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Mutants on The Cold Star (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Mutants are infecting Safe Zone Theta, can the Citizens survive until evacuation?

Red Alert! Red Alert! The Munchausen-Pharaun Reactor has been compromised!

The blare of a klaxon sounded along with the calm, male voice over the loudspeakers of the station as men, women and hermaphroditic organisms of every shape and size rush to the safe zones.

The Reactor's radiation may cause mutation. Avoid radioactive mutants at any cost. Go to your designated safe zone. The safe zones contain food and water for all species aboard the station for one galactic standard month. Ships will evacuate survivors soon. Red Alert!...

The message repeated as it had three times already as each person or thing living on the station containing 40,000 organisms rushed to their safe zones. 90 seconds after the first reactor breach, the doors sealed. Not every organism made it inside, but many thousands were saved.

Then the red lights came on inside the safe zone.

Safe Zone Designation Theta 24 has detected mutations within it's confines. Survivors will not be evacuated as long as mutants are present within the Safe Zone. Please clear all mutants in preparation for evacuation. Remember that Munchausen Mutants are dangerous and near feral, as well as difficult to discern from the standards of their species. Remember that Pharaun Mutants are impossible to discern fromt he standards of their species, and can detect and react violently to scanners and attempts to stop mutated. Please have a pleasant wait for evacuation.

Each of you looks at the others in the safe zone. Some of you are mutants... but who?


Rules: You are one of the hundreds of species aboard the Cold Star, a space station hundreds of thousands of light-years from Earth, built through co-operation of all species involved and a monument to galactic peace.

And now it has malfunctioned, spreading dangerous radiation that causes sentient beings to become homicidal and deadly beyond their normal capacity. The only way anyone within this safe zone is going to get out alive is to remove the difficult-to-detect mutants from your midst.

Odds are, you simply fled into the safe zone without any special training or preparation from your daily life. In this case you are a [b]Citizen[/i] and your goal is to find the mutants, kill them, and get rescued. You find the Mutants by voting each Cycle on a player to Lynch. The player with the most votes in the Cycle is killed, and their role revealed. Citizens win if all Mutants are killed.

Citizens have the following special roles:

The Scanner: You knew this day was coming. You knew the mutants were going to come after you all eventually, so you were prepared, carrying a personal mutant scanner everywhere you went. You are able to, once per cycle, scan anyone with your scanner. But the damn thing must have taken a hit during the evacuation, and you can't be sure that what it gives you is true.

Every Cycle, the Scanner may Scan one Citizen, determining his role with 75% accuracy. Scanners may Scan the same target over multiple Cycles.

Should the game have more than 10 players but less than 20 players, there will be 2 Scanners. Should the game have more than 20 players, there will be 3 Scanners.

The Militant: Trained and ready for combat, you're a member of the Station's secret Militants, ready for trouble at the slightest provocation. You've gone through training and simulations of this scenario, and you know how to take on a mutant, but they're far too tough to try to keep everyone safe.

The Militant may Protect one Citizen from the Mutants every Cycle. That Citizen will not be killed and the Mutants will gain no kill for the Cycle. Only the Militant and the Mutants will know this happened. The Militant may also Scan a player, though their methods are inefficient and they require 2 Cycles to gain a 75% accuracy check.

If there are more than 15 players, there will be 2 Militants.

The Agents: The spies and servants of the Galactic Council, you have been sent to watch over this experiment and ensure that the Cold Star was successful. You know the identities and nueral habits of the other Agents and can be sure none are mutated after a cursory check, thus ensuring you have trustworthy allies.

There will be no Agents if the game has less than 10 people. If the game has more than 10 people there will be 2 Agents. If the game has 15 or more there will be 3 Agents. If the game has 20 or more there will be 4 Agents.

