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GM/Lictor Lane's Who Needs Parenting? = CoT Team 1 IC Thread (Inactive)

Game Master michaelane

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Dark Archive

A GM/Lictor Lane Nightmare {for the PCs at least}

After witnessing a large number of excellent candidates for the paltry number of PbP games become orphaned in the RPG ether (including quite a few of my own little PC darlings), it has become evident that a few more of us need to step up to become PbP GMs. So, I’m throwing my hat into the ring to run Council of Thieves. This will be my first time GMing a PbP game, but I’ve been GMing the world’s oldest RPG and its rightful successor since the early 80s. I can't promise I'll get all the rules right since I have at least 5 different versions bouncing around in my 40-something brain, but I can promise dedication, enthusiasm, and hopefully a really good time.

First, a few guidelines to be sure we all have fun.

For the players…

#1 Posting Guidelines
I expect you to post at least once a day, including weekends. More is fantastic. My own posting will be primarily mornings and evenings CST. I am going to Gen Con and have a very busy schedule, but will try to make sure I keep up at least once/day even then. I'm ok with you just posting your contribution to a conversation or actions your pc takes. I love it when you add more, but it doesn't have to be War & Peace.

#2 Excused Absences
If you’re going on a trip to Vegas, having a baby, just got arrested, all three at once, etc. No problem. Just do us all the courtesy of a brief note to that effect and some idea of what your character will be doing in your absence.

#3 A Living City - Your Part
This AP is about bringing Westcrown to life. I expect you to contribute to that experience. So, I’m requesting that you each create two locations and two NPCs in Westcrown that your character has ties to at the start of the campaign. The NPCs do not need to be statted out. Please post these to me with spoilers. I will be building a Westcrown Guide for all players, so you'll all get to see our collective creativity - perhaps minus a few individual spoilers.

#4 Raise Your Hand
I would encourage you to ask questions of me while the recruiting thread is open. I want to do everything I can to help create special characters and a great campaign. I've had mixed success with acceptance and rejections myself in these threads. I'll do everything I can to help you create characters for my playstyle although its going to make my choice that much more difficult in the end.

#5 Your Fellow Players
I also encourage you to interact with your fellow candidates. I am very open to a shared concept group or players whose backgrounds mesh with one another.

For the characters…

#1 Know Your Town
Please start by downloading the Players Guide. If you happen own The Bastards of Erebus, you should also feel free to read up on Westcrown there or at Golariopedia

#2 Fit In
You must have two traits. One must be a campaign trait.

#3 Care About Your Town
Your character must be from Westcrown. If they are not a native, I expect a good reason for them to be here and have put down roots.

#4 Alignment
You must be good or neutral. I have a preference for good.

#5 Standard Races
You may be any of the standard races and may use any of the options offered in the APG.

#6 Non-Standard Races
You may also be one of the following non-standard races:

I will allow the tiefling rules found in Bastards of Erebus. Just remember tieflings are second class citizens in Westcrown.

I will allow the changeling rules found in The Haunting of Harrowstone.

Aasimars, Fetchlings, Suli, Tengu
I will allow, but I expect a good story.

You can try, but good luck.

#7 References
You may use the Core Rulebook, APG, and UM. If you want to take a crack at linking one of the UC playtest classes to Westcrown, I’ll take a look. If I like it, your gamble might pay off. Also, I have almost all of Paizo’s material so will allow pretty much all of it. In fact, you’re encouraged to use as much Golarion specific material as possible. If you want to reskin a trait to fit it into Westcrown, go for it. If you want to use 3PP, please cite the resource and get permission before becoming too invested.

#8 Favored Class Options
The favored class options from the Core Rulebook and APG will be allowed.

#9 Words of Power
Words of Power will not be used.

#10 Ability Scores
Ability scores will be a 20-point buy. If you dump a stat (or stats), I expect to see it as part of your personality, background and roleplay.

#11 Starting Gold
Starting gold will be average for the class.

#12 Hit Points
Hit points will be max for first level and average + 1 for every level thereafter.

#13 Unusual Rules
I do plan to introduce a few elements to the game that I have not seen in many PbP so far. Two I’m definitely planning to use are factions and NPC boons. I've got another in mind that you'll learn about later. If you're dying to see something you've seen in KQ or another 3PP source, let me know. I'm open to ideas.

#14 Character Profile
I would like to see the following items in your character: Stat Block, Background, Appearance, Personality, Desired Role. This and your locations/NPCs will be key to my evaluation and the better job you do of investing your character into Westcrown, the better.

The Golden Rule
Let’s have fun. Lots of it. I want to encourage excellent roleplaying, but please don’t bring inflexible concepts that will result in intraparty conflict. I've been there. It's not pretty.

So, if you've made it all the way to the end of this monster post and find yourself willing to tackle all my nutty requests, recruiting is open and will remain open until Thursday at 10pm CST. I will finish reviewing applications and post the adventuring group at 11pm CST. Assuming all goes well, we will start IC on Friday.

GM/Lictor Lane - THanks for picking up the slack!! I have a barbarian - Rage Prophet wanna be that has been recently rejected (2 for 2). I will polish him up and see if he fits the CoT format.

