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PaizoCon 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When is PaizoCon?

PaizoCon 2013 is July 5th, 6th & 7th, 2013.

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Where is PaizoCon held?

PaizoCon 2013 will be held at:

Seattle Airport Marriott
3201 South 176th Street
Seattle, WA 98188

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How much are tickets?

3-Day Badges are $50 before the show and $55 at the door.

Banquet Tickets are $25 and are limited in number. You can purchase them on a first come, first serve basis (note: you must have purchased or have a PaizoCon ticket in your shopping cart to add a banquet ticket).

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Who will the PaizoCon 2013 Special Guests be?

The Special Guests at PaizoCon 2013 have been announced! Check out the PaizoCon Guests page for more details about each guest.
Ben Wootten
Jim Zub
Tim Hitchcock
Greg A. Vaughan
Neil Spicer

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I am attending PaizoCon with someone. How can I be sure we are together for events?

If you are attending PaizoCon with a child, or just a friend that you always want to game with, and are interested in participating in the lottery, make sure that you're set up as "buddies." On the event signup page, you'll be able to specify one PaizoCon attendee as your buddy; you and your buddy will always be assigned events together. You'll need the email address of your potential buddy, and you and your buddy will each need to have a PaizoCon ticket on your account. Your buddy will be sent an email asking to accept your buddy request. Your buddy must accept your request before the lottery begins in order to be assigned to the same events. For best results, you and your buddy should select the same priorities for each of your event lists—if one buddy has ranked an event a "0," and the other buddy has ranked it higher, you could both be assigned to that event.

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Badges & Registration

Can I buy a badge for just 1 day?

Only 3-day badges at the 3-day badge rate are available for PaizoCon 2013. However, you can come for any or all of the days with a 3-day badge.

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Where do I get my badge? Is my badge mailed to me?

Your PaizoCon badge will be available at the registration table. We do not physically mail out badges.

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What do I need to pick up my PaizoCon badge at PaizoCon?

When picking up your PaizoCon badge you will need to bring photo ID (state/province issued license or ID, passport, etc). If you do not have a photo ID please contact customer service so we can work out an alternative.

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Can I gift a badge or banquet ticket to another person?

Yes. You will need to make sure that they have a account and that you know their email address associated with their account or their main messageboard account name (not any of their aliases). Transfering badges and banquet tickets occurs after checkout. Just go to your My Account page and click on the section for My e-Tickets. You will then have the option to transfer badges or tickets to other users. In order to use a transferred banquet ticket, the account holder must also have a 3-day PaizoCon badge.

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How can I gift a banquet ticket if I do not have a PaizoCon badge?

Unfortunately we don't have a way to gift banquet tickets by themselves unless you have a corresponding PaizoCon ticket on your account or you are purchasing one at the same time. You may want to consider purchasing the recipient a gift certificate so they can purchase a banquet ticket for themselves.

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What if I need to return my PaizoCon badge or banquet ticket?

If something comes up and you need to return your PaizoCon badge or banquet ticket, please contact customer service. Refunds can be issued up to two weeks before the convention and will be returned via store credit.

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When does registration start at PaizoCon?

Registration times are to be announced.

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PaizoCon Banquet

Do I need to buy a separate ticket for the banquet?

Yes. Banquet tickets are $25 each and can be purchased here. Banquet tickets are limited in number and are on a first come, first serve basis.

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Am I guaranteed to sit with a Paizo employee at the banquet?

For PaizoCon 2013, we have again expanded the number of available banquet tickets. In doing this, we are unable to guarantee that every table at the banquet will have a Paizo employee or Special Guest. Seating at the banquet is on a first come, first serve basis.

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Do you have any guest badges for retailers, exhibitors or business partners?

We do! Please contact Jeff Alvarez for more details.

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Does Paizo need volunteers to help with PaizoCon?

Yes! We will do a call for volunteers on the Paizo Blog, so stay tuned for details!

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Do you offer complimentary badges for volunteers?