Of course if you have been exposed to too much radiation your role is that of a Mutant and your goal is to kill, since the radiation changes the brainwaves or equivalent of all sentient creatures into having only that impulse and the need to keep secret. Each Mutant does not know the identity of the others. The Mutants may vote every cycle to kill a certain other player. Should the Mutants vote to kill each other they instead learn the fact that the other is a Mutant. Mutants together are more dangerous than Mutants alone. There is 1 Mutant per 5 players. Mutants win if the number of Mutants equals or Exceeds the number of Citizens and all Mutants are aware of one another.

The Mutants have the following special roles:

If there are more than 3 Mutants: The Brain: As the Mutant infected with the worst radiation, you get your kill first. This means that if the Mutants tie on their kill votes you are the tiebreaker.

The Pharaun Mutant: One in a very large number of creatures is affected by the radiation in an odd way and gains the Pharaun Mutation, allowing them to sense Hostile Intent and Scanner waves and home in on them back to their source, and then proceed to slaughter said source.

Every night, the Pharaun can pick a certain player to Watch. If someone attempts to Scan or Protect the Watched player, they are killed. This supersedes the standard Mutant kill of the cycle, so if the Mutants vote to kill Player A and then Watch-kill Player B, Player A survives the night and Player B is eliminated instead.

However, if the player that should be killed by the Pharaun is currently being Protected, the Watch fails. For example: Player A, the Militant, protects Player B, the Scanner. Player B attempts to Scan Player C, who has been Watched. The Watch fails, Player B is given their investigation results normally, and whoever the Mutants voted to kill is eliminated as per usual.

There is no Pharaun unless there are 3 or more Mutants.


As I hope I got across here this will be a simple diceless game of paranoia and maneuvering, using these boards and the PM feature. No player shall begin knowing another's role (except the Agents). Cycles will start and end on Mondays and Fridays (Cycle 1 from Monday to Friday and Cycle 2 From Friday to Monday) and those who do not make a vote in this time will count as Null votes. During the Cycle you may change your vote as often as you like, generally reacting to impassioned arguments or lies. If the Scanner or Militant do not send a PM making their choices they will not be active that night. Same for the other special roles. Each of you should make a character to urge roleplaying. There is no official character system.

This game has no official setting and any world-building done by the characters is encouraged and accepted. Feel free to make up an alien race, or steal one from elsewhere (preferably by a different name). Make aliens or colonial humans interesting, with odd quirks of the races or planets of origin.

Additionally: when I write up the Cycle reports, your characters will be represented within–especially if they die.

When creating your character, consider including the following details.


Planet of Origin


One or two lines about appearance

One or two lines about personality


What your character was doing when the Alert went off

Recruitment opens now and closes in one week assuming we get enough people (roughly 15), otherwise will remain open two weeks.


Name: Bruce Stilgrasen

Planet of Origin: Mars

Species: Promethean Colonist

One or two lines about appearance: Bruce's skin was a deep shade of blue traced with splotches of purple. He possessed no body hair to speak. He was also 7ft 3in tall, limbs and torso much thinner than that of his human counterparts.

One or two lines about personality: Bruce is a quiet, logical person. As a species, Prometheans were devoid of emotion at least as humans understood it and Bruce came across as aloof and clinical.

Occupation: Deep space particle drive specialist. Prometheans were singularly suited to working in zero- or near zero-G environments due to their unique physiology.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Bruce was suspended in a zero-G isolation hammock sleeping. I'll hunt these villagers one by one, their blood coating the ground until I've cleansed the wood of their invasive stench.

Eyes popping open he could hear the warning klaxons going off. Pushing smoothly off the floor he glided to the waiting hatch and began to make his way towards the evacuation zone. I should avoid watching historical human werewolf fiction before slumbering it seems. What a vivid and nonsensical dream. Me a woodcutter turned monster. How peculiar.

