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DM Zyren's Heart of Madness (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...

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Male Offensive Option

One thing at a time Charlie. We may be able to find out if Armitage is here while getting ourselves a beer. Second, we need to let the police know what we found out by the bus. I have the same odd feeling about the place but we need to keep our heads right now and a beer seems a right fine way to relieve some tension from the events o'the day. My treat. With that Victor will follow Cummings.

Seemingly relaxed by the doctor's calm, Charlie puts out his cigarette as they head inside. "Alright, you're right. I just feel so... jumpy. A beer would probably do me some good," he resigns himself. "And I much appreciate your generosity. Unfortunately I haven't been too well off these past months, and what you see on my back and in my pockets is pretty much all I've got to my name." He offers a sheepish grin, comforted by getting to know his companions better bit by bit.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel nods atMr Poolsworth words: "I know that feeling.", then he turns to Dr. Alden:
"Would you extend your invitation to a coke? I just...I had a bad clash with booze...and a worse clash with those making their living from it...
Daniel is obviously uneasy saying that, he looks almost apologetically at the Doctor.

Cummings nods at Victor's idea

Yeah, let's check if Armitage has already arrived and while we wait, we can drink something, I'm getting hungry anyway, so maybe we should ask Mr. Osborne if he has also something to eat for us.

Inside the general store a large ventilator swirls the hot air while Osborne is unpacking some boxes. As he hears you enter, he stops his work and walks over to the counter

I see you're back gentlemen, earlier than expected?

Male Offensive Option

Of course chaps. A coke is most definitely extended as well. Something to fill the bellies too. I have been lucky these last few years that I was not hit as hard as some.

Hello Osborne, there were some issues that we came across on the road. Could we get some drinks and maybe a plate of something? Also has Professor Armitage arrived?

Osborne opens the fridge and gets some beers and a coke out while answering

Armitage? Isn't that the guy who was interviewed when the story about our creepy hills was published? Hey, I can order you some burgers from Mrs. Merrymay if ye like?

Charlie looks about at the others sheepishly, unable to spare any money for burgers himself.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel, being in a similar financial 'condition', tries to refrain from simply nodding to the question and just hopes, Dr. Alden agrees to the burgers, since he so graciously offered to buy a meal.

While the terrible experience at the farm and the unknown, yet probably deadly fate of the busdriver make him queasy, the day has been long and slowly the hunger gets worse then the sense of dread.

Male Human Defensive Option

James had been quiet on the way back to Dunwich, absorbed in trying to find some way to twist his recent experiences into a believable reason that he would be not appearing for his first day of work at a new lab. It being increasingly obvious that they would not be leaving Dunwich any time in the near future, at least not without contacting the bus company.
Speaking of which..

"If Dr. Alden is providing the beverages the least I can do is to provide the food, especially after not really helping with the search for our mysteriously disappeared bus driver.

As to said driver, I fear we will have to contact the bus company and inform them of his disappearance. Informing the police would probably be prudent as well even though I don't think they'll be much use if their detective skills at the farm house were anything to go by."

Male Offensive Option

I agree James that the company needs to be notified in addition to the police. and Osborn that would be wonderful if you could have Mrs. Merryway send over some burgers. And please keep these gentlemans glasses full of whatever they like for as long as they like. It has been a very trying day. Was that the man who was interviewed for the story? How fortuitous that he already knows of the town and a bit of its history then.

Osborne nods and takes some notes on how you like your burgers, then he walks over to Mrs. Merryway. Meanwhile Cummings opens his bottle of beer and answers Victor's question.

When the reporters from Arkham were looking for someone who could give their story a scholarly appearance, they thought of armitage. But the old man told them that he would never speculate about anything he hadn't researched. In the end they took his statements and left most things out, so that it looked like:

The supernatural is [...] very dangerous and [...] in the hills beyond Dunwich one can surely [...] [find] monsters and such things.

Funny, eh? I guess you can all imagine what he really said. Hey, by the way, did any of you ever encounter something "supernatural"?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel cleans his mouth with a napkin, the shakes his head.
"No, and I do not really expect to, I mean, I am probably guilty of some of the superstitions that come with the job, you know, not whistling, not reciting the scottish play, waryness of birds, but really something supernatural, no, not that I know of."

