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Legacy of Fire

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Topic Posts Last Post
The End of Eternity (GM Reference)

The Jackal's Price (GM Reference)

House of the Beast (GM Reference)

The Final Wish (GM Reference)

The Impossible Eye (GM Reference)

Howl of the Carrion King (GM Reference)

Post your LoF group!

Kasatha Player Character [Potential Spoilers]

Legacy of Fire: Mythic Adventures game report

Onyx Hall

Starting LoF at level 5 / 6

Songs of Shazathared

My Legacy of Fire Conversions (and NPC Stat Blocks)

Legacy of fire Adventure path help (spoilers)

Suggestions for Added Content for LoF

[Kobold Press] Southlands

Legacy of Fire obituaries

A question of slavery

NPC needed?

Exp. rate for AP

[Player Question] Healer Question

Panic mode: Cannot access to the Pit of Screaming Ghosts [HotB]

Legacy of Fire Loot Level Low?

Music for LOF


The Carrion King and The Witch

Adding to the End of Eternity

Good Class / Race / Archetype / PP for flavor?

Newbies and lycanthropy

Question about Sammadar in Impossible Eye

Night 6 in the Kelmarane Hinterlands. Gnolls attack.

Fate conversion of Legacy of Fire

Shiz rewrite and The Jackal

The Secret City of Glim

Alternative to Moldspeaker

Skill Monkey VS. Support?

Useful spells to throw at the party wizard (and magic items in general)?

Advancing Ghartok

PF Legacy of Fire -> Mythic City of Brass

Memrach in The Impossible Eye

moldspeaker and Wealth by Level

How to scale weapon for moldspeaker

What if the party allies with Ezer?

After the Legacy: Epilogue Adventures

Kelmarane and the Kingmaker Kingdom Rules

What should I wish for? (Spoilers)

Speculation about PC choices...

Help needed: A quest in Kelmarane beetween book 1 and 2

A suitable ending to the Legacy of Fire [spoilers abound]

Trade Route Mission - Year Between HoCK and HoB

Efreeti bloodlien sorc

Player needs advice: race choice

Hero Lab - Legacy of Fire NPCs and Bestiary....

Pathfinder RPG Conversion?

PC's are starting Jackal's Price at level 8! Help!

Lava Cavern Maps and Tokens

Best way to remove the Impossible Eye

Shirak's Crypt - HotB (possible spoilers)

Legacy of Fire Campaign Journal with Pathfinder Updated NPCs

Continuing Refuge of Nethys

The Haleen Trait in PF

Legacy of Fire Fiction (Spoilers)

On Wishes

Adding a module or two to the LoF AP

Additional Encounters for Overland Trek in The Jackal's Price

Moldspeaker, Important?

Languages in LoF

Four-Armed Slave Girls

Suggestions for fifth-level Pale Mountain mini adventures?

Interlude: Onyx Hall

Tricky Fights to Scale Up (Spoilers all over, you've been warned.)

Legacy of Fire Audio Files

Templar Weapon Advice

Wierdest hunting trip ever. (Spoilers, duh)

Flying animal companion, recommended changes?

Player needs advice: Do mounts totally suck in LoF?

Battle Market Gladiator Arena (spoilers)

Mounts in Legacy of Fire

Legacy of Fire Journal in all it's Madness

Altering ninja flavor for legacy of fire AP


Jumping the shark

Songs of Shazathared meta-plot hole? [spoiler]

Clues in The Impossible Eye.

Maps of Nethys - Legacy of Fire

GMs: Help Me Create a Duskwalker Guild Side Adventure (plus bonus stats)

Character raised in Andaran

Legacy of Fire GM help (Spoilers within)

Recommended Reading?

To both players and GM's - What is bad in Legacy of Fire?

Query about Thievery in Katapesh

Legacy of Fire Adventure Path sale

Monsters of Osirion

How should Kardswann and his gnolls prepare for an attack on Kelmarane?

LoF Question: Who do Osirioni dwarves worship?

Wrapping Up Legacy of Fire: SPOILERS


LoF Crossblooded Dragon Disciple help plz

Templars of the Five Winds vs. Monk of the Four Winds

homebrewing off of the AP; Legacy of Awesome, or Fiery Catastrophe?

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