For a moment after reading the blurb about the reactor, I thought this was going to be about alpha complex and hunting down the commie mutants. ::sigh::

Name: Tia
Planet of Origin: Avernum
Species: Giant Friendly Talking Spider!
One or two lines about appearance: Tia is a greenish-brown 120lb spider with a red birthmark on her abdomen.
One or two lines about personality: Me? A mutant? You're silly! Have you seen any flies? Flies are awesome! I'm hungry for flies.
Occupation: Fly catcher and weaver
What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Catching flies

@Bruce: I lol'd at the Werewolf reference :)

Name: Sutra d'Ethaline Subject to change.

Planet of Origin: A dry desertified planet, with higher gravity and a strong axial tilt. The high concentrations of metal and mineral deposits dictate the main occuaption of the few people who live there. They live in small enclaves around the mine shaft, filled with people they have a high mortality rate with the storms wracking the facilities. Thus they have to live very strict lives, which they worship the stars from which they came.

Species:Maveos A highly civilised and religious peoples, their 'sky-ship' crashed there eons ago during 'the catastrophy' when all the Empire fractured. They metabolise foods, drink and drugs badly - thus they tend to a puritanical streak; except during the 'week of sin.' They believe in Science and the Great Ones - they have a stern religion.

One or two lines about appearance: Subject to change, because of avatar. Strapping but beautiful 'woman', she has light coloured skin with many tattoos carved upon it. Symbols showing her status and carved upon all her kinds bodies from a young age depicting their station in life and their 'sky-path' that their lives will take.

One or two lines about personality: The chosen one of the Maveos, from the stars at her birth; it was decided she would be their ambassador. Given everything on a plate, she rebelled against the strict scriptures and acted out. However, not enough to cause her to be austracised or undergo the 'forsaken-cast'. Currently on an unsupervised mission to other planets to sell the metals, she has been partying hard.

Occupation: Ambassador, she enjoys partying and composing her avante-garde music/entertainment.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Dancing in her rooms, to the latest Fourier created sounds. Sutra scanned her cortex library for the reason of the alert. 'Mutants, may the Muion save me.' She just managed to grab her hold-box and get to the door. As it closes she dives threw throwing herself upon the floor before the rest.

As the announcement rings out she calls to the unthinking optics; "Let us out!"

Name: Thoen Smith.

Species: Genetically Enhanced Human.

Appearance: Thoen stands at nearly eight feet tall, with bulging muscles and gigantic hands built to work.

Personality" Through the process used to make him stronger and more resistant to harmful environs, Thoen's mind has been dulled. with an IQ of about 80, he mostly does what he is told, but is sometimes surprisingly observant.

Occupation: General repair work. Usually moving and holding large parts while the smarter folk put fix them to other parts.

Thoen was just about to get his lunch, and is now rather unhappy that he wasn't able to have some food. Being hungry makes him kind of angry.

Name: Doctor Bisha-Loneena Anlyan Manus Sail da' Olinta

Planet of Origin: Ring World - Bisha-Loneena

Species: None Organic Drone - From space born a egalitarian society that has overcome almost all physical constraints on life by means of vastly advanced technology used by its organic and Non organic citizens. Members can leave this society if they wish (which Sail did) and live in other cultures.

One or two lines about appearance: A scintillating oval shape about 0.5m at its widest, its color shifts and changes to suit its mood.
It moves and manipulates things around it by means of manipulation force fields.

One or two lines about personality: Well spoken, helpfull and mild mannered, it likes the company of organics and nice dinner party's.
The good doctor has 1 main mind core and currently two clone Mind cores it uses to let it multi task mental tasks and operations.

Occupation: 1st Contact Specialist, now working as a psychiatrist and cognitive therapist, spends his days working on the neuroses exhibited by the variant life forms on bored ship and helping the over come them.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off:
All in in its offices.
Mind core 1 - Writing up its last case
Mind core 2 - Cataloging its rain drop collection.
Mind core 3 - Reading psychiatric journals

Would think he has a scanner

The Exchange


Can't stay away -- thanks for hosting again Ryuko

Name: Sir Jiminy

Planet of Origin: Disnopia

Species: Anthropomorphic Cricket

One or two lines about appearance: An 8' tall orange skinned man-cricket with a spotless white top hat and suit complemented by a purple ascot and a shiny gold pocket watch on a chain.