Male Human Defensive Option

James takes a swig from his own bottle, savouring the taste of the cool beer before answering Mr. Cummings question.
"I've seen and taken part in quite a few scientific experiments that the average layman would most likely class as supernatural, not having the proper training to understand the laws governing such bizarre sights. But no I do not believe I have witnessed anything that could be classed as supernatural."

"I've seen and photographed things in my time that were some kinda crazy I'll tell you that for a nickel, Jack; but I think Supernatural is going a little far... usually the only thing from the 'spirit world' is a bit of moonshine or some old mans hooch which has rotted a brain or two and given some guy reason to dice up his mistress"

Cummings nods and adds

Aye, a cop's job is not a bowl of cherries. Hey, I heard a car, that could be Armitage already, wait here, I'll be right back.

A minute later Cummings returns with an elderly man who carries a large beige doctor's bag. He smiles friendly as he notices you and comes over

Hello gentlemen, my former student here, Mr. Cummings, told me you were in need of a man that has written alot and read even more about strange phenomena?

A twinkling in his eyes indicates he himself does not take such things super seriously.

Male Offensive Option

Victor looks over and says Professor Armitage I presume?Sorry, couldn't resist lolI am Dr. Victor Alden from Harvard University. Thank you for meeting with us. Victor will extend his hand and shake the Professor's firmly before stepping aside so the others can make their introductions.

"Charlie Poolsworth," Charlie says, shaking the professor's hand. "And yeah, we've sorta gotten ourselves thrown into a mess of things, and it seems we won't be getting out of here anytime soon so we thought we'd see what we could figure out. Any help would be appreciated."

Charlie will help relate the story in its entirety to the professor once his other companions have introduced themselves.

Waiting for more introductions, don't want to be rude :)

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"Daniel Tauber."Daniel shakes the professors hand and takes a slight bow. "Well, I am not quite sure whether there are strange phenomena, but at least there was not a shortage of 'strange' since we got here. I, for once, am glad that you followed Mr Cummins plea for help."

Male Human Defensive Option

"Dr James Chilcott, very good to meet you sir." James shakes the professors hand. "As Charlie said, we've rather been thrown in the deepend as far as oddities go. Any help you could provide in resolving the situation would be most welcome."

James adds his description of what he saw in the cellar to Charlie's description of the situation.

"I'm Murphy, no one as presitgous as my fellows here... just a reporter, Jack"

Armitage smiles and exchanges handshakes with everyone

Two doctors and one professor, quite a scholarly bunch in Mr. Osborne's store - not very typical for Dunwich, I'd say, heh. Now please, why don't you tell me, how I could be of help?

At this moment Osborne comes back with a large plate full of cheese- and hamburgers.

Refreshments have arrived!

Male Human Defensive Option

"I think it would be most helpful if you could furnish us with some kind of basic grounding in the occult and in particular the odd occurances in Dunwich and its surroundings. To put it crudely we are up s+$$ creek without a paddle and would very much like to be provided with even the roughest example of one."
James selects on of the proffered cheeseburgers and takes a large bite, chewing for a few moments before swallowing and waving his hand at the plate of food.
"Please help yourself professor, least we can do for dragging you all the way out here."

"Yeah, the newspaper article was not very informative as to what we might actually be facing here in Dunwich. And the locals haven't been very inclusive, either, except for Mr. Cummings of course."

"Sure, a little backstory would be swell. That last journalistic piece was a bit... lacking, and I think we need to know if there is something really wrong here"

Armitage smiles and grabs one of the yummy cheeseburgers

Oh look, there is even bacon on it, splendid...the article? Ah yes...what a complete waste of effort. I'm still not sure what these people really tried to make up here. I think someone told them that something was amiss at the Whateley Farm, which is surely true, Old Man Whateley is a really strange man...but I cannot see any proof for supernatural happenings there...on the other hand...

Armitage looks around and smiles to Mr. Osborne who looks over to you. Then the professor continues, now whispering

Some other things go on in Dunwich, we shouldn't discuss here.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel stares at the Professor for a Moment, if only to keep from looking nervously at Mr Osborne.
"Well, Mr Poolsworth and Mr Chilcott have summarized what happened very thoroughly."

He looks araound to see, if anybody has to add something to fill a gap in the story he might have missed.

