teleportation off the plane is nigh impossible), including small populations now and again.

2) What classes would work? The ones I mentioned above work, but I was thinking some tradionalist martial classes, like a fighter or barbarian would work too. Any other classes which might work?

3) I think I might have the PCs operate out of a central location at first, getting new and better bases as they gain fame and resources. How can I convince players to move to a new residence without seeming too obvious? I was thinking at first they have a maid who nags that all their stuff takes up too much space, but does anyone have any better ideas?

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Can we get some submissions for watered-down versions of Monsters such as Lizardfolk, serpentfolk, drow, etc?

Such as:

Benign Serpentfolk: While their kin hate Humans and the other races for stealing their magic, some have chosen to live with the new races.

Advanced Humanoid (Reptilian) 0 RP
Medium 0 RP
Normal speed 0 RP
Standard Array 1 RP (Common, Draconic) (Can learn Aklo, Undercommon, Sylvan, Goblin, Elven, and Abyssal)
Standard Modifiers: +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Str 0RP
Poison Resistance: 1RP
Spell Resistance (Lesser): 2RP
Spell-Like Ability: Suggestion 2RP
Toxic: 1P
Darkvision 60ft: 2RP
Poison Use: 1RP
= 10RP

I just whipped that up quickly, using what abilities seemed appropriate for them given their Bestiary entry. Any comments/ideas?

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I have had some difficulty understanding the alignment restrictions for the Improved Familiar feat. I understand that some require a specific alignment (such as Arbiter Ineivitable), but the way I read it is that the spellcaster could be one step away on EACH AXIS. That means, as a LN caster I could take a Pseudodragon familiar,right?

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I have had some difficulty understanding the alignment restrictions for the Improved Familiar feat. I understand that some require a specific alignment, but the way I read it is that the spellcaster could be one step away on EACH AXIS. That means, as a LN caster I could take a Pseudodragon familiar,righ?

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