One or two lines about personality: A true gentlemen, Sir Jiminy will always be found holding portals open for women, helping old ladies cross the space station, and pulling out chairs for his dinner guests. Until the Klaxon sounded, then he could be seen pushing small children and disabled veterans out of the way during his mad dash to the safe zone.

Occupation: No one has ever seen Sir Jiminy do any actual work, although he often engages people in long winded conversations preventing them from accomplishing any work themselves. He appears to be one of those smarmy bastards that simply tells stories for a living, though how he makes any money from it is a mystery.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: As usual, he was telling another convoluted tale, boring both an old veteran and a young girl simultaneously.

Wowbagger tIP wrote:
Can't stay away -- thanks for hosting again Ryuko

Glad to see you back :)

The great Wowbagger - I cannot wait for more insults from the Galaxies best insulter.

Wowbagger tIP wrote:
Can't stay away -- thanks for hosting again Ryuko

How could you not? Ryuko must have chosen a space themed game this time to make sure Wowbagger fit into the setting.

Prediction - You're going to win this one. You're long over due.

I'll have my character up in a bit.

Well this should be good. Dotting for sure, I might have to make up someone new for this one.

Name: The Hollow.

Nebula of origin: Scientists are pretty sure it evolved from self-replicating electromagnetic formations within a nebula somewhere.

Species: The Hollow. There's only one.

One or two lines about appearance: A black cloak surrounding a roughly human-sized void of impenetrable darkness. Electromagnetic scans and exotic senses indicate the cloak is an artificial containment system within which lives a complex plasma field that resembles the neural paths of organic beings. In layman's terms, a generic 'energy being'. The cloak is made from fine metallic thread in a complex weave and may have been created by another species to enable the Hollow's adventures outside its nebula. It seems unlikely that a nebula-based entity could manipulate matter without help.

One or two lines about personality: According to evaluation by station xenopsychologists, the Hollow is an intelligence vastly exceeding the capabilities of the greatest organic geniuses, but operates on a timescale far slower. In theory, this means the Hollow can collate and interpret data so brilliantly that it is able to see the future. However, it totally lacks the basic comprehension of matter-based culture and cognition. In practice, this means the Hollow is annoyingly vague, uselessly prophetic and has the reaction time of a snail. Somehow, it remains able to be in places surprisingly quickly so long as nobody is looking.

It usually expresses itself only in lingering pauses and ominous, terse monotone, often stating something utterly vague to most but probably deeply profound if you observed the quantum foam as routinely as breathing. Since nobody else does except for quantum scientists, the Hollow remains vague at best.

Occupation: The Hollow first arrived on the station without warning. This caused a small security fuss, a short-lived resurgence in a doomsday cult (they do this every time a dark, cloaked alien species is discovered) and an inexplicable rise in fast-food sales. When queried, it introduced itself as A REPRESENTATIVE and when asked its purpose, said, OBSERVE. It did not answer whether this meant it was there to spy or that it was about to perform a magic trick perceptible only on some exotic spectrum. After a little more scrutiny, station security downgraded the Hollow's danger rating from 'herald of ancient galactic threat' to 'tourist'.

It does not appear to require any physical sustenance and spends most of its time wandering the corridors and saying weird things to strangers. It has been assigned quarters but as far as anyone knows, it has never been in them.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off:

The Hollow stood in the corridor. Lights flashed and sirens wailed. It shifted subtly, suggesting a motion of looking upward. It waited.

A jumpsuited man rushed past it, careening toward the safe zone beyond and brushing against the heavy cloak with a spark of static. "Dude! You better leg it before the doors seal!"

The Hollow turned and spoke,


And then it followed.