"Perhaps we should, as we set out to do, look for tracks on the other side of the river, now -" He nods apologetically to the Professor "After we finished eating, of course." He lowers his voice like Professor Armitage did, Moments ago "On our way, you could surely tell us, what you don't want our host to hear"

Whispering as well, "Yes. Let's finish up and have a conversation away from the threat of eavesdropping." Charlie scarfs down his hamburger and beer, chitchatting with Daniel about the good ol' movie makin' days, or whatever other mundane topic is brought up through the course of the meal.

Male Offensive Option

Please give our regards to Mrs. Merryway. I am positively stuffed. Victor looks around at the others eating and says Gentlemen, I always find a nice walk helps with my digestions after an excellent meal, along with a nice pipe. Would you all care to join me?

Male Human Defensive Option

James polishes off the last of his burger and then spends a few moments fastidiously cleaning off his mouth and brushing any stray sesame seeds. Tucking his handkerchief away he nods in agreement with Victor's suggestion.

"That is a most excellent suggestion. I find a walk after a meal always helps with digestion. I'll just pay for the burgers and we can be away."

Standing and fishing his billfold from his pocket, James pulls out enough notes to cover the burgers and a mildly generous tip and places them on the plate the food had arrived on.

Professor Armitage nods and says farewell to Mr. Osborne.

Once outside, back in the burning sun, Armitage puts his white hat on and scratches his chin.

Let us take a short walk along the banks of the beautiful Miskatonic River gentlemen.

After putting some distance between you and the general store, Armitage turns around to check if no one is following you and then says

Last year a certain Mr. Haverson from Dunwich entered my office and told me of a strange cult here in Dunwich. He explained that they called themselves the "Believers" and were follwoing some strange kind of nature-religion and a "Horned Man". I was very interested in his tales, but Mr. Haverson was an extremely psychotic person suffering from several disorders like paranoia and states of severe anxiety. In the end I decided that everything he told me must source in his disorders and I stopped meeting with him.
Last week I found out that he was found dead two days after I told him that I didn't want to continue our meetings. "Traitor" was carved all over his body...The things you have now told me of the fanatic Arkin family might be connected to that, don't you think?

Scarab Sages

male 1/4 Elf Lorekeeper???

"Well, I am neither a Doctor nor a Professor, but perhaps this gas that had such profound effects on some of us creates lasting psychic...of psychotic? dsorders, if someone is exposed to it regularly and for a longer amount of time?
Maybe that even created the cult, some people impaired by the gas having 'religious revelations' start to bring friends and neighbours to their newfound 'sacred cave', where they are impaired by the gas, too. Some sort of gas induced mass hysteria?

Wow, I think I got a bit far with the specualtions, but I would really find it more disturbing, if the murder you describe and the tragedy we witnessed had nothing to do with each other. Dunwich does not seem large enough for two or even three independent violent tragedies at once, does it?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Sorry for posting as feytharn, my browser crashed during the post, strange enough, the unfinished post appeared...
How long do you think untill we reach the point where we lost the strange tracks on the other side of the river?"
Daniel stretches himelf as if he expects to see far enough in the general direction of the bus crash.

Charlie recoils in horror at the Professor's story. "That happened here? What a horrid little town."

"For a small town they sure do seem to rack up quite a big pile of bodies. I thought that kind of crazy was just for the cities."

Armitage wags his index finger

No Mr. Murphy, actually it's rather the other way round: The bigger a city, the larger the influx of depraved and normal minds which will ultimately lead to a, let's say, average level of psychotic behaviour, but in the case of such a remote village like Dunwich, a single spark of madness may soon conflagrate everything. Ah, there is your bus I guess.

You have now reached the opposite side of the river bank where Patrick vanished.

Charlie immediately begins searching around the area very thoroughly.

Take 20 or Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel tries to remember - checking the sight on the other side of the river, if necessary, where Mr Poolsworth found the tracks leading into the river. Assuming Mr Poolsworth starts searching more or less in line with that spot, he walks about fifty yard downstream and then tracks back, searching the ground (he remembers he did something like that in one of the 'Silent Westerns' he starred in)
Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Armitage notices you searching the river bank and seems to remember seeing you in a film

Mhh hey, umm, Mr. Tauber? Did you play in "Long Trek down to Texas"? That was one of my favorite movies! Oh yeah, the tracks...

