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Hell's Rebels - Sing a Song of Silver!

Game Master HedwickTheWorldly





Proclamation the First: All slayers of pests (hereby defines as doves, mice, and ravens) who present said pests to the Dotarri shall be rewarded with a bounty of 1 copper piece.

Proclamation the Second: All places of public business must display in a position of prominence within the first room accessible from the building's primary entrance a portrait of Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II.

Proclamation the Third: Anyone who captures, alive and unharmed, a feral dog of a weight exceeding 50 pounds is to be rewarded with a payment of 2 silver pieces upon transfer of the dog to the Dotarri. Such noble guardian creatures should find homes worth of their kind!

Proclamation the Fourth: The right to wear fine embroidered clothing in public is hereafter prohibited to anyone other than agents of House Thrune or the Holy Church of Asmodeus. Exceptions can be awarded or purchased at the city's discretion.

Proclamation the Fifth: Grain is life! Should grain be spilled in public, it must be gathered, cleaned, and repackaged within the hour. Any person who allows grain to go ungathered after a spillage shall be fined 1 copper piece per grain

Proclamation the Sixth: The imbibing of night tea brings a dangerous imbalance to the slumbering mind. Between the hours of sunset and sunrise, the taking of tea is proscribed.

Proclamation the Seventh: The odor and flavor of mint is an abomination to the refined palate. Be not the cretin! Mint use in candies, drinks, and all manner of confections is hereby proscribed.

Proclamation the Eighth: All nonnative ships' captains must remain on board their ships and are barred from setting foot on land within Kintargo's city limits - their crew and agents are free to come and go, but their actions are the direct responsibility of their captains, and any crew caught breaking Kintargan law shall have its punishment visited upon the crew members as well as their captain. Any captain caught setting foot in Kintargo is to be punished by squassation.

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Forgot to ask if there's anything that should be changed or expanded for my tiefling.

Will the Deft Maneuvers feat reduce feinting to a move action, as the usual Improved Feint feat does? It looks like it got roped in with a bunch of combat maneuver feats despite the fact that it's not actually a combat maneuver, such that at least half of the stated benefit (not provoking an AoO) doesn't modify the feint action, though I guess the +2 might be read to apply to the Bluff check...

Oh, gross. I didn't see that about Feinting.

I'll say that Deft Maneuvers counts as all of the improved feats as they're written. Note: for Greater maneuvers, you'll still need to specialize.

HedwickTheWorldly wrote:

Oh, gross. I didn't see that about Feinting.

I'll say that Deft Maneuvers counts as all of the improved feats as they're written. Note: for Greater maneuvers, you'll still need to specialize.

Excellent! I'm working on a human unchained rogue (knife master); I should have a proper submission up for review sometime this weekend.

Are you okay with us using alternate racial traits when building characters?

Oh, hell, I didn't even notice you were using the anti-feat tax rules. God, now I'm really tempted to go for a Tiefling Kensai if I can be tripping baddies at level 1, and the point buy rules mean I can actually afford to fix up his Charisma as he levels.

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HedwickTheWorldly wrote:
Rennaivx wrote:
I'll definitely be re-doing mine in list format; I just figured I'd get dotted in with what I have. And I'll readjust stats for 15+1/level. Did you see my questions spoiler in my earlier post?

I just did, yes.

I'm okay with Nobles outfit providing some benefit, but I would say that the "clothes" part of the outfit accounts for a portion of the value, and it's the other tchotchkes and doo-dads on the outfit that can work as implements. Let's say you can get 4 implements out of a noble's outfit.

For the second question - that's a thing I've looked into myself, and while RAW doesn't necessarily allow for it, I may be convinced to allow a panoply if it suits the character's story/theme. In short, I may allow on a case-by-case basis.

As for the pseudodragon - you'd definitely have an a&#@~$@ of a pet, with no familiar bonuses, animal companion HD, or ability to replace it with a ritual. But I sorta like the idea a bunch, so I'd let you do that.

Four implements out of the noble's outfit sounds perfect. Thanks!

I wanted the performers' accoutrements panoply because it focuses a lot on very subtly deceptive and cunning abilities. I don't know how much of what I've already got you've read, but the source of Alliszah's magic is that she was taught (and essentially raised) by a cabal devil, playing off the idea of the cabal devil's witch token for one of her implements. The abilities in the performers' accoutrements panoply play perfectly into the kind of magic I'd imagine a devil aiming to instill in her charge, and they're the right mix of creepy-but-not-quite-evil to create excellent using-fiendish-magic-against-Hell roleplay. That suitable enough? ;)

For sure, I get that most of a pseudodragon's usefulness is going to be in the first couple of levels, and I fully accept that he'll be vulnerable to loss. But he's a potential scout and an extra set of actions assuming I don't abuse him, he's a sweet roleplaying hook and storytelling device, and he fits exactly into how I envison the character. Not bad for something I'm getting for free from a trait anyway. ;)

A man carrying a bow arrives at the area of protest, looking for his friend.

GM Red Box submission - I think I hit all the requested points. Ulrich does have a crafting skill but it is bows and his desires are modest.

I'm currently in a game but it's sort of been two months and we've had a total of two encounters so... let me throw a rogue at you.

Also because I like extended point buy. It helps MAD classes, so it lets me get EXTREMELY MADDER than usual.

Under your houserules, I'm assuming the unchained rogue talent that gives the Improved Steal ability (Combat Swipe) would instead give Deft Manuvers, right?

Mira Longus:
Female Human Unchained Rogue (1) (Scout)
CN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Perception +4

AC 17; Touch 15; Flat-Footed 12; (+2 armor, +4 dex, +1 dodge)
+3 more vs AoOs from moving through a threatened square

HP 10 (d8+2)

Fort +2 (0 base+2 con)
Ref +6 (2 base+4 dex)
Will +0 (0 base+0 wis)

Speed 30 ft

Space 5ft; Reach 5ft

Sap +4 (d6 nonlethal), crit x2, B
Dagger +4 (d4), melee, crit 19-20/x2, P or S

Shortbow +4 (d6), range 60ft, crit x3, P
Dagger +4 (d4), range 10ft, crit 19-20/x2, P or S

Special Attacks
Sneak Attack +1d6

10/level +2 background
Acrobatics +11 (1 rank+3 trained+4 dex+3 skill focus)
Disable Device +8 (1 rank+3 trained+4 dex)
Escape Artist +8 (1 rank+3 trained+4 dex)
Perception +4 (1 rank+3 trained)
Sense Motive +4 (1 rank+3 trained)
Stealth +10 (1 rank+3 trained+4 dex+2 racial)
Climb +4 (1 rank+3 trained)
Bluff +2 (1 rank+3 trained-2 cha)
Use Magic Device +2 (1 rank+3 trained-2 cha)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6 (1 rank+3 trained+2 int)
Knowledge (Geography) +6 (1 rank+3 trained+2 int)
Sleight of Hand +10 (1 rank+3 trained+4 dex+2 racial)
+1 Perception/Disable Device vs traps
+4 survival to survive in an urban environment

Str 10 0
Dex 18 +4
Con 14 +2
Int 14 +2
Wis 10 0
Cha 7 -2
(0 unspent)

Base Atk +0; CMB +4; CMD 14

1 Dodge
FS Skill Focus (Acrobatics)
B Weapon Finesse

Natural-Born Leader (14 cha for rebellion)

Racial Modifiers
Focused Study (1st, 8th, 16th)
Heart of the Slums (+2 Stealth/Sleight of Hand, +4 on Survival checks in urban and underground settings. In addition, roll twice when saving against disease, taking the better roll.)