If not than I will come up with something new. Not involved in any PbP right now and hoping to get into an AP one soon. Hopefully yours.

hmm.....I like your style. Thoughts are trying to penetrate my brain and if I think for a bit I might have an applicant willing to brave your first pbp DM experience.

I have 2 characters I'd like to put forward, first is Grellius "Greatblade" Braekaren, a slight human who carries a massive bastard sword, as a remnant of his training in gladiator pits (where he has been since he was a kid, until the Thieves Guild of Westcrown broke him out.) He'd be a Barbarian to start, with a bit into rogue to round out his stealth abilities. He is however, pretty much the opposite of your standard berzerker type, he eats little, speaks less, is very cautious and careful, and never drinks. When he enters rage I rp it as more of a Battle Trance, with him focusing on his target to the exclusion of all else.

And my other contender, Antal Syiel, a halfling alchemist, using the vivisectionist archetype and a crossbow to kill enemies from the shadows outside their reach. He's a dapper little fellow in a nice suit, tie and hat that he stole from his former master. He's also a bit of a coward and will have issues if cornered and forced into melee range. Prone to flights of fancy and overly dramatic speech as well. Don't have anything to connect him to Westcrown yet, but I can sure get something.

Either one sounds fun to play to me, both would likely be CG, or maybe NG for Antal. Gimme a shout if either char jumps out of at you, I'd love to give Greatblade an extra chance at this campaign (played it with him once before, died in the fight with the Bastards leader and the group fell apart shortly thereafter, so I know about half the first book, but I'm adept at keeping IC and OOC knowledge seperate.)

Dark Archive

Thanks both for chiming in!

@Galstak: I read your background in the Carrion Crown thread. I think you're going to have a challenge with the tie to Westcrown. Possibly Galstak was sold into slavery in Kaer Maga to rid the tribe of his curse and he landed in Westcrown where he has been a slave for some time. I'm ok with the Barbarian/Oracle/Rage Prophet, but worry about the xenophobia. There are plenty of opportunities to cut loose in this campaign, but there also will be many social situations that he may find hard to navigate. I think you might find the Rage Prophet concept a better fit for Runelords or Serpent Skull, but if you definitely want to go that way, I'll work with you to fit him in better.

@MundinIronHand: Thanks for the compliment. I look forward to hearing what penetrates your brain :)

@Ryuko: I have to admit I'm intrigued by Antal, especially to see how you twist the stereotypical evil vivisectionist to good.

Thanks GM. I really have little knowledge of AP. I will download the players guide tomorrow and work up something different.

Until tomorrow.

fragments to work with... witch with slumber hex and bat familiar, often treated unfairly, espicailly by nobility and hellknights, perhaps worked in a magic shop with some NPCS, one of the Npcs might have had a close encoutner with a shaodw beast and narrowly escaped.

haven't decided on race yet, not sure how well halfling would work in cheliax...... gnome is also on my radar.....

Definitely interested. Have in mind a rogue whose mother is a cleric of Arshea (not sure human or half elf yet) who is a real Firebrand. :)

Expressing interest - I have in mind a changeling rogue. I'll work out a more defined concept this evening.

Kudos to you!

Ha. I was thinking about putting out a Rogue as well- possibly spy archetype with levels in Sorcerer.
Ariena Belialo is a runaway from Egorian. The daughter of a powerful family of devil worshippers who was destined for corruption and sacrifice. She found out and made a run for it and has spent the past few years dodging Hellknights and shadows in Westcrown. She constantly disguises herself, often as a boy and always has a dagger nearby. Unfortunately, she can't outrun her destiny and begins portraying some of her infernal bloodline as a sorcerer.

I'm thinking Diabolist Raised trait although she's not so sanguine about it.

I don't suppose you would be interested in a Rogue heavy party, after all it is called Council of Thieves. She could just go straight Sorcerer if not.

Thoughts, Senor Lictor?

Dark Archive

@Glastak: Sounds good. Look forward to seeing what you come up with tomorrow.

@MundinIronHand: Nice start. Those sound like some nice hooks.

@Arknight: Wow, thought I knew my Golarion lore, but had to look up Arshea. Sounds like that mom has quite a job in Westcrown.

You know, there happens to be a swamp called the Hagwood just to the east of Westcrown. And, a green hag there might have had a good reason to ensure a changeling made its way to Westcrown 20-25 years ago.

@voodoo chill: Not opposed to multiple rogues at all, especially with so many different flavors. In some APs, they might come in handy. Not sayin' which APs, just sayin'

GM/Lictor Lane wrote:

@Ryuko: I have to admit I'm intrigued by Antal, especially to see how you twist the stereotypical evil vivisectionist to good.

I was basically intending him to be a gentleman doctor type, but he knows how to hurt people, mostly because he knows how the worst ways to hurt people. I'll have my own healer's kit, a great heal skill, and probably get infusion at some point, likely with brewing potions of CLW and Enlarge, but will mostly be hiding in the shadows with awesome sniping abilities. Would have Conspiracy Hunter so he has Stealth as a class skill. He will quite certainly not wear any armor, because why would he hide such a snappy suit, and likely will stay that way until he can pick up a glammered armor. He'll certainly be overdramatic and will enjoy attempting to share his knowledge, both alchemical and medical. Will also be planning to use poison quite a bit.

