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Awesone! Ok so you talk the talk to the riff raff the best you can. Your contacts wish they could help, but he's a very small fish in this vast, crooked pond. They corroborate what the Sculptor mentioned and suggested you try any number of drug dens in Old Korvosa. The most popular one being, "The Dragon's Breath", one of a few permanently moored ships and definitely territory of some gangsters.

Grau is much easier to locate. He's still at the Library of the University of Korvosa. He's currently out front having himself a smoke. He's a lean, clean shaven Varisian wearing the Guard's uniform. Sergeant, if you remember your ranks. He's flanked by two other guards. One of them is discussing the point of devoting valuable Guard resources over a simple book theft.

Yeah we may be. I think we can just go ahead with the three of us?

There are a few places you can overlook the harbor. Unless your literally on the docks, you'll need to be in a vantage point of at least roof height.

The docks Juliet is referring to are home to numerous uniform warehouses in various states of disrepair. Walking around the docks is a very high risk/high reward kinda deal if you're spotted. Posting up on top of one of them could work. You'd be close by but could be risky. Further away, like, St. Caspieran's crooked tower gives a wide view of the harbor. It's further away from the docks, so it'll be harder to spy, but certainly safer. Of course other ideas are encouraged for scoping out what's going on. :)

There are also several avenues to learn or gather information about the possible ship and/or day it's coming. Smuggling requires greasing a lot of palms. Especially folks around the harbor. Grau might know something or know at least who to talk to, but he does have his hands full with this case, the loss of his brother, and his moral obligations as a Guard. Baldo Mvashti could as well, but apparently that guy's reputation is... squiffly. Or someone else may know something! Perhaps asking/tracking down that elf with a mask, or any other ideas work as well!

"No. Grau will not be attending the funeral. Something happened at the University last night, some sort of robbery, which has him tied up. Knowing him, he will come to see him late at night if he can slip away for a spell. Grau is a good man and he's torn between the city he's sworn to protect and family he loves."

Juliet you DEFINITELY know of at least two good smuggling spots in the city. Old Korvosa's docks and West Pier of the mainland are both the primary docks of Korvosa. West Pier is the same district as the St. Casperian's Salvation. A few of the papers there mentioned something about West Pier as well. That'd seem the more likely of the two.

"If he's fallen in with the same crowd as this poor soul, I think the docks. I couldn't tell you which."

"His name is Villy Soldado.. I know his family well after the murder of their father, Bayan. Tayce raised him, their younger daughter and his older brother Grau as best she could. I think Grau is in the Korvosan Guard....yes. That's right."

She leans in close.

"You didn't hear this from me, but I have heard that Gaedren Lamm is getting some sort of shipment soon. I do not know what or where or who. My neighborhood doesn't always have the nicest of folks and I do my best to not judge and keep my head down, but you all could put this to good use. Your hearts are true enough. I sense a great future for you all."

She spits when hearing the name. What would you want with a cursed boy like that? Her face becomes uneasy.

"Koya would be most upset. That...σκατά (connotation implies a Varisian curse word, Roakkard) That drug they call Shiver.. it may not have killed him, but what lives is no longer her grandson. Zaladrel, there are no dreams with him anymore or behind his eyes. Only nightmares. He is not here. He cursed his kin and took off. Although I have heard whispers he's working for a that Gaedren Lamm.

She remarks "Tonight's funeral here is for another boy who worked for that Lamm... from what I've heard from those who found him in the gutter. And judging by his xenos Outsider tattoos and previous funerals.. I would not be surprised to hear it be true."

"I must admit, these days as spiritual leader I have lead services for more funerals than marriages or births. This is a dark omen and I look to Desna for strength and courage to get us all through."

She nods discreetly to you. A few moments later and you're talking:

"Greetings Zaladrel. May the tender of dreams be with you in these troubling times. How may I be of service?"

Wow I'm digging this Epic World music! Thank you! It's already got me thinking about how I envision Varisian/Shoanti/Chelish culture and music.

Perhaps it's my inexperience and lack of exposure, but my music choices to convey mood and tone end up erring to contemporary hits. Like, if Korvosa was coming on Sunday night at 9pm on HBO, this is my idea for her title track.

In my opinion, I struggle to find good music fantasy + instrumental touchstones that I can actually use in scenes besides LotR and various video game soundtracks. However. this website is a really solid resource to get me started! Thanks!