Languages: Common, Infernal, Halfling

Class abilities:
(1/6 bonus rogue talent)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Finesse Training
Trapfinding +1

Combat Gear: smokestick, caltrops, arrows (20), dagger (4), wrist sheath (dagger), spring-loaded wrist sheath (dagger)
Other Gear: shortbow, sap, leather armor, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, chalk (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, iron pot, mess kit, mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves' tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, whip, hammer, drill, 1/2 lb of honey, pickpocket's outfit, 12 gp

Requested background info:

-Five things I should know about your character currently. This is not about their aspirations, nor about their past. I want to know what they can do, who they are, personality, appearance, reason for being in Kintargo, etc.
1. Being homeless, she crashes in various locations. One of her more frequent hangouts was the House of Satin Veils. Its closing upset her, as she felt welcome there and she can understand the twin ideals of revenge and wanting to bury her face in someone's chest and complain.
2. She's tall, (5'11"), lithe and snarky. The snark is basically her standard way of dealing with people (since her upbringing makes her very distrustful of others), but she's actually much more sensitive than she lets on. The few people she counts as friends she actually values higher than herself.
3. The idea of killing someone herself makes her feel a bit queasy inside. Mira's not sure she has what it takes to end a sentient life. She's killed a few dire rats, though. (She hates the things.)
4. Mira's a Kintargo local, born and raised. She's been a street rat as long as she's been alive, and specializes in pickpocketing and breaking into places she's not supposed to be. She's run into trouble with the law more than once and has spent a few nights behind bars.
5. Mira thinks a lot about people who are in her care. She's bad at getting people to like her (mostly on purpose) and easy to talk into to doing things (the reason why she prefers shoving people away), but her natural paranoia combines with her tendency to put her underlings' and friends' needs above her own to make her pretty ideal as a leader.

-Four people in their lives. These could be friends, parents, lovers, enemies, rivals - let your imagination go wild.
1. Drus Longus - Mira's father and a 'freelancer.' He specializes in breaking and entry, stealing, and quietly dispatching of people who someone doesn't like. He thinks she's an abject failure, she thinks he's an irredeemable bastard--needless to say, they don't talk much. She used to give anything she had on him to the local authorities in hopes that they'd finally find him--with Thrune being the new boss, she's not sure she still wants to. That would probably be good, he knows what she's up to and makes sure to leave her fake leads to surreptitiously drop off. Prides himself on being better than her at literally everything.
2. Eliza Carmine - A cleric of Calistria. Whenever Mira had a bad night (or just felt particularly lonely), she'd made a habit of going to the House of Satin Veils and spending time complaining to her (the gold needed to with buy her time was, of course, stolen from others). Despite having spent a lot of nights hanging out with her, Mira's not sure if they're actually friends or not. Mira just trusts her because she's paid to be discreet. Mira hasn't seen her since the House was closed, and she's starting to get worried about if Eliza is okay or not.
3. Angello Felix - Owner of The Gentle Sting, a bar inside the House of Satin Veils. Mira maintains that is ale is better-tasting than anyone else's in town, and it was her favorite dive for any time she wanted to just get drunk and forget the world. It is now serving as a moneychanging counter for the House of Golden Veils. She's heard that he's working in another tavern somewhere in Kintargo, but she hasn't found which one yet.
4. Leroy Dupin - An aspiring member of the Order of the Chain, he is yet to receive a Commander's commission. Nonetheless, he is a heavily armored warrior who Mira has found herself having to escape from on more than one occasion. His quick wits are usually enough to see through all but her best-laid plans and his tracking skills are good, but thus far her preference for staying atop buildings and running away by rooftop has kept him from ever getting much more than a glimpse of her due to his love of Hellknight plate.

-Three of their most prominent memories - specific moments that changed them, impacted them, or stick with them to this day.
1. While her father was plying his trade, he tried teaching her what she knew. This included taking her on some easier marks in order to walk her through the ropes properly. During one such mission, she fell off of a roof and landed hard in an alleyway. Knocked straight to -1, she stabilized and woke up in pain. After waiting until it was nearly dawn, she slowly snuck her way back to their current hideout. When she asked her father why he didn't come back for her, he was very short: "If you can't keep up, you're no good to me. Next time you fall, just die."

She didn't fall again.
2. After the last falling out with her father (wherein she told him to stuff his head in a drainpipe and left for good), she tried to find somewhere to be alone. She wound up on the roof of some building in Villegre, where she just sat and looked up at the sky, losing herself in the stars until dawn. Their beauty stuck with her, and it's become a habit to the point that she's become an amateur astrologist.
3. Watching Shensen perform from the rafters of the Kintargo Opera House. She'd heard good things, but the first time Mira heard her sing and watched her move on stage she knew she wanted to be someone just like her--confident, strong, and adored by everyone. While she's not as much of a fanatic as some people, she's frequented the place ever since.

Two goals - these are specific, action-oriented goals with a purpose. "I want to become the King of Ustalav" is not a goal. "I want to become the King of Ustalav so I have the power to save my crappy fishing village from the terrible undead that seem to run rampant in this damn country" is a goal.
1. She wants to either see Thrune overthrown or have him reinstate the House of Satin Veils, and she doesn't much care which one it is so long as she can spend her nights talking with Eliza until the sun comes up again. This regime change has given her a lot of stress.
2. She wants to punch her old man in the face. Hopefully three or four times.

-One thing that gets your character out of bed in the morning. This is different from a long-term goal. This is a purpose, or a motivator, or a short-term ambition, and it can change as time goes on. "I wake up every morning determined to be better than I was yesterday" is an ambition/purpose. "I get out of bed so I can prove my dad wrong" is a purpose. Tell me what makes you tick.
When I got this far and you said "I get out of bed so I can prove my dad wrong" I busted out laughing.
Deep down, she thinks she's worthless. Her father made sure every single day that she knew how much better than her he was, and continually belittled everything she did. While she's broken away from him and is determined to be her own person, her frequent paranoia is thrown off by a need for validation from others, particularly when she feels unsure.

Mira gets out of bed to prove that she's worth anything at all, to prove that she matters, is important, and shines.

What is your policy on disbelieving illusions? For example, if I cast disguise self to look like a Chelaxian soldier and try to Disguise my way past a guard, does the guard get a save to disbelieve just by seeing me, or do they need to have a conversation, touch me, or something else entirely?

I think interaction would involve any focused attention. Touch, inspection, etc. Passing glances and just seeing a thing isn't enough for the save.

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Alliszah should now be pretty much in line with what you're looking for in submissions. I may do some tweaking to the story bits to make them better, but the gist of it is there. I did decide that her alignment should be at neutral for now, but she's definitely moving toward neutral good, with Lydir and eventually the party as her conscience while she develops a stronger one of her own.

Grand Lodge

What do we have for classes so far? Seems like a lot of rogues and bards.

Liberty's Edge

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Lots of us have put in vigilantes as well. (Mine is a warlock, but still a vigilante.)