Dark Archive

@Ryuko: I like where you're going with him and I think he will be more interesting (in a rounded way) than your "Greatblade" character. I see a lot of role-playing potential and some definite motivations for getting involved in the "fight" for Westcrown. BTW, I have no issue with use of poison by a good character as long as you're using it to further good causes.

Here's a bit of him, need to throw together equipment, history and descriptions and such. But I get it, I personally think Greatblade is underestimated in roleplaying but I'm ok to play this one anyway. And he generally tries to avoid killing people anyhow so... yeah there's that. He'll stabilize downed enemies and keep them alive if he can, unless there's a very convincing reason to kill them. He's not a monster after all. Might change his skills around a bit, but that's ok. Any thoughts?

Wow I love your first post. Way to step up to the GM seat, good sir! I got my hands full with my own games right now and am not applying, but I still want to wish you the best of luck!

I like that idea, but I'm completely in the dark about specific hags in this particular AP. Are there any specifics I should be aware of or would it be better if I remained in the dark?

Interested, i might try to throw together a tiefling ninja, but i probably wouldnt play much on the oriental element.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm interested too, especially with this idea:

#3 A Living City - Your Part
This AP is about bringing Westcrown to life. I expect you to contribute to that experience. So, I’m requesting that you each create two locations and two NPCs in Westcrown that your character has ties to at the start of the campaign. The NPCs do not need to be statted out. Please post these to me with spoilers. I will be building a Westcrown Guide for all players, so you'll all get to see our collective creativity - perhaps minus a few individual spoilers.

So what do you think about a Thrune blacksheep wizard?

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber


This looks really promising and alot of fun, but before i apply i have a few questions (or rather a few disadvantages that might put me out of the race):

* Since i live in Stockholm (GMT+1) i won't be able to post in "prime time". Will that be a problem?
* On wensday the 3rd of august i'll be going on vacation to Spain which will inhibit my posting rate to... well, none until i get back (i think around the 13th of august). That would mean that i only have about a week of a half in game posting before i "disappear" for about a week and a half.
* I own all the modules in the AP and have read up to the 4th module when they came out. I do however know the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge.

Just wanted to get your feedback on these before and if they take me out of the race before i sat down and worked on putting personality/background/appearence down on paper (will be either submiting a streetperformer bard or a freehand fighter).

Hi, I have never played a PbP before but am really wanting to give it a go. It sounds really interesting.

The character I had in mind is an Elven Bard, name of Faelar Braegen(where I got my username from), he mainly focuses on buffing, diplomacy and if he NEEDS to he will enter combat with his rapier.

He travelled to Westcrown a few years back to sate his curiosity, but unfortunatly was unable to leave the poor and suffering alone so stayed to entertain them and take their minds off the many problems they have. When a noble noticed him and dragged him to a noble house to perform for them.
Even though he performed he didn't like the fact they were living large while people were suffering and always gave half of his wages to random "unfortunates" whom he walked upon at the time. (So I would only get half the usual money from treasure, etc). He would be CG.

I hope that sounds like someone who could fit into your campaign. This does seem to be a perfect campaign for me to try Faelar on and start my PbP experiences.

I've been looking to try a PbP on this forum, and this looks great.

However, I'm new, so it's going to take me a bit to figure the modus operandi around here out.

Currently working on figuring out how to make the Alias thing and all that for a Tengu Inquisitor, whose backstory is that he was raised in his conspiracy to hunt down any who betrayed the conspiracy. Still reading the Players Guide, so I'm not sure where I'm going to take it from there, but that's where I'm starting from so far. He'll be a melee character specializing in high Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth, as far as his skill-monkeying goes.

Dark Archive

@Antal: Good so far, can give you more advice on build as we see how things shape up. You get a second trait so be sure to take that into effect. It may help further with your personality/background.

@Olondir: Thanks. I've been following your "It's Always Sunny in the Stolen Lands" recruiting thread. Was thinking of jumping in with a bastard of Medvyed, but couldn't arrive at a class that I liked. I was going to go Bear Shaman Druid, but with the 15-point buy, I couldn't come up with a viable build that also worked with the political intrigue. Looks like a great campaign so good luck with it.

@Vethcyr: Its ok if you stay in the dark for now since most changelings are unaware of their origin. You have not yet felt "the call" which is unusual if your character even knows what she is. For now, let's see how you want to play out the rest of the character and I may be able to offer advice in the trait, location, or background areas. Keep your age in that 20-25 window and we should be good.

@redclover: Good luck, you get to see if you can wow me, maybe the tiefling gives you that hook.

@Rannald: Thanks. I love world-building and while I don't have the time to build them from scratch like I did as a teen, I enjoy playing in the Golarion sandbox. Had the good fortune of getting my take on Freedom Town into the latest Wayfinder. This AP is a great chance to build out an entire city and I think it can only help to tie everyone in. A Thrune blacksheep wizard sounds like a great concept. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

@Patrik Ström: No worries on the timezone. Its the wonder of the interwebs. I'm in a couple PbP where we have people all over and it seems to work fine. Just setting expectations for everyone. Vacation is a little trickier since it is early, but let's see what you come up with. As long as you give good guidance for running it, I know we'll lose people for a stretch here and there. Just want to make sure they come back.

