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Lucendar's Bastards of Erebus (CoT) PbP Thread

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Westcrown

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Loco Billo Billcragg wrote:
Survival. A street chase is nothing new to Billo Billcragg. He knows he can't run as fast as a human, but he has the stamina to keep going. He breathes easy and settles in for a long run. Following Shel to the alley he instinctively aims for the shadows.

And here I thought dwarves were natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances =P

WTF? All day I never saw anyone's posts until now - they just popped up now. Strange.


Lucendar, I was wondering - how's your huge mega-pvp campaign unfolding? You winnowed down to a few survivors yet?

Sorry, I missed your post, Cal. Yes, it's down to 5 and we're doing the campaign now. Good group so far.

Guys, I am starting a new job at a firm tomorrow, so my posting may be limited to nights (I am in the EST time zone), until I get a feel of the new caseload.


Alright, Loco - we need to roll >10 *sometime* during this fight!

LOL Cal, I am starting to think you and Loco both hate Shel. Ya'll keep rolling 3's, and she is getting mauled!


I'm considering dropping the sword, drawing the kukri and grappling this little turdburglar, but if I could just blasted HIT with the SWORD I'm pretty sure I can one-shot the nazimuffin.

Choices, choices. =P

Still here, everyone. Thank you for your patience, just been a hectic 2 weeks due to new job. I should have thread updated tonight. Thanks.

Female Human Wizard 4 [HP: 29/29; AC 12|T12|FF10; CMD 14; Fort +3 Ref +3 Will +5; Init: +12, Percep +10]

Looking forward to it!

Tauni "Rabbit" Desba wrote:
Looking forward to it!

Likewise! Hope you're enjoying the new job, Lucendar!

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