From what I can see so far:

Full BAB
Ulrich Rovanky - Human Slayer (Twistlok)

3/4 BAB
Beorn the Divine - Half-Orc Chelish Diva Bard (Andrea1)
Malavik Forzeyr - Human Warpriest of Cayden Cailean (ignuspyre)
Servis Black - Tiefling Warlock Vigilante (william Nightmoon)
Mira Longus - Unchained Rogue (Trinam)
Alliszah Ranaxis - Tiefling Silksworn Occultist (Rennaivx)

Half BAB
Nazzoria - Tiefling Enchanter Wizard (KoolKobold)
Gilfroy Fezziwig - Gnome Tattooed Sorcerer (Nazard)

Did I miss anyone?

Liberty's Edge

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I haven't posted my submission, but I'm about 2/3 of the way through putting together Marcellano Durbin / Nightgaunt, a human vigilante (warlock) who is a composer and signer beginning to achieve some small fame in Kintargo.

Backstory for Sebastian Sarini (who will likely not go by that name in game for obviously reasons) is pretty much complete despite the fact that I have not decided what class he is:

Excerpt From the Journals of Sebastian Sarini:

It does not pay to be different in the House of Sarini, even less so to be antithesis to what the House stands for. That was the first thing I learned the day that my own family beat and tortured me and attempted to hang me until dead. My brothers, my cousins, my own Father, they cracked jokes while they cracked my bones. The second thing I learned that day was of the kindness of strangers. I swung from that gnarled tree, my family had long tired of the spectacle and left, and in that moment before I died the rope snapped. I was found by those kind strangers, lying in a pool of my own blood, painful rasping breaths shaking through my chest. I have not been able to speak above a whisper since that day or hear laughter without tensing in fear.

I later learned those who saved me and nursed me back to health belonged to the Rose of Kintargo. They did not just heal my physical wounds, but helped to repair the mental as well. They gave me no names and did their best to not reveal their faces while I was under their care. One in particular -who I named in my head Red, for the single red lock of hair I glimpsed behind her hood- was instrumental in my recovery and sat with me through many tear and nightmare filled nights. I do not blame them for their caution, knowing who my family once was and it was one night that I overheard their whispers that I realized even these kind people may not have saved me if not given a sign. A single crimson rose had grown from the cracks in the cobblestone where my blood had pooled. And so, my caretakers did their best for me. They set me up with a small apartment and a bit of gold. They dyed my hair that had grown long for the first time in my life, which combined with my new scars and altered voice concealed my identity better than I had hoped.

I had set myself a goal, to one day earn their trust, learn their names, become their friend, and perhaps even become one of their number. It seems that was not meant to be. House Thrune came to Kintargo and everything changed. I have heard rumblings that the entirety of the Rose has been captured and possibly even executed. I refuse to let such rumours lie. I will find out the truth behind these rumours, and do whatever I must to save the Rose, like they once did for me.

Five Things to Know About Sebastian Sarini:

1. Sebastian was a member of the House Sarini, a noble house of Cheliax. He could not bring himself to follow his family's dark ways and his rebellious nature led to an attempted murder by his own family. He has been trained from birth by the best of tutors in all manner of subjects.

2. He was once a very handsome man with a melodic voice. After being tortured and almost murdered at the hands of his family his handsome features have been somewhat marred, though the Rose did their best to heal his wounds. His nose is a little crooked and thin scars crisscross his face, changing his handsomeness from boyish to rugged. He keeps his hair long (in contrast to the shorter more controlled styles of his younger days) and wears high collars to cover the rope scar about his neck. The Rose dyed his hair a dirty blonde from his natural darker hair, but nothing could be done about his startlingly grey eyes.

3. Ever since the day of his near death Sebastian has not been able to raise his voice above a whisper and he tenses at the sound of laughter.

4. He feels in debt to the Rose of Kintargo for saving his life and wishes to do whatever he can to save them from the wrath of House Thrune.

5. He is intrigued by the Goddess Milani who the Rose believed saved his life, but does not yet knowingly count himself among her followers.

Four People in the Life of Sebastian Sarini:

The Father, Vitale Sarini: Vitale was not necessarily cruel to Sebastian at first, but he was confused by the nature of his first son. Sebastian did not have the stomach for the family business as much as Vitale tried to force it upon him. When Vitale's second son proved to be much more in the family mold he became greatly favoured. Eventually Vitales confusion over Sebastian turned to disappointed, then anger and then hate.

The Mother, Teresa Sarini: Teresa was the opposite of her husband in her treatment of Sebastian. She was married into the family politcally and shared none of their cruelty or worship of Thrune and so her son's non-Sarini nature pleased her greatly. She commited suicide when Sebastian was young, but he has always wondered over the truth of her death. Unknown to Sebastian he is not the son of Vitale and Teresa, but Teresa and her true love.

The Brother, Renato Sarini: Renato is everything that Sebastian is not. He is cruel, merciless, darkly humoured and strong. Despite that for much of his childhood he looked up to his older brother, but as he grew into adulthood his love quickly became hate. Sebastian cannot bring himself to hate his brother despite the fact that Ranato participated in his attempted murder.

The Saviour, Red: The bulk of Sebastian's healing under the Rose of Kintargo was accomplished by a woman that he referred to as Red (due to the single crimson lock of hair he had seen fall from beneath her hood). He feels a great debt to her for having saved his life, but also cannot help but have fallen for her in the process.

Three Memories of Sebastian Sarini:

1. The day he was tortured and almost killed by his family.

2. The day he awoke and heard the voice of the Rose of Kintargo member he would later refer to as Red. She had been singing him a lullaby as his broken body slept in fitful pain.

3. The day his mother died. Earlier that day she had given him a small glass rose that he knew she treasured, he nearly broke it as he clutched it tightly in hand and sobbed out the pain of his mother's death, yet he managed to save it even from being broken even during his torture and holds it still.

Two Goals of Sebastian Sarini:

1. To find out what happened to the Rose of Kintargo and do his best to help them, while also undermining House Thrune and House Sarini in every way possible.

2. To find out why the Goddess Milani would spare him and to learn more of her church and her ways in the hopes of getting closer to the Rose of Kintargo and Red.

The Purpose of Sebastian Sarini:

Sebastian spends every waking moment of every day doing his best to be nothing like his father and the House of Sarini. He wants to be a better person and he wants to reverse the damage people like the Sarini's do to the world.

Working on a slayer working towards shadow dancer and my wife has a sorcerer mesmerist in the works.

Urhan Quinn, Half Orc Skald for your consideration.

Rysky dotting in with Masked Maiden Vigilante (Avenger), going either human or Aasimar, haven't decided yet.

Full BAB
Ulrich Rovanky - Human Slayer (Twistlok)
Osveta Daud - Human or Aasimar Masked Maiden Vigilante (Rysky)
Unnamed - Slayer (havoc xiii)

3/4 BAB
Beorn the Divine - Half-Orc Chelish Diva Bard (Andrea1)
Malavik Forzeyr - Human Warpriest of Cayden Cailean (ignuspyre)
Servis Black - Tiefling Warlock Vigilante (william Nightmoon)
Mira Longus - Unchained Rogue (Trinam)
Alliszah Ranaxis - Tiefling Silksworn Occultist (Rennaivx)
Urhan Quinn - Half-Orc Skald (TheWanderer123)

Half BAB
Nazzoria - Tiefling Enchanter Wizard (KoolKobold)
Gilfroy Fezziwig - Gnome Tattooed Sorcerer (Nazard)

And then there is me:
Sebastian Sarini - Human _____ (The Pale King)
I like the backstory I have forged a lot, but the crunch is just not coming to me.