@Faelar Braegen: He's a good fit for Westcrown and Council of Thieves. Good reason for wanting to change things. I'd work out a bit more about why Westcrown, what was he curious about? What attracted him to the poor, rather than a cushy job with the nobility or at least making an honest living in the taverns? Which noble house?

@hallowsinder: To set up an alias, log into "My Account", you should see a column that has Personal Settings, Change Password, Messageboard Settings and then Messageboard Aliases. You want Messageboard Aliases. You should see "Create a New Messageboard Alias." Click that. Enter the name and pick a image to represent your character. Once you've submitted changes, you can use the Messageboard Aliases section to create a profile - you do that by clicking on the character's name NOT the edit button. Use the edit button for name and picture only. Keep reading the Player's Guide. Will want to know which religion and what group he's hunting.

Westcrown Aristocracy:

Here's a bit about the most powerful Westcrown noble families and other families within their influence. If anyone plans to run with any of these, I can provide what canon exists and steering if it looks like a problem with any plots. Otherwise, you're on your own to build them out. This is in order of wealth/influence:

House Drovenge - Taldan Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Imvius, Lorialn, Xerysis
House Oberigo - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Aulamaxa, Ghival
House Salisfer - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Chillarth, Rustachas
House Grulios - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Mironeth, Ici
House Arvanxi - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Mhartis, Ciucci, Rasdovain,
House Julistarc - Taldan Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Seidraith, Cemaine
House Dioso - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Jhaltero, Ucarlaar
House Tilernos - Taldan Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Starnon, Etrovain
House Phandros - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Chard, Nolmon,
House Khollarix - Chelish Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Nymmis, Rufano
House Rosala Taldan Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Ulvauno, Atenaar
House Mezinas Taldan Ethnicity - Beholden Families: Vitaron, Missepe

Just snuck inside to recommend Voodoo Chili, whom I, as a fellow DM, can only heartily recommend. Loyal, imaginative, active, I bet he won't let you down :)

Alright, have I gotten the hang of it partially? I think I've got 4 sections down. I'll get started on the stats and crunch now that I think I've painted a decent portrait of Samuru, so to speak.

Also, let me know if I'm being too verbose/not verbose enough. I'm used to writing 20,000+ length bios for my other PbP roleplaying.

Samuru wrote:

Alright, have I gotten the hang of it partially? I think I've got 4 sections down. I'll get started on the stats and crunch now that I think I've painted a decent portrait of Samuru, so to speak.

Also, let me know if I'm being too verbose/not verbose enough. I'm used to writing 20,000+ length bios for my other PbP roleplaying.

I have to admit, I lost it at your specialties... I want this guy in the game. He's funny.

GM/Lictor Lane wrote:
@Arknight: Wow, thought I knew my Golarion lore, but had to look up Arshea. Sounds like that mom has quite a job in Westcrown.

Believe it or not, it was Herolab that inspired the thought. Arshea is actually the first NG diety on the list of choices that I noticed. I'd also previously had a concept for this kind of character too from listening to the song 'Three Wooden Crosses' by Randy Travis. Talk about synchronicity. :)

The way I see it, his mother is an exiled noble who had to take to the streets to provide for her and her son after the exile. As he grew, she found herself more and more drawn to the church of Arshea, and joined. It provided a position for her and allowed her to educate her son in both the church and the street life that she'd experienced.

I see him as the swashbuckler archetype because I don't see many chances for him to learn about traps and such. He'd be more a D'Artagian (sp ?) type.

What are your feelings toward firearms in PF? :) I know I've seen the rules for them outside of the Ultimate Combat playtest (Inner Sea World Guide maybe?) and thought might be an interesting and appropriate weapon for the character...

Thoughts? :)

GM/Lictor Lane wrote:

@redclover: Good luck, you get to see if you can wow me, maybe the tiefling gives you that hook.

I'm thinking he might be of noble blood, an embarrassment hidden away from the public light. Perhaps cared for by a mentor who would teach him his mysterious techniques. I suppose any noble house would do, but do you have any sugestions?

Would a Swordbreaker Dagger count as a "sword-like" weapon for the Tengu "Swordtrained" ability? Daggers and punching daggers count, so I'm hoping yes. :)

Okay, here is my first crack at something for your PbP campaign GM.

Jo - is a Human Barbarian with a Brutal Pugilist Archetype. He is from Westcrown. He is very strong but not too bright.

Jo is a misfit. Jo is too big and too strong. Jo is not too smart. Jo has a good heart. But Jo is angry.

Jo did not have the best upbringing. He is the bastard son of a whore. He was born so big that his mother hemorrhaged and did not live more than a few hours past birth. Jo was handed off to an orphanage.

He required two wet nurses to satisfy his enormous appetite. He grew like the summer rushes of the Dhaenfens. By the time he was 3 he was nearly 4 foot tall and strong. He became the bully of the orphanage. If he wanted something, he usually got it.

When Jo was six, a low-life handiman named Jahat took note of his size and strength. He planned to make use of it for his own gain. He offered to adopt Jo and give him a home. Jo was happy. So was Jahat…

It was not long before Jahat had Jo in the fighting pits near his home on the edges of Parego Dospera. All kinds of fights took place in the pits from dogs and birds to kids and adults. Gambling was prolific and Jahat planned on making a killing. With papers proving his age, Jo was entered into fights against vastly inferior competition. He dominated.

