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Does anyone know if they plan on listing stats for Sorshen, Zutha, and Xanderghul at their full power? Maybe in the continuing the campaign section in the last adventure path.


** spoiler omitted **

Wouldn't his full stat block not make for a nice blog post, if you already have it lying around? :)
I second this request maybe a blog that presents things that did not make it to the books and were left on the cutting room floor.
I third this request! Even if they aren't introduced proper in the canon Golarion, it'd be nice to see them fleshed out as a sort of "deleted scene(s)" in a blog post for those that have been waiting many years for the return of the Runelords.
Oooh, that would be cool. I lurk more than anything else, but I'll fourth this!

I fifth this, my players have been gunning for a fully fleshed out Xanderghul ever since Rise. A fully powered Xanderghul would be a nice Christmas present to present my plyers with.

Not arguing the point of IF it is evil, but is it written anywhere. One of my players wish to dispute this point.

Wait a minute. Just wait a damn minute. Your DM was upset about a 5d6 snowball? Only 5d6?
I got one player who deals over 150 damage, whatever energy he wants, snowballs at 11th lvl! Hell, I think I'm even lowballing it! Point is that your DM is complaining about rain when he's never seen the hurricane!
As for the pacifict, look up old 3.5 Book of Exalted Deeds, they have some fun options.

Mythic Realms has confirmed there were mythic Shory. Also based on a few designs of clothing as well as skin colour, they strike me as Garundi or maybe even an out of place mexican anlog (no expert in anthropology nor American history, so sry if I am getting an entirely wrong impression)

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My main question is if the Azlanti Emporer is named Ming, followed by if he is merciless. If so, I shall prepare a certain Queen song for my PCs.

It has been my DMing habit to add Theme Songs to most of my villians when running an Adventure Path, and was wondering if anyone else had done so as well? So far some of my favorites have been:
-Baphomet (Shepard of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold)
-Saul Vankaskerkin (White Trash Millionare)
- Xanthir Vang (God Particle, Angel and Demons score by Hanz Zimmer)
- General Malus (Dracula's Theme from Van Helsing by Alan Silvesti)
- Unity (Rinzler from Tron Legacy by Daft Punk)
- Erum-Hel (Oh Fortuna!)
- Frost Giants (Beowulf theme by Alan Silvesti)
- King Iovetti (Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold)

Hoping that anyone looking for a theme for a villian gets ideas they can use here. Personally looking for one for Abrogail Thrune and the Jade Regent if anyone has ideas.

Way late on my 2 cents here, and I know I catch some flak here, but Destiny is actually a great science fantasy with a suprisingly deep lore if you look for it. If you don't feel the game at least check out the lore videos by Mynameisbyf on Youtube.

I have heard of such things being done with multiple DMs. Basically each DM controls a sector and can run a group through an encounter or series of encounters. After a preset amount of encounters are done the DMs meet and check to see how the sessions went, who accomplished what, who died, ect. After witch they can move the survivors on to round two, and so on until the final bout or the last party falls. I have honest heard nothing but good things about this format, but then again I havn't played in any so it could just be trickle down from Paizo forums and reviews. I believed Season 5 of the Pathfinder Society had a scenerio like this if you need an example, Seige of something-or-other I think.

Dude, awesome, thank you. I just started a Holloween dungeon inspired by Bloodbourne and this couldn't be more useful. Keep being awesome and good hunting good hunter.

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To be fair, I had a team of 5 lvl 4 PCs defeat a wyrm black dragon because their dice rolled hot and the dragon's sucked. So the person you should ask is your dice.

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Personaly I hope they add an easily achived feat or ability that lets you change your Key ability. Mostly because alot of classes Key abilities as written are mostly steering players into one kind of build rather than allowing different approaches to the same class. Solarion in particular, which has alot of ways to ignore having a low charisma except the low resolve points you'll have. A high str and cha operative is also viable if the key ability is switched. Same with high dex mechanic. I'll probably house rule this in but it'd be nice to have the option.

Star Wars Soundtrack
Any Sci Fi soundtrack I can find.

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Two days ago. Still havn't had time to go through it well, but decouring lore first and will savor crunch later. Still, damn good presentation and looks amazing

Brother Fen wrote:
Sold out already? Well done, Paizo.

Agreed, Bravo. But will more be printed soon for those people who didn't preorder?