Just for the record, I'm working on a human Sanctified Slayer Infiltrator inquisitor of Kelinahat. As one would expect, I'll be making a character for the Spymaster leadership role of the rebellion.

The Pale King wrote:

And then there is me:
Sebastian Sarini - Human _____ (The Pale King)
I like the backstory I have forged a lot, but the crunch is just not coming to me.

Maybe an Oracle of Milani who gets his powers without asking for them (and before he even starts properly worshiping Milani? Just a thought...

The streets and intrigue mysteries might be of some interest to you. The life mystery is also good.

Silver Crusade

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Michael7123 wrote:
The Pale King wrote:

And then there is me:
Sebastian Sarini - Human _____ (The Pale King)
I like the backstory I have forged a lot, but the crunch is just not coming to me.

Maybe an Oracle of Milani who gets his powers without asking for them (and before he even starts properly worshiping Milani? Just a thought...

The streets and intrigue mysteries might be of some interest to you. The life mystery is also good.

Hmm, what about Reanimated Medium?


And then there is me:
Sebastian Sarini - Human _____ (The Pale King)
I like the backstory I have forged a lot, but the crunch is just not coming to me.

Sounds to me like maybe an Evangelist of Milani, or a Hidden Priest? Maybe a sorcerer, who ends up taking Leadership and leading the rebellion? Or an Oracle, cursed and gifted at the moment you were saved?

Thanks for all the suggestions! I am currently leaning toward an Oracle who only gained his powers after the hanging and they may be from Milani herself, or a Razmiran Priest Sorcerer refluffed as having a divine spark gifted to him in his direst need (so like the D&D Favored Soul). Though I could accomplish the same idea with a Celestial or Empyreal Blooded Sorcerer.

I have some questions regarding the timeline:

- How long has the city been under martial law at the day he campaign starts?

- How long ago did the Victocora mansion burn down from the day the campaign starts?

Both are relevant to my characters backstory. I already have most of the details later out, I just need to know when these events have transpired.

Grand Lodge


Narl LongTooth
Male half-orc slayer (bounty hunter) 1 ( Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 53, 118)
LN Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +8
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee handaxe +4 (1d6+3/×3) or
sap +4 (1d6+3 nonlethal)
Ranged lasso +2 () or
shortbow +2 (1d6/×3)
Special Attacks studied target +1 (1st, move action)
Str 17, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 15
Feats Intimidating Prowess
Traits honey-tongued, urban sleuth (Professor Mangvhune; Knowledge [Local, Planes])
Skills Bluff +4 (+5 when dealing with agents of the law), Climb +5, Diplomacy +0 (+1 when dealing with
agents of the law), Intimidate +9, Knowledge (geography) +5, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +8,
Profession (barrister) +5, Sense Motive +6, Survival +5; Racial Modifiers +2 Intimidate, +3 Perception, +1
Sense Motive
Languages Abyssal, Common, Orc
SQ orc blood, track +1
Other Gear lamellar (leather) armor UC, buckler, handaxe, lasso APG, sap, shortbow, backpack, bedroll, belt
pouch, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), manacles, mess kit UE, pot, trail rations (5), waterskin, 26 gp
Special Abilities
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Studied Target +1 (move action, 1 at a time) (Ex) Study foe as a Move action, gain +1 to att/dam &
some skills vs. them.
Track +1 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.


Narl just happened to be in Kintargo tracking a bounty, he was there to find a run away halfling who apparently absconded with its former lords family jewels. The Lord was a loud mouth who didn't want it to be known that his property was stealing his belongings.

Narl had travelled for 3 days on horse back to get to Kintargo, he was tired and he just needed a drink and a place to lay. Upon arriving in the city, it seemed odd that some of the streets were barren, making his way slowly to the inn he stayed at usually Narl stabled his horse.

Finding out about the protest that was taking place, Narl figured it might be a good place to find his prey.
Checking to make sure that he had everything, he made a quick stop at one of the garrisons to get a rit saying he could continue to track his bounty here. Once he had that, after making the guard piddle them selves a little he headed off to the protest.

Introducing Korva Crispin. Self-absorbed brat and Sorceress with the Maestro bloodline. About to get in totally over her pretty little head.

Crunchie bits:


Female Human (Chelaxian) sorcerer 1, CG medium humanoid (human),
Init +2; Senses Perception +0,

Languages Common, Draconic, Infernal

AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10, Hp7, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +2

Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8/19-20)

Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 17, Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12

Special Actions Beguiling Voice (Dazed for 1 round, Max HD 1, 6/day),

Known Sorcerer Spells (CL 1st):
1st (4/day) - ear-piercing scream (DC 14) , shield (DC )
0th (at will) - acid splash , dancing lights , detect magic , ghost sound (DC 13)

Special Qualities Bloodline Arcana, Bonus Feat, Cantrips, Maestro Bloodline, Skilled,

Feats Eschew Materials, Skill Focus (Perform (Sing)), Spell Focus (Enchantment)

Bluff +7,
Knowledge (Arcana) +6,
Perform (Act) +7,
Perform (Sing) +10,
Perform (Untrained) +3,
Spellcraft +6,
Use Magic Device +7,

Possessions outfit (entertainer's); Light Crossbow ;

Beguiling Voice (Ex) You can use the sound of your voice to lull a target creature into taking no action. This ability acts as the daze spell, except it is language-dependent, has a duration of 1 round, and affects a living creature whose Hit Dice do not exceed 1. You can use this ability 6 times per day.

Bloodline Arcana Whenever you cast a spell with a verbal component and no somatic or material component, you treat your caster level as if it were one higher.
Cantrips You learn a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells. These spells are cast like any other spells, but they do not consume any slots and may be used again.

Eschew Materials

Maestro Bloodline The spiritual power of art and song runs strongly through your family line. This may be the result of ancient pacts made with azata patrons, or even an inheritance from a lillend or trumpet archon ancestor. It could also be the lingering taint of a less savory heritage, such as from a harpy or a forefather driven to madness by the disquieting gibbering of a shoggoth. However it came to be, your family's artistic bent shows itself strongly in your magic.