Home life was not as good as life in the pit though. Jahat drank heavily and beat Jo regularly. Using whips and boards with embedded nails, Jahat took out his own aggression on Jo. He said it was a form of training. That he was “toughening” Jo up for the pits.

When Jahat was not whoring with the winnings Jo won for him, he was usually sleeping off a hard binge. Jo would take these opportunities to escape for a while. Jahat taught him nothing. He never even saw a book. He would wander the area near their home in search for knowledge. There was not much to be had though. The streets near the northern quarter were rough during the day and deadly at night. He favored the banks of the Westchannel. He liked looking at the different boats from all over Golarion. He also enjoyed the small riverside meadow and it’s wildlife of birds and insects.

In the pits he was undefeated. They cheered his name even at eight years old. Although he tried not to kill, opting for a yield from his opponents, he had taken several lives. Sometimes anger at his father and his situation was just too great and took over his sensibilities.

Then one day defeat came. A newcomer to the pits, a kid someone called a Shoanti Barbarian took all of 30 seconds to have him yielding. Jahat was incredulous. He beat Jo senseless that night, breaking his nose and fracturing is left forearm.

After the loss, no one cared about Jo. The new Shoanti was the new favorite. Jahat’s income was in real jeopardy. He decided to take matters into his own hands. A few months later Jahat requested a rematch against the Shoanti Champion. His request was granted.

Jahat ordered Jo to avoid getting hit the first round of the match. Between rounds Jahat slipped Jo a potion he acquired for this occasion. The potion contained an enlarge person spell. As the second round began the potion took effect and Jo began to grow. When Jo realized what was happening he began to resist the spell. With all his energy he fought the effects of the magic. Although his fight held some of the magic effects at bay it could stem them all. Jo grew to over 7 foot and nearly 300 pounds. Anger filled his head when he looked at his father and realized what was done; he attacked the Shoanti with new rage. The 9 year old barbarian did not stand a chance. Jahat laughed as the crowd booed and threw trash. Jahat’s underhanded maneuver had him banned from the pits.

Jahat had not realized that the potion he gave Jo was also imbued with a permanency spell. Jo would remain over seven foot and three hundred pounds forever. A nine year old in a 7’ body.

Banned from the pits Jahat found other uses for Jo. He hired him out for other work like moving things, construction, anything that require brute strength. Jo’s low intelligence did not lend him too well for most kind of work. He could not hold a job.

When Jo was fourteen, Jahat bought his way back into the Pits. This time Jo had to fight opponents his size. It was not easy but his incredible strength usually had him on the winning end even against men years older.

The next three years Jo continued to fight, improving in his prowess. He graduated from bare handed to weapon fighting. The last year he was undefeated favoring a huge hammer with metal spikes embedded in it. He swung the hammer with gusto and loved to hear the crack of bones.

Still he was angry. There was something wrong in this world. The city he lived in was cowed from its oppressive government. Life was hard and frightening. It was not fair. When the time was right he would try to make a difference in the city. If he had to smash every lowlife to do it he would. This is the Westcrown Firebrand Trait.

One night, he returned from one of his regular wanderings into the southern quarters to find Jahat dead. He was murdered in his own house. It did not really surprise Jo as Jahat was a bad man. He held no love for him and felt relief that he was gone. What to do now? Jahat’s stash of gold was gone. All he had was his hammer and piece meal armor. He tired of the pits and actually feared it without Jahat’s guidance.

He decided to seek out an acquaintance he had met recently. He was not sure if the guy was on the level or not. Right now he needed money to survive and hopefully this guy could help.

Note – If this acquaintance happens to be another member of the party – a rogue type then so be it. It will be harder to fit the likes of Jo into a happenstance party. I am willing to work in that Jo is the muscle for any other character.


Str 20 (with Racial Mod)
Dex 10
Con 15
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 7

Jo is huge. 7’6” and over 350 lbs. He is barrel-chested and muscular. He does not have a lot in the way of clothing and much of it does not fit well. Jahat shaved his hair shaved for the pits so Jo tends to keep it that way when he finds time to shave. He has several scars all over his body from his time in the Pits and the beatings of his father. Basically he is a big ugly mountain of a man making his Charisma nonexistent.

Jo has no religion yet. He was kept that way by his father. He believes in Gods but none have ever shown favor on him so he will not on them.

Jo has very little intelligence as he was kept in the dark for all of his life. He has street wisdom from the trials of life. Life away from the northern quarter will be full of wonderment for Jo.

Jo is Chaotic Good. He is good at heart and wants to help people out of trouble but his lack of social grace, understanding of society, and temper make his actions unpredictable.

Starting Money:
I am opting for Monk’s starting money as this fits Jo’s background. He has some items by default such as his hammer and armor. The rest of the money he will just “have”.

By the way he was raised Jo is a Barbarian. His background was written for the Barbarian class with the internal rage and such. But if you will not allow it we can just make Jo a fighter. The Character as built is Barbarian class.

