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Ya I Agree Bidi with Inspire Heroics and even simply Courage it's rather inefficient.

How does everyone feel about getting Heightened Heroism (6th) for Bards that primarily use Inspire Courage with Lingering composition and occasionally Inspire Heroics. To me it seems the additional +1 to attack rolls/saves/perceptions checks/skill checks for a 6th level spell slot may not be the best use of that spell slot. However I wanted to hear from everyone else, would anyone else consider getting this spell under these circumstances?

Thanks a lot.

Oh ok so a Druid could use it though?

Sorry for the noob question my friends, but can non arcane casters use a staff of Divination? And how many charges do you have on the base staff of Divination?

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I was actually thinking about Carrion Crown, Giantslayer, or Reign of Winter. Interesting would Carrion Crown be easy to convert and what level does it go to? Is it a good AP?

Currently we are playing a PF2 campaign but once it's complete we are hoping we can do one of the many fantastic PF1 campaigns (1-20 full AP) that are out there. We have played CoTCT already and RoTRL, are there other ones people would recommend we could play and would it be easily convertible?

Kyrone wrote:

I love spells like that to be honest, it's super versatile, making enemies prone by making it fall more than 5 feet, put it in traps or another damaging hazard on the battlefield, save allies or put them in favorable positions and so on.

I would not use it in the two highest spell slots though, so I would probably only use it after lvl 15 and up when 8th spell slots appear.

I didn't consider this, so I could teleport him to a space say 20 or 30ft in the air in a square of my choosing (as long as it's within the spells range) if he failed the Will save he would just fall to the ground taking Fall damage and landing prone?

Bruno Breakbone wrote:
Bruno Breakbone, a handsome and beautiful tetori monk, agree with Claxon. That why Bruno remain retired from adventuring and teaches gym class to babymuscle wizards at the Acadamae.

The legend has spoken, we can wrap things up here now. *Wanders off*

Battlecry really should be an expert level feat at best then, it's rather uninspiring.

HammerJack wrote:
It is a very strong ability, in the cases where it applies.

Which situations do you like to use it best with? A dragons frightening presence? Are there other good situations you like?

HammerJack wrote:

"You and allies in the area can use the better result between your Performance check and the saving throw."

If you roll poorly on the performance check, you also use the better result, between the performance or your saving throw. Not just your allies.

So effectively I get two chances, the performance check and also a saving throw against FORT/WILL/REFLEX and I take the better result. That's pretty strong.

Definitely with Aratorin, it's a master level feat.

The power states "You and allies in the area can use the better result between your Performance check and the saving throw." Would this mean if I rolled poorly on my Performance check only I would effectively suffer, and my allies could use their own Saving throw instead?

How many Reactions would a champion have if he had Quick Block at 8 and Divine Reflexes at 14? Does that mean he has a total of 3 reactions? (One can only be used for Shield Blocking, the other two for Retributive Strike?)

Will this only work if your within 30ft of a target during initiative? If so, that's rough because usually your not in such close quarters with the enemy to begin a fight.

When Channel Smiting the wordage sounds like Harming Hands wouldn't allow the damage for the Harm portion to become D10s instead of D8s. Do we know for sure? Would Harming Hands not apply to Channel Smite?

Is there any way to choose a second deity and have access to his/her domain spells (not powers)?

Ie. I'm a cleric of Gorum and trying to get access to haste.

Ahh one final question, can you Combat Grab when you do a Flurry of Blows?

When a Wild Morph druid is wearing his handwraps, would he gain the item bonus to performing any Manuevers such as a grab or trip?

One other question, in order to Combat Grab would be need both hands free basically? He couldn't have a shield in one hand and a free hand?

Thank you kindly

Can an animal instinct barbarian benefit from Mountain Stance and Mountain Stronghold to jack up his AC? Assuming he already has Animal Skin? If not, are there other ways besides holding a shield to really jackup the AC on an animal Instinct barb?

Thanks Bidi.

What's the benefit of this feat since you use mostly your own stats? What do you gain with this feat?


Do the typical restrictions apply? Meaning would a barbarian need Titan Wrestler to grab a Huge creature? Or is it an automatic grab on any size creature?

Is it possible to be a half elf grab Elf Atavism, and grab Ancient Elf?

Castilliano wrote:

Mighty Rage allows him to Rage & Predator's Pounce for 1 action.

It's a strong opening, allowing one to prebuff w/ either a spell or drinking a consumable, and still Rage/Move/Strike.

Sweet deal, I like it. I like it a lot! Interesting prebuff idea, if he casted Haste would he gain the benefit of haste the same round or does the extra movement/strike take effect in subsequent rounds? Oh and would a Multiclass into Bard be a thing?

tivadar27 wrote:

I honestly think Animal Instinct is the best overall. It might do slightly less damage than Giant Instinct, but I'm not even convinced of that in actual play for a few reasons:

1. They basically get a 0-handed d12 weapon for free, the Giant Instinct barbarian needs 2 hands for that.
2. Their class abilities are amazing, though you do have to invest into Dexterity. Predator's Pounce is basically the best thing you'll find for action economy in the game (Rage, Move, and Attack for 1 action at level 11). Animal Skin basically cancels the AC penalty for rage, so they're effectively starting at a +2 to AC relative to the clumsy Giant Instinct.
3. They do +12 vs +18 damage, *but*, that's an unarmed strike, and a quick multiclass into Monk and suddenly you're flurrying with your d12 bite attack...