So I've actually just started putting together a Spotify Playlist that I can use to musically demonstrate ideas for themes and cultures in Korvosa.

I posted in the ooc chat, but take your time guys! And thank you for the kind words!

Korvosa just comes easily for me to imagine in my head. From the peace and quiet on the hills, the stirring commotion near the university, the bustling and shouting downtown, to the gulls and bells over the bridge, to the fiddle music and spice filled air of unscrupulous Thieve's camp!

I'll love any pointers to help bring that out!

It seems work has been catching up to all of us as of late! No worries to everyone about taking his or her time to post.

This wont affect my PbP commitments, however, since I've gotten back from Seattle, I've sorta found that I want to have a blog, contribute to RPG discussions, and run/stream RPGs online for people. (Currently I've done a corny, linear one-shot last weekend and we loved it!)

I share that with you guys because if you're interested, I'll PM you the details for getting in on this if playing via Skype/Roll20 and have it streamed on is something you're okay with!

OK! Off to the temple.

Your journey back to the shrine takes you across the Jeggare river and across the entire city of Korvosa to the quasi-permanent settlements north of East Shore.

Cue montage!

You guys walk down the hills of the Heights, flanked on one side by the decadent Castle Korvosa and on the other, the world-famous arcane campus, the Academae. The clean streets give way to slightly muddier cobblestones as you guys reach the University of Korvosa with it's young students bustling about. There's a Korvosan Guard presence here who has set up perimeter outside the Library. Going past the markets and "downtown" of Korvosa's Jeggare square. Numerous vendors and wagons are moving around as the flow of goods comes into the city via the North Bridge. The clear conditions lets you see all of the fishing vessels in the river as well as few jigsaw sharks! Beyond the bridge and to the south is your objective.

This slum doesn't have a proper district name, but it's known colloquially as "Thieve's camp" for it's high number of Varisians and Shoanti who live here. Before you get a few feet into the camp, a few drunken Shoanti eye you guys, but make no motions. You continue until the you arrive center of the settlement: the open-air shrine to Desna comprised of a circle of standing stones carved with ancient runes.

Inside the circle is a small congregation of Varisians singing along to a prayer to Desna in their native tongue. Another Varisian, nearby is setting up some minor buffet of Bread, Cheese, and Wine. She smiles at Zaladrel.
Zaladrel, I'll assume you know the head of this church: Harmalee. She's a friend of Koya.

"Something about him seemed off, you know? Like the color was gone from him in a way that only hard stuff can really take from you. My guess is that he's usin' shiver. Or was on it... couldn't tell."

Heh. Well you don't seem like the bad type. I'll bite. It was a middle man for some big client. I met him near the theater actually. He was this gaunt varisian fellow. One of those types with a foot already in the grave if you know what I mean. Boldo was his name. Boldo Mvashti? I remember his raspy voice insisting his client remain anonymous. With commission this good, I obliged his request. I wish I could tell you more about him. Honest. But you may want to look into this on your own.

Zaladrel.. that name should be familiar ;)

He stands up.

Anything else I can do for you?

And with nothing else. I bid you good day and I am off to see about finding a cure for this hangover.

Yes it's quite surprising to see this artist so young.

His eyes widen as he remembers the show. "For Whom the Bell Tolls, I think. I might still..." He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a crinkled note and hands it to Zaladrel. "Yeah here we go. I still got the Playbill."

The Bill:

The bill looks like a heavy metal band flyer or 80's B rated movie title. The crumbled paper's adorned with images of skulls, grotesque demons, women screaming in horror, and swordfightings. It reads:

Friends! Women! Korvosans! make time this week to relish in our delectable history! Here the uncensored, 100% true story of the 12 men who survived hell on the hill! Blood! Bravery! Betrayal! MORE BLOOD!
FROM: 25 Abadius TO: 25 Calistril
Directed by Pilts Swastel, Owner of Exemplary Execrables
Written by: Pilts Swastel
With music by: Kenyo Viotolli
Art by: Salvatore Scream

"It was killer. The best retelling of our founding history, ever! It's so raw and hilarious. There's something to this new wave of music and plays coming out of Old Korvosa.