Jo’s Role:
Jo wants to help the city and the world. But he needs help doing it. Someone needs to point him in the right direction and say go that way. He knows nothing of demons or gods. He knows how to fight and will most likely be a thorn in the side of the party at times due to his low intelligence and Charisma. But he will be a boon in the front lines. I know this is difficult and will be a challenging role playing a really stupid character but you did say “Have Fun.” Trust me – Jo will be fun swinging his giant hammer when he is not staring at the pretty butterflies.

Let me know what your thoughts are. I will be working on a full out Character Sheet and post it soon.

BTW, This would be my first PbP. Have played PBeM's in the past. I am EST and can post several times a day.

I am a RPG Veteran of 30 years. (oh god, is that REALLY true...)

Hope Jo makes it!

Galstak wrote:

Okay, here is my first crack at something for your PbP campaign GM.

Jo - is a Human Barbarian with a Brutal Pugilist Archetype. He is from Westcrown. He is very strong but not too bright.

** spoiler omitted **...

I had planned on my character recieving his training/living most of his life in the northern quarter, a tiefling and a raging brute would make quite the duo!

Also, do you hold people to alignment restrictions for class admission? I was considering a 1 level dip in monk for level 2, had it all planned out with the reasoning for how he learned it and why, then realized.. "Doh, Lawful only."

If it helps my case any, his whole "stoic justice thing" he has going on a lot of the time makes him feel Lawfulish. :P


@below. I've never really understood most "chaos vs lawful" alignment restrictions. I mean, so a concert pianist bard can't be lawful? A DRUNKEN MASTER monk can't be chaotic? That.. Arg.. It..

Hallowsinder - The Monk in the table game I GM has those "D'oh" moments all the time when I remind him he is lawful. He hates it. LOL

Redclover - "Jo like little yellow haired man - look like flower..."

He ventured into Westcrown because he had heard rumours that they had devil-like beings living there with no problems, even half-devil beings (Teiflings). He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and wants to find out as much as possible and this new and exotic land holds a vast amount that he could absorb. Although that is a main reason, the real (main) reason he journeyed there was to see one of these Half-Devil beings.

He was over-joyed when he saw one and went to speak to it, but it treated him like dirt and walked over. In his village he had never owned any money, as it wasn't money that was important. It was talent and families that governed your importance. So when he stumbled across the poor people he couldn't understand why people were suffering for no reason, other than having no money. So he decided to try and lift their spirits by performing for them, which worked and a huge crowd appeared. He slept and lived like everyone around him, vowing that he would make things change, make it so these people wouldn't suffer for no reason. That they would have a chance of a happy life, even if it cost him the rest of his life.

So everyday he performed for the people, eventually putting on more performances until one day he was asked to work in a local tavern, he would be paid for all of his shows and be giving lodgings and food. He accepted and started to make a living here. But he didn't just perform in the tavern (which brought the tavern a lot of new business), but also carried on performing out on the streets. Each and every pay day he would go out with half of his earnings and hand them out to those who needed them the most (starving children, etc). He had no need for them, he was able to survive on very little, due to the tavern owner and was not greedy when it came to material objects or money (as I said before he is greedy when it comes to knowledge).

I took your idea of working in a tavern as it actually made more sense. If you like this character idea, I would be happy to send you an E-mail with character stats, etc.

Faelar Braegen

Here is my first concept for Faelar Braegen.

He is an Elven Bard, who values knowledge, freedom and equality above all else.


STR - 10,
DEX - 16,
CON - 10,
INT - 16,
WIS - 8,
CHA - 16

Faelar is a slender male elf, who is just over 6 feet tall. He has long copper hair that is tied into a long “pony-tail”. He has a green jerkin and trousers, along with scuffed brown leather boots. He thinks he is quite attractive and is proud to have no scars (even though that is because he doesn’t really fight).

Faelars role is to buff any allies who are with him. He won’t be at the back or the front, more in the middle where everyone is within range. He is very focused but at the prospect of finding new information he gets distracted easily. He will never leave someone to suffer and will help any way possible.

Previous post.

Starting Money:
He started with the average for a Bard, but only spent 45GP, he gave all the rest away to the poor and suffering, so now has none.

Faelar is Chaotic Good, he is a nice guy and willing to help anyone, but doesn't like being trapped. He likes to know he can leave whenever he wants.

Faelar's biggest weakness is he loves knowledge too much and loses sight of a lot of things if he is able to learn something new.

Ari's contacts:
So I don't have this AP and I'm not finding enough info to really get a feel for Westcrown- the Players guide has more stuff about what's OUTSIDE the city than in it?? I do have the Cheliax companion, but Westcrown is 2 rather sparse pages. So I'm just gonna throw out two possible contacts for Ariena based on PC ideas-

Since Ari is avoiding any nobility and living in alleys and sewers she would have more contact with outlaws than citizens.

Selkie Jim- smuggler and river raider who sometimes employs Ari on heists. I was thinking of taking the River Rat trait from the APG so this would be her crime contact. I don't know how wide spread the Council of Thieves is as to whether they'd control the docks.

Tansy "Mother" Muddwort- an escaped halfling slave and healer (swamp druid). I was thinking of an underground railroad of halflings through the sewers and out to the marshes. She'd be the one Ari goes to for help and healing when things go wrong.

