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A to Z: Who's Who in Westcrown
Alebrecht, Jarvis A Galtish gossipmonger found at times in Rego Cader and Rego Crua
Almansor, Lictor Richemar Commander of Citadel Rivad and leader of the Order of the Rack Hellknights
Amaya A beautiful, black-haired Tian woman who is associated with Arael and Janiven's group. She is often seen carrying a lute - presumably signifying some musical talent.
Arael A half-elf leader of the Children of Westcrown - a group looking to improve conditions in Westcrown; captured by Hellknights, but released in an ambush by the Children of Westcrown.
Arvanxi, Lord Mayor Aberian Mayor of Westcrown and House Arvanxi patriarch
Aulamaxa, Visbaronetess Delour Long one of Westcrown's most beloved divas

The Badger Maralictor Flavian Chillarch, a Hellknight with a dire reputation for hunting down rebels in Westcrown. Led the forces against Vizio's Tavern and the prison wagon holding Arael that was ambushed on the way to Citadel Rivad.
Bluehood A masked woman said to reward those that deposit the remains of slain shadow beasts on the garbage stoop outside the tavern across from the old Leroug estate
Bolvona, Durotas Scasi Commander of the condottari ("canal wardens") who patrol the Westchannel, the Dhaenflow, and the canals of the Regicona

Challas, Mayor Arthan Deceased former mayor of Westcrown
Chard, Paralictor Gonville Commander of Taranik House, the Westcrown headquarters for the Order of the Rack
Chillarch, Maralictor Flavian More commonly known as The Badger.
Ciucci, Arten Brother of Guxer Ciucci
Ciucci, Cecelly Wife of Guxer
Ciucci, Delilee Daughter of Guxer Ciucci, rumored to be a bit wild
Ciucci, Guxer House Ciucci patriarch

Dayne, Alarra Foster daughter of the famed Patrek Dayne; seems to have a better head on her shoulders than her father
Diosa, Amica Matriarch of House Diosa
Doskivari, Anvengen Deceased first post-Thrune mayor of Westcrown
Drovenge, Chammady Granddaughter of Vassidio Drovenge, a Wiscrani socialite
Drovenge, Eccardian Grandson of Vassidio Drovenge, more reclusive than his older sister
Drovenge, Vassidio House Drovenge patriarch
Drumanis, Eccobar Officer in the rundottari ("ruin wardens")

Ermolos An incredibly muscular and friendly male human smith that has joined with Arael and Janiven's group. Buddy of Rizzardo. Ermolos has the large, perpetually dirty hands of a smith. He has curly black hair and a thick black beard. His appetite is legendary, but may have met his match in Jo.

Fiosa A tiny female halfling house servant for House Jhaleros that has joined up with Arael and Janiven.

Gauner A dwarven merchant who operates The Floating Chest
Ghivel, Vuiper Nobleman and senior priest of Abadar in Westcrown
Ghontasavos, Ailyn
Gorvio Son of a horse trader. One of the Children of Westcrown.
Grulios, Asad House Grulios patriarch

Hardin, Robert

Jacovo A horse trader - runs Jacovo's Stables. His son is Gorvio - one of the Children of Westcrown.
Janiven Guard and city guide for merchants and other visitors to Westcrown
Jo Hulking former champion of The Pits, now a guard for Alarra Dayne
Julistarc, Ocatav House Julistarc patriarch

Lenkin A human ratter who has been known to tackle larger prey as well, some call him crazy, never to his face
Lorialn, Alaynea An artistocrat and oldest daughter of the House Lorialn patriarch, Alaynea is a close friend of Chammady Drovenge

Marsh, Alexius A ladies man rumored to run an escort service on the side
Maxius, Maius A scholar working on a genealogy of the Wiscrani noble houses
Mezinas, Bartolo House Mezinas patriarch
Mhartis, Duxotar Iltus Commander of Westcrown's dottari, nephew of Lord Mayor Aberian
Mhartis, Gavefini House Mhartis patriarch and father of Iltus, Lodros and Recinni
Mhartis, Lodros Middle brother of of the three Mhartis brothers
Mhartis, Lonosete Wife of Gavefini Mhartis
Mhartis, Recinni Youngest brother of Iltus and Lodros
Millech the Hump Long-time backstage assistant for Wiscrani director Robahl Nonon
Moondark A human girl that also goes by Ari.
Morosino A young human boy that works with Arael and Janiven. Very fearful of Hellknights.
Mudlumm, Tansy "Mother" A halfling working to help free Wiscrani halfling slaves