Concordence of Rivals seconded.
Also of use would be a basic guide or even hints about specific tests certain dieties faced in the Starstone. Cayden would probably brag and Imodae would want others to learn from her example but instead the Star Stone seemz to have a very Fight Club feel to it.
Otherwise I think Pathfinder is well on its way to fleshing out the last corners of the settings. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all we need now is:
Sodden Lands
Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Five King's Mountains

As well as reprints of
Taldor (coming very soon)
Some ground yet to cover but not long with how the Chronicles go.

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Yay, set in Brevoy! Also provides another reason never to attend a public function on Golarion. Festavils tends to get attacked or spoiled this world.

Excellent dispatching of the undead tomes (do those count as Necronomicai?). Seems all is back to Normal, and I even shelled out a few bucks for a PDF just to test it. Thanks again and keep up the good works.

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Captain,

I have removed all of the items from your cart. If you still have issues accessing your cart please let me know.

Sry to bother you again but there still appears to be 15 items in the cart and I still cannot acess it.

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Captain,

You have so many items in your cart that the site is timing out when you try to go to your cart. I can submit the order for you, or remove some of the items from the cart so you can get to it. What do you prefer I do?

Thanks for getting back to me and sry fo the delay. I was hoping yo clear the cart since I had unexpected expenses crop up and put me over budget. If you can do that it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks again Diego.

Recently I hit the non-mint page and loaded my shopping cart with books. However, ever since then when I try to access the shopping cart the page takes forever to load and then crashes. Any idea how I can get to my cart?

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I can see Razmir driving a Tesla, gotta show off that Bling for all those folks clamoring for you to bless their babies. Aston Martin for Storm makes sense, looks classy enough without being obnoxious, and the parallel to Bond should feed her Hero ego. Elminster in a Cadillac I can see, especially with the top down and going 100mph down the highway with eithier Zeppelin or Wagner blaring.

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Thx Fergie. Didn't know about the Russin car but upon following your link I could definately see Baba Yaga driving one of those whith a g
Gingerbread motif. As for the rest of the wizards personalities:

-Jetembe: Old Mage from Mwangi Expanse (africa), love teaching and nature, NG.
-Aram Zey: Wizard of Pathfinder Society, prepared for everything, lokes no one, pure N.
-Razmir: Ages cult leader who is attempting to reach godhood, NE
-Young Infernal Sorceress and ruler of Cheliax (mixed Italy and Spain), manipulative, smart, sexy, evil, and knows it. LE.
-Queen Edassiril: Wise Elven queen in the Galadrial vein, also very nature focused and free spirited. CG
-Mordinkinen: Powerful mage who tries to keep all the alignments of his homeworld balanced, keeps himself well dressed and in his 30's with his magic, sports a Van D%$# beard, pure N
- Rary: Old mage whose spells strengthen the mind or bendsnthe minds of others, mixed Arabic and Norse, has a Saruman complex, NE.
-Igwilliv: Evil in a very unsublte way, child of a evil demigod and Baba Yaga. Keeps self young with magic, in a love hate relationship with a demon lord of conquest. CE
-Tenser: Impeccably dressed in blue outfits, powerful mage who specializes in spells that allow him to go toe to toe in melee combat, created the Transformation spell, always helping others more than he admits. LG
-Otto: Small round man who loves music and sonic effects, loves his luxuries too. Is loyal to his friends but has a mechivious side which rarely gets him in trouble. CN
-Elminster: Immensely powerful old mage who is a mix of Gandalf.and Odin. Has seen it all, done it all, happy to do it again additude. Tends to guide younger adventures against evil. Can be a curmudgeon when he dosn't get his way or is otherwise irritated. CG
-Mansoon: Master statesman and wizard as well as crimjnal mastermind. Artimas Fowl as a adult with magic. LE
-Khelban Blackstaff: Powerful mage who upholds and reinforces the powers of Law, but also puts the overall cause of life first. Shady and seldom flashy unless angered. LN
-Storm.Silverhand: As much a bard as wizard, travela about being a champion of the people and overthrower of bullies and tyrants. CG

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Old 3.5 Avasculate

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So I must start this thread by saying I have no working knowledge of cars. If you asked me the difference between a Farrari, a Jaguar, and a Prius I would say "paint job?"
However, my players may meet a bunch of famous wizards from D&D and Pathfinder holding a meeting on Earth in the modern day. I know what type of car and its condition/assessories can say alot about a person. So assuming they're keeping their magic on the DL, what do you think the following wizards would drive:

-Old Mage Jatembe
-Aram Zay
-Abrogail Thrune (sorcerer but still there)
-Queen Edassiril
-Baba Yaga


Forgotten Realms
-Khelban Blackstaff
-Storm Silverhand

A tad bit of an interesting idea for ya, if a coven is involved.