Juliet only:
So Juliet has definitely heard of this type of show. There's this really new scene in Old Korvosa. It's a type of grindhouse performance full of cheap, gaudy outfits which satirize the dramatic, moral epics of Chelish operas. It's entertainment full of nudity and over-the-top action with equivalent musical scores that would be, basically, punk orchestra. The majority of folks view it as the utter rubbish. Proponents include fellow disenfranchised poor who love the raw emotion and hilarious action. A few eccentric nobles who "get it" see it as a marvelous "social critique to the baroque high society mainstream." You've even heard that Korvosa's very own Seneschal, Neolandious Kalepopolis, was rumored to be a fan.
I'll leave it to you how Juliet feels about them but she's definitely heard of these types of shows.

He looks over the mask. "Oh wow. Yeah this is definitely my work. I made this not that long ago. That man in Old Korvosa paid a hefty price for it too."He jests, "So you all just happened to be walking by and find it in the trash?" Following up, he wonders, "Do you have the other one? It's a set. I was commissioned to make two."

Hey thanks for posting your game! I'm really fleshing out some of the minor villains of the game.

Keep it coming!

HAHA yeah you're good.

"Oh, forgive me, Juliet. It is very nice to meet you. I do believe your name may have come up before.. I don't know.. Mister Erns' love of the performing arts means he meets a lot of people. I suppose that is the meaning of being an artist... well.."

Her thought trails off as she examines the mask. She looks it over mask very lightly. "Hmm I see. Yes the makers mark is definitely his."

"Mister Erns just made it unaware to me that his fans and theatrical friends would be joining him this morning."

You can tell her emphasis of the word friends was subtly snobby and disapproving.

"Please follow me to the sitting room. I'm sure Mister Erns will be delighted to see you and tell you more about this mask."

She walks you past the foyer of this beautiful stone building and asks that you take off your shoes and relinquish all weapons. "We try to avoid tracking mud all over our new Vuldran rugs."

The sitting room is very large and wide with an exquisite and colorful rug in the middle. The wall coverings look new and well kept. On one side is a portrait of an older, stern man. The other has a great window looking out on the finely manicured lawn and shrubbery. The expensive couches and chairs, laden with useless expensive pillows, sit spread apart from the small table in the middle. A massive old chandelier hangs above the finely made table in the center of the room.

"Can I get any of you anything this morning? Tea?" Kora prompts.

A few minutes go by and a man, barely past the age of a boy, comes to greet you. His hair and dress are very hastily put as if he just rolled out of bed. He rubs his eyes as he walks into the room with you.

"Guests! How nice it is to meet you! I'm Max." He proceeds to meet you. He seems slightly distracted though and his eyes have been squinting/bothering him since he came in. Wonderful, wonderful. Just one second here...."

He squints as he makes his way to the window and proceeds to close the drapes.

"Ah much better." the man says before plopping down into a chair and rubbing his temples. "You'll have to forgive me.. I was out late last night at the new show..."

Kora will return in a few minutes with anyone's requested food or drink.

An elderly Halfling comes hurriedly to the gate. Her attire clearly spells her out as staff of this manor rather than family. Halflings frequently are hired as house staff for the rich. It's a good bet that as a halfling you're either a servant or a sailor.

"Good morning. Mr. Erns is, uh, busy at the moment but would very much like to request you keep your voices down."

She opens the gate ajar.

"I am Kora, halfling servant of the Erns estate. May... may I ask who you and your.... companions are? As well as your business?"

Her voice carries a very proper, upper class Chelish accent. I hear, in my head, the cliche "posh" English accent. In terms of your company, she is trying to be very polite, but cannot help eyeing Roakkard. She's definitely surprised to elves as well, but she's paid the most attention to the Shoanti in your company.

"I'm sorry. Is the tattooed one with you all?"

Ha! I was just talking to my girlfriend how I think people from Seattle play up the rain just to prevent EVERYONE from moving here. :)

I live in Philly and I'd say Philly kind of has these tiny ember's of Seattle's culture sprinkled about it. Like, in Philly, we have meetup groups who go to cool neighborhood bars and have "Beers and Board Games Nights" like twice a month. In Seattle you have Card Kingdom and/or Raygun Lounge! Just there. All the time. No big deal. Downtown wise, both are very walkable , covered with cool parks and artsy things, and the food is equally delicious and similarly priced.