Dripping out sorry have another game, all the best every one

Good to have you anyway, maybe see you in the next game? :)

Name: Hamish Cunningham

Planet of Origin: Earth

Species: Capra Aegagrus Hircus (The Domestic Goat)

Backstory: The body Hamish inhabits is that of a regular domestic goat but it is not his own. The last events that unfolded in his former life were aboard the airship known as The Queen Courier, where his Aristocrat consociates were locked into an investigation to uncover the identities the Assassins that were trying to kill them. When the Assassins slipped a neurotoxin into Hamish's whiskey in an effort to silence him, Hamish's body was completely paralyzed. The Aristocrats and the Queen Courier staff mistook Hamish for dead and with no proper way to store the body for the remainder of the voyage, simply threw him overboard. Luck would have it that an alien ship was passing at the time. They noticed Hamish's distress and rescued him from his fatal decent. Hamish was brought to the ships sick bay where the visitors labored to fix his poisoned body but their efforts were met with failure. The only option to save Hamish was to transfer his brain into another body. The only available host was a lab animal that had been recently collected from a nearby petting zoo. The transplant was a success. Due to their tight time frame though the visitors could not leave Hamish on his native planet and instead dropped him off at their next destination, the Cold Star. Hamish has resided here ever since.

One or two lines about appearance: Horns, Hooves, Goatee.

One or two lines about personality: Inquisitive, intelligent and destructive. Hamish retains traits of both that a Goat and a Human.

Occupation: Climbing. Headbutting. Looking for weaknesses in his surroundings and then exploiting them repeatedly.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Munching on a tasty tin can found in the trash.

The Exchange

Name: Duke Leto

Planet of Origin: Nobleman on the empirial counsel

Species: Human

One or two lines about appearance:
"Of course the cape is making a comback in intergalactic fashion!"

One or two lines about personality: A true gentlemen, a noble representative of a congress that can not agree if water is necessary for survival and consumed or the dreaded "universal solvent" a weapon meaning death to some alien life forms.

Occupation: Representative with a serious job, in an impossible mission as informing the aliens that human water based activities are not a threat to their planets and way of life.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off:
Trying to get through security with a full bladder!

Bump for a game that is a lot of fun!

Duke Leto Atredies wrote:
"Of course the cape is making a comeback in intergalactic fashion!"

Wait, this cape I've been wearing all these years hasn't been fashionable?

Name Ryxis Gohva

Planet of Origin The Bog Planet of Palus Gamma

Species Wrexian

One or two lines about appearance A bulky reptilian, with a more or less toad-like form, though he would balk at the comparison. The most prominent feature is his gigantic maw, which is easily large enough to swallow a grown man whole.

One or two lines about personality Speaks rather loudly like most of his kind, with little regard to common courtesy. Is rather proud of his occupation and obscure customs, a fact he doesn't hide.

Occupation Waste Disposal Chief Officer; an overly fancy title attributed to the one in charge of waste management on the station. Simply ejecting garbage and waste into space was deemed to be too unsanitary a practice, thus it was determined that it would instead be destroyed within the station itself. Wrexians are particularly adept at this role because of their ability to consume and digest virtually anything, regardless of whether it is organic or inorganic.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off The station recently received a large shipment of Ferrosian acid slugs through a mistaken order. Having died during transport, returning them had been deemed impossible. Ryxis and his crew were busy processing the unnecessary products when the alarm went off.

The Exchange

Where is everyone?

Maybe they didn't get the message. Has anybody pm'd the ones who haven't showed up yet.

No. I haven't.

10 so far! We need some more before Saturday, come on people!

I'll send some PMs out tonight and try to get more recruits.

If you are looking browsing this thread looking for a PBP game apply now. Entry is guaranteed. Don't think about it just do it! This game is a lot of fun.

Hammish wrote:
If you are looking browsing this thread looking for a PBP game apply now.

second that, I played in my first one last time and it was one of the best PbP games I've had in these forums, apply, apply apply!

