Improving an existing Eldritch Guardian Build


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Homebrew campaign.
Here's the build so far:

Human Fighter (Eldritch Guardian) LV 13

STR 20 (base 17, lvl +1, belt +2)
Dex 20 (base 17, lvl +1, racial +2)
CON 16 (base 14, belt +2)
INT 16 (base 12, headband +2, homebrew event +2)
WIS 14 (base 13, lvl +1)
CHA 10 (base 10)

HP 127 AC 32 (armor +13, dex +5, AoNA +2, RoP +2)

Feats: Two-Weapon fighting, Double Slice, Advanced Armor Training: Armor Spec (full-plate), Weapon Focus (scimitar), Improved Familiar (Brownie), Weapon Spec (scimitar), Improved Two-Weap, Blades above and below, Improved Crit (scimitar), Power Attack, Greater Two-Weap, Precise strike, Critical Focus, Master Craftsman (armor only), Craft magic arms and armor (armor only)

Class abilities: Familiar, Share Training, Steel Will, Armor Training 2 (3), Weapon Training (Heavy Blades) +3, Advanced Armor Training: Master Armorer, Advanced weapon Training: Focused Weapon (scimitar), Advanced Weapon Training: Warrior Spirit

Traits: Artisan, Armor Expert
Homebrew bonus: Silver Dragon's blessing(permanent wings (60ft fly speed) and cloudwalking)

Weap: +1 Adamantine Scimitar, +1 Adamantine Scimitar (+effortless lace)
Armor: +1 Mithral Full-Plate of Speed
Other: +2 Amulet of NA, +2 Ring of Pro, +2 belt of phys might (STR, CON), +2 Headband of vast Int (spellcraft), +2 Cloak of Res, custom saddle for famliar

Familiar Equipment: +1 Adam. Agile Scimitar (w/ effortless lace) x2, +2 Bracers of armor, +2 Ring of Pro, +2 Amulet of NA, +2 Cloak of Res, +2 Belt of Dex, wand of Long Arm

Familiar homebrew items: Turtle Helm(+4 AC vs creatures larger than you), Orb of Proficiency (scimitar)

I'm looking at retraining "Blades above and Below" and "Precise strike" for Penetrating Strike and something else. We're in a plains hopping campaign and keep fighting enemies with DR. I'm already working on upgrading gear, so I'd like some suggestions for other improvements I can make.

Dude! You are using scimitars and you have Improved Crit and Crit Focus! You need Outflank or Seize the Moment + Combat Reflexes and Paired Opportunist. Also, take Broken Wing Gambit. Take all that stuff, and you will get 6 extra attacks/round.

So, for bypassing DR, I like variety: Right tool for the job. Take that versatile weapon feat that will let you alternate between slashing, piercing, and blunt damage for your weapons. I wouldn't have 2 Adamantine Scimitars: I'd make one of them Cold Iron, and I'd get--Idunno, Mithril Armor Spikes to bypass DR/silver but not take that -1 Damage. When you make your Weapons +2, they bypass DR/Silver.

You might put some kind of energy on your scimitars, or give your Familiar an Amulet with Mighty Fists with energy, like Cold, Acid, Sonic or Force. Energy Damage bypasses DR. Since your Threat Range is 15-20, you would be a good candidate for a weapon Enchantment like Flaming burst or something. I don't know how you will use it as a Fighter, but Weapon Against Evil makes weapons bypass DR, and so does Bless Weapon.

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2 levels of rogue (carnivalist)
1 level brawler (snakebite striker)
3 levels slayer (bounty hunter)

This gets you AND your pet 3d6 sneak attack, 4d6 if you take the feat accomplished sneak attack, and an additional d6 if you take the teamwork feat. and an option to add dirty tricks to attacks to hinder.

If you have an extra 4,000gp, you can make your Scimitars Dual Balanced to get back a +1 to your hit.

I'd make one of those Scimitars Cold Iron with a Flaming Burst, and the other Scimitar an Adamantine with Icy or Shocking Burst. Also, consider getting Staggering Critical as your lvl 13 feat so you can start reducing enemy action economy. It's going to add a ton to your group's survival, as well as your own. Basically every time you crit, that's one enemy that cannot get a full attack action against you.

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I'm not interested in multiclassing right now (though that could be a fun build for another time). The trend I'm seeing so far is to use feats to improve my crits and AoO while changing my equipment to deal with DR. Much of that is doable during our downtime.

Thanks for the advice so far. Any other advice?

Ryze Kuja wrote:
If you have an extra 4,000gp, you can make your Scimitars Dual Balanced to get back a +1 to your hit.

I've noticed this earlier, but I think you've missed one important drawback of Weapon Modifications.

After being modified, a weapon’s category (simple, martial, or exotic) increases by one step.

Wonderstell wrote:

After being modified, a weapon’s category (simple, martial, or exotic) increases by one step.

I didn't know about that rule, so thanks for bringing that to light ;)

You could get Exotic Weapon Proficiency to gain you that +1 if you Dual Balanced them. It would be worth it to do so imo because you're a fighter and you're not exactly starved for feats. Comparatively, Weapon Focus gives a +1 to hit but doesn't also cost 4,000gp, so /shrug, it's an option if you want to get that.

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