After you have searched for about thirty minutes, you are sure that Patrick wasn't dragged out of the river on the other side. The water of Miskatonic River itself is far too murky to see anything in it.

Oh dear, I guess your bus driver is really M.I.A. now... I think we should return to the store and call the company, mhh?

Male Offensive Option

Victor looks around with the other members of the group before responding Probably the best idea, calling the company. I'm going to take a closer look at the bus, maybe there was something we missed. Victor will then go back to the bus and try and see what he can find.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

"Think I will go with you Victor"

Murphy goes back to the bus, and in a methodical manner starts scanning the area and taking his time to consider detail. At key points in his search the flash of the camera punches light into the surrounds...

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"That was indeed me, Professor, I am glad you liked the movie, seems to be anothe life now...well"
Daniel rather quickly swings between joy and pride about being recognized and even being recognized for a film the Professor liked, and sorrow for the life he threw away. He needs a moment before he moves forward.

"Please wait up, Doctor Alden. It is a good walk, back to the bus on the other side. After what happened and what Professor Armitage told us, I think we should all go, since it seems there is nothing more to do here. Since that will take us to Dunwich again, we can call the bus company on our way."

Back at the bus, Daniel try to be of assistance, as good as possible. He searches the drivers seat / cabin (depending on the bus) and the area around the flat tire thoroughly.

Perception1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

A search of the bus and the direct surroundings does not unearth anything new...disappointed you have to return and walk back to Dunwich, which you reach in the late afternoon. A police car is standing in front of the general store and Armitage remarks dryly

I guess they are not here to check if Mr. Osborne sells alcohol.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"No, I guess not, but what might they do here. I hope there was not another 'incident'"

Daniel, curious, but also afraid to see another bloody corpse or hear of another gruesome death, closes in on the store slowly, trying to figure out what happened. If he can see something or hears something, he will stop and watch / listen. While he is not trying to evade the cops (why should he), he isn't trying to gain their attention (yet), either.

Just in case:
Perception1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
He obviously is far too nervous, to let reality disturb his worrys...

"Well we need to see what they want, won't find that out standing here eh?"

Murphy heads for the Police car.

Male Human Defensive Option

"Lets hope they didn't assume we strange outsiders were somehow culpable for the murders at the farm, eh? That would be dashed unfortunate."
James follows Murphy, but his poor attempt at humour had fallen a little too close to his actual thoughts and a prickle of nervousness creeps up his spine as he approaches the police car.

Behind the steering wheel a bald man, totally drenched in sweat sits and stares out of the front window. He only notices you as you are already at his side window.

Oh hey, weren't you the people from the Arkin farm? Detective Miller still has some questions left, he's inside the store. Hey and if anyone of you could bring me an ice-cold coke, I discerp your last ticket, kay?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel, somewhat relieved that there seems to be no new murder and since the officer didn't jump out of the car to arrest them, no misconceptions about their part at the Arkin far, nods and gives the officer his brightest movie proven smile.

"Of course, Sir. I can barely bear the heat, myself."

Since his money, thanks to the generosity of his fellow travellers Dr. Alden and Mr. Chilcott, he affords to spend a little of it to safe this poor officer from a heatstroke - who knows what an armed man suffering a heatstroke might do in a place like this...
Assuming, nothing in the store will stop him from doing so, he fetches the cooled beverage and takes it to the cop outside.

"Here, Sir. Fresh from the cooler, Sir. I hope it takes a bit of the sting from the heat, Sir."

He then, probably in the company of the others, returns to the store.

Thanks short advice: If you speak to Miller, take care that he does not spot your guns...or at least don't boast with them. He is not a friend of civilians carrying weapons...always thinks everyone might turn out to be an anarchist or mobster. Whatever, I'm convinced a man should be able to defend himself, especially with all those gangsters from New York, Boston and Chicago around.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

After waht happened to his family, Daniel isn't too keen on guns himself, and since he doesn't carry one at the moment, he doesn't object, but hurrys to tell the others before they reach the store.

"That friendly officer in the car just told me, that a guy called Miller, whom I presume to be the officer in charge from the way he spoke about him, takes a rather dim view on anyone not in the force carrying a gun. Might I suggest, without offending anybody, not to present those guns to openly, so we don't start off badly?"

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