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The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Spellfire Cards For Sale - Does Anyone still collect these?

Studded Plate: a blog about RPGs and LEGO

Pathfinder Hardcovers In Need of a Good Home!!!

Empire Today Issue 4

Let's brag about our RPG collections!

Pre-journey quests and adventures

'Embarrassing' Gaming Confessions

(5E) Frog God Games Rappan Athuk for 5E

Palladium loses rights to Robotech rpg and Robotech Tactics Miniatures Game

The Mayan gods demand blood!

trippin wolves

Looking for discussion questions for my gaming podcast!

Storing and transporting printed maps

gnome origins

1,001 Stupid, Stupid Uses for Powerful Spells

[FGG]Other new Frog God Games content.

Hey, guess what?

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

GMs: tell me about your triumphs

Rules of gaming

Weird, ridiculous campaign ideas that we all secretly want to do...

Air Your Grievances

GaryCon X !!!

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

Noobish Funny Stories

Gen Con Hotel Rooms (2018 Edition)

What was your embarrassing high school Mary Sue character like?

how do i describe impossible leap?

How do you treat Different kinds of players like Power-Gamers?

Have your players ever...

The truth behind cursed dice.

[Cartoon Kickstarter Now Live]- "The Pun Master's Guide" [27 Jan 2018]

That Which Has Come to Pass, and Yet to Come

ever got so mad while playing a board game or what not you wanted to flip a table?

Adventures in Fantasy

people who played 1st ed dnd and now players simple question

those who love to buy beastiarys and look at the creatures a few questions

Dungeons & Dragons – Stranger Things Style - Check out this Dungeons & Dragons character binder from 1981!

Things that bother you

Looking for Ship Maps / Deckplans for RPG use

Would you play in this type of PbP game?

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

Podcast suggestion: On the Shoulders of Dwarves

Looking for interesting NPCs

[Frog God Games] A new Kickstarter is starting today for the Tome of Horrors in 5E.

for all those that read this simple question

I, Tyrant


Alignments - How do you see them?

Dice rolls

Magical Ethics in the real world

The mental health of gamers (also me)

{Notebook} In Your Most Recent Past Life How Did You Die?

GEN CON 2018 -- Head's up, things have *changed*

Game session summary as a GM?

The Fight in the Dog - Digging Deep into the Background of your Fighter

Bad Wrong Fun?

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow

Will a Cow continue to produce milk after being summoned with Summon Nature's Ally

Murphy's Law when Gaming

101 things to find in a semi-civilized goblin settlement

What Makes a Party Too Powerful for an Adventure?

finding players in my area

Dungeons & Dragons – Stranger Things Style, Part 2 - Check out my hero and monster drawings from 1982!

From Zero to Zero in 60 Seconds - Thoughts on Sessions Zero

Players: Do you think about whether your GM is having a good time?

How often should you bait your players into slaughtering the innocent?

1001 Side Effects of Potions

What does your Avatar say about you??

Ramblin Man Part Deux: Game Edition

Why aren't Wizards wise?

Potential Cheating

GM / Player LFG in Valdez AK

Real World Songs For a Bard

Counting Sheep - The Berreton Family

I want to congratulate Steve Geddes...

Erik Mona -- Worldscape -- Aahz & Skeeve

A Civil Playstyle Discussion

Where can I download good background music for free?

What setting from any form of media really gets dragons right?

Long Arm of the Law - Sheriff of Nestletop

I need a plot twist!

What strange creatures have YOUR party adopted?

105 Eccentric Dungeon Themes

Skaven classes

Spotting Personal Problems via PC Behavior?

RPG Maps - Wilderness Kickstarter. Beautiful maps for GMs

Games that could use more Cthulhu

100+ uses for the wizards familiar

Gary Gygax & Role Playing Mastery

Arguing with the GM: Is it ever appropriate?

RPG Books and Miniatures For Sale

Military Officers Who Game

Just Horsing Around - The Jaroths (A Founding Family)

(Not so) Random Acts of Violence - Why I Dislike Random Encounters

Gen Con 2017

I host a tabletop gaming advice podcast, and I need YOUR questions!

Pathfinder skulls & shackles ap on sale on ebay.

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