Anyway, these are some spitballs. let me know what you think.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I was interested in this 3rd party feat, pactbound soul. I'm also interested in the possibility of using the young template. The idea of him being an adolescent, like an Artemis Fowl.

Dark Archive

@Zyren: Thanks for the recommendation. Always helps to know about past experience.

@Samuru/hallowsinder: Length of write-up is fine. I am troubled by an Inquisitor that only nominally worships his deity. Milani is a good fit for a chaotic Westcrown character. I would tighten up the relationship, even if it is relatively new. You have two campaign traits. Please go with one and the other trait can come from any other source. I'm on the fence about the swordbreaker dagger, but I'm going to allow it. It does seem to fit with "trained from birth in swordplay." I will stick to the alignment restrictions for monk. My feeling is that it is a state of mind and that even a drunken master has a prescriptive manner in which he achieves his state - even if it one the rest of us would consider chaotic. BTW, bard can be any alignment, its the barbarian that has to be non-lawful.

@Arknight: I use Hero Lab too. I guess I just don't wander into the Empyreal Lords too often. I'm ok with firearms (the non-gunslinger version is in the Inner Sea World Guide), but see them as rare someplace like Cheliax (and probably not something the Hellknights are big fans of). They are extremely expensive, so you're looking at an item to work toward rather than 1st level.

@redclover: Go with House Nymmis. They are sufficiently removed from any of the action that we can make them whatever we want.

@Galstak: Not going to be sneaking around is he? Go for it, looks like fun and may be quite a challenge for the rest. Are you planning on him being a really, really big medium or large? If large, we may need to talk trade-offs.

@Faelar Braegen: If you want to use Faelar Braegen, log into My Account, click on your characters name and then you can add all the info and stats there. If you get stuck, just let me know.

@voodoo chili: I like the contacts, we can make them work. Might also be north sector - Parego Dospera "Despair's Altar"

@Rannald: I'm ok with the feat, but expect that you're going to play a character that has "reformed." I do not recommend an adolescent. There are going to be a couple areas including the start where people are going to be concerned about putting an adolescent at risk.

Decided to change posting name. Jo was already taken.

As for Jo's size - he is supposed to be BIG! So whatever you will let me work with as a GM.

You are right - there will be no sneaking with Jo around. Did I mention his deviated septum makes him breathe heavy too? ;-)

I don't want to make you bend rules and such, so let me know what concessions you need me to make.

Partial character sheet up on profile. Working out Combat stats now.

"With the GM’s approval, an inquisitor can be devoted to an ideal instead of a deity, selecting one domain to represent her personal inclination and abilities."

In all honesty, Samuru has had little to no training in anything other than hunting thieves. The only reason I envisioned him having for being able to use divine magic at all was his sheer force of philosophy (aka, high wis). He doesn't know more than a gazetteer about Milani (no knowledge: religion), but likes the ideal and the symbol of her.

It gives him a way to fall or a way to advance, which is how I like to build my characters. He could either truly become a disciple of Milani as he learns more about her and eventually become a more powerful inquisitor from his faith (of course, that's just fluff, it's because he's earning experience, same as everyone) or he could alternatively turn away from his faith and become as jaded and cynical as he oft pretends to be, possibly with alignment change (nothing to the evil end of the scale, of course, but it'd still be significant character change if he lost hope). The way he's currently built, I could see him ending the AP on anywhere from LG to CN (of course, I expect him to end up CG if all goes well, but I like having open options). But if he's already got strong faith in Milani.. Well, he's almost assuredly going to be CG with the same personality till the breaking of the world, unless helm o' alignment change stops by. And that's not character growth that's just, "sigh, let's grab another break curse thingie".

In short, I don't like building static characters. If he's already got a strong personal faith in Milani.. There's really not a whole lot of growth potential for his personality and character as opposed to his stats. The environment and situations would have to really beat on his personality with a hammer to get any change (more likely to break him than bend him), rather than having an open window to really reach him.


Also, any particular reason you don't want me taking two campaign traits? From what I read, there wasn't any "take only one" thing in the players guide. I've never played an AP before, so, if there's something I don't know about, just tell me.

Though, if I had to chose, I'd have to pick Shadow Child, if only for the fact that he is less likely to seek out the help of others as implied in Westcrown Firebrand. But he really would like to cause a revolution, ala, Milani.


Anyway, these are my last points on the discussion, and whatever your ruling is after hearing them, I will abide by.

Hi, don't mean to sound stupid. But how do I log into your account to input the details? I have clicked on your image, but says no profile created?

Dark Archive

Faelar Braegen wrote:
Hi, don't mean to sound stupid. But how do I log into your account to input the details? I have clicked on your image, but says no profile created?

Actually, I'm sure I caused the confusion. You log into your account in the top menu. Youll see an area in about the fourth block down where you can create a new alias or modify existing ones. I'll assume you want to simply edit Faelar Braegen, so what you would do is click on that name (not the edit link). From there you can add a profile with your stats and other details. From then on, that's what will show up when I or other characters click on your name.