Thirded. We have a great crew here, come join the fun!

<--- Total First Timer:

I followed the werewolf game you guys just finished and it looked like a lot of fun.
I'm interested in joining in! -- I'll try to come up with a character concept tomorrow and post it here.

Cool, glad to have you potentially on-board. It's even more fun playing than reading with the secret roles.

So, come on every-one join in. There's no rules to learn, just free-form fun.

Name: Meowselsworth
Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Helmet Cat, just a cat with superior intellect and a helmet to broadcast thoughts.
One or two lines about appearance: A small female tabby cat with a bulky looking helmet attached to her head. There are wires protruding from the helmet and coloured lights that indicate who knows what.
One or two lines about personality: I am exposing my belly so that you may give it rubs. :3 (Extremely sociable and excessively nosy little feline.)
Occupation: Pest exterminator and social coordinator
What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Meowselsworth was laying down under a heat lamp amid the vegetation after a hard day of pest control and planning an interspecies dance to boost morale. The small cat awakes with a start and a stretch at the klaxon going off, skittering off to the safe zone and noting, "Oh dear, this will be bad for morale."

@Meowselworth: We were on the pest control council together, right? I get the flies and you get the crawlies?

@Tia: Cooperation is important! :3

Oh no, the Pest Control Council, I'm doomed! The man-cricket tries to keep others between him and the giant spider.

I just sent out PM's to all the players from last game who haven't signed up to this one.

New players still needed. Yes, I'm speaking to you!

I'll try to get a submission in tonight.

That was a hell of a response time Edlon.

Name: Taraz Rorenson

Planet of Origin: Wastro

Species: Wastrel - a wealthy, pampered race of advanced humanoids

One or two lines about appearance: Rich woven silk from the ice worms of Karkoth, bluish skin, and a mischeviously arrogant smile.

One or two lines about personality: A rather wealthy Wastrel, Taraz hasn't quite figured out why the quarantine applies to him when clearly his superior species couldn't possible be mutated.

Occupation: Being superior to all other species and spending wealth as he sees fit

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Enjoying a nice rajkshiska in a Fartri pleasure house which when performed by an Illusian tremale courtesan is very titillating.

Name: Unpronouncalbe in a speaking dialect. Has taken the name Eldon Gorski.

Planet of Origin: Unprouncable in speaking dialect, often referred to as XZ498

Species: Unprouncable in speaking dialect, often referred to as Soulsuckers. Scientifically called Xzysts. Xzysts feed off the energy given when living things die as a form of drug (it is not necessary to sustain them, they eat normal food like anyone else). This, as well as their monstorus appearence, has given them a very bad reputation amongst the peoples of the galaxy.

One or two lines about appearance: Xzysts are monstrous creatures, standing well over 8' tall with massive rows of sharp teeth, gray hardened skin, and eyes that glow. Their hands and toes end in sharp claws. Eldon himself prefers a loose pair of baggy pants (thick material to avoid easily tearing from his claws), and a vest for his midsection (sleeves also rip on his claws easily). His vision is quite bad, and he needs glasses to read, but rarely wears them (makes him look to 'humanish', an insult amongst his people).

One or two lines about personality: Eldon just wants to be left alone. For some unknown crime he has been isolated from his people and taken up refuge here. He will use his size and his species stereotype to attempt to intimidate others as needed, but only fights if pressed.

Occupation: General laborer, has moonlighted as a bodyguard when hard-pressed for cash.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Eldon's favorite past-time is reading, though handling books with his clawed hands is difficult (they're not retractable), and his poor eyesight means he only reads when he's certain not to be found. At the time he was in his small bunk, attempting to read.

:Mur's Character:

Name: Jalong "Jin" Kell'droggel

Planet of Origin: None - Jin was born on a space freighter, The Momoa, and has been a nomad his entire life.