-Hag 1: With her knowledge of herbal remedies and magics, Hag one can serve as a wise woman or wet nurse for a prominent noble family. In her time serving this family she may have gathered dirt on them or on other families, and instead of using it for ham-fisted black mail, she helps them with cover ups and the like, earning their trust and favor, which in turns makes her privy to more than she ought to know.

-Hag 2: Serves as either a madam of a brothel or a diviner for a thieves guild/gang. In this position she strives to gather secrets of the undercity, and occasionally sells them if certain parties gain or lose her favor. She should perhaps have several different identities she maintains so if one is revealed she can retreat into another for a while. This hag should use her powers a bit more liberally so as to make the scum of the city fear her for what harm she can inflict with her magics as with her secrets, but should never know she is a hag.

-Hag 3: This hag lives in the wilds, and manages the monstrous population or bandit populations. She is in charge on ensuring that the farms and roads that keep the city fed and wealthy function and fail in accordance with the plans of the other two hags.

The three hags together can influence in subtle ways nearly every aspect of the city, and while not all powerful would definitely be a force to be respected should anyone learn their secret. Plus Hags 2 and 3 have plenty of red herrings to use should adventurers begin to get too close to uncovering their secrets, setting up a local monster or thieves guild to look like a mastermind of the operations while they quietly lie low and wait for the city to return to normal. The one aiding the noble household has slightly less luxury since her circle of minions would be considerably smaller, but would likely rely on whatever security the rich and powerful have in place already.

You can also replace Sarusan since there is little to nothing written on it and is about the same size.

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Varnhold vanishing and Jamestown vanishing.
Also the Sqndpoint Devil and Jersey Devil.

This adventure looks amazing, but in the final length alot of the enemy stat blocks are referenced to Adversaries of Crisis. I cannot seem to find this resource anywhere. Is it something I overlooked, or is it a different product?

Buy the best gear you can and then wait...
That sneaky DM is up to something.

As for which adventure arc, I'd go Rise of the Runelords. It has a solid plot, great special effects potential, greatest framework and detail, and most importantly it introduces Varisia which would be a good stable location to have the first few movies in since there is more lorework and design there than anywhere else.

While I'm not a huge Tom Cruise Fan, I think he'd make a good Eando Kline.
+1 for Hugo Weavings as Karzog.
I also think it would be both punny and iconic if Dwayne the Rock played Mokmurin from ROTRL, or one of his lieutenants.
Oddly, these days I can see Russel Crow doing a good Ezern.

Ah, don't get me wrong. As a DM I LOVE Nidal. Its that evil pand that makes all the other evil lands shudder, yet is so casual with its cruelity that it dosn't feel the need to show its power or dominence, willing to wait out conqurers and shrug off direct assults by vikings. I just want my players to do their best to righteously overthrow the Umbral Court only to find that no citizens help them unlike in Cheliax, and the impatient Nidalese wreck the party when they get in over their heads.

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I have to say I'm in the opposite camp than most people. I like real time combat. In fact, the faster the combat the better. Turn based combat just seems to drag on over long for me, and as someone with 2-6hrs a week to play games, spending 30minutes to an hour on a single fight is way too long.
Also, to answer the why Kingmaker question, I suspect it has something to do with innovation. Alot of games that just stick to the formula wouldn't get far without a key innovation. Without nemesis Shadow of Mordor would be an Arkam Clone no one cared for. Without invasions and brutal gameplay the Dark Souls games wouls just be another third person RPG. Without kingdom building this game could be pushed aside for any other RTwP game or any western RPG for that matter. Not saying the Civ. Games don't count but to flawlessly blend those elements together with deep story and rpg adventuring is gonna be a difficult task that can also prove rewarding and put this adventure on the map.
I really like that we're going with a single player game and hope it feels really in depth Golarion. If this works I think the next adventure should be set some place less generic, like Varisia or Cheliax, or even Numeria or the Worldwound.
Otherwise, awesome, really looking forward to this.

Lament not mate, Darksiders has returned with Darksiders 3!
And Death would probably be rouge or slayer with some way to get spell like abilities. Fury would probably be magus with a whip.

Eh, maybe War rolled a 1 or death rolled a 20

Nidal. My players (who even when playing Neutral or evil) have a general hatred of bullies and torture, and they've wanted to put Nidal to the sword for a very, very long time.

So one of my players have achived 20thlvl as monk and increses his size to huge in combat. Currently the damage by size chart does not seem to go above 4d8, so what would be the damage of a huge size monk. Does it cap at 4d8, or goes up?