So yeah, there are other reasons as well, beyond just thinking that Giant Instinct's abilities are generally garbage (Size Increases without actually gaining any advantage beyond reach is okay, but not particularly stellar). Beyond this, they can use a *shield*. Suddenly with Animal Skin and a Shield, they're at a +4 AC vs their Giant Instinct counterparts, and survivability *really* does matter. You can't build straight off of DPS any more now that battles last more than 1.5 rounds.

Note that I do think that they are situationally bad when you run across something that hurts when you bite it... because pretty sure that's still a thing and the other archetypes have more options there, but overall, still really solid.

"Rage, Move, and Attack for 1 action at level 11". I don't believe this is entirely true. Predators Pounce comes online at level 12 and the ability itself does not allow you to Rage as a free action, you must be Raging before you use this feat from what I can see anyways.

SuperBidi wrote:
Atalius wrote:
Sorry Captain I meant enemies that have True Seeing as a constant ability.
Just heighten Invisibility to level 6 or 8 and you should go through non heightened True Seeing.

Really? Then what is the point of Nondetection? I thought you needed to just heighten the Nondetection at the start of the day then pop the 4th level heightened Invisibility in combat?

SuperBidi wrote:
Kyrone wrote:
When they make the save? Pretty much only Necrotic Radiation right now.

First, it won't kill anyone all alone. Second, if all you want is to kill players, there are tons of ways to do it with other spells.

And anyway, what is the point for a DM to set up a situation to kill characters?

GMs gotta have some fun too :P

If I'm level 16, I have a speed of 35ft and Assurance Athletics, how far can I leap with a single action when using Cloud Jump?

I recently came across a spell, Spell Immunity. Would I be able to cast Spell Immunity against True Seeing to help prevent it? Or because it's a 4th level spell it would be difficult to counteract a 6tb level True Seeing? So would the play then be to basically heighten Spell Immunity to 5th level or 6th? But then couldn't one just do the same thing with Nondetection? Please help my friends.


That's what I was hoping for. Could I roll initiative get immediately into a stance (via Stance Savant) then on my turn do FoB etc and as my last action switch stance (no via MoMS just switch stances normally)?

Can Ki Strike be used with Tiger Slash?

And is Ki strike damage doubled on a crit?

Ohh, how do I switch stances twice in a round?

Would this class feat allow me to enter a stance and switch into another stance in the same round? Or does it do something else?

And would the act of switching into the other stance cost an action or would it be totally free thus giving me an extra action that turn?

Interesting, True Strike with Tiger Slash seems decent but not quite as good as True Strike with Power Attack (w/ Furious Focus of course). I guess I shouldn't be comparing a Monk with Wizard Dedication with a Fighter with wizard Dedication or else I'll be disappointed. I should be trying to compare Dragon with Tiger and time and time again Dragon seems to be the better way to go but just slightly. Dragon Roar seems solid but the big negative is that you become a bit more MAD which means you will suffer somewhere else. I would be able to dump INT and CHA as a Tiger Monk which is nice. Strictly comparing the two stances Dragon stance vs Tiger stance, Dragon looks better. Comparing there second feats Dragon Roar vs Tiger Slash I like Tiger Slash better for the reason stated above (MAD). Would anyone suggest any other good feats to pair with Tiger stance/Tiger Slash if i was looking to MC into another dedication?

Would someone in legendary Athletics with Titan Wrestler be able to grab, shove, or trip a Gargantuan Mu Spore? Under the Mu Spore stat block it says:

Enormous: A mu spore is a massive creature and takes up a space of 10 squares by 10 squares (50 feet by 50 feet).

Seems like it could very well be a wall that does not have to be in a straight line. I mean it's a high level spell with a very short length. Certainly balanced if it didn't have to be in a straight line, certainly a spell a lot of people would pass on if the wall has to be straight.

Unicore wrote:
Wall of force cannot be shaped, because it doesn't say it can in the spell description.

See above though

Could someone link me on the archives of nethys what familiars do exactly if you MC into a wizard for the familiar. Do you gain an extra spellslot 3 levels lower then your highest level? And in order to use it does your familiar cast it thus costing yourself 1 action to essentially cast a 2 action spell?

Agreed, the length of the wall is significantly shorter than a wall of stone, I imagine you could at least shape it.

I read Fedoras guide (a masterpiece), he wrote the following but no mention of whether the wall is straight or not?

Wall of Force (Arcane, Occult)
Area Control (**), Utility (**), Versatility (**)
So here’s the thing, wall of force is pretty much worse than wall of stone in every way. It has less of a size, it allows visual effects through, it’s harder to break through but wall of stone is already plenty difficult to get across, and the main advantage it has, blocking incorporeals, is negated by the fact that incorporeal creatures can just go through the floor. The only reason to go for a wall of force over a wall of stone is if you don’t have access to stone

That's what I believe also upon further review mrspaghetti, I think your right. That would make this spell much better also thankfully, not quite as good as Wall of Stone but still good enough.

Interesting thank you :) Would I be able to cast spells like Phantasmal Calamity and other mental effects vs enemies on the otherside of the wall?

Ohhh :( I meant like a staircase type design not a straight line, even being able to box an enemy into a 10X10 square by surrounding it with the wall would have been nice, ugh straight line is rough. For an Occult caster would you pass on this spell?

Ahh, so would recall knowledge be the play then? For Constructs how do casters general deal with there resistance?

Looking at the Wall of Force spell it says

You must create the wall in an unbroken open space so its edges don't pass through any creatures or objects, or the spell is lost.

Does this mean it doesn't need to be built in a straight line, the wall could just be connected at the corners? Also can the caster dismiss the spell at any time? Thank you for the help. Blessings be upon you.


I guess I meant to say how to get through physical resistance of a golem.

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