Rich Parents You were born into a rich family, perhaps even the nobility. Your starting cash increases to 900 gp

Star Struck (Shensen (Charisma)) Growing up in Kintargo, it's hard not to become obsessed with one of the city's celebrities. There are so many to choose from, and they're all so glamorous, rich, and successful! Wouldn't it be amazing to, perhaps some day, meet one of them? Or even better, to be a Kintargan celebrity yourself? Your interest in one of Kintargo's celebrities could be completely benign, with the NPC acting as a muse, inspiration, or role model for you that you used to guide many life choices leading you to this day. Or perhaps your interest is more akin to an obsession, in which you hope to some day live a life like that you imagine your idol lives, or perhaps even to some day meet and become friends (or perhaps more than friends) with your idol. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes a celebrity's public persona and real personality are two very different things, and if some day you were to meet your idol, you might be surprised at the truth! That said, the fact that, by all accounts, your idol has been missing since House Thrune instituted martial law has you worried; you hope he or she is all right! The fact that all five of the local legends listed below have been rumored to have ties to the Silver Ravens further concerns you, considering how that group seems to have been particularly targeted by Barzillai Thrune's agents over the past week. The fate of all five of these Kintargan icons will be revealed at some point during the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path, but keep in mind that some of those fates might not be pleasant discoveries for you! You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks. Pick one of the following celebrities with which to be obsessed. Each celebrity is associated with a particular ability score. Once per day, you can draw on your inspiration from your icon when you are about to attempt a skill check modified by that ability score. When you do so, roll the check twice and take the better of the two results as your actual result. Jackdaw (sex and race unknown; Intelligence): A notorious folk hero or heroine (no one seems to know if Jackdaw is a man or woman) who helped defend Kintargo during the Chelish Civil War, and whom many believe still lives on today in the city's shadows. Jilia Bainilus (female human; Wisdom): Kintargo's previous lord-mayor was well known for her cutting insights into the political world. Few have fought harder to maintain Kintargo's independence. Octavio Sabinus (male human; Strength): The Lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent might seem an odd choice for admiration, but Octavio's physical stature certainly lent him all the support he needed to command a room. Shensen (female half-elf; Charisma): Shensen's performances as an outspoken force against the diabolism of House Thrune have won her nearly as many admirers as have her memorable performances on stage in the Kintargo Opera House. Strea Vestori (female tiefling; Dexterity): Strea is often regarded as the face of the slums known as the Devil's Nursery. As Kintargo's most outspoken and public tiefling citizen and leader of the Cloven Hoof Society, she has nearly as many admirers as she has political enemies in Cheliax.

Note: I gave Korva the Rich parents trait, both to reflect her background, and to give her a lot of money to show her belief that throwing gold at a problem makes it go away. :)

Fluffy bits:

Five things about Korva:

Korva is a stunningly good looking girl and she knows it. A classic Chelaxian beauty with long black hair, pale skin and flashing black eyes. She favors dresses that display her lovely figure and gold hairpins in her long, silky mane.

Her family is wealthy but middle class and make their gold from being merchants. Korva is the youngest of three children, and the only daughter. Which has made her the spoiled baby of the family. She is completely unused to not getting her way.

Her magic woke within her when she first saw a performance at the Kintargo opera house. To her “The magic sings within me.” Her father was less happy about it, now all those stories about Great-grandmother Chamile and her scandalous adventures will come up again.

A born and bred Kintargan Korva worships Shelyn and finds the followers of Asmodeous ‘Dreary.’

Korva’s ambition to become a performer at the Opera is coming into conflict with her family’s plans to marry her off now she’s the right age. She is not blind to the constant stream of ‘Nice young men.’ Her family are parading passed her and knows that unless she soon makes her own career not even being her father’s pet will prevent a dreary marriage to some wealthy, boring merchant’s son.

Four people in her life:

Danius Crispin, her father. Danius spoiled his daughter all her life, believing in his fond way that she would naturally see the path he had mapped out for her and follow his plans. Her sudden desire to become a performer he sees as typical childish implusiveness. While generally a kind man Danius expects things to go in certain ways and grows grumpy at unexpected obstacles to his expectations..

Pavo Crispin. Her eldest brother, unlike his father Pavo has spent time on the family ships, and in other countries. Seeing the world and experiencing other cultures. While happy with the life of a merchant, and taking over the family business Pavo realises that his beloved little sister will never happily be a traditional wife or mother. He can see that things are going to blow up between Korva and Danius very soon and is worried.

Aspexia Ratarion. Korva’s tutor in singing. A former bard and performer herself Aspexia makes her living tutoring the spoiled brats of the noble and the middle class families in the arts. To her great surprise Korva does actually possess a genuine talent for singing. Despite this Aspexia often feels a great desire to strangle her.

Marcellano Baradin. The eldest son of a minor noble family, but one of considerable wealth, Marcellano has decided that Korva will make an ideal wife. At least once she gives up that performing nonsense. He would find it a considerable blow to his self-esteem to learn that Korva barely knows he exists. Maybe if he spent more time talking to her face than her cleavage?

Three prominent memories:

The day her magic awoke inside her is Korvas most powerful memory. She was entranced by the power and passion of the music she was listening to and could feel it resonating inside her until her until something answered.

The death of her mother still saddens Korva. Drulia while a kind and doting parent was far less inclined to let Korva get away with being selfish and unkind. Korva unknowingly still misses her mother’s guidance and example.

The first time she saw real pleasure on Aspexia’s face at Korvas singing. Getting genuine admiration for a talent she had worked hard to achieve was a novel experience for Korva. One she wishes strongly to feel again.

Two Goals:

Korva is totally devoted to making a career as a performer. At the moment it is still a young girl’s obsession, but as she grows up and moves passed the selfish desire to be admired it will become a real joy in bringing pleasure to others and influencing crowds.

The increasing restrictions brought about by martial law, while hardly affecting Korva at present are something that unconsciously bothers her. To restrict what people can say or perform makes Korva angry. She just can’t say why right now, but she will become increasingly opposed to any form of repression. Maybe for selfish reasons at first, but soon, as she grows up she will become a genuine rebel.

One thing that get her out of bed:

A desire to learn all she can of singing. To become better until everyone has to recognise her talent. Korva is young and has had a sheltered life so far. She has just begun to see that life as an adult will be far from her childish dreams.

That's everything. Any questions, corrections or suggestions please let me know.

Hryvnas looked at the stranger and scowled. "You think you can just walk in here and say 'Down With House Thrune' and we'll embrace you with open arms? How stupid do we look?"

Hryvnas put his feet up on the table. Then he drew a dagger and began cleaning his fingernails with it. "Maybe you want to Fight House Thrune. Or maybe you're a Thrune spy. You'd say the same thing either way."

Hryvnas eyes the stranger again. He points at a chair with his dagger. "So. You're going to sit there, and you're going to tell us who sent you and how you knew we were down here. You're going to answer all of our questions truthfully. Whether things have to get ugly for that to happen is entirely up to you."

Hryvnas tests the sharpness of his blade with his thumb, then licks it to make sure it is properly honed.

"But one way or another, you're not leaving here until we're satisfied. So you might as well get comfortable; we could be here all night."

"There's no sense taking any of this personally. Try to think of it as an initiation," Hryvnas smiles. "If you pass, you get to join the cause, and become a hero of the people. If not, well... then we need to make sure your mouth stays shut. Permanently. I'm sure you understand."


May I present Hryvnas Raszamy, Warpriest of Desna and agent provocateur.

Desna may be a "nice" goddess, but Hryvnas has lived through hell and has no intention of walking that road again. He is going to break down House Thrune one brick at a time and bring freedom to those of his faith and to those in bondage. Desna may be a goddess of peace and happiness, but those things cannot come until Cheliax is free.

I still have to buy the little bits of gear that you always need but he is basically done.

@HedwickTheWorldly: A question on the regional trait On Guard which reads "You gain a +1 trait bonus to Initiative checks, and if you are able to act during the surprise round of an encounter, you can draw a weapon (but not a potion or magic item) as a free action during that round." Would you allow this to be used to draw a concealed weapon? It doesn't specify, though I'm personally inclined to think that was not the intent. Basically trying to decide if it's worth taking or if it will just be trumped by Quick Draw.

May I present myself Rutilus Rathgan, a Vanguard Slayer. Crunch can be found in the profile. Fluff is copied below but can also be found in the profile. I am open to all names being changed. If anything else is needed, please let me know.


