Leveling up my witch: 15th level


We're working our way through War for the Crown, and we're officially in rarefied territory. I get access to my first 8th level spells.

My short list is:

Mind Blank
Greater Prying Eyes
Summon Monster VIII

Others of interest:

Mass Charm Monster
Irresistible Dance
Storm Bolts (witches have so few ways to actually do damage...)

And then there are the less useful, but still compelling:

Create Demiplane
Curse of Night
Curse Terrain, Supreme
Death Clutch
Fey Gate (I mean, why not?)
Quintessence Mastery
Symbol of Insanity

So, who among us has made these choices? What were you happy with?


Those are good choices. I’d probably skip irresistible dance since you have hexes that achieve similar things with similar limitations

Melkiador wrote:
Those are good choices. I’d probably skip irresistible dance since you have hexes that achieve similar things with similar limitations

A fine point. Thanks.

When I play a witch, which is often, I use hexes to take out individuals which allows me to select spells to do other things.

Accordingly, I would also not take Maze. While Maze can take out things many hexes won't I would still go for another spell.

Nine Lives is worthwhile even if you have to take a feat to get access.

I like Maze. It is super effective against the most common thing that is immune to your hexes, the mindless creatures.

Fey Gate? Why would you want to travel to a totally random spot in First World? 7th level Plane shift can do that already.

I still wouldn't use of level 8 spell slot on Maze, but it is not past argument.

Nine Lives is an amazing spell, but I doubt my GM would go for my character discovering catfolk heritage at 15th level. Now, if we found a high level catfolk cleric I would absolutely explore ways to learn it.

From there I still have trouble setting a best choice of two 8th level spells.

Maze -- This is the simple answer for the mindless opponents that witches struggle with. But I'm kind of fine letting the rest of our party shine while I struggle with those. This would be great to have in my back pocket if I knew in advance that we were facing constructs.

Mind Blank -- We're at a level where opponents are clearly scrying on us. And +8 vs mind-affecting spells is nothing to sneeze at. It's maybe not exciting because it just sits there protecting you.

Greater Prying Eyes -- The only significant limitation here is the 25 word command. Hours/level of eyes/level with True Seeing is kind of ridiculous.

Summon Monster VIII -- Oh look, 1d3 greater earth/air elementals. That'll solve a lot of problems.

The 2nd tier (in my appraisal):

Resurrection -- When you need it, you need it. But I guess I'm inclined to buy a scroll if it comes to that.

Storm Bolts -- 15d8 of selective damage is nothing to sneeze at. And I lean toward area/mass effects for my spells. Maybe that 1 round stun pushes this up in my estimation after all.

I do appreciate the thoughts thus far. Cheers all.

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