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Full Name

Taraz Rorenson


Insufferable Lout



Special Abilities

Drunken silliness


Aristocrat, duh


Von Ryuko's party currently


Drinking and fete-level intrigue

About Taraz the Wastrel

Name: Taraz Rorenson

Airship you arrived on: Wayfarer Mark S2. Grand and opulent, this class of Wayfarer pretty much defines the ultimate in money wasting travel vehicles tricked out with enough options and accessories the adjusted cost could bankrupt a small country. It's 100% completely ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary.

One or two lines about appearance: Extremely fine clothes, but somewhat slovenly arranged almost as if he doesn't care enough to make the effort. Brown hair, brown eyes, and a sleazy smile. Wearing a mask across his eyes feels like he's come home.

One or two lines about personality: Drunken, foolish, and voted Most Likely to Die at a Party by his rich prep schoolmates, Taraz is just as loutish as one could expect. Oblivious and apparently socially inept, no one can understand why his cheesy lines seem to work. Strangely though, a party just doesn't seem to be a party unless one can count on at least one partygoer to pass out in the coat room. All eyes turn to Taraz for yet another spectacular display of oafish behavior.

Any other relevant information: Taraz is the youngest member of a wealthy family that got rich after they invented Serv-Bots and the helmets which helmetcats wear. No ambition, no talents, and no skills other than those which are defined by gambling, drinking, and chasing skirts; Taraz's father Roren tired of trying to involve his son in any aspect of the family business. When Roren heard of Von Ryuko's proclamation, he knew that for once Taraz could be of use. Rumor has it, Roren may have hired one or two of the Assassins who have been said to have infiltrated Von Ryuko's party...

Mutant game (deceased):
Name: Taraz Rorenson

Planet of Origin: Wastro

Species: Wastrel - a wealthy, pampered race of advanced humanoids

One or two lines about appearance: Rich woven silk from the ice worms of Karkoth, bluish skin, and a mischeviously arrogant smile.

One or two lines about personality: A rather wealthy Wastrel, Taraz hasn't quite figured out why the quarantine applies to him when clearly his superior species couldn't possibly be mutated.

Occupation: Being superior to all other species and spending wealth as he sees fit

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Enjoying a nice rajkshiska in a Fartri pleasure house which when performed by an Illusian tremale courtesan is very titillating.

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Werewolf game (deceased):
Name: Taraz the Wastrel

Place of Origin: Born in southern Pinare and brought to Laniel during its founding by his parents when he was twelve. Most likely to die there whether by fate or at the hands of men and werewolves remains to be seen...

Appearance: Somewhat disheveled with a dirty face, Taraz appears like a glassy eyed country bumpkin. It's been remarked he isn't too terrible to look at when he cleans up, but that rarely happens except around festival times. Hair appears uncombed and brown. It may have been a dirty blond once upon a time, but as he got older, it has just become dirty. Medium height and not very athletic, Taraz is more wiry and scrawny than anything.

Role in the Village: Son of Roren, a village cobbler, Taraz has knowledge of the occupation. However he frequently shirks his duties to drink and chase some of the less moral women in the village or those passing through. A frequent but inept gambler, Taraz is seen as kind of a mainstay for any standing backroom games and raucous parties. He ends up paying off his debts and tabs by making shoes which almost seems to be the only way to get Taraz to actually work his craft. The few people to sport his shoes or boots have remarked that Taraz's skill exceeds his dad Roren's.

Why Taraz stayed: Terrified of what's happening, Taraz's first instinct was to run with the others. However, Taraz had found himself putting it off. He had half-heartedly helped others to pack in exchange for a few coins to keep the drink flowing since that was the only way he could keep his sanity (he feels). In the village now mostly because a life of laziness and bad habits is hard to change and until something really bad occurs to snap him out of his torpor, Taraz remains.

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