Got traits, equipment, extracts, and Special abilities done on Antal here. Planning on making him a bit bookish, taking notes on things that intrigue him. Enemies who die, and who are of odd types (Shadow Beasts, any animals he hasn't seen, demons or devils) will likely get dissected by the little anatomist. He's eager to learn. Also planning on working toward a healers and surgeons kit as soon as possible.

Dark Archive

@I'm Jo: This is where I wish the Advanced Race Guide was out. Let's see where you want to go with it on bonuses/penalties or whether you're just thinking of a really big Medium character. I think being permanently Large in game terms offers a significant advantage since it would give you 10' reach, large weapon damage, etc. I don't think the penalties to AC, etc. balance it out. It is also going to present problems in some locations.

@hallowsinder: I'm ok with the inquisitor direction given how you're planning to treat it. Thanks for the reference. Now I have one for you also from the APG, "When selecting traits, you may not select more than one from the same list of traits (the four basic traits each count as a separate list for this purpose)." There's significant GM latitude here, but my reason for a single campaign trait is to make them more special. These are the key character hooks to the campaign. Shadow Child is definitely a good choice. You'll all get a chance at the rebellion or at least ways to improve things in Westcrown.

@Antal Syiel: Looking good so far, may want to drop some of your thoughts on personality, habits, etc. into your profile so your forgetful GM has them to reference. Think you're ready to proceed with your locations and NPCs.

Alright! I shall make the changes soon. I aim to have my character finished before the night is out.

I only have one more rules based question, one last time regarding Alignment.

Would you mind if I took the Good Domain with the Archon subdomain? I know my character really doesn't have much to do with Archons, but the only ability it gives him is "Aura of Menace" which fits perfectly for Inquisitors, really. I also haven't found any rules which state that he has to be lawful to take the Archon subdomain, though, I imagine it was intended. Still, fluff is all we're talking and it fits.

Dark Archive

We seem to have a lot of characters with potential ties to Parego Dospera ("Despair's Altar"). This is a region composed of the northern sectors of Westcrown and does border the River Adivian.

The northern sector is Rego Cader ("Dead Sector"). This is an area that was abandoned when Westcrown contracted after the death of Aroden. Formerly, the area was home to house slaves, servants, and lesser trades that the nobles didn't wish to see near their homes. This included tanneries, smithies, and similar locations as well as a fair number of taverns, inns, rooming houses, and stables.

Today, the area consists of ruins and the slums of Westcrown. The roads are in terrible shape and you're likely to break an ankle if you don't move carefully. Only, the desperate and down-on-their-luck would live in this area. Only a vague control is maintained by the rundottari ("ruin wardens") and the Hellknights only go here if things really threaten to get out of hand. In addition to the human hazards, the ruins are home to leucrotta, goblins, gargoyles and other monsters.


The Dusk Market This is the black market of Westcrown. So, when Arknight goes to buy his guns, this would undoubtedly be the place. The Dusk Market itself is a wandering bazaar and it moves from location to location within Rego Cader each night. Typically, the Dusk Market sets up inside various ruins - abandoned temples, viras, theaters, and other locations that were once grand and now fallen. Nearly any vice is traded including drugs, poisons, magical creatures, illegitimate slaves, etc. It only operates in the two hours before sundown (to avoid the shadow beasts) and you can usually find the location from various lowlifes or crooked rundottari.

The Ramble Gardens When the sector was abandoned, the parks and gardens of the sector and its viras either died off or grew explosively. While some areas are merely overgrown, others are more treacherous concealing rare herbs or deadly plants such as assassin vines and giant fly traps.

Dark Archive

If recruitment is still going I would like to add something for a Halfling Urban Ranger former servant to one of the minor house, the people he "worked" for just vanished. I will have to read the PG to get more detailed.

Question: What Regos are in the Dospera? I see the Rego Cader which would work well for Ari. Is the slave market (Pleatra) still in the Dospera or in the Spera? The Cheliax companion map is really unclear about District boundaries :P

Also it might be more interesting if Ari was from one of the local noble families. I had originally thought the local lords were all against the house of Thrune. Are there any devil worshippers that Ari might have run away from? or maybe a really minor social climbing family since I like the last name Belialo and that would explain their eagerness to sacrifice a daughter.

EDIT: ah thanks, it looks like you're a step ahead of me :)

Franco Nymmis is in the works. I plan on taking the Fiendish heritage feat, with Rakshasha spawn, or maybe Div spawn heritage. here's the 3 rolls for tiefling traits.

3d100 ⇒ (15, 84, 22) = 121

15-You possess a fiendishly cunning tongue, granting you a +2
racial bonus on all Diplomacy checks.

84-You are immune to magic sleep and paralysis effects

22-You can detect evil, as per the spell, three times per day.

Based on that, it'll be Rakshasha lineage with the immunity to sleep and paralysis

Also GM, I'm considering the pathfinders exile campaign trait. what can you tell me about Delvehaven?

GM/Lictor Lane wrote:
@Antal Syiel: Looking good so far, may want to drop some of your thoughts on personality, habits, etc. into your profile so your forgetful GM has them to reference. Think you're ready to proceed with your locations and NPCs.

Don't worry, I intend to put all this information in there eventually. I'm being lazy though and going a little slow. Won't take me too long, I've got some ideas about background, like having his family he worked for get taken away in the night by Hellknights, but yeah, that sorta thing.

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