Starfinders Resolve, Stamina, and HP in PF2??

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Has anyone considered using the Starfinder health system in PF by chance?

I personally am a fan of it both as a player and a GM just because it means a 10 minute rest is pretty much guaranteed to get you back in fighting shape without a lot of time spent between encounters. Certainly helps get rid of the camping out for hours / sleeping in the middle of a dungeon.

Of course it would mean altering a lot of healing abilities and skills, not to mention the death and dying rules, so it wouldn't be as simple as a copy paste.

I believe this is confirmed to be appearing as an official variant in the Gamemastery Guide early next year.

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I've contemplated it. If what you want is the flavor of being able to recover quickly (even more so than with treat wounds as is) between battles when only partially injured, and you don't want to wait for the official rules.

Split your standard HP in half, 1/2 stamina and 1/2 HP. Allow any 10 minute treat wounds attempt (or just make it a 10 minute rest) will restore all Stamina points lost. Restoring HP would take magic, healing, or specific treatment.

Gives a bit of flavor that once past a certain threshold, damage is a bit more significant than the first bit of damage you take. It doesn't surprise me that they listed it as something that would be in the GMG since I imagine a number of Starfinder players may be interested in having something similar in P2.

I'm hoping that they don't bother with the rules that HP healing can't affect stamina... I'd just have all HP healing affect HP first, and any spill-over would impact stamina. But obviously, healing stamina damage would be less resource effective, than healing HP damage on someone else normally, unless you are really time constrained on a particular person for some reason.

There was talk of this during the playtest and I don't remember exactly what was said about it, just that it didn't fit the "D&D theme" very well.

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Personally, I think it would have made a LOT more sense to do this for Resolve than to deal with Focus Point pools that are incredibly inconsistent between classes and Feats.

In terms of Stamina, I also like the idea better than a 100%-0% HP pool but I simply do not have the time or motivation to rework every healing ability and spell in the system to bother messing with it.

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I've thought about that sort of write up / house rules. I'm not sure healing needs to nerfed too much because in battle it could only restore HP, not SP, so can only help you recover so much. Maybe some spells and effects could restore Stamina instead (like Soothe perhaps?), but I would think the power of those would need to be reduced, half effect is my gut feeling, but I haven't crunched the numbers on that at all.

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I think having Healing spells only work on HP was a mistake. It works just fine if the player can make the call as to whether they want their rare HP resource spent on the easily recoverable Stamina.

In PF2 it's less of a problem, because out of combat healing is more accessible.

I would personally use a Stamina/HP system in Pathfinder, but only if Resolve returns in some form, and not tied to Focus. Resolve abilities in Starfinder were hot garbage unless they helped recover HP/Stamina, because of what they were competing against. The whole focus system would be destroyed.

I wouldn't mind Resolve replacing hero points. Straight up importing Resolve from Starfinder without the class-based Resolve uses is also a perfectly viable implementation.

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I think something like, getting just X resolve per day. A 10 minute rest restores Stamina at the cost of 1 resolve point. You may also undertake another 10 minute activity simultaneously, such as repairing a shield or refocusing to get a focus point back.

Remove the ability for Hero Points to stabilize. Instead you can spend 1 resolve point to stabilize at 0, or re-roll a die.

Just not sure what a fair X would be, 3 maybe? Assume 1 stabilize, 1 reroll, and 1 rest? With the ability to earn more during play like hero points?

Healing could simply work on HP, with overhealing being 50% effective on Stamina.

The difference between resolve and Hero points could be that Resolve is for emergency defenses; While Hero points is for attacks, skills, and extra actions.
So Resolve doesn't get reroll, but maybe a boost to AC or Saves.

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