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Choosing your faction is as important as choosing your character's class or race‚ it defines your character in the campaign, and ties her to the destiny of one particular cause. Before you choose your character's faction, consider each carefully and pick the faction that best matches the character you are trying to create. Some classes are harder to play in some factions than others. If you have a great idea for a paladin of the Cheliax faction, then play that character. Just know that you might have a harder time than most achieving the faction's notoriously diabolical missions.

Below are brief descriptions for each of the ten factions of the Pathfinder Society. By visiting each of their pages you will find information about the history of the faction, their goals, a description of the faction leader, and more.

Choose your faction carefully—you'll frequently be risking your life for it!


Members of the Andoran faction seek to topple tyrannies from within, aiding dissidents and freedom fighters with equipment, funds, or intelligence. They are fierce foes of slavery and can take extreme measures against those who buy and sell people.


The promise of power and riches lures many to the Cheliax faction, which seeks to spread the faith and order of Asmodeus across the Inner Sea and beyond.

Grand Lodge

Holding themselves above the petty squabbles of outsiders, this faction maintains the strongest allegiance to the Decemvirate, the masked leaders of the Pathfinder Society.


Many have written off the desert nation of Osirion as a land lost to history, no longer a force to be reckoned with. The Ruby Prince Khemet III, personal sponsor of this faction, seeks to reacquire secrets and artifacts of Osirion's lost glory in an effort to reclaim his nation's destiny.


The Qadira faction seeks to control the commerce of the entire Inner Sea, breaking its enemies' monopolies and enforcing its own. In the pursuit of this goal, faction members display a ruthlessness that can put the Chelaxians to shame.


Not all Pathfinders serve the Society with pure hearts; members of this faction are not above using their missions for a bit of personal gain.

Silver Crusade

Composed largely of paladins, clerics, and other servants of good-aligned gods, members of the Silver Crusade faction seek to use the Society's resources to further the cause of good in the world. They oppose factions that would drag the Society's reputation through the mud in search of glory, and strive constantly to raise the morals of their fellow Pathfinders.


The mighty Taldan empire once spanned a significant portion of the Inner Sea, but its glory days are long over. The Taldor faction seeks to reclaim this preeminence—not through conquest as their ancestors did, but by turning their enemies against one another, through political victories, and, of course, by gaining control over Absalom.

Retired Factions

As of August 15, 2013, the factions below are no longer playable factions in Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Lantern Lodge

Representing the interests of the distant Dragon Empires, this faction sponsors expeditions around the world in search of arcane and cultural riches.

Shadow Lodge

A rogue movement within the Society, the Shadow Lodge only recently emerged from shadow and skullduggery to openly encourage the Decemvirate not to take their field agents for granted.

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