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Hey folks, I'm in a campaign that is going very well and I'm having lots of fun. But just in case I die, I always try to have a backup concept in place. I have 2 wildly different concepts in mind. One I already have the build pretty much set. The other is quite a bit more nebulous.

The groups is pretty large. There aren't really any roles that are completely missing. So there isn't really anything really needed as in a gap of capabilities.
We are currently about 6th level, so this PC would be starting at 6+ whenever needed. The GM is using 25 point buy and might be open to moderately powerful races. VMC is allowed.
This is a highly modified Emerald Spire; so a lot of it is indoors, under ground, or otherwise tight spaces. So I don't think I want a guy that grows large in order to fight.
Also since the group is large, I don't think I want a build that summons lots of creatures to do the fighting.
Several of the players are fairly/totally new to PF1. So, I'm not too worried about my character being able to keep up and contribute. I am good at that.
We are playing online using Roll20. There is a fair amount of in-character conversation on Discord during the week.

So just for giggles (and to start in-character conversations), I was thinking about going for a build that is high on 'ick' factor. Spells and abilities that make people say "What the heck just happened?!?"
Touch of slime
Garden of peril
Eruptive pustules
Touch of idiocy
Crawling hand
Lip stitch
Fleshworm infestation
The undead bloodline skeletal hands that erupt from the ground to attack
There are a few really odd improved familiars.

Weird spells that are rarely used.
Odd class abilities.
Things like that.

Wizard has the biggest spell list.
Druid does have a few of those really odd spells on it.
Alchemist and sorcerers have some really bizarre class/bloodline abilities.

I'm pretty open to suggestions. So what do you think?

Witch immediately comes to my mind. She has some really flavorful spells and hexes.

Silver Crusade

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SheepishEidolon wrote:
Witch immediately comes to my mind. She has some really flavorful spells and hexes.

Like Vomit Swarm.

PCScipio wrote:
SheepishEidolon wrote:
Witch immediately comes to my mind. She has some really flavorful spells and hexes.
Like Vomit Swarm.

Yesssss! That is exactly the kind of spells and abilities for which I'm looking.

There are also feats like Grisly Ornament and related crafting feats. You can also enhance your body with Fleshcrafting and Implants or Shadowpiercings.

The Ectoplasm bloodline is really icky, as you grow slimy tentacles that you can use for melee touch attacks. Aberrant has a similar power, but the fluff is more about the unnatural body form. The Daemon's 15th-level power is probably the most... disgusting one... bursting out of enemy corpses.

Oracles have some icky curses, like Ghoul, Hive, Putrid and Promethean, although Infested is probably the one you're looking for, as it also gives you the Vomit Swarm spell:

Insects, spiders, grubs, and other vermin plague you constantly. They crawl in your hair, fill your clothes, and fly or crawl into your mouth, nose, and ears.

The Bones mystery (Undead) can also add the skeleton hands powers and a decayed appearance.

Half-Elves have a weird Mismatched racial trait, where one half of your body is human and the other elven, with unequal limbs, mismatched eyes, ...

Any outsider race (Aasimar, Undine, Fetchling, ...) Oracle with the Intrigue mystery allows you to "polymorph" into any outsider [of your size] looking any way you want - at will! - like Ooze Demons or Lemure Devils.

The icky Druid that leaps to my mind is the Cave Druid that lets you Wildshape into an Ooze.

Beast Bonded Witches can polymorph into into creatures of the same type as their Familiar, so that is a good way to transform into Vermin.

There was a Prestige Class in D&D 3.5: Thrall of Jublex.

There is a Shifter Archetype that can Wildshape into a Swarm.

Bloatmages seem pretty gross.

Some Alchemist shenanigans that come to mind include Tentacles, Tumor Familiars, Vestigial Arms, Parasitic Twin, and Bottled Oozes.

Aberration Sorcerer and Bloodrager Bloodline?

ROFLMAO! Grisly Ornaments is perfect. But that might be a step too far for this group. I will have to check with them to be sure. I don't want to actually make people real life uncomfortable with the game.

I'm seeing a lot of stuff I like here.
Witch with the insanity patron.
The intrigue mystery is intriguing.
And several of the oracle curses work well.
Alchemist parasitic twin or nauseating flesh.
Several of the sorcerer bloodlines have some really wierd sh.. stuff in them.

I don't know about bones oracle or gravewalker witch. That might put me in too much of a direct conflict with our LG cleric of Sarenrae. I will discuss it with him.

Hmm... Insanity witch, VMC Intrigue oracle, and eldritch heritage ectoplasm sorcerer?!?
That ought to be enough strangeness to satisfy even me.

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I recommend a creepy doll halfling (horror adventures alternate racial trait). So many things you can do as a walking porcelain doll. I played one as a mute musician bard that played a violin.

For disease stuff, there's the pestilence bloodline for sorcerer. At 9th level, you will constantly be covered with vermin.

Swam skin is a fantastic spell, where your flesh melts off into a swarm of insects.

Couple those with the Feat Chains involved with "Possessed Hand" and turn the creep factor up a few more notches...

Like your hand pouring you a cure potion on its own when you are knocked unconscious, or detaching and performing tasks...

Alchemists can have a lot of ick, from tumor familiars to the vomit swarm extract mentioned to tanglefoot bombs or stink bombs. Less spooky, true.

Another alternative is a psychodermist occultist. They do grisly trophies and they're workable as a TWFer with possessed hand.

But yeah, the witch VMC oracle with eldritch heritage is very creepy and weird.

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Skinsend spell is also good.

Hmm... Ok I think just for getting as many weird abilities in as possible, I think will do both eldritch heritage a sorcerer bloodline and VMC an oracle mystery. That won't give me more than a couple of feats over the career though. Not sure if I want to use alchemist (more ick) or witch (more spooky) for the base class.

I will also look at avr's suggestion of the occultist. I honestly don't know much of anything about them.

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