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Mortika's "Citadel of Flame" (Inactive)

Game Master Chris Mortika

This is a PFS-legal campaign for Scenario #39, "Citadel of Flame".

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The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16


You begin play with two traits. There are a small number of basic traits that aren't allowed in PFS (hedge magician, magical knack, natural born leader, and rich parents traits). Campaign Traits are not allowed. But there is a set of "faction traits" for each faction in the Guide to PFS, and you can select one of those.


Howdy. I'm working on the logistics of getting stuff setup. When I do, I'll put another post here to direct my crew.

Alternatively, we could use my phpbb site Do you have a preference?

Goodluck to you all...

I guess I will have to wait a bit more until I can try out my first PbP game :)


Silver Crusade

Hey Rene,

I appreciate you taking up the other group. If we could stay on the paizo boards, that would be super helpful.

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the invite. I appreciate it.


I agree, would prefer the Paizo boards. And thanks very much for the chance to do another PFS PBP!

Silver Crusade

I have GMed Citadel, so I would prefer to play something else, something with Undead in it, but if everyone else is keen on Citadel, that's ok too.

Rene, if you would like some help or have questions on setting things up, let me know.

I am also curious what kind of posting speed you, and others, are committing too. I ask because when things are slow, my characters tend to get impatient. ;)

Dark Archive

Hey Rene, thanks for stepping in to run a second group. Very excited. I've GM'd Citadel, and while I think it's a fantastic scenario, I'm happy to play in a different one, if you or anyone else has a suggestion.

Grand Lodge

Drats - missed this opportunity. Will be on the prowl to others.


Moving my folks to here :)

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