Anyways, I hope Tybalt's doing alright. Picked a bad time to get busy! I was hoping this elf guy could be a good foil for him!

"You do me a great courtesy keeping me informed! Your diligence puts some of my mind at ease. It is with each development I can rest my eyes easier... I have been feeling restless as of late."

Zallara reacts to the procurement of the mask. "Oh my stars! What detail! I shouldn't touch.." She refuses to hold it herself. "This appears to be a very finely made masquerade mask. The Korvosan elite do love their masks."

"Mhhm. That is definitely Maxwell's work. Keep it. Perhaps you may show it to Mr. Erns."

If there's anything else you'd like to talk about we can, but otherwise why don't we jump to getting to Maxwell's place.

After a bit of research, you guys find out where Maxwell's manor is. The heights has a very detailed history that isn't hard to track down. Each of those houses have been around for a long, long time.

It's bright out today. Not a cloud in the sky. Fairly warm for late winter.


Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city. While not illegal for you guys to be here, you all sort of get the feeling of being outclassed. This is place where folks from your walk of life don't jive. You pass walled manor after walled manor. Each with stone walls, metal gates. and topiaries.

Citadel Heights is elite. I kind of picture this area as hilly, Medieval San Francisco with Washington DC's Embassy Row.

You get to the manor. No guards are there to greet you, but imagine like a 7ft high wall of nice, lighter colored granite or other stone masonry wall with this super detailed, fine, black iron, double entry gate. In the middle of the barred, black gate is a lion with a handle in it's mouth (essentially this style door with lionhead gate knocker).

Hehe It was sunny the last time I was out there this past summer. It's such a great place when the weather's right. So much that my vacation is part reconnoiter mission for permanent moving.

haha Roakkard!

She shakes her head while smirking at Juliet's feet-on-the-table manners.

"That is good news that you found the corruption in the Mission. However I can feel Gaedren still lives his miserable existence somewhere which is dulling my joy. The Pauper has been dealt with but there must be more to do. Have you come seeking aid with the next place? Or do you have a lead?"


"A masked elf?" She asks inquisitively. "Nothing comes to mind. While I don't know this elf in particular, but there are many reasons why one wears a mask: perhaps he hides himself from a pain caused long ago. Or maybe it's the opposite. Perhaps the mask let the man...well elf in this case... dance among the shadows where his true face brings too much spotlight."

She reiterates only slightly more bluntly, "I mean, the elf may be important and protecting his identity. Which is interesting. Reminds me of an old Varisian author who once said, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.""

BTW, Do you or Roakkard show her the mask?

"That sculptor is quite famous, Juliett. Maxwell's work can be found all over the city. His work is often beautiful, but cursed with sadness. His works can be found near Endrin Square and several of the statues on the North Bridge bear his mark. His weeping ladies, homages to slain colonists... powerful work. I do believe he resides in High Point? I don't know..."

So I'm about to head off to Seattle for the week (never fear! it won't interrupt my posting availability) and had a rather profound chat with some of my meatspace DnD group. Particularly about what I want as a player vs what I expect when I GM. The talk I had tonight with friends after a buddy ran a CoC game was really insightful. I guess sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own head with details and expectations that you forget that other people aren't privy to that info and, more importantly, want different things.

Haha long story short, I think I owe you guys an apology for not giving you enough context in this game. My descriptions, pacing, and action can be better and more engaging. I can do more to make this game "pop" and give more flavor, action and/or direction.

Anyways, you guys rock and deserve a game that rocks.

Zellara is not immediately around when you return to her shop. It's only after a few minutes does she come from outside through the front door. She's holding a small covered basket with a baguette sticking out of it.

"Oh hello! This is unexpected... are you all alright, my children? Does Desna smile upon you this evening?"

Ahah! Okay. So the mask was actually neutral "Phantom of the Opera" style mask and not demonic in and of itself. The way it chipped made it look demonic.

So we return to Zellara's. I'll let Tybalt chime in but otherwise i'll update in the morning.

I'm glad you agree. Yeah Dungeon World has been a great inspiration.

I don't think we did. I think Tybalt's just been busy with work. He mentioned being super busy.

Mhmm. That's right. Kind of like how you might say "I make a mighty leap over the dark chasm to the other side of the room!" over saying "I athletics roll my way to the other side." The roll secures the desired effect, but not exactly the how.