Rutilus has no idea who his parents are and he doesn't care. The priests at the orphanage of the Church of Asmodeus claim his parents died in a fire. However, considering everything else they "claimed" happend who knows whether this is true. The only truth is that it doesn't matter. He can't even remember what their names were, let alone what they looked like. Rutilus never agreed with the teachings of Asmodeus and after countless punishments, Rutilus fled the orphanage at a very young age and took to living on the streets of Kintargo. He found living on the streets free and exhilarating. He found he was quite good at sneaking around and taking what he needed to survive. Before he knew it, other street children began following him and learning from him. Rutilus can't tell you why, but he helped and taught the other kids how live off of the street by being quick, observant, stealthy, and only taking what you needed. These kids became his family and he would do anything to protect them.

While usually very cautious, deliberate, and practicing what he preached when enacting their heists, recently Rutilus made a mistake that nearly cost him everything. There was word of a large food cart that could feed his group for months en route through town. The owner was supposedly very wealthy, but stingy and arrogant so it would be unguarded. However, when they made their move it turned out it was trap and they were captured to a man. Rutilus's captor, who claimed his name was Patch (whether true or not can't be said), couldn't believe that a boy could lead a bunch of other children and evade capture for years. Patch saw Rutilus's potential and made him a deal. He would allow all Rutilus's "men" free provided Rutilus trained with Patch and came to work with him and his organization. Patch wouldn't say who this organization was, but said they were working to make Kintargo a better place for everyone. Rutilus was uncertain, however, what choice did he have? Damn himself or damn everyone he cared about, so Rutilus agreed. True to his word, "Patch" let everyone go and began to train Rutilus

That was weeks ago, and during that time Rutilus never met anyone else in this organization besides "Patch." This didn't bother Rutilus, all that mattered was that his family was safe, or so he thought. Recently, Kintargo new mayor Barzillai Thrune has declared martial law making things hard on his family. To make matters worse, about a week ago "Patch" vanished. Rutilus searched and found no trace of him. All Rutilus could find were vague rumors that the Silver Ravens were destroyed around the same time Patch went missing. Could Patch have been a member? Was that the organization Rutilus was training to join? Rutilus began searching for anything he could find on the Silver Ravens and everything came up empty until today. A friend of a friend of a friend claims to know something and says he will meet at the Aria Park protest. He left no name but says he will be wearing a black glove on his right hand and no glove on his left. Maybe its finally time to get some answers.

Appearance and Personality:

Rutilus appears before you as someone who is largely non-descript. His armor and clothing is very plain without any adornment. If you weren't looking directly at him, he would easily blend in to any crowd. Rutilus wears a hood over his head concealing his features. However, as he turns you catch a quick glimpse of his features. Rutilus's hair is dark as night and cut short and neat. A dark five o'clock shadow covers his face. His eyes, as blue as the mid-day sky, are constantly searching looking for threats or anything out of the ordinary. His hands, which are heavily caloused, rest at his side ready to act at moments notice.

To outsiders, Rutilus gives a look as someone who is stern and unforgiving. However, the truth is that he is constantly on the lookout against threats to him and those he cares about and takes this task seriously. To those who count Rutilus as friend, he is friendly, jovial, caring, and loyal to a fault. Rutilus understands the need for work and the need to play, he just keeps those two acts seperate. When its time to get to business, Rutilus allows nothing to destract him. When business is done Rutilus has no issues sharing a pint with those he holds dear.

Five things to know about Rutilus:

1. He is fiercely loyal to those he considers his friends and family and wouldn't think twice about laying down his life for theirs.

2. He is at home in the shadows wearing non-discript clothing allowing him to blend into the periphery. His clothing is always properly fitted allowing him easy movement.

3. He is a natural born leader and although he will take charge when necessary, he prefers leading from the shadows and letting others take the limelight and the credit.

4. He is equally skilled with the sword and the bow. However, if given the choice he prefers to use a sword and shield.

5. He is in Kintargo as that is where he was born and he assumes that that is where he will die.

Four People in Rutilus's Life:

1. Cassie - A human female a few years younger than himself. She is his closest friend and until Patch showed up in their lives, the two of them were inseparable. Cassie wishes they were more than friends, but Rutilus sees Cassie as his younger sister.

2. "Patch" - "Patch," if that is his real name, captured Rutilus and all of his family in an ambush. However, seeing the potential in Rutilus, Patch let Rutilus's family go and began training him to serve in his secret organization. They got along well and Rutilus began to admire and Respect Patch, seeing him as father figure.

3. The Devil Nuns - While not a singular person, Rutilus saw them as indistinguishable. These were the nuns that raised him in the Asmodeus orphanage. These were also the nuns that disciplined him harshly when he questioned Asmodeus's teachings.

4. Hotri - A tiefling male street urchin who Rutilus sees as his brother. Nearly as skilled as Rutilus, there has been a sibling rivalry between the two of them as long as they have known each other. This rivalry pushes each one to be their best.

Three Prominent memories:

1. The day he met Patch - It was supposed to be a simple job, one they've done a thousand times and would give them enough food to eat for a month. Instead it was a trap and all of them were captured. For the first time in his life Rutilus felt fear. Not fear for what would happen to him, but fear for what would happen to his family. He vowed never put his family in danger and went under Patch's tutelage.

2. The day he escaped the Orphanage - Raised in an Asmodeus orphanage, Rutilus rejected their teachings and couldn't understand how anyone would willfully choose to follow them. This led to him constantly being "disciplined" (more like tortured) by the nuns. One day he found his opening and escaped from the orphanage never looking back. As this was his first and only experience with organized religion, Rutilus follows no god.

3. The day he met Cassie - a few months after escaping the orphanage, Rutilus found he excelled on the streets. He then met a girl a few years younger than himself shivering and cowering in an alleyway. He still can't explain it to this day, but he found himself drawn to her and compelled to take her under his wing. He found what he considers to be his little sister and the first member of his family.

Two Goals:

1. Find out what happened to Patch. A few weeks ago he vanished and Rutilus has been unable to find any information about his whereabouts. What happened to him and does he need Rutilus's help?

2. Do what he can in Kintargo to help his family, even if that means going up against the governemnt.

One thing that gets Rutilus out of bed in the morning:

Rutilus's driving ambition is his "family" and making sure they are safe. This may be a simple thing such as making sure they are all fed or as complex and dangerous as fighting against the law. He will do what needs to be done so they can live.

The Tick in the Barrel wrote:
@HedwickTheWorldly: A question on the regional trait On Guard which reads "You gain a +1 trait bonus to Initiative checks, and if you are able to act during the surprise round of an encounter, you can draw a weapon (but not a potion or magic item) as a free action during that round." Would you allow this to be used to draw a concealed weapon? It doesn't specify, though I'm personally inclined to think that was not the intent. Basically trying to decide if it's worth taking or if it will just be trumped by Quick Draw.

Since hidden weapons have an action economy penalty, I'll say no to the trait working with them.