Volunteering at PaizoCon may result in a complimentary badge. Please keep in mind that we do not provide banquet tickets with complimentary volunteer badges. In order to purchase banquet tickets, you have to have a PaizoCon badge (either regular or volunteer) on your account. If you are not sure about whether or not you will be getting a volunteer badge, but you absolutely do not want to miss getting a banquet ticket, we recommend purchasing a regular badge so you can purchase your banquet ticket. If necessary we can refund (via store credit) the purchased badge at a later time.

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Hotel & Area Information

Is there a discount for rooms booked at the hotel?

Yes. The PaizoCon room rate at the Seattle Airport Marriott is now $149* per night (single and double occupancy). Rooms can be reserved over the phone (ask for the PaizoCon Room Block) or online through their website. The cutoff date for the room block is June 12th, 2013.

Additionally, guests may request a fridge for their room for free.

*The $109 PaizoCon room rate is sold out at this time.

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Does the hotel have WiFi?

WiFi is available in guest rooms for an additional charge. Make sure to ask for the PaizoCon Room Block discount on guest room wireless internet ($9 per day instead of $15 per day).

WiFi may be available in certain locations within the hotel. Please keep in mind that often wifi is overwhelmed by the sheer number of convention attendees so we do not recommend relying on having WiFi.

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How do I get from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Seattle Airport Marriott?

Guests of the Seattle Airport Marriott have access to a free hotel shuttle. Details on this shuttle service are To Be Announced.

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How do I get around to area restaurants or shopping?

Guests of the Seattle Airport Marriott have access to a free hotel shuttle servicing restaurants within 1 mile of the hotel (includes the SouthCenter Mall). Details on this shuttle service are To Be Announced.

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How much is parking at the Seattle Airport Marriott?

Self Parking NOT overnight - $8 + tax per car per night
Self Parking overnight - $19 + tax per car per night
Valet Parking NOT overnight - $16 + tax per car per night
Valet Parking overnight - $24 + tax per car per night

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Is there easy access to downtown Seattle?

Yes! Seattle's Link light rail runs directly into the heart of downtown Seattle! The SeaTac Station is a station approximately a .4 mile from the Seattle Airport Marriott. Visit the Sound Transit website for more details.

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Does the hotel have a pool?

Yes! The Seattle Airport Marriott has a heated indoor pool for use by guests of the hotel.

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Convention Store & Subscriptions

What kind of products does Paizo bring to sell at PaizoCon?

We definitely bring all the books we are releasing during the show. Specifics are to be announced. Additionally we try to bring a nice variety of products to the show including our Roleplaying Game hardcovers, Campaign Settings, Player Companions, Map Packs, and even miniatures. If there is a certain product you are hoping to see at PaizoCon, please let us know, however we can't guarantee we will be able to bring certain items for specific people.

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Can I place an order to pick up at PaizoCon? Can I request a specific item for Paizo to bring to PaizoCon?

Unfortunately we are just not able to accommodate order pick up for anything besides the subscriptions orders. Any items waiting to be shipped with a subscription will be automatically moved to ship with the subscription shipment after PaizoCon. While we are happy to take suggestions for products to bring to PaizoCon, we aren't able to make guarantees about the availability of specific things at PaizoCon for specific people.

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Does my Pathfinder Advantage discount work at PaizoCon?

Yes, with the caveat that our cashiers need to know who you are to look up your account. Each PaizoCon Badge has a barcode on it which helps to identify your account during checkout at the registers.

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Can I pick up my subscriptions at PaizoCon?

We have closed the option to pick up subscriptions at PaizoCon. If you did not select the option to pick up your subscriptions at PaizoCon on your My Subscriptions Page, they will be mailed to you as usual.

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If I am not able to pick up my subscriptions or I forgot to pick up my subscriptions at PaizoCon what happens to my stuff?

If you do not pick up your subscription products, we will ship them to you after PaizoCon, and charge your card for shipping. The sales tax will be credited back to your account if your shipping address is outside of Washington state.

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Will I be charged sales tax for subscription items and purchases at PaizoCon?

Purchases made at the PaizoCon store as well as subscriptions picked up at PaizoCon will have a state and local sales tax applied.

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What are PaizoCon Exclusives?

PaizoCon Exclusives are items or scenarios that are released specifically at PaizoCon. They may or may not be sold on after PaizoCon. PaizoCon 2013 exclusives have not yet been announced.

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