So for knowledge/perception/investigation/insight where you may be thinking internally as well as operating externally, I thought it might be useful or at least give you the option to allow yourself a question or two out of character about what your action's intentions!

I have no problem making something up to help, but if you, a player, had a picture in your head about what he/she is doing at any moment or specific intention, I'll try and use that.

Roakkard that's a great roll. The initials aren't helpful to you, but the intricacies remind you of some Shoanti tribal masks worn in celebrations and ceremonies. Great care was taken in the making of this mask. Whoever made this mask is very good at his or her craft!

Juliet's investigation: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

Juliet's sweep of the building, turns up a few missing pieces. In the room where Spite was reclaimed, the paperwork and coins strewn about were golden crowns(gp)! Beaten and weatherworn, but still good. 20gp total. The paperwork is also encoded in Thieves' Cant.

assuming Juliet would let Tybalt take a look.:
You take a look at the code of scoundrels. Nothing on it seems very interesting or standoutish. Especially concerning the Pauper's whereabouts. Near the bottom, there's definitely something on here about getting supplies from an old fish market not too far from here."

Upon inspection of the mask
The craftsmanship of such a mask could belong to only a handful of people. The initials give it away. They are belonging to a craftsman named Maxwell Erns. He's a prolific sculptor who is sometimes employed for his works for theatrical performances. He doesn't seem the type to be involved in organized crime or any skulduggery.

His studio is in the Heights district on the other side of town. The Heights district is the district closest to the Castle and Academae and home to some of the oldest, wealthiest families.

Roakkard's post gave me an idea to propose. I'ts implied that you're following Zaldrel's line of reasoning of "who made this mask?"

So how would we feel if we, for perception/investigation/knowledge/insight rolls, included one or a few possible lines of inquiry?

This way I could customize the information in regards to the question asked.

For example: Roakkard looks over the mask studying it's nature or purpose, or perhaps he's investigating the maker's mark and wondering who made it... whatever he's interested in.

Obviously sometimes there's a direct answer a roll is determining and the question isn't needed, but other times it's kind of open ended.

Dungeon World kind of does this with questions such as:
-What happened here recently?
-What is about to happen?
-What should I be on the lookout for?
-What here is useful or valuable to me?
-Who’s really in control here?
-What here is not what it appears to be?

In the alleyway, the elf is no where to be seen but Roakkard finds his mask: cracked and chipped but still retaining shape. It's brokenness gives it an almost demonic visage.

In your hands the mask is extremely light and of considerable craftsmanship. Inside the mask is a tiny pair of initials inside: M.E.

Juliet are you doubling back and taking a second look in the rooms you viewed before during your clear?

Tybalt you recognize a few tiny hints this was the room of the guy you encountered last night.

The trash and clues don't add anything new. It's clearly a ransacked room and the former tenant left in a hurry.

Jeeze louise those rolls! haha

The room appears to have been quickly rummaged. Judging by the quality of the room this might have been where the leader stays.

Juliet you actually, in your blundering about you actually catch something of note under the bed. It's an empty vial of makeup. Professional quality judging from your time as a performer.

Absolutely can, Roakkard!

You open the door and find another vacant. This room is remarkably clean for a flophouse, and the bed actually looks comfortable—or at least free of lice. Three wardrobe cases lie pushed beneath the bed. The drawers half half open/closed and scraps of clothing and belongings are rustled about.

To speed things up, you can assume there are no more dangerous encounters in this flophouse. There are several clues still around for more information on where to go next, but otherwise you guys also level up to level 2!

It is its own system, but it's loosely based off his "Danger Patrol" RPG. So something akin to Apocalypse World/Dungeon World.

The maker of Lady Blackbird and Lasers and Feelings is back with a new RPG on kickstarter. Here

Blades in the Dark is a tabletop RPG about a crew of daring scoundrels building a criminal empire in a haunted city full of thieves. Since this is a John Harper game, you can expect an RPG that's very focused on narrative over crunch. A really really good write up and demo of play of this RPG can be found here!

"The Pauper's the ones with the connections! Or maybe Balston! Since none of us have seen the Pauper since yesterday. It seemed there was some action when a gang hit us yesterday. Rumor has that the Pauper split last night and Balston was moving in to take his territory in his absence. I wanted to get out before Balston took over but I didn't have any time.. or a choice."