Updated submissions:

Full BAB
Ulrich Rovanky - Human Slayer (Twistlok)
Osveta Daud - Human or Aasimar Masked Maiden Vigilante (Rysky)
Narl Longtooth - Half-Orc Bounty Hunter Slayer (Raltus)
Rutilus Rathgan - Human Vanguard Slayer (Slayde77)
Unnamed - Slayer (havoc xiii)

3/4 BAB
Beorn the Divine - Half-Orc Chelish Diva Bard (Andrea1)
Malavik Forzeyr - Human Warpriest of Cayden Cailean (ignuspyre)
Servis Black - Tiefling Warlock Vigilante (william Nightmoon)
Mira Longus - Unchained Rogue (Trinam)
Alliszah Ranaxis - Tiefling Silksworn Occultist (Rennaivx)
Urhan Quinn - Half-Orc Skald (TheWanderer123)
Hryvnas Raszamy - Aasimar Cult Leader Warpriest (Peet)

Half BAB
Nazzoria - Tiefling Enchanter Wizard (KoolKobold)
Gilfroy Fezziwig - Gnome Tattooed Sorcerer (Nazard)
Korva Crispin - Human Sorcerer (DBH)

I think I'll be throwing my hat in the ring as well, with my Sharp shooting Urban Ranger who's a non-Vigilante vigilante.

Working on her backstory.

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Dotting for later tonight...

The Tick in the Barrel submitting Jacomo Pagliacci, tragic fool; re-using alias from a short-lived game. Please let me know any questions or suggestions you have, Hedwick, and thank you for your consideration!

EDIT: To avoid a wall of spoilers, please see profile for mechanics :)

Five Things to Know:

What he can do: Jacomo is a professional street performer specializing in juggling, tumbling, sleight of hand, and buffoonery, all of which have been blended into his knife-fighting technique to great effect.

Who he is: Jacomo is an angry, broken widower bent on vengeance against the Church of Asmodeus.

Personality: Methodical, precise, pragmatic, and driven, though recent events have filled him with an anger that he struggles to contain. He has become fixated on his hatred for the Church of Asmodeus and the government that supports it, for when he loses focus on these his feeelings of shame, regret, and loss threaten to overwhelm him; so long as he’s blaming others he can avoid considering his own responsibility in the loss of his family. He tends to judge others by their actions but himself by his intentions, and adopts a bit of a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. If lawful evil alignment is allowed, he believes that his actions are justified so long as directed against Asmodeans, blind to the fact that he is slowly becoming the thing that he hates.

Appearance: Pale skinned and possessed of a slim, lanky frame. When not performing he dresses in simple travelers’ clothing; his professional outfit is chequered harlequin’s garb with a bright maroon cloak, his face painted white with black eyelids and upper lip, accented with red circles which describe the arc of a ball in motion. When not performing his air is one of melancholy, though his demeanor becomes one of grim determination when pursuing a task at hand.

Reason for being in Kintargo: Native born and bred.

Four People in His Life:

Mentor: Axius Guida, an accomplished actor and jongleur. In his prime he was an acclaimed performer in Kintargo before a political scandal ruined his reputation and career; he has spent his waning years leading a troupe of street performers called The Red Mummers.

Friend: Decundus Canaglia, aka “Canny Decks,” a childhood friend of dubious character and employ. While Jacomo only dabbled in the criminal lifestyle, Decundus made it his life’s pursuit. Despite their clashing philosophies the two have remained fast friends, and it was to Decundus that Jacomo turned for help in honing his knife fighting skills.

Enemy: Mercius Malvagio, Asmodean church official. The man who promised Jacomo that he would be considered for entrance into the church’s ranks in exchange for his infant son; though Mercius is unaware of it, Jacomo now plans to kill him.

Acquaintance: Relia Vraji, an ancient Varisian soothsayer and wise woman. Introduced many years ago by Axius, she became interested in young Jacomo after reading his harrow, and has kept tabs on him ever since. While he is respectful of her due to his mentor’s obvious faith in her abilities, Jacomo remains dubious she possesses any real powers of prophecy.

Three Memories:

Moment that changed him: First seeing the Red Mummers perform.

Moment that impacted him: Being informed that he hadn’t been accepted into the church’s ranks, and his wife’s subsequent suicide.

Moment that sticks with him: The first time he danced with his wife Ballaria.

Two Goals:

Goal #1: To be armed and alone with Mercius Malvagio, so he may revenge himself upon him.
Goal #2: To overthrow the Church of Asmodeus, in the (probably mistaken) belief that this will provide catharsis to his suffering.

One Thing That Gets Him Out of Bed:

It used to be the enjoyment of his craft and to provide for his family; now it is to enact vengeance for their fates.


(Possibly Far Too Wordy) Background:

Disclaimer: This is much, much longer a background than I normally submit, especially for a first level character; I may have gotten a bit carried away. I blame your 5/4/3/2/1 questions, they really got me digging into and fleshing out my concept. If it’s too wall-of-texty, I’ve included a briefer summary in the next spoiler down.

Exposition: Born one of four siblings to devout but impoverished parents in Kintargo, Jacomo spent his early childhood begging on the streets and watching as one by one his brother and sisters fell ill and perished. As he grew older he and his comrade Decundus became involved in petty crime on the city docks, but a close brush with the law and a stern scolding from his parents scared young Jacomo straight; shortly thereafter both his parents succumbed to sickness as well. He fended for himself as a beggar until one day he witnessed a performance of the Red Mummers, a small troupe of street performers who engaged in marvelous feats of acrobatics; when they began juggling knives between them Jacomo was transfixed. The precision and control displayed amazed him, and he knew then and there that he wanted to have that kind of discipline and skill. He approached the group and begged for an apprenticeship which the group’s leader, Axius Guida, granted.

Complication: Like most apprenticeships Jacomo’s involved several hard years assisting the Red Mummers with menial tasks before he began to be trained in earnest. It was during this time that he first met the Varisian fortune teller Relia Vraji; Axius brought him to her for a harrow reading, and in his cards she saw “a metamorphosis into both butterfly and wasp - but the risk of being drawn like a moth into the flame.” Axius took this as a very promising fortune and began Jacomo’s proper training immediately afterwards. After Jacomo’s first performance, in which he excelled, the Mummers went to celebrate at a bar frequented by artists and performers. It was there that he first met his wife, Ballaria Sarta. She danced with the acrobats and jongleurs with a grace that put them all to shame, save for Jacomo; he knew then and there that he wanted her as his wife. Their courtship was brief, his sincerity and wit quickly winning Ballaria over, and they were soon married.

Climax: Jacomo enjoyed married life, and though poor they scraped by with him working with the Red Mummers and her as a seamstress. After a time Ballaria became with child, and Jacomo knew then and there that if he was to provide a secure future for his family he would need help. He had always maintained his faith in Asmodeus, tithing to the church even as a beggar, and it was to that exemplary institution he turned. Inquiries led to a referral to Mercius Malvagio, a ranking official within the church. Mercius informed him that in exchange for a fee he would make sure Jacomo received consideration for recruitment into a new force the church was assembling to be made up of men and women skilled at stealth and combat; it would be dangerous, but the position would pay a sum of over a thousand gold a year. Pleased by this development, Jacomo sought out Canny Decks and began re-training the knife skills he’d once used in his disreputable youth, blending the discipline and precision of his performance art into that of his knifework to great effect. Ballaria gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and that same night Mercius came to their home and informed them that the time had come for him to submit a candidate for the discussed position.

