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Well, I finally finished my witch and am ready to move on to the next sibling - the Suli Skald. I was looking through the archetypes and I like the look of the Belkzen War Drummer. It seems kinda fun. It loses bardic knowledge, but this is a character that mostly grew up in the woods so it fits.

I like the Elemental Rage and Elemental Blood rage powers. Lesser Elemental Rage can only be used one a rage while Lesser Elemental Blood can be used 3 times a day. So I can use Lesser Rage first, then Lesser Blood, and have a nice amount of extra damage. Especially when combined with Elemental Rage and the racial Elemental Assault. Lesser Elemental Rage can't be taken until level 4 so I'll take Lesser Elemental Blood at level 3, then Lesser Elemental Rage at 6, and Elemental Rage at 9. And either of those two can be taken either with the Extra Rage feat.

Ok. So a greatclub is a two-handed weapon. So I'm pretty much good with just Power Attack and Weapon Focus. And the archetype gives Quick Draw and Improved Critical. It gives Craft Magic Arms & Armor as well, which is handy.

That leaves plenty of room for Extra Rage Power. Sadly, Raging Song counts as Bardic Performance and not Rage so I don't qualify for some pretty good feats that need Rage. I do qualify for Reckless Rage though. It's basically a doubled Power Attack. Recovered Rage can help recover rounds of Raging Song. And of course, good ol' Lingering Performance.

Stouthearted can let me reroll a save against feat while I'm using Raging Song. Battle Cry (the one that DOESN'T need Bardic Performance) stacks with Inspired Rage in giving me and my allies a boost to attack rolls. Though I am a little congested on the amount of swift actions I have.

Discordant Voice gives me and all my allies within 30 feet an extra 1d6 sonic damage with weapons. Extra Performance is probably not needed since I get 2 rounds every level up. Fey Performance gives an extra 30 foot range of my song, though it needs to be somewhere with animal and/or plant life.

As a suli you will want the incremental assault feat at some point.
Don't forget retraining. You can take extra performance at low levels and retrain it later when it is less useful.

Something to remember about the extra rage power feat, you cannot share those feats via raging song like you can with the rage powers you get with the class.

thorin001 wrote:

As a suli you will want the incremental assault feat at some point.

But don't take excremental assault. That feat gives everyone the s@*%s.

Yeah, but I can still use them so they aren't useless.

I've been told that Raging Song DOES count as Rage so I can take Raging Brutality after all.

Ok. I'm thinking I might want to put Cornugon Smash and Hurtful in. As long as I haven't used my swift action that turn, the free Intimidate from Cornugon can net an extra attack from Hurtful. I'll have to be careful to keep track of everything that needs a swift action though.

I should probably put some defensive feats into any spare slots since I'm using a two-handed weapon with medium armor proficiency. So Dodge, Toughness, and Armor Focus wherever nothing else can go.

Ok. So there really isn't any slots for defensive feats. I'm just going to have to pump dex to my armor's max and get some good magic items.

Meanwhile I'm thinking Lingering Performance, Power Attack, Weapon Focus, Cornugon Smash, Hurtful, Battle Cry, and Discordant Voice for my feats.

Now I just need to think about my rage powers a little more. I'm rather overloaded with swift actions at this point.

For defense depend on spells like mirror image. If you are good at UMD them a wand of shield might be a good investment.

Your choice of rage powers may depend on party composition. If lots of other party members can benefit from your raging song then you may want to look at powers that will fit their style of attack.
A good go to is the world serpent totem path. The 6th level one makes all weapons count as all 4 alignment types.

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