Yes the Help action is essentially bestowing advantage to another's rolls! The only thing I require is to explain or narrate how you're helping.

"I thought Balston and the Pauper found out about me snitchin. I thought you were here to set things straight...." His shock turns to surprise! A manic smile is seen on his dirty face. You also notice a distinct, twitchyness about him. His voice is high and nasal.

"Folks call me Madrat. Balston made me sleep on the floor since I'm the new guy in Pauper's crew. I sling for him."

His hysterical expression quickly turns back sour and has a sheepish demeanor upon the mention of the name Lamm.

"Oohhh not him. No. No. No. He's a scary dude. I heard he eats kids!"

Juliet, you turn the knob into a poorly furnished room. A copper lantern hangs from the ceiling of this windowless room. Aside from peeling paint, a worn pallet, and some threadbare woolen blankets, there is little of interest.

A young boy, not quite a man, is cowering in the back corner. "I tried to get away, but I just couldn't. The Pauper's got a lot of friends..." The boy is sniffling. "Please--- make it quick for a snitch like me."

"As much as I'd want to. He had one of those fancy elf names... I can't recall it, but the elf has a monstrous heart. All he cares about is money."

"I.. I don't know! What do you mean? Irontooth... he's muh nephew. He took up the family trade at the docks after his father passed. Been writing to him to make sure he keeps his nose clean!"

I assume he overhears your discussion of the elf and expresses disdain while gathering his belongings.

Juliet D'Artangen wrote:

Juliet rounds on the elderly man, holding the hilt of Spite up above her head, as if to strike him. "YOU should be ashamed of yourself, old man, using a church to peddle shiver. You've got two choices to make - you can get your favorite squab and nothing else and get out of here, NOW, or we can string you up and dangle you from the window for the crows to eat. Your choice."


The old man cowers at your demands. "Alright I'll get goin' but don't hurt! Shoreman's Promise! Let me get my bird, Pengus, an' I'll be outta your lines quick as a gib."

He scuffles to the cages submissively. You can see he's using his hands to "feel" his way than his murky grey eyes.

"Not that yin's would believe me, but I donno nothin' bout no shiver. The messages were goin' to my friends down at the docks to keep in touch. I feed muh birds. Balston handled the messages... I can't see so good anymore."

"There ain't no money or drugs here. Just muh birds and I ain't lettin' nobody mess with them. You don't scare me, thug! Breakin' into a church and robbin' people. Y'all should be ashamed!"

Roakkard you quickly scan the documents. They are in small ribbons. Definitely for transport on the pigeons. The sentences are vague and meaningless. A few numbers are there. "Raining today." and "14 Charity gifts later.". The last strip on your scan, "Got any more?" seems pretty blatant. Codes.

Juliet, This dank room stinks of mildew, and the only light creeps through a single grease-stained window. An old, drafty door is in the back of the room where more cooing can be heard. The room’s simple furnishings include a worn mattress, some crate-furniture, and three rusted birdcages. Atop a makeshift desk sit some calligraphy pens, a ream of fine parchment, and a stand holding an oversized magnifying lens. A sack of birdseed rests beneath the cages.

An elderly man in old longshoreman rags with cloudy eyes is holding a cane threateningly towards you. "Back! I heard you sonnies making a ruckus and I won't let you hurt muh poor birds!"

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I have my own half-baked idea of Iron Gods being done in Eberron. Terminator meets Bastion meets The Matrix meets Bioshock meets Fringe.

Unity is an AI built by House Cannith during the last war to handle Cyre's top secret defensive grid: Project BASTION.

Something happened and Bastion was initiated causing the Day of Mourning. It basically ripped Cyre outside space and time and into an alternate reality: To Cyre, the rest of the world is Mournland. Unity runs Cyre now from this alternate dimension. It ultimately brainwashed Cyre into believing it saved them from the end of the world and must preemptive strike the rest of the world before they do it to them! The entire nation has a sort of Big Brother "all for Unity" (Thanks Barcas for this idea) idea.

Unity has found, for a lack of a better term, rifts into this world and strange phenomena has been occurring to former House Cannith members. House Cannith knows what's going on and is desperately trying to get leg up on technological progress causing crazy world spanning no-holds-barred science experiments. This is where the PCs come in.

