Considering versatile font. Need a way to do some blasting, with harming hands will a 3 action Harm be a decent damage spell maybe once per combat? Or does this spell entirely suck? This would be for a cloistered. Also factor in Dangerous Sorcery.

Depends on how much you like your allies. You don't get to change the radius of the effect or exclude your allies from the area. At least not by default. Maybe there is another feat that you could use for that.

There are some other considerations too. It would be an interesting option if you find yourself separated from your allies and surrounded by enemies. Though it probably isn't good enough to save your life at that point. Attacking with Harm doesn't get the bonus static damage that the 2-action version of Harm and Heal do when they are used for healing.

I suppose if you are in a group with a lot of undead or negative healing character allies you could use it at that point.

The 1 and 2 action versions of the spell could be useful for combat blasting though.

Harm doesn't suck. It is interesting to:
- Heal Undeads and other Negative Energy characters.
- Deal nova damage through its one-action version.

The 3-action version is only interesting if you heal your allies on top of damaging the enemies.

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Cast down is possibly the easiest way to make something prone.

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Note that harming hands requires you to have a harming font. If your font is originally healing and you only get the ability to cast Harm from those slots from versatile font, you do not have the negative font feature and can't get harming hands.

The same is true (in reverse) for healing hands. Many of the meta magic feats of the cleric also require one specific type of font.

And as a notable exception to this, Cast Down requires either kind of font, but applies to all Heal and Harm spells you cast, even if they don't come from your font. So you can take it with a Heal font and use it exclusively with Harm prepped to your normal slots.

Harm font is very interesting way to do a warpriest to be efficient specially if you have Directed Channel or Selective Energy and is even more useful for a full undead/dhampir parties. But even you your party is mainly made from living creatures your normal spellslots heals can deal the most need of healing of it while the font due it's auto-heightening can be very useful for AoE damage or to complete your strike damage.

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