Cagey detective? Well, using deductive reasoning we can only assume...
Amari is back! Let all evildoers fear Detective Amari and Doctor's Hrask's raging investigative skillz!

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So, coming from someone who has both started a player as a graveknight and also helped one progress, here is my opinion.
Starting: If your campaign is high enough lvl to start with a Graveknight then you as DM have enough resources at hand to deal with him off the bat. Probably require him to take a penalty since he is rediculously more powerful and immortal, like a devil he compacted with that occasionally able to call upon him at the worst time, or an aversion to things that were once sacred to him in his last life. Overcoming these obstacles can make for a fun sidequest.
If it is a late game goal, give him time to revel in his newfound power. I would suggest 4 sessions to the end. Also remember that while it is deliberate out of game, it need not be deli erate in game, and he can be cursed with his undying form due to failing a quest or tricked by a necromancer or fiend. Lastly, if it is his choice, make it a logical choice, something that will make it almost nessecary, such as pursung a nihilistic necromancer to the negative energy plane, or bodily plunging into a pool or cloud of (insert graveknight's energy here) to destroy/retrive an artifact. This way it feels like there is payoff for his actions.

Take a cannon golem, apply the robot subtype, add the golem armor enhancement and maybe giant template. Equip with whatever technological or magical items you want for flight.

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Glad to he proved wrong! In which case I look forward to seeing what neiche you carve out for yourself. I have alot of your Deadly Delves and Shadowsfall products and think you already have a good system down for your adventures and campaign products, and may want to use Shadowsfall for any high level romps (being Planar already, it is a to find deadly perils lurking).

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As you well know, higher lvl adventures tend to sell less than lower lvl adventures. This being said, I personally need more late game content. 16+ on average, but it would be nice to go back to 20+ adventures since we now have the mythic system (as I do not know yet if anyone has been bold enough to tackle a rehash of 3.5's Epic rules).

As for subjects: I personally would like to see stuff involving deities, demigods, their spawns, their forgotten creations or sealed enemies, ect. Stuff on a truly epic scale (think God of War, Dante's Inferno, Shadow of Mordor, and Force Unleashed. Things where you step into the limelight and challenge the big named unique foes. Hopefully with better writing than some of the above mentioned).

Hopefully. The good and evil outsiders are rather easy to understand, but the neutral ones need more defineing.

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Because everyone suspects Black Widow, no one suspects Hulk.

While my evil parties have one take on it: Yay!
And by good parties have another: Boo!
My neutral parties tend to be conflicted on the issue. Sometimes they've utilized or exploited slavery systems while treating the slaves decently before letting them go, other times they used a slave to save a PC's life and stop an evil cult, costing the slave his life in the process. In a game where "some evil actions don't make you evil", slavery seems to be one of those actions seen as appropiate for neutral PCs and NPCs. (Personally I say castrate, hang, and then burn all slavers and slave owners after burying any of their non-slave supporters under a hail of lead and fireballs, but that's just me).

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There are never enought Flumphs

Tossing my vote in with Morgan Freeman for Old Mage Jetembe!

Recon, recon, recon. Find some way to explore the clocktower first, either by invisible familiar, divination, capture/question minions, ect. My players used the first trick and ended up skipping the encounter, resulting in me having to move the encounter to later.

Disclaimer: my party fancies themselves sooo badass they can take high lvl enemies at low level. To be fair, they have done so often enough in the past that thiz additude was justified:
Until one session...
The party was fighting some rallying forces of Tar-Baphon, intent on blah blah blah evil things blah blah blah undeath. In a previous game they failed to stop a necromancer from completing a ritual and calling up a dracoli... I mean Ravener. The necromancer had an old black dragon mount who was gifted grafts and the like as a reward for the aid. The player's rescue mission was inturrupted by the dragon, but they all managed to hide before the dragon arrived. 8 Players were lvl8
Dragon was CR17.
I emphasised the awesome power and the dread of the dragon, the fear as the helpless captives the players were forced to leqve behind squirmed in their chains, and its unusual grafts.
But there is always one player, isn't there? One player had the Repose domain ability to stagger with a poke, no save. So he crept next to the dragon and poked it. The rest of the party lept into action and closed in melee, thinking they had an easy high lvl kill, except the kobold rouge who held back. They had the dragon surrounded and it had 1 action.
So it breathed a pool of acid around it.
The players havn't faced dragons since 3.5, and so were flabberghasted when the dragon killed everyone who had just surrounded it, resulting in a TPK -1
If they remained hiding, the dragon would have missed them entirely too.

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