The PCs are a multinational task force covering bizarre phenomenon that's being caused by a shadow war between House Cannith prepping and capitalizing on this impending robotic super army.

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This game is brutally fun and hard to master. It has one of the best narrators in a game since Bastion. It's worth buying for the narrator and artwork alone!

There are a lot of tactical decisions to make based on your adventure location decision. The length and place means different compositions are useful. This is especially true after your roster starts getting full.

The only things I don't like are how buffing and debuffing aren't worth it 9/10 times. Monsters big enough to warrant debuffing are usually resistant! Trinkets also are usually paltry profits.

For newcomers, heed these words!

Stress is more deadly than combat. Kill the stress makers first and foremost. Focus your hits. It is always better to remove incoming attack potential. I live by this: Less monsters = less attacks = less crits = less insanity and damage.

Advanced courses can cover stunning creatures who haven't acted yet to maximize that formula.

The best piece of advice I can give is to save money. Bring only 8 torches and 8 food in short, double and triple for medium and long. Don't fix dudes until they are level 2 and earned their health care. :P

I can talk forever on this game! Apparently the makers of the RPG torchbearer (the makers of burning wheel) might make a darkest dungeon tabletop RPG. Also in March, blade in the dark is a new RPG that handles industrial fantasy, stress, and vices that might warrant examination for those who wanna bring this style of play to their tabletops.

Elf Dex Save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

The elf is checking his back, speedily making his way through the back of the courtyard carrying something in his arms! The good perception roll indicates...Something wrapped or bundled in dirty cloth?

He is 50ft away at the point of your attacks in the process of running away from the scene into another alley. Mechanically he's aware he's running from you guys, but you do have a height advantage. (Debatable I know because this would also apply to enemies in a situation against you..we can talk about it in the discussion if we want.))

I will assume Tybalt will also shoot the elf with his bow. Sneak attack isn't applicable.
Tybalt let's fly an arrow!

Shortbow: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Advantage: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
Arrow/Piercing: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

The combined attack from you all out the window causes the elf to stumble into some refuse in the alley. He falls out of sight. A crash is heard.

Juliet, your attack would be at straight dice, however, due to the range of your handaxes. No matter though because of the good rolls!

We can also assume we are out of combat!

Escaped? That's for you guys to decide. Getting away? Yes.
save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Down goes Balston in a beam of radiant light. The floor, once again, goes quiet. There's still some papers and money on top of a dresser near the old bed in the back of the room and an open window overlooking the courtyard in the back.

Gah post monster that ate my post must have also been messing with your die rolls! Zaladrel still has a shot before Balston takes his turn.

Balston parries back Juliet's attack. "When will you learn, girl?"

Balston's rolls:

Attack 1: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Damage 1: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Attack 2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16
Damage 2: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Roakkard will spur an eldritch blast from his back position at Balston after Hexing, targeting his Dexterity saves.

Attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17
advantage: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13
damage (Force): 1d10 ⇒ 7
Hex (Necrotic): 1d6 ⇒ 6

A tremendous blow! Balston is looking gravely injured at this assault.

Zaladrel, you may make your first round move, but otherwise my "preemptive tactics" begins and we can finish this up. :)

Waiting for Roakkard, but so far. Advantage is definitely applicable since this is a surprise round and your opponents were surprised.
Command Save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

An arrow slams into Balston sticking him in the back followed by a solid dagger strike by Juliet. He turns to his attackers surprised to see your all faces!

The masked elf shakes off Zaladrel's order.

preemptive tactics of the brigands for next round!:

The elf mutters in common, "How about you deal with these guests and we'll talk about a contract." The elf dodges attacks heading for the backside window. (He "dodges" action causing attacks made at him have disadvantage until his next turn. He spends his movement going for the back window and begins climbing out.)

Balston groans at the attacks. He turns and draws his sword. He devilishly grins and taunts Juliet. "Didn't I kill you last night? You're more a cockroach than a wasp, kid. No matter- I'll crush you just the same!"

He directs his attacks at Julia and uses his signature multiattack action

Attack 1: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Damage 1: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Attack 2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Damage 2: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

He returns the stab in this dance of blades!

I will post again tomorrow morning with the assumption Roakkard eldritch blasts.

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