[PFS1] 5-08 The Confirmation (GM Watery Soup) 2


Recruiting for 5-08 The Confirmation, a repeatable Tier 1-2 scenario.

Aside from standard expectations (posting once per day, don't be a jerk, this is a game meant for new players so you may have to be patient, etc), Uwu gets a priority spot so you will hawe to pwut up wid tawk like dis (or constructively criticize it).

I had been planning to run this when one of my current games ended (which it did yesterday), but coincidentally a bunch of people requested it. As such, the following 4 have priority if they apply:

1. Teneb
2. Uwu
3. William Grimm
4. Kiyoko Tamahi

Recruitment will be open for 4 days (until Monday morning Pacific time), and acceptance will not necessarily be first come first served. Priority will be given to new players, then new characters, then experienced players with experienced characters. Also, to be frank, if you've abandoned a game I've GMed before, I'm giving you lower priority because that was super annoying.

To apply, please post:

1. Player name
2. Character name
3. PFS number
4. Whether you've played or GMed The Confirmation before

Liberty's Edge

Uwu is hewe to save da day fow da honow of hew cwan!!! >:3c

1. Player name: VixieMoondew
2. Character name: Uwu
3. PFS number: 222176-8
4. Whether you've played or GMed The Confirmation before: Played a couple times!

I am... so, so sorry. Thank you, GM!

Liberty's Edge

1. Player name: eijel
2. Character name: Boomer Forgehammer
3. PFS number: 279868-1
4. Whether you've played or GMed The Confirmation before: Never

He is available now as well.

Sovereign Court

Player name: Ansha
Character name: Kiyoko Tamahi
PFS#: 16188-8
Played The Confirmation once before.

Dark Archive

1. FriendlyNeighborhoodMadScientis
2. William Grimm & Don Tasque
3. 227485-5
4. I've played once a while ago, so I don't remember much.

Thanks for running this!

Liberty's Edge

1. Player name: PaleDim
2. Character name: Stavarg Titanshade
3. PFS number: 272301-19
4. Whether you've played or GMed The Confirmation before: yes, played, not GM'd

Have never abandoned any game :)

Also: I didn't see a note that this game is CORE, so I'm assuming standard. Correct?

Grand Lodge

1. Player Name: Mahuffma
2. Character Name: Bahrah Al-Urgug
3. PFS number: 340520-3
4. Never heard of it.

This would be my fifth pfs game I have every played. This would be Bahram's fourth adventure.

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I know it's not FCFS, but this group of six offbeat characters already looks pretty interesting :)

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One of the things I'm actively trying to do is change the culture.

While I would be excited to start with the six who've already signed up, there are some other people I'd be less thrilled to play with (players that have abandoned one of my games before) - and also some that I'd be more excited (players new to Pathfinder, which really is the audience for this scenario).

I chose 4 days because it gives people enough time to prepare, and also, because I'm not ready myself to start a scenario over the weekend.

I'm not trying to be a jerk or a divo, I'm just trying to get the community away from the land rush mentality where people rush to join games they can't keep up with or with inappropriate characters just because if they don't post in 30 minutes the game will close.

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I’m just excited to (potentially) play with Jack again. Sayuki says hello!

Jack, if you don’t get into this one, PM me the link to the next one you join if you’d like so we can organize a reunion!

Liberty's Edge

Yup, not questioning the recruiting method one bit :) Just looking over the other applicants and seeing interesting ideas.

The six of you it is!

1. Uwu
2. Boomer
3. Kiyoko
4. William
5. Starvag
6. Bahram

Please check out the gameplay and discussion threads.

Tsuan waves hi to Jack as well. :)

Grand Lodge

Bahram "Jack" al-Urgug waves to Tsuan and Sayuki and smiles to himself as he thinks, Play on playa

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