Species: Satedan, a race of near-humans. War forced the satedans from their homeworld long ago. The endangered species now roams the galaxy. Many developed a nomadic culture, most still maintain their strong warrior traditions, and some just drift like wraiths through space.

One or two lines about appearance: Jin appears to be more closely related to an Earthling's Caveman than a fellow space traveler. He is dark skinned, unshaved, and wears his long dark hair in dreadlocks and a mess of braids. He is muscular and tall for a human, and dresses in just about anything he finds comfortable. Most often he appears dark and brooding, but if he considers you a friend (or he's drinking), his smile is bright white, his eyes clear and clever, and his laughter is loud enough to be heard 3 sections aways on Kappa Deck.

One or two lines about personality: Like Jin's appearance, his personality is two-sided. At one moment he is a fighter, a warrior - dark, menacing, and danagerous. The next, Jin is joking, laughing, drinking, and carrying on like you are a long lost friend (regardless of when he met you). Jin's from a technologically advanced race (ray-guns and everything), but prefers knives and sticks in a fight; he was born to an interstellar life, but hates the idea of "outer space"; Jin knows how the sonic showers work, but he looks like he'd rather wait for the rain and wind to do their best...

Occupation: "Traveler". He made temporary home on the station to sell some trinkets from his travels, get some downtime, and then continue on his random way...

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Getting ready to leave. Jin's standard pre-spaceflight ritual involves heavily drinking the night before, and... well, heavily drinking. That's all he remembers. So when the klaxons sounded, Jin was sure it was just the after-effects of that blue stuff the steward call "Rom-mew Lynn's Ale" (or something like that).

Jin hates being tied down to one place. He is a drifter, an explorer, a traveler - okay, he's really just afraid of outerspace and spaceships... and just wants to find a planet where he can feel at home -- none have done thre trick yet. Childhood trama aboard The Momoa has keep him off interstellar ships and mostly planet-bound. He was already a bit jumpy about being on the Cold Star, and now being stuck in what feels like an even smaller "tin can" has him really on edge!

The Exchange

still here....

Woo, 13 including Wowbagger :3

But come on, anyone else to join in an amazing game. (15+ would be great)

Well, suppose that's it. Sending out role PMs in just a bit.

Grand Lodge

I'm slightly over-committed in PbP's, but this looks like grand fun, so I'll keep up. Here's Ocid:

Name OCiD

Planet of Origin Mariona

Species Marionae

One or two lines about appearance Ocid has a kindly humanoid grandmotherly face, with prim spectacles. She wears what looks like a maroon half-cape, which actually turns out to be numerous tentacles, of different kinds. Some can jack into mainframes, some can quickly scan and upload books, still others can wet-wire directly into sentient brains-depending on the species. (Perhaps not so much with cloaked energy clouds). She wears a very modest maroon dress that goes all the way to the floor, and drifts without making a sound.

One or two lines about personality Ocid is one of the more respected scholars of Mariona. She has done much to further the search for ultimate truth-- the smallest possible particles of stand alone data (the inverse of a unified field theory). The Marionae have no interest in meaning, only acquiring data for its own sake, and then organizing it. Ocid has obtained vast stores of data to add to her peoples' library, mostly due to her lack of compunction in draining sentient creatures' minds, dissecting them into their compenent molecules, and reassembling them in orderly segments by molecular type.

Occupation Pan galactic librarian.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off With a cry of "Shhh!" Ocid had snagged a young boy who had been running in the hallway, slammed him into a bulkhead to knock him unconscious, and was draining his brain. No new data of interest to be found here-- what knowledge is to be gained from placing a minor amphibian into his sister's sleeping place? Useless species! When the Klaxon sounded, Ocid looked up from the useless boy, in desperate need of molecular reorganization. Shhhh!

Yay, one more!

Bwahaha! Another librarian!

You've got to watch out for the librarians, we're sneaky ;)

Gameplay and Discussion threads up!

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