”Those who demonstrate the proper talents and qualities will be chosen,” he told them, then produced a contract for Jacomo - he would be Mercius’s candidate for the price of one thousand gold. Jacomo despaired that the sum was beyond their ability to pay, but promised that once he secured the position he would repay Mercius out of his wages. While sympathetic to their plight, Mercius required payment up front; if they could not afford to pay in coin, perhaps something else of value might be exchanged? ”I see you have a new child, born this very night; hardly enough time to grow attached. I will take him instead.”

Ballaria balked at the offer, but Jacomo was not so hasty to dismiss it; a high price, to be sure, but he was confident his skills at blade and shadow would earn him a place in service to Asmodeus. They would then have the wealth and security to raise any number of children, rather than risk raising their current son in their impoverished state; surely the church was better equipped to see to their son’s future than they. Reluctant and teary-eyed, Ballaria agreed, and Mercius praised their wisdom as they amended and signed the agreement. Gathering up the child and making his leave, the priest gave instructions on where and when Jacomo should appear for his interview.

Reversal. Jacomo was put through a series of tests at which he excelled, and he also brought along all his tax records detailing his lifelong tithing to the church, including the contract with Mercius for his son, to show his dedication to the faith. He left feeling supremely confident in his performance, and remained so when he was summoned to Mercius’s presence a few days later, right until the man informed him of his failure. His mind reeled at the shock. ”Your talents are top notch,” Mercius stated, ”it’s your qualities which exempted you: low birth, employment under a known dissenter, questionable profession - I mean,” here the priest gave a chuckle, ”you are quite literally a clown.” Mercius smiled sympathetically. ”Still, you garnered some praise and attention, and it’s rare anyone is selected their first time around. Work on your qualities, Jacomo, and in a few years’ time you may have a real chance at selection.”

Jacomo stared blankly at Mercius, and he knew then and there that the priest had known that he wouldn’t be chosen. ”Where is my son?” Mercius’s brow furrowed in annoyance. ”He’s not your child anymore, so quite frankly it’s none of your business; however the fact is I don’t know where the child is, but with a new lord-mayor taking office I assume sacrifices were needed to ensure a successful transition of power. Now if you’ll excuse yourself, I have a rather busy day. These gentlemen will show you out.” With a wave of his hand, two church guards appeared and escorted the dumbfounded man out to the street.

Catastrophe. Jacomo returned home seething with resentment, and he raged against Mercius, the church, and the lord-mayor. ”They refused me! The liars! Malvagio all but promised that I’d receive the commission when he knew all along I had not a chance! Liars and betrayers!” Ballaria simply stared at him as he raged, silent tears running down her face. ”And our child!” Jacomo’s voice changed to a harsh whisper, his eyes unable to meet those of his wife. ”Our child, sent as sacrifice for the new lord-mayor...” He collapsed into a chair, unable to process it all. Ballaria stared at him for a while longer, then left for their bedchamber without a word. Finally the onset of evening roused Jacomo from his catatonia, and when he looked after his wife he found her hanging from the bedchamber rafter.

The flood of anguish, shame, anger, and self-loathing at the sight was too much for Jacomo to bear, and something inside him broke. He realized that the rules and laws he’d followed his whole life were rigged against him, indeed that the intent of the whole system was to defeat him, to keep him poor and helpless. The rage inside of him turned cold, and he knew then and there that he would do everything within his power to see the Church of Asmodeus and all it supported brought to ruin.

Background Precis:

Jacomo was born in Kintargo to a devout but impoverished family, all of whom died before he reached adulthood. As a young boy he was briefly employed in dockside criminal activity, a profession his life-long friend Decundus chose to pursue. Jacomo begged for coin until he was inspired by the juggling and acrobatics of the street performance troupe the Red Mummers, whose leader, Axius Guida, agreed to take him on as an apprentice. He learned the discipline and skills necessary to become a performer himself, and met and married the seamstress and dancer Ballaria Sarta. When she became pregnant he decided he had no wish to raise a family poor, as his had been, and so sought employment with the Church of Asmodeus, where he learned they would be accepting those skilled at stealth and combat into their ranks. He brushed up on his knife skills and was given the opportunity to be considered for the position by Mercius Malvagio in exchange for a fee; when unable to pay the sum, he instead agreed to give up his and Ballaria’s first born.

Jacomo failed to get the job, and learned that Malvagio had known all along that he’d had little chance of employment. Upon the news that their plans had failed and that their son had likely been used as sacrifice for the new lord-mayor, Ballaria hung herself in despair. His life ruined, Jacomo has vowed to do everything within his power to see the Church of Asmodeus and all it supported brought to ruin.


I'd be a liar if I didn't point out Lord Valentine's Castle, which I read long ago and instilled in young me the belief that juggling is inherently super cool (one I quickly learned was far from universal.) I'm enamored of the idea of the tragic comedian, as well as the 'man of peace turned to violence' trope in general.

I picture his outfit being similar to Dottore in construction, but with a red hooded cloak rather than the hat/mask, and a black and white harlequin checker pattern.

Music: I Started a Joke/Bee Gees, Still I'm Sad/The Yardbirds, Cirkus/King Crimson, Death of a Clown/The Kinks.

Jacomo Pagliacci wrote:
...I'd be a liar if I didn't point out Lord Valentine's Castle, which I read long ago and instilled in young me the belief that juggling is inherently super cool (one I quickly learned was far from universal.)

Yeah, I was really impressed with that book too and I first read it as a teenager. I recently started playing a thri-kreen juggler in a Dark Sun game.

FYI juggling uses sleight-of-hand which is a background skill. I see you have it but it is listed in adventuring skills.

Master Elodin submitting the crunch of Tenzikil. Post was eaten last night, and didn't have the heart to go back and do it again. Should have it up on break today.

Peet wrote:
...I recently started playing a thri-kreen juggler in a Dark Sun game.

Nice! I've always liked me some Dark Sun; I may keep an eye on your gameplay thread.

Peet wrote:
FYI juggling uses sleight-of-hand which is a background skill. I see you have it but it is listed in adventuring skills.

Thanks for pointing that out - I'm still a little new to the background skills variant.

Also, Peet, I now wish I'd presented Jacomo's background as a scene with a narrator rather than a 3rd person omniscient summary; Dustwalker's is very engaging to read. Live and learn ;)

Thinking about how to put the backstory together right now too :3

Backstory is all set. I did try to weave it all together in a narrative rather than simply make bullet points. Don't think I forgot anything. It's all in Tenz's profile to keep everything nice and neat.

Submitting Abelard Lassmar, noble-born brat by inclination and a brawler by class. I love your concept for the variant point-buy, but that whole 'deferred payoff' thing looks overly complicated (and suspiciously Asmodean) for a simple brawler, so he'll be going for the 20-point buy, straight-shooting simpleton that he is (I mean that affectionately).

EDIT: just seen that this no longer applies

Backstory etc all listed in the profile, I'm still working on the mechanics.

I see you're using background skills - are you using anything else from Unchained, like the Combat Stamina rules?

Will get mine put up tonight

Abelard Lassmar wrote:
... I love your concept for the variant point-buy, but that whole 'deferred payoff' thing looks overly complicated (and suspiciously Asmodean) for a simple brawler, so he'll be going for the 20-point buy, straight-shooting simpleton that he is (I mean that affectionately).

I hate to be a buzzkill, especially for a bon vivant such as Abelard, but Hedwick amended the creation guidelines to require the variant point buy in a later post. Does a pie remain that lacks an Asmodean's finger firmly inserted within?

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