Niorlo, Meddyg
Nonon, Robahl Famous Westcrown theater director, owner of the Limehouse Theater
Nymmis, Calseinica An aristocrat of the Nymmis family finding growing stardom as an actress
Nymmis, Kalder Calseinica's father

Oberigo, Eterian House Oberigo patriarch
One-Ear, Goren A black-market pesh merchant who keeps a shop in Rego Cader
Ophal An old woman who is the granddaughter of the last Grand Stewart of the Crucisal Lodge in Westcrown and caretaker for Walcourt

Phandros, Marcus House Phandros patriarch
Polinos, Grnash Half-orc weapons merchant who sells in The Dusk Market, often found at the Eagle and Dove

Rankins, Otho
Rasdovain, Crosael Simiin Mayor Arvanxi's majodomo
Rizzardo A smooth-talking Varisian man that is part of the group that has joined Arael and Janiven. A good friend of Ermolos.
Roccin, Durotas Saria Commander of the common dottari who man the gates and patrol the streets of the Spera
Rolan A dwarven tinker that owns a toy shop in Rego Pena
Rosala, Armon Wiscrani nobleman, elder son of House Rosala
Roshyn, Gwenwyn

Salisfer, Evander House Salisfer patriarch
Sandor the Strange A Varisian wizard of Westcrown who pursues knowledge of astronomy and astrology
Savaska, Vestus A high-ranking priest in the Westcrown church of Asmodeus
Sclavo A tall, dark-haired Chelaxian man that is a devoted worshipper of Iomedae. One of the group that has joined with Arael and Janiven to improve Westcrown.
Selkie Jim
Serafian, Avahzi
Sevarn, Aritil Arms-Maralictor Armory Commander for the Order of the Rack in Westcrown
Shanwen, Signifier Hellknight of the Rack
Silana A beautiful Nidalese sorceress
Simjen, Caravas Half-elf street performer and son of Sister Synrea, friend of Grnash Polonios
Stiglor A court-marshaled former Dottari officer said to be a bandit who has vexed the Order of the Rack in the hills and swamp country outside Westcrown
Strikis, Durotas Lhiana Commander of the regidottari ("palace wardens") who ward the Parego Regicona
Syiel, Antal Halfling alchemist who rents space at Meddyg Apothecaries to sell his wares.
Synrea, "Sister"

Tarvi A raven-haired, pale-skinned Chelaxian woman that is part of Arael and Janiven's group. She is usually seen with understated, but beautiful jewelry.
Thrax, Mantrithor A popular gladiator at The Pits, Mantrithor's specialty is dueling with summoned creatures
Tilernos, Kajen House Tilernos patriarch
Tilernos, Sascar Daughter of Kajen Tilernos
Tolnaro, Ragan A crafty lowlife and owner of The Pits, an illegal fighting establishment in Rego Cader
Tuornos, Durotas Arik Commander of the rundottari ("ruin wardens").

Ulvauno, Thesing Umbero A rising local actor and opera singer

Verennie, Signifer Ara Signifer of the Order of the Rack
Vesken, Deran Tavern keeper of the Gargling Gargoyle
Vheed, Dargentu Deceased mayor of Westcrown who preceded Lord Mayor Arvanxi
Vitallain, Casarus Harbormaster
Vittershins, Aberten Better known as "The Dealer," he runs a high-end private gambling hall in Rego Sacero
Vourne, Admiral Commander of the Gemcrown Bay Imperial fleets

Yakopulio A female gnome with scarlet hair that is part of Arael and Janiven's group attempting to improve Westcrown. Known to be a skeptic, particularly of religion, and obnoxious to a fault.

Zol A Shoanti child gladiator who fought two famed duels with Jo in The Pits disappearing after his loss in the second fight